Letter to Mr HarrisonThis letter was written by Mrs Neela Wickramasinghe to Mr Harrison, in 2001, opposing to keep Passover and God’s feast with the unbaptized 800 Indians which he invited to PCG. In 2001, proving that this involvement is against God’s word which broke the marriage covenant, and she has written with proof, exposing the lies. To this day, this sin was not repented of. This fulfills the “Bamah” sin mentioned in Ez 22: 29.,

Letter to Mr FlurryPlease read this humble letter written by the wife of the Sri Lankan minister, Mrs. Neela Wickramasinghe. It was submitted to Mr. Gerald Flurry asking him to consider the documented treachery in God’s church in India under his Regional Director, Mr. Alex Harrison. Without an investigation, without any reply to her letter, without any counseling, without any consideration for the truth she spoke, or her request for forgiveness if she did something wrong, Mrs. Wickramasinghe was cruelly disfellowshipped in December of 2003. Is it coincidence that the following week, Mrs. Flurry was stricken with a stroke, and exactly a year later, the Tsunami in South East Asia struck, where the covenant was broken? Dear brethren, what you are reading is the seed to the biggest cover-up and sin in the modern history of God’s church…. And the beginning of a witness and judging work against a church who committed “spiritual adultery” against her husband, Jesus Christ.

Ezekiel's wife's strokeAncient Ezekiel was asked to” judge” Israel for their covenant breaking sins. But he failed. In anger God struck his wife. This is a sign for Israel that they have sinned. As ancient Ezekiel failed, the modern day Ezekiel too failed. Ez 24: 21..his wife’s stroke, is a major sign for God’s people that they will be in captivity and the Sanctuary will be profaned by God. Ezekiel proclaimed after his death in 2004, that the captivity has begun. The sin which caused God’s anger to be aroused is what happened in the “east gate”. If the death is prophesied, then the cause should be prophesied too. As Ezekiel failed to judge, God raised up an assembly to judge (Ez 23: 45-49)

Christ's wife betrayed by an evangelistIn 1999 and 2003 the PCG Pastor General revealed that Daniel 8:9-14 refers to an end-time SPIRITUAL abomination, which will be caused by .. a Regional Director, fulfilling the role of “Diotrephus” and Antiochus. V 9 identifies this man’s work will be in ‘South and East’, as he grew exceedingly great towards. We who live in SE who witnessed, could only know who this is. What is the transgression that caused God to leave His sanctuary? This ‘personal’ letter written to the PCG prophet and the high priest, WITNESSES about this covenant breaking sins and the man who caused it. Does he listen and judge righteously? The truth is now unveiled about the shocking events, hidden from God’s people. ‘

Plain Truth abaout 800 IndiansDo you know that PCG too broke the covenant of God by inviting strangers, unbaptized in to God's sanctuary and defiling it? This happened in India, or in the "East gate". Antiochus grew exceedingly great towards "south east", when he caused the covenant to be broken. Find out how PCG broke the covenant and proven from PN articles. Have you prayed for them? Then, you have sent insence to other gods..

TSUNAMI-WHY IN SOUTH EAST ASIAGod punishes by earthquakes when His children refuse to obey. When the Worldwide Church of God committed sins, God caused earthquakes in Pasadena, “where” they committed the crime. When the Philadelphia Church of God broke the covenant, God caused an earthquake in ‘South East Asia’, where they committed their crime. Uncovering the channels of the sea ‘physically’ is the beginning of uncovering such ‘spiritual’ sins . The ‘Altar’ neglected this evil and tried to hide it. In contrast, God is bringing Southeast Asia to their attention, where this evil happened. The PCG leaders are deceiving God’s people into thinking they are being persecuted, rather than being punished. The Tsunami is a strong warning to God’s church to repent! This happened a week before the ministerial conference which was held in Edmond, which GF declared… “I am the 7th head”. Anyone claims, he is the 7th head of the church, is none other than “ THE” laodicean leader. The fate of those who were struck by this tsunami shows the fate of the spiritual Israel who broke the covenant.

Gentile workIsraelites, like sheep follow a leader with whom they have confidence and high esteem and the leaders force them to obey the leaders instead of God. They have no choice, if they want to stay in the synagogue, they must unconditionally obey the government. But, God says, you must follow a leader, if they obey and follow God. The leaders and the church never obeyed God. The first five eras fell from the truth. HWA was the 6th head, who did not fall. He was ‘taken out of the way’ and then once again the church fell. The baton was passed to the WCG, who went into apostasy. Then “many” daughter churches, whom God calls “sisters” were formed. The ‘PCG’ was used by God to ‘judge’ other sisters, but in the end, she is has become “worse” according to the scripture, and she too broke the covenant in the East gate. “All” the churches are now in “spiritual” captivity. Who will then do the true work of the living God in these ‘last’ moments? This article reveals who God is working with – a ‘strange work’, with stammering lips and another tongue , a work which in no wise will believe.This is the strange work which GF wrote in his earlier editions of Isaiah booklet but later removed. For the sheep to stay on the right path, U NEED TO KNOW where this work is! The ‘last’ work of God will be the ‘times of gentiles’. The prophet said the “THE WORLD WILL BECOME Israel WHEN THE GENTILES ARE GRAFTED IN . …these times are now being fulfilled.

Song of MosesHistory repeats! Prophecy is dual. ‘The Song of Moses’ is to ‘testify against Israel”, or the church, who made a marriage covenant with God but failed to keep it. Who in this end-time had this covenant with God? Certainly “not” physical Israel, or churches who left God years ago. Unbelievable but true, God has set His glory among the Gentiles who are singing this song TO the church, the bride of Christ who committed adultery with foreign lovers. Yet they refuse to hear and repent. Read from your Bible the revelation why God now calls the Gentiles “His” people. As Rev 15: 2-3 says, this is sung again, before the punishment of the harlot.

Genesis 49This passage is for the “last days,” the time we are living in now. So says the prophet of the PCG. At this time, a donkey and an ass’s colt are bound unto the choice vine which is the house of israel, which pictures a family being united or bound(grafted in) into the tribe of Judah. But what happens to the choice vine? Who is this new family? In Gerald Flurry’s book Isaiah (1999 edition) End-Time Vision, he writes about ‘God’s strange work of a foreign family.’ Later editions remove the whole chapter. Why? How can prophesy be removed? Read why the Gentiles are grafted in and how God raises up a donkey to stop an end-time Balaam type of betrayal in the PCG.

Man from the EastGod’s word says, in the end time, Israel will commit whoredom in the “East”. This was caused by Antiochus, who grew great in the South East. (Dan 8:9), When this happen, faithful people, are being raised up by God to let the leaders know about this sin, so they could repent. God says, this man was called to God’s feet. This writing will show from the word of God, when and how and why this man comes. Remember, this is a prophecy for our time. Will you heed this man?

Mr Winters WitnessedOur minister, as the man from “East” as in Is 41, went to the prophet in Edmond, to inform about the unbaptized people who were invited to PCG is against God’s baptismal covenant. Mr Winters witnessed the whole meeting. Without even opening the Bible, or listening, this prophet yelled.. get out, out,out. Read the whole report and see , whether a real prophet would do such a thing.

Donkey and the foolish nationGod said that if Israel did not obey Him, He will raise up a ‘foolish nation’ to provoke them to jealousy and He will speak to this people in ‘another tongue’. Jacob prophesied that this foolish nation will be bound to the vine, which is the ‘house of Israel’. All these prophecies must come to pass, BEFORE Christ comes. Do you know, who and where and what this foolish nation will be doing now? Christ coming on the ‘donkey and the colt’ is a prophecy for our day. Find out how, and why and when Christ comes ‘again’ on the donkey.

Is 48: God's call for the captivesGod is calling “Jacob”, “Israel” and “Judah” (Spiritual) and the Holy City which is Jerusalem, to come out of the spiritual captivity. He wants to make certain that this call applies to all of God’s people so no one will say that this prophecy applies to physical Jews or to other churches. The Bible says this is a “new thing”. God is calling through Isaiah, using some from a far, for the captives to return. This could not have happened until the spiritual Jews have gone in to captivity. If this call is for the captives, and since ALL Israel have gone in to captivity, this call comes from a remnant who have not gone in to captivity. Who are they? They are being used by God to “witness” against Israel’s harlotry with foreign gods

Wicked Exposed: Micah 2:9 fulfilled This Article explains how the Leader himself exposed his own wickedness to the entire church!!! In order to hide his own iniquity, he casts off forever,the women of GOD'S people who were aware of the evil. This caused God to l raise up a foolish shepherd in the land, who will not visit those that are cut off,... nor feed those who wait to be fed,.. but he shall eat the flesh of the fat... Woe to the idol shepherd who leaves the flock! What is GOD'S counsel to his people at this time? When the wicked are exposed? ... because it is polluted, it shall destroy you!

Little Sanctuaries and the fallen tabernacleDo you know in the very end, the tabernacle of David would fall and Christ Has to come to rebuild it? But Christ said, that the gates of hell would not prevail His church. Then how come the tabernacle of David fall? Who continues to rebuild it when it falls? What are we as the children of God supposed to do when it falls? Why did God say “ I will be a little Sanctuary” to them?........

Times of GentilesThe ‘times of the Gentiles’ is a “Mystery” to Israel. There are “physical” and “spiritual” Israel. Anciently, the gentile king, Cyrus, was inspired by God to allow the Jews to build a physical temple for God. GF spoke about how God used this gentile king to build His temple. Today, the gentiles are being used to bring God’s children who are in ‘spiritual’ Babylon (captivity) to build God’s spiritual temple. Why? Because the last church, PCG, failed by breaking the covenant ,and committed ‘spiritual’ adultery. After the command came to measure the ‘inner court’ where the prophet is, he measured instead the ‘outer court’ where the Gentiles are now being used by Christ to knock, to witness, to judge, to tread down the “holy city”-- the church or the inner court, the ‘spiritual Sodom’. This article makes plain the mystery of the gentiles who were commissioned to do the prophesied ‘strange work’--a work which the Inner court would not believe--in the ‘final moments’ before the return of Jesus Christ. God Has prophesied the Inner court’s failure to recognize this work. . .nevertheless, God WILL CONTINUE TO DO THIS MARVELLOUS WORK AND WONDER

Synagogue of Jews or SatanThe synagogue of satan is not in the world, but in God’s true church. How did they become the synagogue of satan? Why Does God call them that? When did the Jews become satan’s synagogue? Beware of the Synogogue of the Jews who say they are Jews, but, ... Do LIE!!! If GOD departs, so should you! REPENT BEFORE THE DAY OF THE Lord. Since it is a warning to the true church from God, The Father, we as sheep should be aware of this synagogue. If not, they will strike you too!

Laodicean Not PCG, yes PCG. Pt 1Who are the Laodiceans? In Revelation 2 and 3, the first six church eras are all addressed each as a singular church. The last church era is addressed not to the church in Laodicea, but to the “church of the Laodiceans.” Why? Now, there are many sister churches. PCG, who judged others has become “THE” worst, though she is allowed to prosper. This two-part series shows how the PCG erred in judgment and how all Israel has become Laodicean, and now are in spiritual captivity. Is PCG truly has become Laodicean having its characteristics? We expose her nakedness as God Has appointed us…..

How the covenant was broken in South east asiaThe Philadelphia News is the official, copyrighted newspaper of the Philadelphia Church of God, written by leading ministers and approved by Mr. Gerald Flurry. Between 1999 and 2003, 852 “ Indians were invited into God’s church, and “17 ministers” were given ordination certificates. What happened to them? Why are there no follow-up articles on such a major event in the history of the Church of God? What no one knows is they were found to be unbaptized and uncalled, without the Holy Spirit of God. Yet, there was no retraction in this newspaper and no repentance by its leaders and lay members! Read the proof why God considers this an act of covenant breaking, how PCG headquarters continues to cover up this sin, and how you personally are held accountable… and the punishments that will result. Could the leaders cover up their sins and spiritually murder those who oppose them and hide this sin from God? Hidden secrets will be revealed in the judgment.!

Arm Of The LordHave you ever thought about that after all the examples, revelations and warnings written in the Bible, that the “spiritual” children of Israel, would go back to Egypt “once again” in the “very end as captives? As God used His “arm” in the first time, even in this end time He will use His Arm to bring them back once again from captivity. Do you know who this “ARM” is? The prophet, himself spoke about this. This writing will unfold some exciting and startling “Truths” about the “Arm of The Lord” which already is at work of bringing the captives of The Lord.

WOE! If not weanedWhy did Christ say that we should be weaned from the mother, in Mt 24? What did He mean by weaning? Did He mean that we have to leave the mother church? What does milk picture? Do you know that weaning means becoming mature and not be proud? Like Laodicean? Who would give milk to the children of Israel who failed to wean from the mother? Do you know that Israel, once again have to be fed with milk? Do you know that Abraham gave a feast when Isaac was weaned and why?

New thing: womenDo women have a role to play in God’s plan? Does God use them for his purpose? Has God used them in the past? Every leader in God’s church was anointed by a man, but Christ was anointed by a “woman”? Also only the women stood by at Christ’s death? While all the apostles and even Peter denied Him ? In Genesis, God cursed the woman as a punishment and said, the husband shall rule over thee. But, in the end, it is reversed and God says “women” shall rule over thee and they shall be spiritually stronger than men, as men have become like women.? Do you know that in the end time men have totally failed who were given ruler ship and authority over spiritual things?. And their failure caused God to do this “New Thing” and when told none will believe.? What is this mysterious “New Thing” which God has raised? You will be so taken back when you uncover this and your senses will be numb and you will be wonder struck in disbelief at this awesome miracle !

Judea Flee to the mountainsThe prophet said that he is the 7th head, which means judgment time has begun and it begins at HIS “Sanctuary”. God’s enemies have surrounded “spiritual” Jerusalem and caused God to leave. True followers of God are commanded to leave with HIM. The abomination which was spoken by Daniel the prophet now has happened. Those who are left in Judea will go through the “Baptism of Fire.” This article tells: Who are in Judea? Where is the modern day Judea? Why “YOU” need to flee? Are you in Judea? . You need to know who are in “Judea”, so you could flee as God commands!

Poor, fatherless and the widowsGod says, His end time leaders are “wicked” because they have partially judged the poor. The High Priest himself exists at the last hour is wicked and has a filthy turban and Satan stands at his right hand. So, God has chosen the poor to be rich in faith, yet they are being oppressed by the leaders in God’s church. God stands at the right hand of the poor. The Jews have shown no justice and mercy to the poor who witnessed the covenant-breaking sins. So the Jews plundered the poor and now God is using the poor to plunder them. If the poor are to be rich in faith, then they should be the people of God in the end time

Pray that your flight may not be on sabbathDo you see the abomination standing in the holy place! Yes, it is when there is the "man of sin" sitting in the temple instead of GOD, and, "the prophet who teaches lies", and, "The Antichrist" and other evil beasts, that were prophesied to be present in the end time in spiritual Jerusalem, scattering the power of the holy people. God’s people are warned to flee from Judea. They have no choice. Mt 24 is written to no one but to God’s very own. They will be the ones who need to flee. They are to pray that they would not have to flee on the Sabbath. Which Sabbath is this? Is this the regular Sabbath? Can’t God cause the flight to be on another day instead of a Sabbath? Does not God control the events and cause His children to flee on another day than the Sabbath? This writing will prove, that it is not the regular Sabbath that you need to flee, but if you wait till this Sabbath comes, then you will never flee before the time. You will be surprised to learn from the word, what and when this Sabbath is

JoshuaAs “Joshua”, or the last “high priest” and his fellows are a sign of imminent coming of our Lord and Savior, as God’s people, we should know who this Joshua is. Since he is the high priest, he is in “THE” temple. PCG leader proclaimed that he is the high priest in 2004 FOT. Earlier, he had written in his book Malachi’s message that WCG leader is the high priest. Who really is the high priest who is to be alive at Christ’s coming. Since he will be having a filthy turban, and Satan is standing before him, we can recognize him easily looking at his fruits as Christ commanded us. What is his wickedness? Heb 7:28 For the law maketh men high priests which have infirmity; but the word of the oath, which was since the law, maketh the Son, who is consecrated for evermore. According to God’s word, Christ is the only high priest is eligible to offer perfect sacrifices. If any man says, he is the high priest and he does not have any sin, then he should be ‘THE LIAR” WHO DENIES God AND THE SON.

Prove all things Pt 2PCG claims that she continues the Elijah work till Christ comes. But Elijah was fed by a “gentile widow”. Could this be a prophecy for our time? God says there are : “The man of sin, The liar, The Antichrist/s” in His church at the end! It is from within that everything in the "THE SANCTUARY" was damaged, until there are no more prophets. (ps 74).1 Pet 2: 12…Having “your” conversation honest among the “Gentiles”: that, whereas “they” ( The gentiles) speak against you( The Inner court) as “evildoers”, they may by good works, which “they” ( The gentiles) shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. So where is the prophet?...Gentiles’s major work should be speaking against the “Jews” of being evil doers. God SAYS SO. The “Gentiles” behold good works. Not the Jews…. Prove all things!!!

Is there a prophet,yesEze 33:33 And when this cometh to pass, (behold, it cometh,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.Psa 74:9 We see not our signs: there is no more any prophet; neither is there among us any that knoweth how long.1John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but prove the spirits, whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. There is a person claiming to be “The Prophet” in this end time. Are his claims true? Does this not indicate that the wrong type of prophets are amidst in this world? What did Christ teach about the prophets? Prove it for yourself and see whether you are being deceived or not

No flesh would be savedJews were given the Law but they failed. They are now in captivity means, they could not keep the law. This means, they cannot be justified by the works. Salvation is a gift. Christ said, many will gnash their teeth, when they are thrown out of the kingdom, but many will come from east and west, and will sit in the kingdom. Why and how, those who come from high ways and by ways get salvation, and get better rewards from God?

Christ comes as a thief in the nightJust before Christ comes to reign the millennium, He said, He will come as a thief in the “NIGHT”. For those who wait for His coming, should know, whether He Has come already. Which “night” was He speaking about? Why would He come as a thief? Who will be working with Him in this night? When it is night to one part of the world, the other part has sun shine. Do you know which part of the world He is talking about? Is it a real night? Or it is night “spiritually”? Hos 9:7 says, not even the prophet knows when He comes. Do you watch and pray for this night. Well, according to the “word”, that night is already here…. Prove all things

East wind destroys evilGod use natural disasters to destroy the wicked Israelites when they disobey Him. But do you know why God Has called an “East wind” at the time of the judgment? This is how He destroys the wickedness of ‘spiritual’ Israel? It destroys specially the proud Laodiceans. This happens at the time of God’s wrath. How would this wind destroy them? Do you know when Israel came out of the sea first time, it is the east wind which blew on the sea and caused Israel to walk over dry land?

Israel will come out of sea pt 1Do you know what it means: rivers turn in to wilderness? Also that Israel will come out of sea once again as Ps 68: say? Do you know why Christ told us to watch the sea waves roaring before He comes and what it means? Also why the rivers turn in to blood? when? How the cities of Judah are going to be without an inhabitant? who will cause the desolation? who are the cities of Judah? Is it physical Judah or spiritual? you will be surprised to learn all about the sea and many other signs of the end time in this writing. Prove all things and we humbly ask you to let us know, if our writings are biblically proven wrong.

KOD program says, times of gentiles are now.In this KOD program, GF says, the times of gentiles are now being fulfilled. But he says, the gentiles are being used by God, to punish the physical Israel. But is that what God says? He also says, when this happen, we should flee Judea… but do you know that the time has come already for you to flee??? Prove all things from the word of God.!

Men and womenDoes it matter to God, whether men or women, when it comes to fight for God’s truth? In the end time, God says there is “NO” man. Ez 22:30, Jere 5: 1 etc. These are prophecies for our day. What is wrong with the modernday Ezekeil? Why Does God say: there is no man?

Times of gentiles?God’s last work on this earth is the “Times of Gentiles”, which is being fulfilled now and this is a mystery to Israel. A true prophet of God, would know the scriptures and when these times are to be fulfilled. As God’s people, we should understand what “God” says about these times. Why the times of gentiles are necessary and how is it a part of God’s work in the end time?

Raising up the ruins or causing? prove all thingsWhat Does God Say about who is raising up the ruins in the spiritual temple? PCG leader says, he is, but we prove from the word of God, that it is a lie. Prove all things.

Raising up the ruins or causing,Part 2As God catches the wicked by their own craftiness, we must compare what the leaders in the end time say with the word of God, whether they speak the truth and whether they, themselves practice what they preach. Christ said, many antichrists have gone out in the end time and not to look in the inner room, or in the desert to find Him. Most of the churches of God, in the end time as called by God “the sisters” claim, they have Christ and they are the “inner court”, then, they say, they are going to a place of safety, in the desert. These two places, Christ specifically said that He will not be in. Prove all things

Biblical Tarshish and young lions in prophecyAs God Has prophesied to use the “SHIPS OF TARSHISH” to bring His children, from ‘a far’, just before Christ’s coming, we need to find out from the word of God, where this Tarshish is and how they will bring God’s children and how they will build God’s “spiritual” temple . The “purest of gold” came from “Ophir” or Tarshish, and it was used by king Solomon to beautify God’s temple. God likened this Gold for the purity of His children

Become pure as Gold of OphirDo you know that unless you become as gold of Ophir, you cannot be in the kingdom? God’s word says, some in the end time will bring gold of Ophir. Who are the elect in the end time? What happens to the stones of the Altar? Why Zion need to be afflicted? Who would be building the “spiritual” temple? How could we become as “Gold” Mr Thompson wrote about “become pure as gold”. Read on how you could be too

Covenant of PeaceGod prophesied that His people will lose eternal lives as they could not attained to righteousness by keeping His law. God Has created some as the “vessels of Mercy” and some as “vessels of wrath”. Even when the judgment comes God wants us to have peace. This writing shows, who will be used in judgment to extend peace to Zion. The rainbow was given as a sign, to the blind to understand the signs of times and it is a sign of God’s presence. Find out from the “word of God”, the present truth. Prove all things the kingdom is at hand

Prophet accept the Times of GentilesIn RV Jan 2006, The prophet has written that Rev 11: 2 work is going on, and all israel are scattered as the book of James is revealed. He says, that is a Spiritual" scattering and this is what we have been telling since 2004. James gives a message to the exiles. Thsoe who are in the "inner court" at that time, are the ones who should have the speicific, particular messages James is giving. Find out whether you are in the inner court.. God specifically commanded the prophet to NOT to measure the outer court. But he is doing his own thing.

Gerald Flurry glorifies his son more than GodThe raising the ruins book which was published by S Flurry claims that they are raising the ruins. But, they have not lived by the truth contains in MOA or HWA's restored truths. As HWA believed only those who God calls can come to church, PCG failed to live by that truth and invited unbaptized strangers in to God's Altar. That actually, according to God's Law, break the covenant. How could they raise up the ruins? More than that, to explain how they bought the books of HWA is written in a book, with more quality and with more words better than the MOA. Why?

Last hour church split-Jews and GentilesIn the very end of the church age, when the children of God, have come to birth, they became an enemy of God. No more leaders in Israel, to lead His people. That happened as God Has cast off the Sanctuary as Lam 2: 7 and profaned (Ez 24: 21) because they invited heathen to God’s Sanctuary, as this chapter says. Therefore, God called an “assembly”, among the “heathen” to execute judgments as Lam 1: 15 , Ez 16:40, 23: 45-49 says…. up to such time, Israel could not obey God. Now, God Has turned to gentiles as there are no more leaders who obey Him in Israel. According to God’s Word, HWA’s and GF’s articles, we will prove, that the split in the church happened in the last end is between “Spiritual” Jews and gentiles, and rich and poor” during the times of gentiles” (TOG) . Christ said even the “gates of the hell” could not prevail against His church. What are the “gates of hell”? God said, “I bore you on “eagles’ wings”. What did He mean by that?

Are you guilty for your leader's sins? Yes,says Godmembers write to us and give us various excuses saying that “ we have nothing to do with the Bamah matter”, we did not do it, we have not prayed for them, we did not take part of that matter, it is the leaders problem, let God handle that, it is none of our business, etc…… but, two members have studied deep in to this subject and informed us about their study on the matter. They prove from “The Word of God”, that all the members are held guilty by God, if they are with such leaders who took the whole church after other gods.Prove from the Word of God, that you are not accountable for the sins of the .“Bamah” matter, even if you do not know it. According to God’s Word, the dissidents are the end time leaders in God’s church. including the high priest. Salvation is an individual matter and if we know the Word, we do not have to worry about being deceived. No words are added or deleted (except the names) from these emails but underlining and bolding and high lighting done by us. Bible verses are in italics

Bottomless pitThe ‘bottomless’ pit in (Rev 9, strong’s 5421) in Greek, means “Abyss”…that is where the devil, and those who take the mark of the beast will be. It is opened by the “fifth” angel, only when “God’s judgments” have come. Why is it called a ‘bottomless’ pit? Pits are made to “hold water”. The bottomless pits cannot hold water, as it does not have a covering in the bottom to hold water. All these should be applied ‘spiritually’. In our time, the false prophet, the devil and the beast, are to be thrown in to this pit. Therefore, we need to know, where the ‘bottomless’ pit is and who and who will be there. According to God’s own words, all Israel are now in the ‘bottomless’ pit.

Winepress 1God’s anger has aroused against His shepherds as they are deceiving God’s people. Where is the winepress and who will be trodden down in it? God will get His glory which He deserves from His people even though they now worship a beast. God will be known by the world in “judgment”. Whose blood will be poured upon and who are the horses?

Winepress 2continuation of part 1

Winepress 3This writing will show from God’s Word and one of Mr. Gerald Flurry’s articles; how we could be guilty of “Christ’s blood.

Living water Pt 1There is an end time prophecy to be fulfilled in God’s church In John 4. It is all about how the Jews and the gentiles will worship God, and who is given the living water directly by Christ. GF has written an article in RV, the cover says” “Living water …Christ’s lesson from a well in Samaria”. Why did Christ give living water to a gentile woman and WHEN? This writing would show from the Word of God, that Christ gave this water to the gentile woman, when all Jews have failed to worship God in “Spirit and in truth”. The spiritual Jews have lost this water and are in the bottomless pit. Co-incidentally, we wrote about the “bottomless pit” in the same month, showing from the Word of God, that all the Jews are in the pit as captives having no living water from God. Christ does not teach such lessons in vain. This prophecy is now being fulfilled. Who are the little children? The Bible explains, only the little children will enter the kingdom.

Living water Pt 2In this 2nd part, we prove from the Word of God, like the four rivers in the garden of Eden, even now, when the new temple is being built by God, He will cause a river to flow from the ‘east’ side of the temple and it will divide in to four and heal the people, in the desert and the sea.

Babylon- religious confusionThe Word of God prophecies that in the end, God will allow Zion or God’s church to be in “Babylon”, and then, will deliver her. Gerald Flurry (GF) wrote in Ezekiel book, that the “new covenant” wife too will have to go in to captivity. Since “Babylon means “confusion”, when God says, the church will be “in Babylon” for 70 years, means they will be confused. This mean, there will be “truth and error”. These seventy years are to be fulfilled, “before Christ comes”. That includes the period which HWA worked also. He said, he came in the wilderness of “religious” confusion. Was he able to clear the confusion? Did his top leaders he, himself personally appointed at least followed the restored truth totally? “NO” not even “ONE” . What about his own son? The fact that there are so “many groups” ; shows all of them were confused and did not believe him. Did PCG who claims to follow his footsteps and fought for his books keep all the truths? “NO”. She took parts out from the most inspired book. This is why God broke the covenant with “all” of them and they “all” will go in to captivity. Ez 16: 52, Jam 1:1, Mic 4: 10, Is 47: 6., 39:7, 43:14, 48;14, Jer 20:4-6, 21:10, 24:1, Hos 6.11, Jer 32: Now, the time has come for God to bring the captives back. God, HWA and GF prophesied about this captivity.

WildernessGod Has prophesied that in the end time, He will allure the church in to wilderness, but why? But the church leaders say, God will protect her in the wilderness, and it will be a place of safety. When she went in to wilderness in Rev 12: v 6, it is not God who fed her, but “THEY”. Who is in the wilderness to feed her? Who are these ‘they”? That is definitely not God. How does God plan to bring them out of wilderness? Prove the Word

The mysterious harlotPlease read our writings in : www.gentileassembly.org

Harlot Pt 2God’s Word says, there is a ‘mysterious, murderous harlot’, who will appear in the very end, or prophetically “ONE” hour before Christ comes. She is an enemy of God. God warns His people to come out of her because her “judgment” has come. In order to come out of her, God’s people should be a part of her and they should know this harlot’s identity to come out. Who is this mysterious harlot? Can God judge another organization such as the Catholic church (CC), and Holy Roman Emp. (HRE)as a “harlot”? Was God married to CC? We will prove from the Word of God, that this harlot is “Christ’s wife ” who had “entered in to the marriage covenant with God”, and who never obeyed and went after other gods. Prove from the “Word” who she is and come out as God says. Bible interprets itself. God says; How is the “faithful” city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers !God says it all! Leaders blame CC being a harlot, but God says it is the “faithful” city. When did God say, the CC was a faithful city?

Mysterious harlot pt 31Co 5:5 To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.}} this is what the Bible teaches us to do a fornicator. This is what God Has done to His wife now as she has committed fornication. He Has delivered His church to Babylon, or satan, so that she will be saved on the “Day of The Lord”. The ‘day of visitation”, is also the ‘day of The Lord”. That is the ‘times of the gentiles” also Ez 30:3. Now, Christ Has come in the flesh, to save them spiritually. But God Does not punish physically. Did He totally destroy WCG when she fell? NO. As the wife of Christ has committed fornication, her flesh is being destructed and unless Christ comes again, “NO FLESH SHALL BE SAVED”. The DOL, is to save her spiritually. Her Spirit will be saved only on the ‘day of The Lord” and not before. When the Word says, deliver for the “destruction of the flesh”, this means, allow that one to continue to sin. As God allowed the proud leaders to exalt themselves, as in Dan 11: 36, as a part of His wrath and a judgment

Harlot Pt 4In our part 3, we proved from the Word, why God’s law requires a woman to drink the “bitter water”( ‘wormwood’). Since the harlot and those who drink her cup of wine, also given this “bitter water”, we must find out from God’s Word, to see which woman, “CC” or “God’s church” is given this water. That gives another clue to identify this woman. According to the Word, bitter water is given, ONLY to women, in Israel, when they “commit adultery” and , only WHEN A HUSBAND IS “JEALOUS”. God is not jealous over CC’s or HRE’s harlotry as He is not married to them

Mysterious harlot Pt 5In our ‘wilderness’ and ‘bottomless pit’ writings we proved that all have failed and are spiritually dead. God Has forsaken the wife and He Has withdrawn His Spirit from her. Then, she is like WCG, when she fell from the truth. Physically alive, but spiritually dead. But, in great mercies of our Great God, He will bring them back to life. It is God’s will that all Israel be blind, till gentiles come in. that is how, the salvation is to go to the world. Israel proved that by the law, no one can be saved. More clues to prove it is God’s church is the harlot in Rev 17

The first letter written to Mr Flurry in 2003 witnessing of his spiritual adultery and how he broke the marriage covenant with godPlease read this humble letter written by the wife of the Sri Lankan minister, Mrs. Neela Wickramasinghe. It was submitted to Mr. Gerald Flurry asking him to consider the documented treachery in God’s church in India under his Regional Director, Mr. Alex Harrison. Without an investigation, without any reply to her letter, without any counseling, without any consideration for the truth she spoke, or her request for forgiveness if she did something wrong, Mrs. Wickramasinghe was cruelly disfellowshipped in December of 2003. Is it coincidence that the following week, Mrs. Flurry was stricken with a stroke, and exactly a year later, the Tsunami in South East Asia struck, where the covenant was broken? Dear brethren, what you are reading is the seed to the biggest cover-up and sin in the modern history of God’s church…. And the beginning of a witness and judging work against a church who committed “spiritual adultery” against her husband, Jesus Christ.

Mysterious harlot Pt 6We have been writing clues to identify the harlot in Rev 17-18. We must prove from the Word of God, all things. It is “God” Who named this woman a “harlot”. God names people according to their “character”. Would God call CC a harlot? Prove from God’s own words and from Gerald Flurry’s, who this harlot is. The “name” identifies who she is

Mysterious harlot Pt 7According to God’s Word, it is His church who has become a harlot by forsaking Him and the marriage covenant. The bridegroom Has left, the bride sits weeping. When was God married to CC ? Only those who are baptized and entered in to a marriage covenant could break that covenant. prove from God’s Word and do not trust lying words

Beast or a man?Ecc 3:17 - 18 God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: the sons of men, that God may “test” them and see that they by themselves are beasts….} God wants to test men, whether they are beasts or not. When would He do that? How do you prove your self a “man” or a beast? God said;“HE” will send beasts as a curse, and a punishment to devour “HIS” people who are rebellious. We will prove from the Word, that the beasts are the “kings and priests “ who sit in the “throne of David” who failed to prove themselves to be men and are “inside” God’s “church” and not any union in Europe. Leaders, deceived, taught the EU is the beast. But is that what ‘God ‘ say? God wants to prove His church; not EU or CC.

Man or Beast Pt 2Do you know that God says, the foxes caused Zion to lose her crown? Are those foxes in EU or CC? It is God’s own leaders who became beasts and destroyed God’s church and the throne of David. The ‘kingdom of beast’ is the “throne of king David”. We further prove from the Word that God’s own leaders who sinned and rejected God’s Spirit and became blind. The Spirit gives the understanding and since they do not have the Spirit any more, they do not understand. This is how the throne of David became the kingdom of beast.

Man or Beast Pt 3We should know how to discern whether we serve God or the devil, according to God’s Word? The leaders in the church say EU is the beast. But God says, His people who do not understand are the beasts as they were unable to build “HIS” character. We will continue to prove from the Word that it is the “spiritual throne of David” is the beast.

Man or Beast pt 4EU or CC could never be JUDGED as they are not given the law. According to God’s plan, all Israel, will have to go through the tribulation to test their faith. To test them, He sent wild beasts, who are the leaders who do not understand. The Synagogue of satan, in the “Philadelphia” era was used by God, as a part of His wrath ( Dan 11: 36) for this purpose. They caused the wall of Zion to be fallen. But God, in His Great mercy, Has plans to bring them back and to rebuilt the wall

Man or Beast pt 5Pro 16:4 The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil. } the evil day is the day when God allows the wicked to be exalted. Then expose them, on the “day of The Lord” , which now has come upon the wicked. ( v 5 shows, their “pride” is an abomination to God ” it is no one but the Laodiceans who are proud) . They broke God’s commandments and therefore, Ez, 20: 25,… God also gave laws, which they could not obey… These laws are taught through the wicked leaders, or the beasts. One such law is, if you do not obey these beasts, even when you see their law breaking, if you oppose them, they will cast you out of the church. People depend on them to take them to the place of safety. So they keep quiet. But, Ps 149: 8-9 says, the kings will be bound and the ‘WRITTEN” judgments have to be executed on those who have become like heathen

Man or Beast Pt 6Judgments are spiritual…. continues;…

Man or Beast pt 7 - ten hornsGod says, there will be ten kings in the end time, who will be inspired by the devil and they will desolate the harlot in Rev 17. Since we know who the harlot is, we must prove from the Word, who are these ten kings. These horns are to exist only for “ONE” hour, the very last hour and during the judgment of the church. Since they are at war with Christ, they should exist at the same time when Christ comes down ( in rain and in clouds ) to execute judgments.( 1 cor 4; 5 )also, when we find out ‘WITH WHOM” Christ is at war, we know exactly who these ten kings are. They are not real kings, even though they are called kings, but they are given authority as kings. So they will be acting as kings. The “Bible” definition of the “beast” is ; some one “who has no Holy Spirit” and therefore, does not understand God’s spiritual matters

Prove all thing pt 3This was written in June 2006. which is the hypocritical nation which misjudged the poor? Who claims we are rich, we have it all? WHY WOULD “a prophet” WORRY ABOUT BEING CRITICIZED, IF HE SPEAKS THE “TRUTH”? God reveals prophecy to make all know and obey them.

Zion’s Foundations are fallenGod Has prophesied that in the end time, the ‘foundations’ of the “earth” will be shaken, discovered, or exposed or broken. “Earth”, in prophecy is the “church”. Christ said He will spew the church out of His mouth. He is the “corner Stone” of the “church”. Would not the foundations of the church fall when the Corner Stone is rejected? The book of lamentations and Ez. 24 shows the collapse of the church totally

True LightGod is Light. “Sin” brings darkness. Is 60: 2 says, gross darkness the “people”. Jer 4: 23, Why? How would their light shines again? Christ said hour comes to reveal the Father and all the words of God to be fulfilled. When would that hour be? Christ comes in the latter rain and that is the time all things would e fulfilled and it is the day of vengeance. The Jews, Christ’s own did not receive Him. They are in darkness. Christ came the first time to bring light to the world of the Jews and they were given the Law. They never obeyed that Law and now, Christ Has come and, they will be blinded and the gentiles, who were blind, will see. Prove from the Word

House of prayer- Prove all thingsStephen flurry wrote: BEING IN THIS CHURCH GIVES ACCESS TO God. But God says, ‘I WILL PROFANE MY Sanctuary” when Ezekiel is the high priest. ( Ez. 24: 21). In July / Aug 2007 RV, Stephen flurry wrote an article; “ A House of Prayer”. He shows that we must pray through the head quarters of the church. Will there be a head quarters church in the end time according to God’s Word, when there won’t be ‘even one stone stands upon another’ and when Christ will spew them out ? Will God accept their prayers? You need to prove from God’s Word who is in the “House of prayer” in these “last times” when all are scattered. God’s Word says the elect will be gathered in the four corners of the earth. So how could there be a HQs? Anciently, even though “Jerusalem” was chosen to be the “city of God” and the HQs, and of peace etc, the church was moved from there to Ephesus

Thunderous voiceAnciently, God thundered His voice to “give the law” to Israel. He did so through a “cloud” and “fire”. In Rev 10, once again God sends a thunderous voice. This time He thunders because they have broken that Law and have not given the DUE glory to Him. This angel has one foot in the sea, one foot on the land, picturing it concerns the most wicked who are in the sea and those who follows them who are in the earth or land. In Rev 13, the beasts are in the sea and the land. At this time they are to come out of spiritual Egypt and sea .(Rev 11: 8) He cried with a great voice, as a lion. Who would be sent with the voice?

Thunderous voice Pt 2Is 5: 16 ;the Lord shall be exalted in ‘JUDGEMENT”…that means until the time of judgment, God’s due glory was not given to Him, by His children of Israel. ( Hos 11: 7) The end has to come to God’s people when they go to Babylon. ( Jer 51: 13, Ez. 7:2, 6, Amo 8: 2, Mic 4: 10) This is when God sends the thunderous voice. God Has appointed watchmen, the ‘lions’ as we proved in our first part, who executes written judgments. Hos 11: 9-10, God says, He will not execute the heat of anger, and will not destroy … but, wants them to return to Him. That means they have left Him

Israel denied Christ's blood sacrificeIf we follow a leader in God’s church without proving what he says or what he believes, we are following him and not God. HWA wrote in “water baptism” book, that “Christ’s blood will finally not save any man”. This is contrary to God’s Word and it is His “blood” not only saves, but makes us the priests to enter the Holy of Holies. Those who accepted that statement will not be in Christ’s body. We will prove that all spiritual Israel have despised Christ’s blood covenant, while the gentiles have accepted. This is how the Jews despised the ‘blood sacrifice” and denied Christ

Mysteries pt 1 - JudgmentHas the ‘true Gospel” which “God sent” being preached to the world by those who claimed to have done so? What is the “true gospel”? “When” would it be preached? Who will be in this kingdom? Why do we need a “heavenly” kingdom? Why does the Word say the gospel will be preached as a ‘WITNESS”? Why did God give the sign of ‘Sabbath”? Who is continuing the covenant now? Do you know “when” would all things be fulfilled, according to Christ? Who is doing the work of God now? Do you know the hidden mysteries of God, and when they would be revealed and to whom? Why did Christ die? Do you know there are two different gospels? the ‘Jews’ are being judged and ‘gentiles’ are judging them? These prophecies are written to be fulfilled “in” the church of God. That includes the "Times of Gentiles" also. What and when is the "Times of Gentiles" ?

Mysteries Pt 2 - judgmentChrist said, “the kingdom will be taken from the Jews and will be given to another nation who will bear fruits”. This should happen after God decided the end should come and that is the "Day of Judgment". God said, He is the Potter and He can make some for honor and others for dishonor. (Rom 9: 21). This is why even a donkey is used by God to speak to the hard hearted prophets. God Has prophesied that He will use a ‘foolish nation’ to speak and to provoke the Jews. Now these prophecies are being fulfilled. Prove from God’s , HWA’s and GF’s words

Mysteries pt 3 - work of gentilesThe “old testament” ended by accepting ‘gentile” offerings. Mal 1: 11 , Is 56: 3- 8 = Rev 3: 1-12… Now, Zion has lost her crown. That means the government failed and now, they need “God’s” kingdom to judge and show why and how they failed and how they could once again go back to God . As we proved, the kingdom of God is needed to replace the human government of God.They need to be judged and corrected, repented and be washed . This is why, Christ preached them to repent and be washed by “water” and the “blood”. (we will write on this later ). How did Israel failed, after the temple was built?

Mysteries pt 4 - exposing evil worksIn this writing we will quote from HWA’s early writings what he taught about gentiles governing Israel, as a judgment and what happened when Israel broke the marriage covenant , and from GF’s books how the last church era failed… first to continue from GF’s writings, about the mystery… And how HWA said one thing and did another, and how he incorporated the church under his name and how he organized the church and the chart.

Mysteries pt 5-In BabylonThe letter below is a letter HWA wrote in 1981. Please note the high lighted parts. . Please read the Mysteries part 1 – 4, before you read this and especially part 4. It answers how HWA , in his early writings said, that Christ did not reorganize the church at His first coming and the apostles were not given any authority to govern or rule over God’s people , and how God as a punishment and a judgment, gave the “Sinai” kingdom to gentile kings…. He condemns the structured governments and how he later forgot and changed his views regarding what he taught earlier…any one who re–organize church , is a FALSE apostle as no man given any authority over God’s church to do so. The church is incorporated, under HWA’s name… only the top ministers would have known this… we certainly did not know

Mysteries pt 6 - Horn of DavidIn the end of the Laodicean era , the work of God which is of Israel has to come to an end. Then, the “judgments” should begin. This is a time of no more delay. Everyone who is under the Law, have to be judged. The wife of Christ has become an adulterer. Christ cannot marry her. The tabernacle of David is fallen. A whole new horn was prophesied to come out of king David’s throne to execute justice and judgment, and they are the ‘sons of light’ , new lamp, and the new horn of David

Mysteries Pt 7 - Two GospelsChrist said he came to witness to the “truth”… so His witness has to come when there are “lies”. The ‘truth’ which He taught was ; “through Him, we will have salvation”. He preached two different gospels. The Jews killed Him for His gospel but gentiles believed and became fruitful. CHRIST taught a different gospel to Apostle Paul and he taught that to others. Peter even said Paul’s letters are difficult to understand. 2 Pet 3: 16. In the end, everyone will have to believe this new gospel if they want to be saved.

Mysteries pt 8 - Body of ChristWhen the ‘spiritual” temple of GOD was destroyed and taken captive, a new body is raised to CHRIST . What is the purpose of the Body of CHRIST ??? When would this new body be raised?

Mysteries Part 9 - JESUS CHRIST is our LORDGOD, created all things through CHRIST and given all authority to Him. CHRIST is the Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN!! The New Testament church is called to marry “CHRIST ”. Therefore, she should call “CHRIST ” her Husband “our LORD”. He is also a Father as the Word says. We will prove in this writing, as the wife of CHRIST , we should have CHRIST as the center of the gospel

Mysteries pt 10 - Colossians and LaodiceansApostle Paul gave a message to Colossian Gentiles, to pass it to Laodiceans. They were asked not to fall away from the gospel which they received “from Apostle Paul”. The Laodiceans have failed to believe that gospel, but the Colossians Gentiles, believed and they have CHRIST in them and Laodiceans have CHRIST outside. What are the signs which CHRIST said that will follows the true believers?

Mysteries pt 11- Kingdom inherited by poorKingdom of GOD, is CHRIST working with His true followers, whom He redeemed by His own blood, to judge those who are “under the Law”, who are “Israel”. Kingdom is needed, as all Israel failed, to cause them to submit to CHRIST ’s authority. CHRIST said, many from east and west will come and sit in the kingdom, while Abraham’s children will be thrust out, because all of Abraham’s children need to be judged as they are all under the Law. CHRIST said, He will give the kingdom to a nation which will bear fruits. The kingdom is not the eternal life

Mysteries pt 12-Revealed to GentilesMany mysteries were revealed by JESUS CHRIST, directly to Apostle Paul. He wrote them to Gentiles; to be revealed, when CHRIST comes as a thief, or when He appears.( 2 Ti 1:9-11). All his letters were written AFTER CHRIST sent him away from Jews who did not hear. CHRIST our LORD , will “judge” and “establish” the “Gentiles” ; according to HIS gospel, ( Rom 2: 16, 16: 25). A time of blindness to Israel also prophesied to happen. Has that being fulfilled so far ? Would not CHRIST judge the leaders who spiritually killed His true followers? Would not GOD VISIT sins of the people as HE PROMISED ? would Israel know her judgments?

Mysteries pt 13 - Thousand years and first resurrectionIn this writing, we will prove who would be in the first resurrection and also the ‘thousand years’ in Rev 20, are not really thousand years, but it is only three and half years. Also, the ‘lake of fire’ is not a literal fire, but the “Word of GOD” which burns the wickedness

Mysteries pt 14- Mystery of GodIf we are to worship the true GOD, we should know Him. For this reason, GOD became a Man and came to this world to reveal about Himself. But His own rejected Him. He blinded them. CHRIST said “An …“hour”…. comes when I will no longer speak to you in allegories, but I will reveal the “Father” plainly to you”. This means until that hour comes, He Has not revealed the truth about the Father”. When would that “HOUR’ BE? Did we not know Him all these years? Let GOD’s words speaks to you

The Heavens Declare God's GloryGOD Has prophesied that one day, the ‘HEAVENS” will declare His glory. “Declaring Glory” (to GOD) means ‘TO KNOW HIM and to UNDERSTAND HIM. (Jer 9: 24). So how could the ‘HEAVENS” glorify GOD ? Can ‘Heavens” KNOW Him? Understand Him??? If we want to give glory to GOD, then we should follow the heavens

Two Witnesses Pt 1GOD’s Law requires, before one is “judged”, their sins should be witnessed by the mouths of two or three witnesses. GOD removed the lamp from each era as a judgment. The final judgment is on the Laodiceans , and that is the time they have fallen away from the Word of the truth one final time and have stopped worshiping GOD in spirit and truth. There is no one in Israel, who could judge them as “Everyone” entered in to a covenant with GOD, by baptism, have failed. Now, they have to be WITNESSED and judged. No one is righteous says GOD. Then who could be righteous, to judge and witness against GOD’s fallen church ? GOD Has prophesied about these two witnesses even from the beginning

Two Witnesses pt 2

Two Witnesses Pt 3We continue to prove that the two witnesses are the Gentiles, as all Israel, who are under the Law have failed to be righteous. The Law could not make anyone perfect. (Heb 7:19, Rom 9: 32 ). Even all the high priests who are under the Law are not perfect. (Heb 7: 28). This is why we have a high priest who is Joshua, with a filthy turban. GOD’s judgments on all Law breakers, have a definite time appointed to judge them. Is any one righteous? No, says GOD. Then, all those have to be witnessed ,condemned and be judged. This is when the book of lamentations is to be fulfilled

Two Witnesses pt 4In this writing, we prove further that there is only ONE TRUE GOD, who is CHRIST our LORD . He Has created the New Jerusalem, when Joshua, or GF ( PCG leader) is the high priest in the temple. GOD Has separated His people in the Philadelphia era, and the leaders became the synagogue of satan, and the remnant became the ‘New Jerusalem”. Who continued the covenant, are the Gentiles and they are in GOD’s mountain, altar and House of Prayer.(Isa. 56: 3-8, Mal 1: 11, Zeph 3:10). If they are in GOD’s mountain, then that is where this New Jerusalem is

Christ Has Come downThe Scripture prophesies that CHRIST will come again in the last days, in various ways. He comes to purify the ministry which has totally failed. You will be surprised to know what the Scripture says about ; how He comes down and when and what He will be doing. Did you know that He is prophesied to come as birds??, wind ?? eagles etc ??? All these are now fulfilled as all things that is WRITTEN should be fulfilled now, as CHRIST our LORD said. That includes JUDGMENTS as well. Don’t we see the church is lamenting ??? That is her judgment

Witness part 5-New and living way by CHRIST'S fleshCHRIST comes in these last days to teach a new and living way through His flesh. (Heb 1, 10: 20 ). What is this new and living way? When would this new living way be declared?? What does it mean HIS “Flesh”? Why do we need a NEW living way in the last days? Who need this new life ??

Two Witnesses Pt 6 Gentiles' work of wonderIt is written that one day, the Gentiles would be saved first as Jews rejected, and become GOD’s people and they will be called the “circumcision” or ‘Israel of GOD”, and the “Jews” will be called “heathen”. Or, GOD rejects Israel, and Gentiles become His people. First time CHRIST came to His own, to the Jews. But second time, He came to Gentiles. ( Colos 1: 27) He wants to open the veil which is between the Jews and the Gentiles once and for all so the whole humanity could share the blessings of Abraham and become one people. For this purpose, the enmity should be removed between those who are under the Law who have GOD’s wrath, and those who have mercy of GOD. Do you know that The Gentiles have become a NEW CREATURE, OR CREATION ???

Worship the One and True GOD – CHRIST , The KING , THE ADONAI !! If some people from east says CHRIST Has come and eating with the oxen, and lambs in a manger , would you believe ? What does the Scripture say about “HOW” would CHRIST come to give salvation? Do you know that GOD’s Word says “His church” never has worshiped the One and Only True GOD “till the judgments”? CHRIST says, unless “He” is exalted, no one could be gathered ; which means no salvation. This is the true God, and eternal life. WHO is the true GOD ??? Should we exalt God The Father, or CHRIST our LORD ? Who is the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD ??? This writing would prove why all Israel failed and how they could once again worship, fear and obey, have faith and glorify the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD …!!!

Would CHRIST be present in your Passover ???GOD’s church has been eating bread with leaven on Passover. Do they keep it on the correct day? Then, why did CHRIST say He will not eat or drink it till the kingdom comes. That means, He was not present in any of the Passover days till He comes to set up the kingdom. HWA taught that we can eat bread with leaven on Passover. Could we really eat ? Have we kept the correct days according to GOD’s ordinances ? What does it mean coming out of Egypt the second time? Unless we learn the truth about Passover, we could never come out of Egypt

Be worthy to receive the body and blood of CHRIST ….and Passover The church of GOD has kept the Passover every year but they are still in Egypt even during the judgments. (Rev 11: 8). Why did they fail to Passover? Have they taken it unworthily? Unless you eat CHRIST ’s body, and drink His blood WORTHILY you cannot have Everlasting life .The church of GOD has been eating leaven on Passover, kept the following night as the night to be much observed, and kept the Passover on the wrong day. That is what it means to take the Passover unworthily

Mystery of the ages book reveals the Mystery of antichrist – witness 1Did GOD inspire HWA to write the Mystery of the ages (MOA)? If not, it exposes the mystery of iniquity which is the “mystery of the antichrist”. Any one exalts a GOD except CHRIST , is an anti-CHRIST , as we shall prove. The real MYSTERY OF GOD reveals the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD who is “CHRIST our LORD”; the GOD Who should be worshiped and to whom the kingdom belongs, Who Is the Creator. But HWA taught that one should exalt God The Father and not CHRIST . REMEMBER IN THE END TIME THE WORKERS OF INIQUITY ARE CALLED ANTI “CHRISTS ” AS THEY ARE AGAINST “CHRIST ” and not God The Father. Scripture says, the true GOD will be known “in judgment”. Then how could HWA had known him in 1985, and even at the beginning of his work, to write about the MYSTERY OF GOD? This mystery will be revealed in judgments at the sounding of the 7th angel ? Did the 7th angel sound in 1985 when HWA wrote this book ? If HWA is lying, then GOD Has not inspired him and he is exposed as the antichrist…

A Message to declare from God to Ezekiel GOD wants “Ezekiel” to know the Law of the house.(Eze 43:12). Why does he have to learn the Law of the house in the very end ? Ezekiel was a captive at that time. That means he is under satan, not knowing the Law of the house. GOD said to Ezekiel, he must see, hear and set his mind on the Law of the house in order to come out of captivity. Why is he in captivity? How could he come out? Who would show these laws to Ezekiel ? Where would he see and hear the Law once again before the new temple is built spiritually? GOD wants Ezekiel to know these first so he could declare it to Israel. It is not a secret that Ezekiel is building physically. But GOD is showing him to build spiritually as the Law is spiritual (Rom 7:14… For we know that the Law is spiritual, but I am fleshly, having been sold under sin.). Since Ezekiel is a captive, and flesh, he is sold under sin, as he builds physically. GOD wants Ezekiel to know, that the Gentiles too will inherit the land of Israel as native born sons of Israel in the end, because, the salvation is for the whole world. There will be no Jew, neither Greek in GOD’s world

Darkest Before Dawn Scripture says Israel will be in darkness when CHRIST comes for the second time and they need to be delivered spiritually. As CHRIST said, Abraham’s children were thrown in to outer darkness when the judgments came. Since judgments are spiritual, none of the Laodiceans can see their spiritual darkness. How Does GOD plan to bring them out of darkness? GOD Has ordained to give salvation to Gentiles through “JESUS CHRIST ”. (1 Thes 5: 9) .CHRIST is the Light. How does CHRIST ’s light shine on dead Israel ?

Work of WonderScripture says in the end time, CHRIST would do a work which no “wise” man would believe. Why does it say no ‘WISE’ believe? Who are the ‘wise’? In this writing, we will prove, that GOD called Israel and tried to get them to believe the true GOD for three and half “thousand” years, and failed, But He got the Gentiles to believe in Him in just “three and half” years. This writing would prove why and when Israel failed and when they would lose their wisdom and who would be doing the work of GOD, and what this “work of wonder” is. YOU NEED TO PROVE ALL THINGS.

What’s wrong with Gerald Flurry’s article “The House of David ” in June RV?? What did he omit ? In the latest RV magazine, May /Jun 2009, GF wrote about “the House of David ”. As usual, he has OMITTED some Scriptures. For example, to prove that he is Eliakim, he uses Isa. 22: 22-24 but what about v 25 which says ; “SAYS GOD, “In that day”, the nail that is fastened will be REMOVED, CUT DOWN, AND WILL FALL. The burden shall be CUT OFF. THE LORD HAS SPOKEN” ? Then in Gen. 49 he quotes up to v 10. What about v 11??? Why doesn’t he mention these two verses??? Has he not seen or is he purposely avoiding??. The people of GOD are not allowed to read literature other than from their leader. But they should know that it is “GOD WHO WILL CUT their leader (Eliakim) OFF”. Do you want to follow a leader when GOD HAS CUT HIM OFF? I hope GF, or any one in Judah answers these questions. Eliakim should explain v 25 as well

Salvation and Everlasting lifeMany think that ‘salvation’ means ‘eternal life and to become a Spirit being. But do you know what is JESUS CHRIST ’s definition of “Everlasting life ”? Why aren’t we saved yet? WHY DOES JESUS CHRIST HAS TO COME AGAIN IN THE LAST DAYS, the SECOND time (Heb 9:26-28) ??? GOD says, My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. So what is the KNOWLEDGE WHICH GIVES SALVATION and not destruction ?? We need just one teaching to have salvation ! The Scripture says, unless we are saved, or have salvation, we cannot have Everlasting life. Who and what is stopping us from obtaining the salvation? Prove all things.

Salvation and Everlasting life pt 2 Scripture proves the Gentiles are saved first.Do you know king David prophesied about the Laodicean era’s “darkness” and GOD’s own will be his enemy and At that time “Gentiles” will serve him ?? Scripture says ; Hardness in part has happened to “Israel” until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in; and so all Israel will be saved. The Gentiles are prophesied to hear ;(“ that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles, and that they will hear it”). Do you know how GOD plans to bring Israel from spiritual Egypt??? Do you know what is the gospel which saves all peoples?

Understanding Book of Ruth/Royal Vision/May/Gerald Flurry, wrote an article about the ‘book of Ruth” in May RV. Unknowingly he explains how GOD used a ‘GENTILE” woman in His master plan of salvation. Also that HWA and GF has GENTILE ancestors. Does Gerald Flurry, himself believe what he has written ??? If as Gerald Flurry says, Boaz is a type of JESUS CHRIST, and Ruth is a type of the church, then JESUS CHRIST marries a “Gentile” woman?. How could that be ??? Has the prophecy in this story fulfilled yet??? We will prove from the Scripture, what this story is all about…

Salvation and Everlasting life Pt 3 - Anathema Maranatha In part 2, we wrote that Judah profaned the Holiness of the LORD. Only the high priest can profane it, as it is a title given to the high priest. Such priests are cursed. If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be “Anathema. Then sons of GOD wait for His coming ; Maranatha! Who are the sons of GOD? The whole creation is waiting for the sons of GOD to be revealed to be free. When would they be revealed ? This writing proves Israel is cursed and Gentiles are gathered to JESUS CHRIST. GOD says the SPIRITUAL PROPHET would not know when He comes. Then, who would know ?

Salvation and Everlasting life pt 4 All things written must be fulfilled. GOD says “I will scatter you among the Gentiles”; “you will be profaned in the eyes of the Gentiles”. Then that too has to be fulfilled. Why would GOD do that? This writing would prove how GOD will bring Israel back to their land by using the Gentiles. “Psa 22:31 “they” shall come and shall declare His righteousness to a people that shall yet be born; for He has done it.”…Who are yet to be born ??? Who are ‘they’ who declare GOD’s righteousness ??? The harvest is passed and no one is saved in Israel . ( Jer 8: 20). To whom Has GOD shown these??

Salvation and Everlasting life Pt 5 - Spirit and life is in Jesus Christ's words The Scripture is the written words of JESUS CHRIST and not God The Father ‘s. Israel believe in a Father . But the Gentiles believe JESUS CHRIST Is the ONLY GOD and have become the true followers of Him. The judgments are to exalt JESUS CHRIST only. When Zion is in dust, and Laodicean era is in darkness, who would help GOD to bring her back? You must prove the Scripture. GOD says He executes judgments on Israel, in the sight of the Gentiles and they will see how they are brought back. Without JESUS CHRIST’s words, no one can have life or Spirit. Prove all things.

Salvation pt 6 –Do You see the fig tree and all the trees ? (Luke 21:29). –A sign of GOD’s return. It is written in the Scripture that ; GOD’s first fruits will be dried up or shaken to fall as a fig tree. But, it is also prophesied that they will have peace and blessings again when GOD places the fruitful trees and when they “come under the fig” tree. JESUS CHRIST said “learn the parable of the fig-tree: when her branch is still tender and puts out leaves, you know that summer is near… And He spoke a parable to them: You see the fig tree and all the trees”. Where is this ‘branch” and ALL the trees? How do you understand these signs spiritually???

Salvation part 7 - Times of Refreshing Why Has GOD set a definite time for all to repent and to receive His Spirit, which He calls the "Times of Refreshing" ? How would the Spirit of GOD come? Who needs to be refreshed now? Who are already refreshed? We will prove that one can be refreshed, only by JESUS CHRIST and His words which are the latter rain, and the dew. This is the time to be baptized in the water, and the fire. "Times of Refreshing" which pictures the last great day, is an appointed time to repent, ( the acceptable year ) just as the Passover is an appointed time to Passover.

Tree of Life and Good and evil GOD speaks to us through symbols; the two trees in Genesis also are symbols which pictures something else. What does the Tree of Life represents? Why was it cut of till the judgments are over ? Why is it offered once again “after” the judgments ? What are the works of Tree of Life ? Who would be the fruits and leaves of the Tree of Life ? Where do we find the Tree of Life ? How could we know that it is offered now? What is the major truth which Israel lacked to have Everlasting life ? The truth about the Tree of Life is now revealed as the time has come to give Everlasting life to all. Since it is going to be offered once again, GOD’s people should know everything about it. What does the tree of good and evil represent? Who else other than Adam and Eve eaten from the tree of good and evil ? REMEMBER ALL THESE END TIME PROPHECIES ARE TO BE FULFILLED ‘SPIRITUALLY’ and not physically. Therefore, pray that you may see all things and understand and turn to the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD , who is JESUS CHRIST to have Everlasting life.

Image of GODThe man was created in the Image of GOD in the beginning. But the book of revelation shows the majority has become beasts and the whole world is deceived by these beasts. At the same time there are some who have built the Image of GOD. What is GOD’s image? How could we acquire the same image? Who were made in GOD’s image first.? Why did we fail to build the Image of GOD until now? We will prove that the only way to build the Image of GOD is to become a new person “in JESUS CHRIST ” and (not in God The Father) BELIEVE IN TO HIM, AND ABIDE IN HIS WORDS. And to become as Him. If we want to build the Image of GOD, we must worship GOD in “Spirit and in truth”, and we must worship the GOD who Is THE SPIRIT AND the TRUTH

Vengeance taken – Year of redeem has comeGOD HAS TURNED OFF Zion’S JUDGMENTS. (Zeph 3:15).It is written that JESUS CHRIST will have to die to save all. But what about those who killed Him ? Also how would GOD avenge those who cry day and night to avenge their blood “of those who were killed for JESUS CHRIST’s name” ? He was killed by His own. Then He will take vengeance from His own. This writing proves from Scripture, how JESUS CHRIST took vengeance from Zion. Also what CHRIST Had to go through, He caused Zion to go through spiritually. In other words CHRIST ’s sufferings; His wife had to go through spiritually. For example: The Jews delivered Him to Gentiles. (Mat 20:19) “And shall deliver Him to the Gentiles”; …He too delivered them to Gentiles. Eze 28:7 Behold, therefore I will bring strangers upon thee, the terrible of the nations:”. (Rev 11: 2-3, Eze 30:3 ). A crown of thorns were placed on His head. How did He place a crown of thorns on His wife’s head ? Zion does not know the judgments are to bring light.( Hos 6: 5). The year of vengeance also to redeem her, to save her and to accept her. GOD Had to show what is evil first, so they can choose good, when the good is revealed. Please read and prove.

Why do you persecute - JESUS CHRIST of “Nazareth” ??Just as Apostle Paul killed the true followers of “JESUS CHRIST ” in the first century, the last high priest also is prophesied to kill JESUS CHRIST’s true followers spiritually in the end time . Paul was an antichrist. End time high priest also an antichrist. That means Paul and the last high priest persecuted JESUS CHRIST by killing ‘CHRISTIANS”. . Just as Apostle Paul was in darkness, made blind, corrected and made known about JESUS CHRIST, this last high priest too will be in darkness and blindness and will be made known that ; one is saved ONLY through JESUS CHRIST . Paul was preaching about God The Father, as it was his tradition and belief. But CHRIST later changed that. Then he started to preach ABOUT CHRIST .In this writing, we compare how GOD will convert the last high priest as well, as in the manner of Apostle Paul to CHRISTIANITY. Who could be ‘CHRISTIANS”.?

New Temple Part 1 Why did GOD show a “NEW” temple to Ezekiel or (Gerald Flurry) if GOD could dwell in the present temple where he is the high priest? Why does GOD think that a “NEW” temple should be built? What is wrong with the present temple? Obviously, if GOD says He needs a “NEW” temple, He does not dwell in the present temple, where Ezekiel is. If GOD does not dwell in it, it is a serious matter for any high priest to look in to and correct right away so GOD can dwell. Why did GOD cause Gerald Flurry to write an article about the New temple recently in RV magazine? Also; who would GOD send to Ezekiel to help the new temple? “Which GOD’s” temple this would be? GOD says Israel does not acknowledge the people whom He Has ordained to build the New Temple. (Isa. 63:16) .

Grace- What S Flurry should know about and Joy what R Fraser should know.Jan/ Feb 2010 RV, S Flurry writes about “GRACE”. GOD knew no one can keep the Law. Then, all have to die. But GOD would not allow anyone to die spiritually, as that is why JESUS CHRIST came and died. When all are dead spiritually, (Laodicean era) ,having sinned, Grace is needed and given by GOD. It is available only during the "Times of Refreshing". That is now, after the Laodicean era, when all seven eras have failed, the woman who bore seven has breathed her last and the virgin of Israel has fallen NEVER TO RISE AGAIN. Grace or mercy of JESUS CHRIST is not needed if one can live after being baptized, repent and live by Holy Spirit as SF teaches. Is any of the leaders righteous? Eze 34, 16:52, alone proves they are not.

New Temple part 2 - Physical temple spiritually fulfilled…GOD gave instructions to Moses to build a tabernacle in the wilderness for Him to dwell. (Exo 25:8). That pictures the permanent tabernacle which will be made after the judgments. Each part of that tabernacle has some service to GOD and it was physically fulfilled by Israel , but it has a spiritual fulfillment as well, as we shall see. For GOD to dwell spiritually, all parts have to be fulfilled spiritually before the new covenant is made. And the last part to do it’s service is the “outer court”. It’s fulfillment will be in Rev 11: 2- 3. It’s work is to tread down the inner court which failed. But the outer court’s treading down is not to kill anyone, but to expose the faults of the inner court and then bring light or revelation of how to correct, cleanse and build a new SPIRITUAL tabernacle so that GOD could dwell for ever. This is why finally, after the judgments only ; in Rev 21, that GOD comes down to dwell. The wife and the ministry which failed as Malachi says is judged and given His Spirit .The clouds, thunder, the fire, the Sanctuary, tabernacle, The Ark of testimony, laver, mercy seat, the most Holy, the outer court , the lamp stand, the brazen altar, the golden altar, the table for showbread are now spiritually fulfilled unnoticed by the spiritually blind Israel or the ministry. To build a ‘spiritual’ temple, we need the Spirit of GOD. For that all needs to be cleansed by water the Word. How does GOD give His Spirit to us ? The Scripture is the written words of JESUS CHRIST , which cannot be broken.

New Temple Pt 3- First tabernacle falls; Way of Holies manifestsScripture says while the first tabernacle stands, the “way of Holies” could not be made known. (Heb 9:8). Why? Also a “NEW” covenant is needed. Why? That means the present covenant with the church (now) has to be broken. Is the present covenant broken already? Is that why the Outer court is to tread down the “inner court”? The temple of GOD is seen in “HEAVEN” with the ark , during the outer court’s work, and not in Zion (Rev 11: 19). Where is Zion? She is cast down to the earth.(La 2:1). Why? Because the covenant is broken. The inner court is trodden down by the Gentiles in the outer court, and Zion is trodden down by the assembly in La 1:15. Both are the same event. The tabernacle had Holy of Holies, as well as a court for the Gentiles and to the women. Then, they will be used to work, when the inner court fails. That is why the outer court’s work is called the "Times of Gentiles". Each part’s work must be fulfilled spiritually for GOD to dwell in. As GOD’s temple and the ark are seen in HEAVEN, this heavenly temple will fulfill all services of the temple spiritually; including the inner court’s which failed. This is why JESUS CHRIST is prophesied to come the second time. When He comes the second time, He will be with the Gentiles. (Isa. 11:9-11). That is when the "Times of Gentiles", the outer court’s work will be fulfilled.

New Temple Pt 4- Holy of Holies fulfilledThe works of the Holies are being fulfilled spiritually as it is seen in heaven in Rev 11: 19, and as Apostle Paul said in Heb 9:4. Who would be in GOD’s Holy mountain, and who would be sending incense, and who are working in the mercy seat, and the cherubs are proven in this writing. All these have to be spiritually fulfilled for the new covenant to be made.

New Temple pt 5- Hidden Manna What is hidden manna? When would it fall ? Who needs manna ? Why did GOD give them and why He Is giving it now ? What does it taste like ? Unless you eat this HIDDEN manna , you cannot have Everlasting life, nor become a NEW creature. As PROVEN, all parts of the Ark of Testimony, or the Holies ; mercy seat, cherubs, Aaron’s rod, incense altar and manna are all fulfilled spiritually now.

Pentecost – Multitude received Holy Spirit –Apostle Paul preaches an allegory about Sarah and Hagar representing two covenants What are those covenants? How would they be fulfilled in our time? Sarah afflicted Hagar. As you will see , ever since then, this conflict has come to our days, unnoticed by Israel. How would GOD avenge this affliction from Sarah’s people ?. From Sarah comes Israel and from Hagar, the Gentiles. But, Before the New Temple is built, GOD Has to put away the enmity between Israel and Gentiles. How would these two become one before the New Temple is built ??? This has been a mystery until now. Who are Hagar’s children.? Are they Arabs? GOD caused Hagar to have a child to Abraham before his own wife did. What is the spiritual fulfillment of that? Who are the ‘just’ who have ‘faith”? When would this ‘faith’ come? Who are the PROMISED SEED OF ABRAHAM ? The mother of us all ?

Pentecost – Multitude received Holy Spirit Pt 2In the first part we proved that there are two covenants, which are of Sarah and Hagar. Only in Galatians, Apostle Paul talks about these two covenants. But Hagar’s covenant comes in to effect after Sarah’s covenant is broken after the harvest failed. The Laodiceans have shame as they were asleep during the harvest or spiritually dead. ( Pro 10: 5). Hagar was promised with a multitude , who are also Abraham’s children and to them also the promises of Abraham are given. IT IS PROPHESIED THAT THE Gentiles WILL RECEIVE Holy Spirit FOR GOD’S MERCY, BEFORE Israel DOES. One day Hagar’s covenant too have to be made known, becoming a multitude. Her child is the first born of Abraham. He has many other wives, but they do not have a covenant with GOD. Hagar is to be blessed spiritually only AFTER JESUS CHRIST’S SECOND coming spiritually. As JESUS CHRIST said ‘all things will be fulfilled during the days of vengeance , now we see all the mysteries are fulfilled, including this second covenant with Hagar. JESUS CHRIST personally taught Apostle Paul to write these things to Gentiles, to be fulfilled during the "Times of Gentiles", which are Israel’s judgments when the Tabernacle of David falls totally as all those who are under the Law are to be judged. And at the same time the Gentiles are saved by GOD’s Grace and Mercy. The link to the first part. “Multitude “

Lake of fire opens the eyes of the blind We have been taught that the lake of fire is to burn those who sin against GOD; who does not repent; for the baptized people who leave the church; and some even say that it is for Laodiceans, and GOD put them in to it so fifty percent of the people will repent and turn to GOD, but other part will die or burn eternally. But is that why GOD put any one in to the lake of fire? Lake of fire, we will prove ; will open the eyes of the blind and the dead. In the Scripture, most of the times fire comes to show GOD’s presence and ACCEPTANCE. Why would GOD resurrect the ALREADY dead and put them in to a burning lake? Why not allow them to stay dead? If GOD pulls out the most evil Joshua, the high priest OUT OF FIRE, would He not pull out all others who have sinned in the same manner? How and when would Joshua get clean clothes? PROVE ALL THINGS

No freedom with Law –only in JESUS CHRIST !!!Would GOD keep the Law after the judgments? Scripture says the OLD covenant will be broken; also a new covenant will be made. To do so, a change of Law has to occur, NEW Law , a new priesthood, and a new heart also needed. The purpose of the reason why GOD gave the Law changes with the new covenant. Why did GOD give the Law? Could any one keep it? If any one did, then a “NEW” covenant would not be needed. Why does the Scripture say a NEW temple is needed? What is wrong with the temple which now stands? Who would be serving JESUS CHRIST when the new covenant is made? Why does the Scripture prophesies a change in priesthood as well as the Law ??? And the Scripture proves, that there is NO FREEDOM, if you are under the Law and only way you can have freedom is through JESUS CHRIST.!!! There will be NO MORE DEATH.( Rev 21: 4). How is that possible? Prove all things

No Freedom “with” Law- The Stumbling block removedIsrael is prophesied to have a stumbling block which causes them to not to know JESUS CHRIST. They are to stumble UPON HIM. What is this stumbling block? How and when would it be removed? Remember, there were two trees in the Garden of Eden? One, brings Everlasting life, (being the Tree of Life, as life comes only through JESUS CHRIST ) and the other has to bring eternal DEATH. If there is a stumbling block for Israel to not to know JESUS CHRIST, could they know Him until it is removed? Without knowing Him, how could they have Everlasting life ? We shall prove, this tree of good and evil, or the Law, is the stumbling block which the builders had. Also, one will have to choose either the Law or JESUS CHRIST ! Prove all things !

No freedom with law - pt 3 - Just what is SIN ? What is ‘sin’ according to JESUS CHRIST ??? Without knowing what is sin, how could one be free? Is the sin ‘the transgression of the Law” as the leaders have been teaching? In this writing, we will prove, from JESUS CHRIST’s own words what ‘sin’ is. And that is not the transgression of the Law. God says, if you have sin, you break the Law, which means the ‘SIN’ comes first. What does this mean ??? Whatever the sin Adam committed, was committed by the wife of CHRIST or the church also, according to JESUS CHRIST . ( Concerning sin, because they do not believe into Me; ) So you see… it is sin, if you DO NOT believe in JESUS CHRIST… Prove all things !

No freedom ‘with’ law- pt 4- Second deathWhen it says the “second death”, it usually means there has to be a first death also. How could one die two deaths “PHYSICALLY”? What is the first death? Who would die the second death?” Is the ‘transgression of the law’, the ‘sin’ which causes the second death? But, Scripture says: When He killed them, then they sought Him; and they turned and searched for God.” (Ps 78:34). This means the deaths are “SPIRITUAL” because the PHYSICALLY dead cannot seek GOD. We will prove from the Scripture, that one dies the first death as they have broken the law, and the second death as they have not believed in JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. But, GOD will turn off the judgment and grant us life. (Zeph 1:15) so that none will be lost. That happens in the white throne judgment. If the sinners die forever, CHRIST died in vain. He died for SINNERS and not for righteous.

Is Gerald Flurry a true apostle according to Scripture ? Gerald Flurry’s Co-worker letter dated 8th Nov 2010, says that he is an apostle. Prove from the Word of GOD, who would be an apostle IN THE ‘END’ time and what is the only qualification to be one is. If his claim to be an apostle does not agree with JESUS CHRIST THE LORD’s words, then he is a FALSE APOSTLE. You need to prove, his claim before you listen to him. A true apostle of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, must preach about CHRIST , to fear Him, and that HE IS THE “EVERLASTING FATHER” AS WELL AS THE SON. (Son is given; and the government is on His shoulder; and His name is called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father,). Besides, the Scripture proves, that JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, Himself Has to come in the last days, a SECOND TIME to do the work of an APOSLTE, and of high priest. If the Scripture given below is understood with GOD opening the eyes, any TRUE apostle should preach about JESUS CHRIST THE LORD’s SECOND coming to be The Apostle and high priest as we shall prove. ! But if any claims they are apostles or prophets or high priests, they are doing so, as GOD allows it as a part of His fury. (Dan 11: 36). A true apostle would know the Scripture better and would preach THAT IT IS JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, IS THE ONLY “TRUE” APOSTLE, PROPHET AND HIGH PRIEST. !

Fall of UCG to be followed by PCG – The LORD Has spoken!Is UCG’s fall prophesied in the Word of GOD? According to Scripture, PCG’s fall will be AFTER UCG’s and more humiliating than of UCG’s. GOD condemns ALL SISTER CHURCHES,(Eze 16:52, Jms 1:1) but “UCG” and “PCG” specially, for going to the same place to sin against Him. What Does GOD require from you, if you hear a report of spiritual adultery which your leaders have committed which they hid from the congregation? Scripture says; CHRIST will not be able to gather the daughters of Jerusalem, and one day they will have to weep for themselves, and they will be TOTALLY DESOLATED, AND GOD WOULD SEND ALL…. ALL… ALL THE CHURCHES IN TO CAPTIVITY Just before DELIVERED.(Mic. 4:10, Rev 11:8). But that IS SPIRITUAL and those who are under spiritual captivity cannot see that they are captives, but others will, to those whom GOD makes to see. Did you see when WCG fall spiritually, unless you read the Scripture and prove? THEREFORE NONE OF THESE churches WOULD SEE, UNLESS PROVEN FROM THE Word OF GOD. Stephen flurry will laugh at UCG now, but what does GOD say about PCG? According to GOD’s Word, all other churches must fall FIRST, and only in the very end, PCG would fall. No man can be righteous without JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, because, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS IS A FREE GIFT WITH GRACE, COMES FROM JESUS CHRIST THE LORD . (Rom 5: 17-21). And in “Scripture”, you don’t find everlasting life, ( Joh 5: 39-40) but only “in JESUS CHRIST THE LORD”. This is the beginning of CHRIST’s prophecy of “no stone shall be left upon another”. But, CHRIST will rebuild it. Therefore, one must turn to JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, and not to GOD The FATHER. Prove all things.

Death , devil & hell -The plague of our own hearts In Rev 20, GOD says, death, devil, and hell will be thrown in to the lake of fire. How could death be put in any where ? To have victory over death and devil, we must know who or what this devil is. The devil, brought death. Do you know each one has a devil in us? All these thousands of years, GOD was allowing the devil to do his evil work which is to oppose the cause of GOD, or the work of GOD. And in the Phil. era He allowed His own ministry ( synagogue of satan) and the high priest Joshua to be inspired by the devil, one last time to cause the ‘final falling away’, as a part of His WRATH ( Dan 11: 36), so He could expose this devil, could JUDGE all, ( 2 Thes 2) so all could overcome. We will prove from Scripture that it is our own hearts are the most evil which needs to be cleansed. We brought death upon ourselves. GOD says -There will be no more death. That means we must know what brought death and how we could overcome. All must examine their OWN hearts to see their own plague. If your heart does not condemn in this matter, then you do not have a devil in you. Could we blame a devil, for our thoughts, lusts and sin ? Adam and Eve blamed the devil. But we will prove, it is our own hearts, which deceived us and brought death upon us.

Why Did GOD command us to fast on Atonement ? – No freedom WITH law- part 6 - As the Passover is nearing, we must understand the need of the Passover lamb’s sacrifice to make us to Passover from SPIRITUAL Egypt. This has to be fulfilled spiritually as all Israel are in Egypt SPIRITUALLY now. (Rev 11: 8). But now, all are gone to Egypt in their HEART. ( Acts 7: 39). Why did GOD command us to fast on the Day of Atonement? How would it be fulfilled spiritually and when? Why do we have to fast to cast out demons ? JESUS CHRIST THE LORD said:” But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”. What is the connection between fasting and casting out the devils? GOD created Adam to live in harmony with Him forever. But, because he sinned, by not believing or TRUSTING in GOD, but trusted in his own desires and heart, he sinned. Then GOD cut off everlasting life, WHICH IS THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIMSELF, resulting the man being unable to become ONE WITH GOD. So on the Day of Atonement , GOD wants us to look back to what we have already done, correct our own selves and hearts, so He could dwell in us. So what was the cause that we could not be one with the LORD? That will be removed on the Day of Atonement ! We will prove, the Day of Atonement is to deny self, and the heart which went to Egypt spiritually. Or those who love the world and self to be turned back to love GOD and the neighbor. !

Judgment of the devil - No freedom WITH law- pt 7 Scripture says if we are proud, we will fall in to the devil’s punishment. Rev 20 says, satan is put in to the lake of fire. How could a “Spirit being” be put in a fire? Then, who is the god of this world? And the ruler in the air? The roaring lions who tries to devour GOD’s people? The king of the proud? The devil, which is the death, which must be conquered.? But why does devil’s judgment would fall on Zion ??? the serpent, the devil, could inspire us from anywhere. Either from heaven, or in hell, or even it is bound or in chains. The devil, is cast down only in judgment. ( Joh 12: 31). That means only when CHRIST comes the second time. Who overcame the devil? Who was overcome by the devil?

Michael The Archangel; The body of Moses; The Book of LifeApostle Jude says the body of Moses was asked by the devil. This must have a spiritual fulfillment in the end time. Could Michael the Archangel’s fight in Rev 12, and Daniel 12 and Apostle Jude’s be about the same event? Who Is Archangel Michael? Whose names are in the Book of THE LAMB? Why are they chosen even from the foundation of the world? Archangel Michael , the book of life, the dispute about the body of Moses are proven in this writing. What is the war in heaven, and the HEAVENLY VISION ? Who is Enoch and how his prophecy would be fulfilled ? Also quotes from Gerald Flurry. HWA wrote (“Judgment is on us now. Judgment is a time of trying and testing to see whether you are innocent or guilty”.) Are you innocent or are you guilty? GOD knows NO MAN is innocent until “HE” REMOVES SINS and He declares so. GOD knew the man is dust and no one could be righteous, but the MAN, HIMSELF does not think so. This is why a work of error is sent so all could be judged. ( 2 Thes 2). Therefore, the judgments are to show each man, what was in his heart and how TRUE GOD Is, Was and Will Be and to show him how he could correct his way of thinking and turn to CHRIST and live by FAITH in HIM ! This writing is a summary of end time events.

Fruits of the Vine- First Fruits of ChristDuring the last Passover CHRIST observed with the apostles, He said that the cup will be fulfilled in the kingdom. What did He mean by that? Who are “CHRIST’s” offspring or the first fruits? How the ‘SPIRITUAL’ creation would begin? What does it mean to break bread? DO YOU KNOW WHICH’ GOD’S CHILDREN WE SHOULD BE? Why would the church leaders build manmade temples when the Scripture says not to? Why did GOD set boundaries and seasons? Who are the elect? Why Israel is called the sons of DISOBEDIENCE? Who are to mind the things about CHRIST’s throne? How could you prove when the kingdom would be? How would CHRIST give living waters on the last day?

Truth about GF's Haggai - How GOD really shakes heaven pt 1What is the real message in Haggai? How would GOD shake the heaven and earth? “WHO” should heed it? Mr Flurry says, it is the PHYSICAL world which would be shaken as weapons of mass destruction are made. But GOD says, “Zion” who was SPIRITUALLY in heaven was cast down to earth (Lam 2:1 “the Lord has covered the daughter of Zion with a cloud in His anger! He cast down the beauty of Israel from the heavens to the earth”. That is the shaking of the heaven and earth). When Zion is cast down, who went up to heaven ? May GOD opens your minds to see that it is GOD’s true church which would be shaken. Has the prophet, Flurry taught the truth in Isa 9:6 , that CHRIST Is to be the FATHER forever ? Has he ever preached the “EVERLASTING” GOSPEL in Rev 14:6-7 which is to fear and worship THE CREATOR ? That is to fear and WORSHIP CHRIST. Has anyone in Israel preached that the LORD OF HOSTS is THE FATHER in (Mal 1:6) ?There has to be a good reason why GOD shakes the heaven and earth ! Read and see. In the end, all things will become new IN CHRIST !.

The curse of women; No more. Rev 22: 3 says; “there shall be NO MORE CURSE”. This includes the curse of Eve as well. When GOD created Adam and Eve, they were created male and female, equally to inherit the KINGDOM. But as a result of Eve’s sin, GOD cursed Eve to be RULED by the husband. Then, if the ‘obeying to husbands’ or to be “ruled by the husbands” is a curse, that curse too have to be removed. Which means the wives are not to submit to the husbands any more, as we shall prove. GOD would not hold the women to be under subjection of the husbands, but all must be UNDER SUBJECTION OF CHRIST. Then, as in the beginning they have to be equal. Also GOD finds men to have not feared Him, (Mal 1:6), but the women will fear Him. And the husbands are to be won by wives’ good behavior as they fear CHRIST. (1 Pe 3: 1- 4 ). It is the wives who would have meek and quiet Spirit in the HEART. Is them who would use to declare the sins of the elders. BELIEVE IF THE Scripture IS TRUE and if not, disprove so we can believe you. !

Glossary of the symbols the Bible is full of symbols and parables. Including the words such as ‘Father’, and “CHRIST”, also ‘antichrist’Mt 13: 35 -- "I will open My mouth in parables; I will utter things kept secret from the foundation of the world." … When would GOD reveal these parables ? “For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea,.. the Lord shall again set His hand, the …“second time” …!! He Is prophesied to come a SECOND time to give the knowledge of GOD… . Isa 11: 9-11. THAT IS THE REST. That is why Rev 10 only, the mystery of GOD is revealed and the wife is granted to wear fine linen, Joshua the high priest will be given clean clothes picturing righteousness, the Laodiceans will have clothes, which is after the judgments in Rev 19:7

Sin of man- unbelief According to CHRIST, there is only one sin, which would not save us. This began in the garden of Eden.( 1 cor 15:22) In 2 Thes 2:7 - 12, Scripture says, the people of GOD are NOT SAVED because of the SAME LIE. What is this ONE lie which did not save all? What is ‘SIN” according to CHRIST? This cannot be just any lie, as it has everything to do with us BEING SAVED or not. This lie causes CHRIST to come the second time to expose and correct it and SAVE ALL. This also means, until now, no leader could save the people WHICH MEANS ALL HAVE THIS LIE and CHRIST must come a second time to save.(Isa 11:11). THAT MEANS NO LEADER HAS PREACHED THE TRUTH. This is why CHRIST comes to give the truth. With that truth, all will be SAVED, REDEEMED. CHRIST said, ‘no flesh would be saved unless He comes”; because if NO ONE IS SAVED, THEY ARE STILL FLESH and are spiritually DEAD. (for flesh and blood cannot preach the truth). What is the lie which caused the people to “NOT to be SAVED”? All the leaders in every church who claims they are the TRUE church must examine themselves, whether they are already SAVED (with the people). The good news is, with the exposure of this lie all will BE SAVED. This is the end of the church eras and no one is SAVED. The harvest failed. Jer 8: 20. Even the works are ended, no one entered in to GOD’s rest. (Heb 4).Therefore could anything be more serious than this ? This lie has everything to do with eating from the Tree of Life, as well as granting the wife of CHRIST to wear fine linen, which is after judgments in Rev 19:7-8. How does “CHRIST” define what ‘sin’ is? …“Concerning “sin”, because they do not believe into Me”. (Joh 16:9). What did we NOT believe about CHRIST ??? Has any leader defined ‘sin’ as not believing in CHRIST?

Glorious Rest What is the ‘rest’ of GOD ? “When” would it be? How can “we” rest from our works? “Who” are prophesied to enter, and not enter into His rest ? Heb 4 says when you hear about this rest, not to harden your hearts, but to hear. No one could have known about this rest until it is fulfilled. This chapter talks about a rest for GOD’s people and that some have not entered in to it because of the unbelief or disobedience, having an evil heart. What is this unbelief? To this rest, CHRIST Is prophesied to come a second time, spiritually. GOD worked all these years, beginning from Adam until now to offer the Tree of Life to give life to all peoples. But it will be given only, if you obey His voice. Adam failed, and ever since all failed. GOD condemns the last ministry to have no fear in Him. ( Mal 1: 6). When there is no fear of GOD, no wisdom either. The life is in JESUS CHRIST THE LORD and not in GOD The FATHER. This is the knowledge which lacked in the people which could not save anyone. The ministry preached that one must fear the Father. Rev 14:6-7 proves we must fear ‘The CREATOR’. That is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. This writing would prove from the Word of GOD, that it is through JESUS CHRIST THE LORD that one could have life. Therefore, all failed to eat from the Tree of Life , but now soon it will be offered, AFTER THE FAILURE IS EXPOSED. This is why CHRIST Is giving us the true knowledge of GOD so all could live through Him.

Glorious Rest Pt 2- Promised Land What is the ‘promise’? What is the Promised Land? When would this PROMISE come? When would Israel enter and who would be leading them? GOD promised Abraham the land of Canaan ( Isaac) and also the promise of the Spirit. How would it be spiritually fulfilled in our time ? How would Abraham’s two sons inherit and fulfill these promises? Why did GOD say Moses will not enter and not even Moses believed Him. Therefore he could not enter in to the Promised Land. Scripture prophesies that JESUS CHRIST THE LORD would come a SECOND time to fulfill all things. what is the promise of the Father ? Who is the Comforter?

Glorious Rest Pt 3- City of God Who would be in the city of GOD which Abraham looked for and in New Jerusalem, the mother of us all or Mountain Zion? It is prophesied that CHRIST’s own will reject Him, but the Gentiles will believe in Him, the SECOND time He comes and enter in to His rest. That is the city which not even Abraham or those who died in faith could enter. This writing proves from the Scripture that JESUS CHRIST THE LORD Has already built this city, which is the New Jerusalem, new Zion which is the Mountain of the LORD. Just before CHRIST comes, when the judgments are turned off, where is this Holy Mountain ? This city will be built on JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, THE EVERLASTING FATHER’s name.

Why would GOD shake the heaven and earth? Why would GOD want to shake the heaven and earth in the end time, once again? Zion was in heaven but now cast down. (Lam 2:1). Now, the ‘heavens’ is where who’s SPIRITS are made perfect and who were JUSTIFIED BY FAITH. Even though their spirits are made perfect and given faith, they still could fall from the faith by having bitterness etc and need to be TESTED or shaken to prove their faith. GOD sees the hearts. He Has to be fair for Israel as well as to the Gentiles. And just as Israel was tested under their covenant, the Gentiles also have to be tested under their covenant as we shall see. In Rev 20 we find satan is loosened and sent to the camp of the saints, who came in the first resurrection. GOD would not send satan unless there is a testing to be done and need to be exposed. That means those whose spirits are made perfect, came in the first resurrection also have to be tested to see if they hold on to the faith. Those who remain, GOD will strengthen, establish, and make perfect by His will and grace and make MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD. But those who would NOT remain, will go back to their own ways. The gold means the MINISTRY. But they became (lam 4: 1-2) like clay. Then, who brings gold to CHRIST to build the new ministry? They are the ones who would remain unshakeable

Feast messages 1- Two gospels GOD’s words prophesied that JESUS CHRIST THE LORD would come a second time IN HIS MERCY AND GRACE to save few Gentiles first. The Scripture says there are two gospels. One from Apostle Peter to Israel and the other from Apostle Paul to Gentiles. The Gentiles will be saved by giving them FAITH in JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, by His grace while Israel need to REPENT AND BELIEVE for not believing and rejecting CHRIST when He came the first time. Please read the ‘Two gospels” writing for more proof.

2nd day- Christ Has come pt 2 This is the second part of Mr. Joe Stephensen’s message. He has taken most of the Scripture from the writing ‘CHRIST Has come down” which is in our web site. This part continues to prove from the Scripture, that CHRIST Has come down many ways which are now being fulfilled.

3rd day- Image of God What is the image of GOD? Did Adam continued in the image of GOD which he was created? When could we build in the image of GOD and how? Who would be made in the image of GOD first?

4th day -Born of God How could one be born again? Which God causes us to be born again? How could we overcome the world? How do we know if we are born again or not?

Do you see the fig tree and all the trees fulfilling GOD’s words ? Luk 21:29 And He spoke a parable to them: You see the fig tree and all the trees….”. CHRIST commanded us to see these trees as a sign of His return. We are to get branches of the trees for the feast GOD Has prepared in order to rejoice before the LORD. This has to be fulfilled spiritually and the Tree of Life, who is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD , and the true believers would be the other trees. Ezekiel prophesies about these trees and the Tree of Life, and their fruits and leaves, which is fulfilled in revelation. In order for the feast to be fulfilled spiritually, we must watch these trees bearing fruits and leaves. Wherever these spiritual trees are, there is the Holy Mountain of GOD.

6th day- Lake of fire to open the eyes of the blind. We have been taught that the lake of fire is to burn those who sin against GOD; who does not repent; for the baptized people who leave the church; and some even say that it is for Laodiceans, and GOD put them in to it so fifty percent of the people will repent and turn to GOD, but other part will die or burn eternally. But is that why GOD put any one in to the lake of fire? Lake of fire, we will prove ; will open the eyes of the blind and the dead. In the Scripture, most of the times fire comes to show GOD’s presence and ACCEPTANCE. Why would GOD resurrect the ALREADY dead and put them in to a burning lake? Why not allow them to stay dead? If GOD pulls out the most evil Joshua, the high priest OUT OF FIRE, would He not pull out all others who have sinned in the same manner? The purpose of the lake of fire is to open the blinded eyes to GOD’s words which is fire, causing them to see their own sins so they can repent and turn to Him

7th Day- Body of Christ When the ‘spiritual” temple of GOD was destroyed and taken captive, a new body is raised to CHRIST. What is the purpose of the Body of CHRIST??? When would this new body be raised? Remember the LORD’s words; “destroy this temple, I will build another in three days?” and it is a Heavenly body which would be with CHRIST for ever.

8th Day- White Throne Pt 1 What does it mean ‘white’? It means ‘LIGHT’. The main purpose of the White Throne is to open the way to the Tree of Life. WHICH MEANS THE One and only True GOD WILL BE EXALTED, which is done in judgment. ( Isa 5: 16). That is why CHRIST comes down. Acts 17:31 says GOD will judge IN RIGHTEOUSNESS. The throne is established in righteousness, mercy, truth. (Psa 97:2, Pro 16:12, 25:5, Isa 16:5, Heb 1:8). Then, all can be created ‘in’ CHRIST and become new and be built in the image of GOD and could wear fine linen of RIGHTEOUSNESS. The light will prove why the man kind failed to eat from the Tree of Life , why it had to be cut off, and what was the judgment for that, and why would GOD once again offer it and how one could eat from it again etc. We shall prove that the White Throne judgment is to give light (Hos 6:5) or revelation about the sin, death, sea, night , etc. and why the covenant had to be broken, how the new covenant would be made etc. White Throne will REMOVE FLESH and make everyone to BE BORN OF Spirit. Then all can build the IMAGE OF GOD. Also how CHRIST came in the second time and the various ways He came and what He did. Then, The failure of the garden of Eden will be corrected. Why would GOD call ALREADY dead ones, once again out of their graves? Is it just to judge them again and put in a fire? How many judgments are there? All the following events will be revealed ; “The judgments and the prophesied day of Visitation; which is when GOD visits the sins, and days of vengeance ;to take vengeance from those who exalted themselves against the knowledge of GOD, which is also the year of acceptance, and Times of Refreshing to; BREATH upon all (to pour out His Spirit on all flesh), and the Day of The LORD, which is the Times of Gentiles to tread the wicked and to give white clothes to the Laodiceans and to Joshua, who is the real antichrist, the man of sin etc. In the White Throne, The flaming sword will be removed for the Tree of Life to be offered. Zep 3: 15 says the judgments will be TURNED OFF as the light is given to live. Then all will learn righteousness. Isa 26:9 says ‘when judgments are on the earth, they will learn RIGHTEOUSNESS”. That means WHITE LINEN is given. Even though the judgment is to burn in the bottomless pit, which ALL HUMANS are worthy of, because of GOD’s mercy and grace, He will give life to all. It is CHRIST’s words which will judge all in the last day. To do that, all the words had to be revealed before. JESUS CHRIST THE LORD said “He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day” JOh 12: 48. White Throne will teach us HOW TO LIVE BY EVERY Word OF GOD. This is why the books are OPENED. It is CHRIST’s WORDS which will judge. The words of GOD is fire. And that is the lake of fire, where the OPENED words of GOD are stored. The Word of GOD also will be able to pierce the souls even to the bones. ( heb 4:12). CHRIST said ‘all things written must be fulfilled during the “DAYS OF VENGEANCE”. (Luk. 21:22) Mat. 23: 36 CHRIST said, the last generation will see all things fulfilled. Mat. 24: 34 ;CHRIST said the generation which see the signs of end times will see all things fulfilled. Then, that includes the White Throne as well, as it is written !!!

Christ Has come down Pt 3 Coninuation of the same writing. More ways of His coming.

White Throne Pt 2 GOD knew even before He created man, that he would sin and die. THEN, WHY DID HE CREATE THE MAN ANYWAY? Is it to create, kill and destroy them in a lake of fire? He planned to turn off the judgments in His mercy (Zeph 3:15), even though He did not make it known in the beginning. He knew that He Has to prove man’s INABILITY TO LIVE by himself and he must be GIVEN A CHANCE TO PROVE himself. THAT IS WHY THE LAW WAS GIVEN. (Joh_7:51 Does our Law judge the man unless it hear from him first, and know what he does? ). This is what GOD Has been doing all these thousands of years. Man must know that he cannot live but BY GOD’S POWER AND LOVE and MERCY THAT ONE COULD LIVE. Man did not know that he is to die like a beast unless GOD gives the living words to live. GOD wants the man to know that he is a BEAST. (Eccl 3: 18-19). Man was created in the image of GOD. But because of wicked hearts which is deceitful above all, the man became a beast and FAILED TO BE BUILT IN TO THE IMAGE OF GOD. NOW, In order to turn the BEAST in to MAN made into the image of GOD, He Had to blind him for a period of time and allowed to fall away from the truth, so each heart may be revealed. In other words, GOD withheld His Spirit to allow man to do his will. At the White Throne, he will open the eyes to see what the man has said and done; and that GOD Has killed by withholding the Spirit and he cannot live without it. Then, GOD expects all to repent (Acts 17:30). Scripture says All “FLESH” will be given the Spirit. GOD loves all and wants all to be saved. The Tree of Life was cut off, but GOD wants to offer it once again. To do that, GOD must EXPOSE the error to see why they were not offered it in the first place. Also the curses fell on man such as death, sea, night , the devil had to be exposed and destroyed. That is why, In His mercy, He planned to bring all to the White Throne, to give light or the truth. All lies will be exposed and all the churches will find they are beasts and harlots. At that time, the judgments are already past. “How unsearchable are his judgments,”? (Rom 13: 33). This is why He calls all the DEAD to the White Throne where the opened books are, the lake of fire. Then only they will see that they WERE spiritually dead. Then, they will see GOD Is true and their works are false. Remember, judgments are to give light. Hos 6:5. Both living and dead, and the heaven and earth will see their works so all could repent and believe the Everlasting gospel which is preached during the judgments which is to worship The CREATOR. Have you worshiped ‘The CREATOR”? (Rev 14:6-7), or have you believed that there are TWO GODS? You can judge yourself at the White Throne !!!! White Throne is when GOD’s throne is set up in heaven to judge and grant white linen to CHRIST’s wife. And it is done by opening the Scripture as it was to the early apostles. “And beginning from Moses, and from all the prophets, He explained to them the things about Himself in all the Scriptures.… And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him… Was not our heart burning in us as He spoke to us in the highway, and as He opened up to us the Scriptures?”. Since the Tree of Life is offered once again, GOD would create the whole earth as in the beginning through the SECOND Adam and the SECOND Eve, the mother of us all!

White Throne pt 3- CursesThe White Throne is all about remembering what GOD has written and now all things were fulfilled. It is like a story which one should go back to the beginning to see the end. When Adam and Eve sinned, GOD cursed them and the ground. He cut off the Tree of Life from all humans which mean He did not give them life. But once again the Tree of Life will be offered. That means GOD would offer the life again and RESTORE all things. That is AFTER THE JUDGMENTS. Therefore, until and unless these curses are fulfilled or turned off or removed, GOD cannot offer the Tree of Life. These curses are not physical. Understanding that GOD would remove them proves GOD’s character, mercy, kindness and love. In the White Throne, GOD will open the eyes to see that even though we are worthy of death, He Has turned them off. That proves His love and all will want to glorify and exalt Him. Man has been disobedient and was exalting self, and GOD wants to prove that. GOD’s ministry taught that GOD will put all in a lake of fire if they do not keep the law and build godly character etc., which is totally against GOD’s love and truth and Word. He judges, but would not execute the judgments of eternal death on any one. GOD wants us to PROVE HIM. And as the judgments are to reveal the hidden counsels of man’s heart, same time, GOD’s desire in His heart also will be revealed. GOD allowed the serpent to deceive all as written in Rev 20, including the saints who came in the first resurrection. The curses are SPIRITUAL as the law is spiritual ( Rom 7:14). And one of the curses is to be SPIRITUALLY blind. Which means they cannot understand THEIR OWN SPIRITUAL DEATH! The SPIRIT is the words of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD which gives life. (Joh 6:63). Then, when the SPIRIT or the words are withheld, all are to die and return to dust. (Heb 9:27). (Also when the Scripture says that all flesh would be given the Holy Spirit, it means the words of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD will be given. )This is why all died under the two witnesses as the Law requires, but in order to give life , all things now are revealed and opened in the lake of fire , to be made known on the White Throne. That is why all the DEAD are called to the White Throne. Rev 22: 3 says, there will be no more curse. Then, the curses such as becoming dust again, the spiritual blindness, the thorns and briers, the sea, the night etc, must be fulfilled. What began PHYSICALLY, would be fulfilled SPIRITUALLY in the end. For example; first Adam physical, the second Adam spiritual. Adam, created in the image of GOD, became a beast without understanding. In the end time, it is the ministry who would be serpents and beasts etc. This is why the judgments are to turn the beast in to a man once again to be made in the image of GOD .Or the serpent to be transformed in to a man. White Throne is to prove GOD IS TRUE and men are liars. 2 COR 3 SAYS Israel is blind even to the Old Testament. then CHRIST said they do not believe in Moses either. How all these were fulfilled must be revealed. Who are the cursed and who are the blessed. ?

White Throne Pt 5- No more cursesWhite Throne is to look back what happened during the NIGHT which CHRIST came. Right after the Phil. Era, and after the sister who judged others did worse (Eze 16:52), the Laodicean era began with BEING SPIRITUALLY BLIND and what ever happened during that period is revealed and written down for them to see and hear when their eyes are opened at the White Throne. That is the night, sea, death and devil which are to be no more. (Rev 21: and 22: )What is the sea? Night ? Death? Devil? Whose names are in the Book of Life ? Understand; all things WRITTEN must be fulfilled during the days of vengeance, which is also the year of acceptance. CHRIST said the last generation will not see death until they see all things fulfilled. That is the generation of Joshua, the filthy high priest. If so, what ever was not fulfilled before, must be fulfilled in Joshua’s time which includes changing Joshua’s filthy turban and, granting to wear fine linen and the marriage of the Lamb, the offering of the Tree of Life once again and establishing the new covenant and building the new temple. In order to make the new covenant, new hearts also must be given. And to do that, the heart’s hidden counsels must be exposed, corrected, repented, curses must be removed, judgments must be turned off. Then we must see how GOD removes these curses and how the night, sea , the devil, beast and false prophet would be no more with all other curses. The calling of the Gentiles during the Laodicean era, is a MYSTERY.(Rom 11:25, 1 Pe 1:10). Laodicean era would not know how the Times of Gentiles would be fulfilled. This is why they preach the Times of Gentiles is when the “physical” Gentiles capturing “physical” Israel. But it is all about CHRIST’s wife’s sins (Both Old Testament and New Testament wives) and exposure. (Eze 16:61-63). Therefore, the harvest will end WITHOUT ANY FRUITS, spiritual Israel would not know their own judgments, (Jer 8:19-20) but the Gentiles would know as ; how CHRIST Is prophesied to come a second time (Isa 11: 9 – 11) on the Day of The LORD which is the Times of Gentiles (Rev 11:2-3, Eze 30:3), and the day of Visitation to visit the SIN AND INIQUITY which not even the high priest would know, (Hos 9:7) and how the Gentiles are called to do a work of the LORD as the SPIRITUAL Israel are to go in to captivity (Eze 39:21-23) and how the Gentiles are to enter in to their labor, (Joh 4:38) and to be in the kingdom (Mat. 21:43) as they are rich in faith Jam 2:5 and everything about the work which CHRIST would do with the Gentiles is written in this. When their eyes are opened, they would see how GOD prophesied about the Times of Gentiles and how it was ALREADY fulfilled and how she was blind SPIRITUALLY. The ‘blindness’, is a CURSE which fell on the serpent and when the ministry became creeping ministers, the serpent’s curse of blindness came over them. That is the night, the death the devil (Heb 2:14) which brought the wicked sea which will be no more after the exposure.

Mystery of CHRIST THE LORD'S precious blood Why Did CHRIST Have to shed His “blood”? Is it to save us from “our sins of breaking the law”? We will prove it is not because of our sins. Why does the Scripture say that we must be “BOUGHT” by the blood? What is the spiritual fulfillment of blood AND water coming from CHRIST’s side? Who would be bought first? Why couldn’t His “death” alone save us or even His life? Scripture says each man is guilty of his own blood. How could it be? This is why, in His loving kindness and mercy, CHRIST shed His blood to buy us or redeem us from OUR OWN ‘BLOOD GUILTINESS’. That is not because of our law breaking sins. Then what is our “blood guiltiness”? Blood guiltiness, brings the curse of ‘SECOND’ death on us. But there are conditions we must meet in order to be redeemed by our guilt. That is to repent and believe. Repent of what? Even Adam died because of his own blood guiltiness and not because of the law as he was not given the law. This is why JESUS CHRIST THE LORD ( The Lamb) Had to die ‘SHEDDING His BLOOD to redeem us from our own blood guiltiness.”. But, Israel denied Christ's blood. All will understand the mystery of blood at the White Throne. What does it mean ‘flesh and blood” ? Why did CHRIST’s wife turned as an ENEMY of the LORD ? The curses of death and how to overcome it and who would be glorified with CHRIST and whose names are in the Book of Life and how the curses are to be no more is proven further in this writing. CHRIST often spoke about an ‘HOUR’. The hour has now come to glorify Him. That hour is at the White Throne where all the DEAD are given life, glorifying His mercy and loving kindness. In that hour one priesthood received water and the other became blood as you will see.

Passover and Redemption from the UNPARDONABLE sinThere is only one thing we need to do to fulfill the Passover. What is it ? Do you know in our time, Passover means passing from physical to spiritual? And it will be eternal? What is the knowledge we need to Passover from physical to spiritual lives? Why does JESUS CHRIST THE LORD’s blood has to REDEEM us? How would GOD redeem all, the “SECOND” time? Why is ‘BLOOD’ so important to Passover? Scripture proves all humans are guilty of the unpardonable sin. 1Jn 3:21 Beloved, if our heart does not accuse us, we have confidence with God

Passover 2 –How the Wine and Bread is fulfilled spiritually.Why the WINE or the BLOOD of the LORD and the BREAD or the BODY OF JESUS CHRIST is necessary for us to Passover? As we have called Him a liar and a murderer, we are guilty of ; stripes and to be hanged on a tree. This part would prove how the bread we partake would be fulfilled spiritually as the first part proved the blood or the wine has to be taken remembering His DEATH, as His blood only will cause us to be REDEEMED from our own blood guiltiness. How do we get the healing from the bread or the body of JESUS CHRIST ? Was He stricken for our PHYSICAL healing? How would the bread be fulfilled spiritually? These must be understood for us to Passover

The Branch beautifies THE LORD Joshua should be humbled White Throne is to bring all to light, why the Tree of Life was cut off in the beginning and how it would be offered once again and to OPEN the minds of the BLINDED ones and who are SPIRITUALLY dead. Unless man’s sin, devil and death are exposed, repented and removed, no one could live forever. When Adam sinned, GOD cut off LIFE and CURSED. But now, the curses are fulfilled spiritually. If the Holy Spirit means the words of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, how could Him or His words which gives life or live in us, unless our hearts are free from guilt? CHRIST would not live in temples, but in our hearts. ( Acts 17: 24, Gal 4:6). Life comes from JESUS CHRIST THE LORD and not from GOD The FATHER. Why are Laodiceans in darkness? Who brought this darkness? Who is Joshua? Who is the Angel of The LORD who speaks to him and who are being used to replace his unclean garments? Who are the Jerusalem GOD Has chosen which Joshua should know? Who comes as The Branch to build the temple in Joshua’s time? Who is Joshua and Eliakim (cut off Isa 22:25), and to Ezekiel who went in to captivity (Eze 12) and who is to fall from all three lusts and to pine away?(Eze 24:21-23). And all these three characters are just one and the same high priest who leads the Laodicean era. The JUDGMENTS WILL BE TURNED OFF AS THE LORD RETURNS. Holy Spirit lives in our hearts. Therefore, the evil lying hearts which exalted self, must be exposed and made clean for Him to dwell in. This is why, all the DEAD are called to the White Throne. Who has GOD’s love? How would the serpent be bruised? Without having JESUS CHRIST THE LORD in us, no one can have the light, or the love of GOD to fulfill all things. This is what happened to the last high priest and to all the divided churches.

White Throne Pt 6- 2nd part- Joshua is Gerald Flurry “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches”. All these six thousand years, GOD was trying to get the flesh or the carnal mind out of man’s heart. He breathed upon Adam, and he communicated with GOD but failed. The Tree of Life was cut off, until after the judgment of the flesh or the carnal mind. None could have life till then. GOD called prophets time and again, but all were killed, finally CHRIST also was. Then, He called out a people by coming in to the world, but they all deserted Him and even killed Him. No prophet is accepted in his own country. Then He prophesied the failure of the seven eras. Finally, He prophesied, He Has to come again, to get rid of this carnal mind which is always against Him, a second time to redeem. He knew and prophesied, all would be flesh and weak. Therefore, He, gave His own righteousness to a few, who are called ACCORDING TO His own purpose, and not by their own righteousness, and gave the words, the SPIRIT, and kept their feet from falling, and made Himself known. Because, the carnal mind, or flesh and blood cannot know JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, the Son of GOD. All these years, in various ways and using people, GOD wanted to give the man to PROVE HIMSELF, prove his own HEART, as the law requires, to know and see what this carnal mind would do WITHOUT Holy Spirit. He prophesied a total desolation including His own wife. To end thing, He called PCG as Eze 16 says, but she is to do worse than others. He knew NO MAN (Eze 22:30) would be able to stand between Him and the people so He would not destroy any. He prophesied He will then pour His SPIRIT on all FLESH, if not all must be destroyed, condemned. This is why, He GAVE HIS OWN BLOOD and FLESH, so all could be forgiven. In order to expose wife’s heart, He Had to leave His wife, who is PCG, also, and allow her also to see and know what was in her heart. He says, her heart , even after giving all things and even after using to judge others, she would do worse. Then, He prophesied, He would come again a second time to REDEEM, and He gave the knowledge of GOD and came giving His own righteousness to a few Gentiles, who are prophesied to HEAR Him. All Scripture given below. At that moment, His wife has become His enemy. No flesh can overcome when tested, but will fail. But, His own church would not accept these written words of her husband. This is why all died, and all dead are called to the White Throne, to give the light, why the judgments came, and why He Had to leave and how the last church did worse than others, and how it’s leader became the Laodicean leader, and how being the high priest became Joshua, who has iniquity, as no high priest is without sin and He, Himself Had to be the HIGH PRIEST. The first tabernacle is prophesied to fall. But His own does not believe that. She too lost the Holiness of the LORD being Judah. As she provoked Him to jealousy, the land was darkened or the Laodicean era came as a part of His wrath. (Isa 9:19). He allowed them to exalt themselves also as a part of wrath. Dan 11:36. Then, the PCG leader started taking many titles of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD on him and wanted all men to look to HQs, instead of GOD. Therefore, the darkness allowing all to exalt themselves, have their own ways, teachings with the strong delusion, was the judgment. But who believes the Laodicean era is the judgment and GOD’s wrath. That is the prophesied night He came to EXPOSE the carnal mind, or the weak heart of man. (1 cor 4:5) and He takes vengeance in order to accept THEM. He calls to the White Throne, to give the light what the man has been doing all these years. For this reason, He left His wife, came to a far country to receive a kingdom, and the high priest became Joshua, who has iniquity which needs to be purified. All things written must then be fulfilled during these days of vengeance (Luk. 21:22). Hear and know, how the last church which is PCG who was married to JESUS CHRIST THE LORD became His enemy and how the leader became Joshua ! After his purification, once again the Tree of Life will be offered, and GOD will be with mankind. Even though a total desolation is prophesied, the judgments will be turned off (Zeph 3:15) and vengeance is taken also to accept. (Isa 61:2). The Laodiceans, the wife, will be granted to wear fine linen.

Joshua's failure to honor The Lord of Hosts White Throne 6- pt 3. Joshua’s failure was he did not honor the LORD of HOSTS as the Father.This writing is to Gerald Flurry; to prove from the Scripture that he did not honor the “LORD of HOSTS” ( who is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD) FROM HIS OWN WORDS. He says if you do not honor the LORD of HOSTS as the Father, then you are a Laodicean. If so, since he too has not honored, that make him a Laodicean also. And since he is the high priest, it makes him the high priest of the Laodicean era. That is Joshua. Prove from his own words and Scripture. This also means he has failed to preach the Everlasting gospel in Rev 14: 6- 7, which is to worship and fear ‘The CREATOR’, who Is also the LORD of HOSTS. All must stand before the judgment seat of ‘JESUS CHRIST THE LORD’ and not GOD The FATHER. GOD prophesied that they would go back to Egypt as well as be blind, if they do not hear Him. As Deut 28 prophesied, all things now has come to pass, including to be sent to Egypt, (“And Jehovah shall bring you into Egypt again with ships,”) where they are now spiritually. (Rev 11:8.) Know that Apostle Paul preached the LORD of HOSTS and not the GOD The FATHER. CHRIST directly corrected his ways and taught another gospel and he was taken away from Jewish religion. Prove with Scripture. We should do the same. Gal 1: 12-23. “For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the Jews' religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it: And profited in the Jews' religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers; But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen;”…One must come out of Jews’ religion and learn about the SON to be called the ‘church of GOD’! He persecuted JESUS CHRIST THE LORD and His followers, who are the church of GOD. One must come out of father’s traditions of the Jew’s religion and know THE SON to be in the church of GOD. Gerald Flurry, you too in time past called yourself a Jew and persecuted the true followers of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD same way Apostle Paul did by spiritually murdering us, but you also will learn to honor and fear and worship JESUS CHRIST THE LORD !!! Have you or your father HWA preached about THE SON? Read two gospels. Eze 16:52 says, PCG will JUDGE others and will do WORSE than others. Did she not judge others? If that is fulfilled, should not the rest of the verse which says she will do WORSE than others also be fulfilled? Whom would GOD use to judge her? As the servants of the LORD of HOSTS, who fear HIS NAME, His OWN SONS , we plead with the high priest and anyone else who read, to prove all things. GOD wants our belief in Him, and to accept Him that He is the ONE true GOD ! That saves one from second death. And as you can see; if you want to belong to the ‘CHURCH OF GOD’, as Apostle Paul, know the SON !

White Throne part 6 – pt 4- The last high priest caused the Tabernacle of David to fall. Exalt the LORD of HOSTS to be built again !Scripture Has prophesied that the Tabernacle of David will fall, all seven eras will fall and the last high priest will do worse and Judah too will lose his holiness and are prophesied to fall from the truth, because the truth was cut off as the Tree of Life was cut off until after the judgments, which is when it is offered once again. All sin came because of man’s CARNAL heart which never could submit to GOD. Therefore, the heart’s FLESHLY desires must be allowed to be fruitful, in order to expose and correct before the son of GOD is revealed. Isa 6 proves “until the cities are desolated”, their eyes were blinded, and GOD DID NOT WANT THEM TO BE CONVERTED, or healed or to know the truth until the Times of Refreshing. Because, the evil heart or flesh and blood has to be exposed, corrected, purified to know the Son of GOD. CHRIST is prophesied to come to expose it. (1 Cor 4;5). If the Scripture says, all will fall, how could anyone say, we will not? Such teachings exalts one’s self AGAINST THE Knowledge of GOD. (2 cor 10:5-6. Our obedience must be to CHRIST !).If one teaches against the Scripture, or JESUS CHRIST THE LORD , is an anti-CHRIST. One must obey JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. And the final falling away is to happen in Ezekiel’s time. Eze 24: 21- 23 and he too will be blinded. Ez 12:2. In the mean time, all things written must be fulfilled about him also. Why did GOD write the judgments if there is at least JUST ONE man would hold on to the truth.? Scripture concludes all under sin. finally, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, Himself Is prophesied to come as the apostle , high priest (Heb 2, 7,8,9) and to give the knowledge of GOD as the sea as they went in to captivity lacking knowledge(Isa 5:13). He will be THE KING, COUNSELLOR, and the government will be ON HIS SHOULDER. Unless He comes, there will be no peace either. The Tabernacle of David was built to worship JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. Beginning from creation, and Adam, all worshiped JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, who was known as GOD ALMIGHY, (Exo 6:3)and many other names such as LORD of HOSTS, The Most High etc. Scripture says there is only ONE CREATOR and all things are created, held, through Him, and for Him. THERE IS NO OTHER GOD. JESUS CHRIST THE LORD condemned the Jews for worshiping the Father. (JOh 8:54). He said, ‘Father’ is an allegory, which will be revealed in the end time.(JOh 16:25). His ministry is to fall SEVEN TIMES, and all will be judged, but the judgments are to give light to the truth about One and only True GOD so all could be accepted also. GOD prophesied He will send a work of error, so all could be judged. (2 The 2: 10-12). At that time, all will be SPIRITUALLY blind. The last high priest was given to JUDGE others. But he too is prophesied to fail and even do worse. Then, that must be fulfilled. But, he was taken in HIS BLOOD. (Eze 16). So he went back to blood. If he knew he was doing worse, he would not do it. But since it is spiritual, as GOD Has withdrawn the SPIRIT, which are the words of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD ( JOh 6:63), that high priest would not know how HE WOULD DO WORSE THAN OTHERS. One sign GOD gave is; if one builds a temple, that one has forgotten THE MAKER, that is The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST THE LORD! (Hos 8:14)But he will be taken back after he is humbled and the covenant will be established.(Eze 16:61-63). He is blind to his own blood. CHRIST Is prophesied to come and rebuild the Tabernacle of David again. But it must fall down first. All things will be restored after JESUS CHRIST THE LORD comes the second time. (Times of Refreshing as Acts 3: 17-22).If one does not believe all that is written, including the last era’s failure and Eze 16 all the churches’ failure, you do not believe the Scripture and you call GOD a liar. Until all these are accepted, the fallen Tabernacle of David will not be erected. One must understand the Scripture such as Eze 16:52 and look back and compare how that was fulfilled. Before all ends, every Word and work, specially what the high priest has done, will be exposed ! Elijah proved the true GOD, the LORD of HOSTS, who is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD.So did king David and many others. Do you believe JESUS CHRIST THE LORD is the One and only True GOD ? Just as Elijah proved the LORD of HOSTS is the One and only True GOD and also Apostle Paul did, we also prove the LORD of HOSTS is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, who is the One and only True GOD ! The Tabernacle of David fell, not having that knowledge !

White Throne pt 6- 5. The high priest, the anti-CHRIST, the man of sin must be exposed for the ATONEMENT to be fulfilledApostle Paul was an ‘antichrist’. He killed followers of CHRIST as he worshiped the Father. But he was taken out of that thinking and struck blind and then he started to preach CHRIST, coming out of Jews’ religion. Gal 1: 14-16. The anti-CHRIST is someone who does not preach to worship and fear JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, but zealously worshiping GOD The FATHER or even their own selves or idols. In that sense, all those who killed CHRIST, are antichrists, even unto the synagogue of satan in Phil. Era. CHRIST wanted to correct that thinking and said to the Jews “whom you worship” (joh 8:54). Beginning from Adam, it was The CREATOR who was GOD. But He was known by MANY names. Abraham wanted to see “CHRIST’s” day. (Joh 8:56.) Should not all Abraham's children also must look for CHRIST’s day instead of the GOD The FATHER’s? If not, one is an antichrist. Just as CHRIST corrected Apostle Paul, this man too will be corrected and taken and that is why CHRIST Is prophesied to come and consume this man by His “BREATH”, which is HIS WORDS, the Holy Spirit. (JOh 6:63). He will be corrected and taken. That is why the last high priest who worships GOD The FATHER is called Joshua, the man of sin. CHRIST considers one is wicked, if they do not fear or worship Him. HE WAS THE FATHER WHO CREATED AND ESTABLISHED ALL. (Deut. 32:6) All throughout, CHRIST’s own people never accepted Him as the HEAD, nor honored or feared. That is what an ‘anti’ CHRIST means. This man is the head of the synagogue of satan. Like CHRIST changed the mind of Apostle Paul, this man’s mind also has to be changed in to worshiping and preaching JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, if not, no one would be saved. Because he did not exalt JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, but worshiped the Father, he is called an anti-CHRIST and not anti-GOD. In Rev 14:6-7, the Everlasting gospel is to fear The CREATOR. That gives life to all as it preaches one to fear and worship The CREATOR, who is CHRIST! Every leader in every church must compare this Scripture and see their works “if they have preached to fear and WORSHIP The CREATOR who is CHRIST”. If not, they are antichrists who worship GOD The FATHER like Paul. But only at His second coming to consume this man only, this truth about JESUS CHRIST THE LORD will be given, when all flesh is to be given SPIRIT. CHRIST comes to reveal how they rejected Him and that HE WAS THE FATHER even from the beginning but no one was willing to listen to Him and the truth will be given and this man of sin also will be taken back. that is why Joshua will be pulled out from fire, the Word of GOD , His BREATH, the words. Therefore, who ever preaches GOD The FATHER, is an anti-CHRIST and have other gods in their hearts, so CHRIST cannot live in them.

Who is a “Jew” according to Scripture In Zech 8:23 ? GOD prophesied, in the end time, people will hold on to the garment of a ‘Jew’ and say ‘we have heard that GOD is with you’ (Zech 8)and will come after them. But Jews were there all these years. Then why in this end time people come after these Jews? Who are they? Why are they called a ‘Jew’? We all must know because GOD IS WITH THEM. The book of Hebrews is written to them. What makes one a ‘Jew’? JESUS CHRIST THE LORD is a ‘Jew’. Then, HIS true children also will be Jews. When we say ‘Jews’, this writing applies to all the churches of GOD which say they are Jews (were started by HWA and now by GF and not about the Jewish race). This applies to the SPIRITUAL Jews in the Phil. Church of GOD and other sister churches. The Jews are Abraham’s children. Then who ever has the works of Abraham, must be called the Jews. He fathered both Israel and Gentiles through Hagar and Sarah. So either Jew or Greek, could be Jews in the end, having the works of Abraham! Scripture says, unless the Jews keep the law, their circumcision is made nothing and one must worship GOD in SPIRIT and Truth. CHRIST also said, the Jews will not worship GOD in SPIRIT and Truth.(joh 4). Then again He said, some will worship in SPIRIT and Truth. Why did CHRIST tell to worship GOD in SPIRIT and truth? They become the Jews, SPIRITUALLY.

The Burden of Malachi to “Judah” who lost the Holiness. (to Gerald Flurry). White Throne- pt 6- 6.The burden of Malachi should be delivered ‘TO’ Judah AFTER he too lost the Holiness. Therefore, it should be to you. (Mal 2: 10-11) Mr. Flurry, you claim to be Judah, high priest etc and that you have the Key of David. But king David built the house for “JESUS CHRIST THE LORD” who is the LORD of HOSTS and to magnify “HIS” NAME! And then the LORD of HOSTS who is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD said to him that “I” WILL BE A “FATHER” to you and you will be “MY” SON! Here’s what king David prophesied; when the house of David was established . “And let thy name be magnified for ever, saying, The “LORD of hosts” is the God over Israel: and let the house of thy servant David be established before thee”. Here’s what the LORD of HOSTS said to him; “I will be his father, and he shall be My son”. Therefore, the Tabernacle of David is built and established for the LORD of HOSTS’s and HE IS to be THE GOD OVER ISRAEL, and it is HIS NAME, which should be MAGNIFED and NOT GOD The FATHER’S. According to Scripture, The burden of Malachi should be delivered to the PRIESTS who did not honor or fear JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, who is the LORD of HOSTS and DID NOT FEAR HIM as the FATHER. He is the GOD who established Israel, even king David built the tabernacle for Him , to MAGNIFY HIM and to make HIM a NAME. By not honoring JESUS CHRIST THE LORD as the Father who begat and established Israel, the last ministry failed to make Him a name and to be called ‘Israel’, as Israel is chosen to be the “LORD of HOSTS’s people.

Colossians inherited The LORD Laodiceans closed their door to Him! (BURDEN OF MALACHI pt 2). While the Laodiceans closed their door to CHRIST, Colossians opened their hearts to Him and He came to them. CHRIST will use the Colossians to knock on the door of the Laodiceans. Those who have CHRIST in them, are the body of JESUS CHRIST, the temple of The LORD and HIS MINISTRY, because ministry’s inheritance is to inherit The LORD and He is in the Colossians. “Wherefore Levi hath no part nor inheritance with his brethren; the LORD is his inheritance, according as the LORD thy God promised him”. The book of Malachi condemns the whole ministry of not fearing the LORD of HOSTS as LEVI did and their failure. They failed to INHERIT The LORD as promised. The CREATOR, created all things for Him and to make a dwelling place for Him. As He Doesn’t live in MAN MADE temples, He looked for a BODY to lay His head. (Luk. 9:58). He loved to dwell in Zion. But the prophets who are foxes, desolated Zion, which was His body. (Lam 5:18, Eze 13:4)). And The LORD cast her out of HEAVEN. Lam 2: 1. But the Colossians are said, they are in HEAVEN. (Col. 3). Finally, those who feared and worshiped Him (Rev 14: 6-7) became the ministry. Book of Colossians shows how to worship The CREATOR and one must be built in to “HIS IMAGE” and CHRIST is the HEAD. Therefore, Those who are built in to The CREATOR’s image must deliver it’s message to others who failed to be built on JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, who are the Laodiceans who are to stumble upon Him and reject Him as the Chief Corner Stone. Book of Colossians is to be fulfilled during the Laodicean era, after CHRIST comes as a thief to purify the ministry as Mal 3: 1 says to establish the new covenant. That is the time the son of perdition would be revealed. Why the Laodicean leader is called the son of perdition? Just as the Laodicean era is SPIRITUAL, CHRIST’s coming also is spiritual as He comes to restore the breath. (The Times of Refreshing or RE-breathing to remove Adam’s failure and to open the Tree of Life). HE OPENS the eyes of the Colossians as He Is in them, while blinding the eyes of Laodiceans as a judgment. (Joh 9:39). Adam was created to be built in to “The CREATOR”s image which he failed. Colossians tells us how to be built in Him! If he obeyed, believed, feared and worshiped The CREATOR, he would be in heaven. Zion, committing the same sin, is thrown down. But once again as the Tree of Life is offered, Zion too will be given white linen which is to know JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. The difference between the Laodicean and the Colossians are , the Laodiceans worship the GOD The FATHER, but the Colossians worship ‘JESUS CHRIST THE LORD’. So this message brings hope to all those who failed to be built in to the image of GOD! We have quoted the last high priest’s teachings about the book of Colossians so all can prove from Scripture if he is right or not. If he is not right, then he is the man of sin ! Colossians proves how to correct the fall of Adam and the priesthood !

Passover- How to partake CHRIST’s death to be raised up to Holiness?When and how would the real Passover will be? Adam’s nakedness will end in the Laodicean era as they too are naked, when they are granted to wear fine linen. Why both are naked? Have both done the same sin? How will the Laodiceans be clothed once again? We receive fine linen from CHRIST and not from GOD The FATHER. Adam did not believe The CREATOR’s, words and disobeyed. Same way, the last era also did not believe CHRIST as He Is outside, and had disobeyed. This nakedness is the CURSE OF SECOND death which will be removed as all the curses will be removed when we believe CHRIST and repent for our unbelief and accept His death and sufferings as our penalty. In order to do so, we must understand each suffering of CHRIST, and how He paid for our guilt. For example; His visage was marred, because Zion’s visage is to be marred. He was put scarlet clothes as Zion’s sins are scarlet. If you do not believe the spoken words or written words of GOD, you make Him a liar and you show yourself knowing better than GOD which is blasphemy and brings the death by hanging. Even so, all sufferings CHRIST Had to go through like being spat upon, stricken on the cheeks, were done to Him instead of us. Understanding and partaking CHRIST’s death brings the Holiness. He saves us NOT ONLY from BREAKING THE LAW, but from our UNBELIEF which caused to DISOBEY and break the law which brought the spiritual death. In order to be raised up in Holiness, we must partake CHRIST’s suffering and death ( Rom 6). This SIN began in Adam’s time, will end in our times as it is exposed now, during the Times of Refreshing, the days of vengeance, the Day of The LORD, the day of Visitation to ACCEPT all (Isa 61:2-3 “to proclaim the acceptable year of Jehovah, and the day of vengeance of our God;”) when all things WRITTEN must be fulfilled. “For these are days of vengeance when all things that have been written are to be fulfilled”. Don’t think there is a Millennium, but ONE NIGHT WATCH, which is the Day of The LORD; LIKE A THOUSAND YEARS. (Psa 90: 1-5). Laodicean era does not last thousand years or the wife of CHRIST would not live so as she will be granted to wear fine linen and the marriage will happen in her time. CHRIST said, things concerning Him, have AN END. In Ezekiel’s time, the END must come. Eze 7, Eze 12: 22-24. and every vision shall perish.., The days draw near, and the matter of every vision”. And even the New Temple will be built in Ezekiel’s time. ! Why did GOD bring out Israel ‘OUT OF Egypt’? It is to SERVE HIM and to be His people. But now, they are “SPIRITUALLY” in Egypt. Rev 11:8. Then they must come out of it “SPIRITUALLY” as well to SERVE HIM and be His people!

White Throne pt. 7-Worship and fear The CREATOR; The Mystery of CHRIST!- Behold your GOD !! What is the mystery of ‘CHRIST’? Why does the Scripture say that The LORD of HOSTS (CHRIST )shall be exalted in judgment? Rev 14:6-7 preaches an “Everlasting” gospel during the “judgments” which is to fear and worship ‘The CREATOR’ who is CHRIST. Why could not CHRIST’s wife wear white linen UNTIL AFTER THE JUDGMENTS? Could that be the mystery of ‘CHRIST’ and the church? By this gospel all are JUDGED and established; given LIGHT, to FEAR AND WORSHIP HIM! CHRIST condemned Abraham's children for WORSHIPING THE “Father”. (JOH 8:54. “Whom ye say, that he is your GOD”). The CREATOR WILL NOT GIVE HIS GLORY TO ANOTHER’. Why does GOD offer the Tree of Life once again which is also after the judgments? Adam refused the Tree of Life who is CHRIST, and became naked. Laodiceans also rejected CHRIST and became naked. There is a mystery of GOD which is to be revealed in judgments, Rev 10:7. CHRIST said ‘I will reveal the Father’. (Joh 16:25” I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.”). So the Word ‘Father’ Is a proverb. But He never revealed the Father to apostles, and said no one has ever seen or heard but The SON shall reveal.(Luk. 10:22). Then, WHEN would CHRIST REVEAL THIS “Father’, which is a PARABLE or represents something else? WHO IS THIS ‘FATHER’? CHRIST Is prophesied to come a SECOND TIME to give the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. That means we have not had that knowledge before. So it is a mystery. Then Apostle Paul was chosen to reveal ‘The SON’ in Him and not GOD The FATHER (Gal 1: 16). And he was sent to Gentiles. How do you glorify GOD? And why does the angel preach to fear and worship ‘The CREATOR’, instead of preaching to worship and fear ‘GOD The FATHER”? Should we worship GOD The FATHER, or ‘The CREATOR’ even as The HEAD? All will give glory to ‘The CREATOR’ in judgments. Every KNEE SHALL BOW DOWN BEFORE HIM AND EVERY TONGUE SHOULD CONFESS “CHRIST” IS The LORD! That is why the Scripture says THE LORD of HOSTS WILL BE EXALTED IN JUDGMENT (Isa 5:16) and the earth will learn righteousness in judgment.(Isa 26:9). That is why there is a mystery OF ‘GOD’ in Rev 10:7 and Col. 1.26-27. In this writing, we will prove, no one has worshiped JESUS CHRIST THE LORD but have preached that the Father is The HEAD, whereas ‘CHRIST’ is the HEAD. Israel is prophesied to FALL and RISE in CHRIST. “This child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel; and for a sign which shall be spoken against;”. So Israel has always being against CHRIST as they are appointed.(1 Pe 2:8) They rejected the Chief Corner Stone and stumbled upon Him. (Isa 8:14). But, in Him, the new covenant will be made! How do we glorify GOD? Which GOD should we glorify? What is the mystery of CHRIST? Who is the Father, CHRIST and HOLY SPIRIT? How do you prove CHRIST is the ‘SENT ONE”? The ‘Son of GOD’? Who is the LORD of glory? Have you glorified Him? Behold the Lamb of GOD!

The NIGHT; Passover is fulfilled spiritually. GOD brought Israel out of Egypt and established them to be His people. But Scripture tells us they would fail to be so and a SECOND Passover is prophesied when CHRIST comes the SECOND time. They must be REDEEMED spiritually ( Isa 11: 9-11) and it is done so by His own blood as the Lamb of GOD. The last era, is to be sent to Egypt ‘spiritually’. (Deut. 28:68, Acts 7:39, Rev 11: 8). That means in their HEART, they have turned to the world. So they MUST BE GIVEN NEW HEARTS and that is the plague in their heart. Also from the GOD who gives us the SPIRT! It was CHRIST, who bought them whom they forgot. (Deut 32:6,15,18). That means they will not see ‘SPIRITUAL’ things of GOD and that is why they are SPIRITUALLY blind and SPIRITUALLY in Egypt when CHRIST comes in the NIGHT to redeem them. (Rev 11:8). Then, as Egypt is a type of the world, and world means flesh and blood, unless they come out of flesh and blood, they cannot know The Son of GOD. The SECOND Passover is to turn one’s HEART and to give circumcision of the HEART, because The CREATOR, does not dwell in manmade temples, but in our hearts. ( Acts 17: 24, 7:48). The HOLY SPIRIT must live in our HEARTS. ( Gal 4: 6). CHRIST would not live in our hearts if we have other gods or in the world. That is why He search the hearts and tries the hearts (Pro 17:3, Jer 17:10,Rev 2:23) and EXPOSES the hearts. (1cor 4:5). That means they must turn TO JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, who is the “Spirit’ to receive the SPIRIT which are HIS WORDS to come to be spiritual from physical. Receiving His words means to be born again, which is to come out of Egypt spiritually. We must prove that one should get the SPIRIT from the LORD who is the SPIRIT,( 2 cor 3:17) who is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. The ministry did not go to Him to receive revelation or the Word of GOD. That is not a GOD The FATHER, but of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD’s, as the Spirit is HIS WORDS AND WE MUST HAVE HIS MIND AND HIS WORDS. Not knowing that, all went to GOD The FATHER. Then, in order to come out of Egypt spiritually, one must PROVE FROM THE Scripture, that we should go to JESUS CHRIST THE LORD who redeems us , gives us the truth, gives us the words of GOD, causing us to be born again and to come out of the Egypt spiritually, and to have our minds opened and be clothed with white linen. Then, GOD WILL BE WITH US! Unless one understand life comes from CHRIST and His words, no one will Passover.! This writing also proves how the PHYSICAL Passover is fulfilled spiritually. What happened in ancient Israel, must be spiritually fulfilled. Notice, then it was Israel who were saved from the Gentiles or the Egyptians, but now, it is the Gentiles who will save Israel.

LET MY PEOPLE GO! Come out of Egypt spiritually (Rev 11:8) from the bondage of the spiritual Pharaoh !.Scripture prophesies there is a SECOND exodus and The LORD must redeem them ONCE AGAIN AT HIS SECOND COMING. (Isa 11: 9-11). We know the Laodicean era is SPIRITUALLY blind. That means they are spiritually in Egypt and the Day of The LORD begins, to expose them and bring them back out of Egypt once again. Rev 11:8..“the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.” . The LORD was crucified by His own wife and people in Jerusalem. That is the great city which is now has gone back to Egypt not having the SPIRIT. How would The LORD bring them back? And WHY ARE THEY SPIRITUALLY IN Egypt NOW? If they are in Egypt spiritually, then the spiritual leader is Pharaoh whose HEART needs to be cleansed to receive the SPIRIT. Unless one understands this, they cannot Passover from physical to spiritual! We will prove from this short writing, that all have not gone to CHRIST who is the SPIRIT ( 2 cor 3: 17), to receive His WORDS which is also the SPIRIT ( Joh 6:63) and that is why they are spiritually in Egypt. When we understand that, we can come out of Egypt spiritually, having our hearts sprinkled with water the words of CHRIST and be with the GOD who created us for ever !

Why CHRIST Had to die.(summarized) (1) BOUND (2) BLOOD SHED (3) STRUCK (4) JUDGED ACCORDING TO LAW (5) DIE A LIAR (6) DIE AS A THIEF (7) EQUAL WITH GOD (8) MOCKED (9) SCOURGED (10) HEAD STRUCK (11) PERVERT (12) VISAGE WAS MARRED (13) GALL TO DRINK (14) SPIT ON AND HIT (15) CROWN OF THORNS (16) STRIPPED AND WEARING SCARLET ROBE (17) BEING EQUAL WITH GOD (18) KING OF THE JEWS (19) BLASPHEMER (20) MADE THIRSTY (21) FORSAKEN BY GOD (22) CURSE OF THE LAW (23) Giving up the ghost. He Had to go through all of the above, in order to spare us from going through them as we are the guilty ones. Understanding and repenting and accepting these sufferings He went through was because of us, makes our hearts to know how guilty we are and how we should have died but HE HAS ALREADY PAID FOR OUR PENALTY makes us free from them.

Does Joel Hilliker speak the truth in his article; “The light of the world” ?Joel Hilliker talks about how the church is to be a light to the world. He also talks about how Queen of Sheba came and talked about king Solomon’s fame. But CHRIST said she will arise in judgment to condemn those who work in the same tabernacle, to condemn them, who failed to uphold that standard, but SPIRITUALLY. The Tabernacle of David and the temple is to be totally destroyed until CHRIST THE LORD builds it the second time. And CHRIST THE LORD said, in judgment, GREATER than Solomon will be there, that is He, Himself. Would CHRIST THE LORD and the Queen of Sheba condemn Joel Hilliker also? First of all, Solomon built the temple so gloriously, to ‘The LORD of Hosts ’, who is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD and not to serve GOD The FATHER. This, we must prove from the Scripture to continue in the Tabernacle of David. When Queen of Sheba commended Solomon, she was blessing “The LORD of Hosts” who is CHRIST and not GOD The FATHER. Unless Solomon’s followers who are to sit on the same throne also glorifies “The LORD of Hosts” , who is JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, that temple will fall. The whole ministry including Joel is condemned in Mal 1: 6 for not honoring “The LORD of Hosts”, because it was made to magnify HIS name.! And Joel, himself says the Gentiles will send pure incense to Him.(Mal 1: 11). GOD says HIS NAME WILL BE MAGNIFIED BEYOND THE BORDER OF Israel, which is among the Gentiles. (v 5)That is the SPIRIT of Queen of Sheba. Joel can judge himself with the Scripture, comparing what he wrote. According to Scripture, Joel is a liar

Does Scripture agree with S Flurry’s article “HOLY SPIRIT ?According to Stephen Flurry, “HOLY SPIRIT” is the ‘power of GOD”. And when we get baptised, we are to receive the HOLY SPIRIT, right? So do we get the POWER OF GOD at our baptism as the HOLY SPIRIT ? Also, as JOh 7: 38-39 says the SPIRIT is to be given to the BELIEVERS’S BELLIES. Does GOD give the power of GOD to their bellies? Also, others should drink from their bellies. How can the power of ‘GOD’ come from the bellies of the believers? “The one believing into Me, as the Scripture said, Out of his belly will flow rivers of living water. But He said this concerning the Spirit, whom the ones believing into Him were about to receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given “. So CHRIST was saying, ‘HOLY SPIRIT’ as Living Waters will be given from the bellies of believers. How could ; if the HOLY SPIRIT is the POWER OF GOD, could flow from the bellies of the believers? And the HOLY SPIRIT begat CHRIST. And according to Stephen, HOLY SPIRIT is the power of GOD.Then CHRIST should call ‘FATHER’ to the ‘POWER OF GOD’! The Word ‘FATHER’ is an allegory or a parable which is a SYMBOL ( JOh 16:25 “I have spoken these things to you in allegories. An hour comes when I will no longer speak to you in allegories, but I will reveal the “Father” plainly to you.”) Which represents someone or something else. When is this hour CHRIST would reveal the FATHER? But how does that power of GOD comes out of HIM? Does Scripture or the words of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD agree with Stephen Flurry’s article about the HOLY SPIRIT? We cannot sin against the HOLY SPIRIT. So we better know the truth.

Lo Children are a gift of GOD! I, CHRIST and My children pt. 1 Scripture says the children are a gift of GOD. Who are these children? “Behold, I and the children whom the LORD hath given “Me” are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts”. LORD of HOSTS is CHRIST THE LORD. So IT WILL BE “CHRIST” AND HIS OWN CHILDREN WHO WILL BE A SIGN AND A WONDER IN Israel. But HIS OWN has another FATHER called “GOD The FATHER” whom they worship (Joh 8:54). Even the last era worships GOD The FATHER. Then, He prophesied He would ADOPT children to Him, (as Mr. Leap wrote about ‘RUTH’ being grafted) when He comes the SECOND TIME to HARVEST. “Having predestinated us unto the “adoption” of children “by Jesus CHRIST” to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will “. Scripture says He will BE FOUND BY NO PEOPLE. That is the “I AND THE CHILDREN” in Isa 8:18. So “CHRIST” is their FATHER. (Isa 63:16, 9:6). He came the second time to Gentiles, who are to be ADOPTED as He preplanned. (Isa 11:9-11) Scripture prophesies the “LORD of HOSTS”, will be exalted only in judgment by HIS OWN CHILDREN. They will sanctify, perfect His praises and glorify Him. His name will be magnified BEYOND the border of Israel. (Mal 1:5).This happens in the last hour. At that time, GOD revealed secrets to the little children. They will perfect His praises to sanctify and exalt Him. That is why the Scripture says ‘out of the mouth of the babes the praise is perfected”. To these babes, CHRIST comes the second time to reveal all things about GOD and GODHEAD and He, Himself will teach them. This sign of CHRIST and His children are to be made known in Israel, as they stumbled on Him as the same chapter, v 14 says. “a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel”. 1 Pe 2:8 says, they STUMBLE at the Word also. All these happen in the last hour as CHRIST said, humbled will be exalted etc. This sign proves, that one should be the children of ‘The LORD of Hosts ’, who is CHRIST. ! Scripture also says, the ‘MINISTRY’ is a gift from GOD. These little children are made CHRIST’s OWN MINISTRY. Then, they are ; “lo children are a gift of GOD”. Ministry is to inherit CHRIST and CHRIST is to inherit the firstfruits. Here’s a quote from Mr. Leap’s “RUTH” article. “Ruth was not only grafted into the nation, she was elevated to royal status. .. It is His desire to give all human beings, which choose to follow Him, the royal status of being His own sons and daughters”. So Ruth was GRAFTED and became ROYALTY. How about these ADOPTED SONS BY “THE ROYAL, KING AND THE LORD OF LORDS? As Ruth was LOYAL, these Gentiles also follows her example by being loyal to their FATHER and Husband! Israel; you worship and accept GOD The FATHER as your GOD, but we worship CHRIST and accept Him as our FATHER. Will see who is the real FATHER… THE EVERLASTING FATHER. (Isa 9:6)

Gift of GOD pt 2- ‘The CREATOR’s first fruits are offered- One must be The CREATOR’s offspring to be a first fruit. “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision has any strength nor uncircumcision, but a new creation.” And Scripture says, for CHRIST’s MERCY, the Gentiles will be taken for ‘HIS’ name before Israel who are the vessels of wrath, who needs to be passed under the rod of men and to be trodden down. HWA quoted the following in “GOD’s Holyday’s book, “God has not cast away His people, Israel. But He blinded them for a temporary period of time so that through their fall, salvation came to the Gentiles, who, through Christ, are individually grafted in, or spiritually adopted into, the family of Israel (Romans 11”. That is the Day of The LORD, the Times of Gentiles. And it is those who worship The CREATOR, who will be the first fruits. He calls according to His own will and make them HIS FIRST FRUITS and offer them as the wave offering which is pictured by the two loaves, as the ‘MINISTRY’ is to be waved at, to be accepted. “

Gift of God Pt 3- Fasts for The LORD JESUS CHRIST THE LORD said when the Bridegroom will be taken away, His disciples will fast. “And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? but the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall they fast”. Laodicean era, is that day when the Bridegroom Has left. Then, who ever are His disciples will fast. Who are these disciples? Not only the fasts, but they have to BLESS AND PRAISE Him in order for the Bridegroom to return. As He is outside the Laodicean era, He adopted children as proven in the first part and they are called CHRIST’s sons, friends, and brethren. Abraham was called GOD’s friend as he looked for CHRIST’s day and believed Him and is called righteous. Then these children as they also looked for CHRIST, and BELIEVED as the father Abraham, also will be called friends, made righteous, and they will have the works of Abraham. One becomes a seed of Abraham, NOT BY any works or by flesh or by being a descendant of his, but when one is ‘IN’ CHRIST. And as first parts proved, as the little children are revealed the secrets, they know The LORD Has left His bride as prophesied and then, they will fast as He said and sing praises and say ‘blessed is He who comes in the NAME of THE LORD” and will bring Him to zion. These fasts are for The LORD, and not for ourselves as you will see. And they are joyous FEASTS as the Bridegroom will return once again. So these little children are the bridechamber, who will be joyous and friends who see the return of the Bridegroom. Anciently the fasts are done mostly to MOURN. But these fasts will be FEASTS to have joy. Please read part one and two so you can understand this better. These fasts, cannot be done by the wife of CHRIST as she does not see The LORD Has left. So these fasts have to be done by whom The LORD, Has appointed, His own disciples and sons. Thus saith the LORD of hosts; The fast of the fourth month, and the fast of the fifth, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful feasts; therefore love the truth and peace.”. This house of Judah are not the ones who lost the holiness as Mal 2: 10-11 says, but the bound, adopted children to CHRIST, THE LION of Judah and to the tribe of Judah as Gen. 49: 10-12.

Gift of GOD pt 4- The Beloved children takes care of the mother. CHRIST gave His mother’s care to the apostle HE LOVED which is a prophecy for our time. Mary’s soul also is to be pierced as a prophecy for our time. The beloved apostle ‘John” means GRACIOUSLY given or GOD is gracious. How would these three prophecies be fulfilled? GOD preplanned to save these little children when the Times of Gentiles or the Day of The LORD comes by HIS MERCY and GRACE, after the first Tabernacle is prophesied to fall, and those who are under the law must die as they could never attain to the righteousness through the law. CHRIST said these little children are His BELOVED, and they are saved by HIS GRACE. This is why the Scripture says, at CHRIST’s SECOND coming, the priesthood as well as the law must be changed. At that time, the Tabernacle of David is fallen and no high priest is found WITHOUT sin and CHRIST Is prophesied to come to do the work of the High priest. CHRIST’s death pictures the churches’ death as proven in “Passover” writing. When He died, He gave His mother’s care to another disciple even though He Had many other brothers. What is the fulfillment of that prophecy? These little children who are to be a gift as proven in the first part, are to fulfill this prophecy of giving the care of the mother Mary to JOhn, CHRIST’s BELOVED apostle, who are graciously became so. That is why they fast for the Bridegroom’s return, as well as the bride’s granting to wear the fine linen. This is another work of CHRIST’s own ministry. Joh 19:26 When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! .Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother!

Gift of GOD pt 5- CHRIST’s children perfect HIM as the Author and The Finisher of SalvationCHRIST, ADOPTED and gave salvation to these little children to perfect ‘HIM’ as the Author and The Finisher of Salvation, which is one of their works. (Heb 2: 10-11.” having brought many sons to glory, to perfect Him as the Author of their salvation through sufferings.”). Unless one is saved, they cannot perfect or declare The Saviour’s work. So the AUTHOR of salvation , who is CHRIST, brought His sons to glory, giving them salvation, so they can perfect Him, just as CHRIST glorified the FATHER. (JOh 17:4).We glorify our FATHER who is CHRIST The LORD. When CHRIST is perfected, glorified, magnified, sanctified and exalted or lifted up, all could be gathered to Him. But these little children are HIDDEN with Him. (Col. 3). And when He shall appear, or made known to all, who are these little children also will be made known. No one can perfect ‘CHRIST’ as the Author or Captain unless these sons, declares to others, especially to the wife of CHRIST who has turned as an enemy of CHRIST and His little children. CHRIST will save all from the enemy, who is HIS OWN WIFE and one’s own heart, as these sons of ‘CHRIST’ declares. To give salvation is one of the vows of The LORD to be given first to those who love and fear Him. Then, they who received salvation are to sing PRIASES of The LORD and pay their vows to Him before His people. Also sing NEW SONGS.

Wife of CHRIST must DIE to the law to marry The LORD ! (Rom 7)- Gift of GOD pt 6 Scripture in Rom 7 says unless the wife of CHRIST die to the law, she cannot bear fruits unto CHRIST THE LORD. GOD concluded all to be under sin, according to the law as no one could be made perfect by it.( For the Law perfected nothing, Heb 7:19, For the Law makes men high priests who have infirmity, v 28 Joshua has filthy clothes). This is why the FIRST Tabernacle, under king David is prophesied to fall, and CHRIST, Himself has to come to do the work of the HIGH PRIEST and Apostle, and the priesthood needs to be changed as well as THE LAW. No man was perfected by the law, and the Husband HAD TO DIE to redeem her from death, and also the church is appointed to die as the Husband leaves because of her abominations. Unless she DIES to the ‘LAW’, she could never marry again nor bear fruits to The LORD, because she trusted the law to give righteousness, Holiness and perfection which actually comes from the Husband. The law brings blessings or cursing. The wife of CHRIST allowed the LAW TO RULE OVER HER, instead of the Husband as you will see. So she must die first in order to MARRY CHRIST. THE WIFE MUST SERIOUSLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HUSBAND IS TRYING TO SAY. UNLESS THE WIFE DIES TO THE “LAW’, SHE CANNOT BE MARRIED TO THE HUSBAND NOR BEAR FRUITS FOR HIM! Remember we become ONE ‘SPIRIT’ WITH GOD, when we turn to CHRIST THE LORD. 2 Cor. 3: 17. (But the law stops one from being one with Him. )That means when one turns to CHRIST THE LORD, they not only have their eyes opened to understand Scripture, but become ONE SPIRIT with Him. (1Co_6:17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.). And Isa 56: 3 prophesied that Gentiles will JOIN to The LORD. But as Israel could not be justified by the law, they must die ‘TO’ the law, in order to be married again. But the handmaid bears fruits to JESUS CHRIST THE LORD being the first fruits saved APART FROM THE LAW! The law covenant must end to begin the NEW COVENANT ! How did the Gentiles fulfilled the law?

The last enemy; Why did the wife of CHRIST become LORD’s enemy? The last enemy is death. Death came as a curse of the law. The LAW PREVENTED HER FROM KNOWING The LORD. Those who are under the law sought life from it and served it in fear of death, WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE FEARED The LORD who gives life. But it is the man who chose to eat from the wrong tree as well as wanting to live by the law and not the way GOD prepared. So GOD prophesied that the man’s heart and the law will be changed before the new covenant. That is why hidden counsels of the heart is exposed, so the curses could be removed, winning the victory over death and NEW HEARTS could be given so The LORD can live in the hearts, as the HOLY SPIRIT lives in our hearts. Scripture locks up all under sin. GOD SAYS, UNLESS “HE” PUTS HIS FEAR IN US, and unless HE PUTS THE LAW IN OUR HEARTS, WE CANNOT KEEP THE LAW. “I will put My law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their GOD, and they shall be My people.”, I will not turn away from them, to do them good; but I will put My fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from me. “ This means until the new covenant is to be made, no one feared Him, ( Mal 1: 6) and they cannot keep the law from their HEARTS. None sought The LORD to get life, but their own righteousness out of the law, because of the carnal nature in man who is dust never want to submit to the law of GOD. Moreover, they allowed the law to rule them as long as they live and became under bondage. That is not the way GOD Had planned for us to get everlasting life, but through Him. So the man (heart) became the enemy of The LORD. So man’s heart is exposed, by the law, which he tried to live! The law accuses one to condemnation. Therefore, man’s heart and the law must be changed.(giving new hearts and law changed as Heb 7). Those who are of the law have lifted up the serpent just as Moses did and not GOD. They believed Moses, the serpent but not GOD. That is the unbelief which cut them off. Rom 11:20. That is the second death, and when GOD gives the revelation about it; will cause all to repent and to have white linen. The judgments and vengeance are to give light to live. Hos 6: 5, Isa 61: 2-3. GOD Has written His will that all should live which is why “He” died. When GOD created Adam, He saw everything was GOOD. Then, his sin caused him to be the enemy of The LORD, and he acquired the CARNALITY, which we call HUMAN nature. That carnality is the enemy of GOD, which will be changed after it is judged and exposed, admitted and repented. Then, GOD creates new hearts in man so he can walk with GOD peacefully. He will remove the curse of the law as He Had paid the penalty for us, through HIS BLOOD. So we become NEW CREATURES in JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. After that, all will walk peacefully with GOD and other men. But first, the man’s heart must be changed as well as the law which the man sought life but BROUGHT DEATH TO HIM.! So the evil heart and the law are the enemy of The LORD, which brought death to all.

fallen cherub Scripture reveals that a Cherub also fell. (Isa 14) If it does not have an end time fulfillment, it would not be written for us. The Cherubs started their work in the garden of Eden, guarding the Tree of Life, who is CHRIST THE LORD. Then, in the very end, just before the Tree of Life is opened, they must finish their work to offer the Tree of Life. As the flaming sword means the Word of GOD, they must preach the truth, avenging those who do not have the knowledge of GOD. 2 Thes 1: 8.” In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: “.So the cherubs must give the knowledge of GOD, the gospel of CHRIST THE LORD, which gives life to THOSE WHO DID NOT OBEY IT! So those who did not obey, have eaten from the Tree of good and evil and are dead. Therefore, At the same time the Tree of Life is offered to give life, the Tree of good and evil must be destroyed. So both trees must do their works. Israel is chosen to be sons of disobedience, which means they do not know CHRIST THE LORD, and are to be vessels of wrath. And Gentiles, the vessels of Mercy, will receive life and salvation first as they have the mercy. Therefore, Israel is to demonstrate wrath of GOD while Gentiles to demonstrate grace of GOD. Then, these two witnesses must represent wrath and mercy. Wrath is given through the law, which is the Tree of good and evil and grace is given by WITHOUT THE LAW, the Tree of Life. So the two witnesses must fulfill the works of these two trees in order for the Tree of Life to be given. That means one must be destroyed under the law, and the other will be given life to show light and life to others. And this writing would prove how the two witnesses became two cherubs and how they are saved by grace and how one will leave that grace and be destroyed or wrath is given through the law, the serpent and the other will open the way to the Tree of Life ! UNLESS ONE CALL UPON THE NAME of THE LORD, NO ONE COULD BE SAVED. BY CALLING UPON HIS NAME, MEANS HE WILL FINISH OUR SALVATION AS HE COMES IN TO OUR HEARTS AND DOES THE REST TO BRING US TO SALVATION!

Work of the Cherubs and MERCY seat are done by CHRIST and the children Apostle Paul could not talk about The work of the cherubs, and the work of the Holies, in his time. But why did he write about that work if it does not mean anything to us or have an end time fulfillment? Every part of the temple must SPIRITUALLY be fulfilled and the New Temple foundation should be laid for CHRIST THE LORD to come and be with us. The first Tabernacle falls, the Holies will be established by GRACE OF GOD. Those who work with CHRIST THE LORD, in the Holies are CALLED BY HIS GRACE, AND THAT IS NOT MADE WITH HANDS. BUT BY The LORD’S HANDS. ALL DONE BY GODS’ GRACE TO RASIE THE PEOPLE UP and ALL OFFICES ARE PREPLANNED BY GOD TO BE GIVEN. No one’s law keeping or righteousness will get them to be with CHRIST THE LORD, but BY HIS MERCY He calls, justifies, sanctifies, those whom He prepared. The mercy seat’s work is needed after all died of having sinned, as it is the THRONE OF “MERCY” which is needed after our spiritual death as we are appointed (heb 9:27). As the Levitical ministry failed, THE FIRST Tabernacle FALLEN AND THEN THE SECOND ONE WHERE THE Ark of Covenant IS, MUST FULFILL IT’S WORK AS WELL to raise up the fallen one. This is when CHRIST THE LORD’s shed blood forgives. In order to do that, CHRIST THE LORD Is prophesied to come as the High Priest and the Apostle. That means the cherub’s work also must be fulfilled as that is where GOD will give mercy to all to be accepted. So Apostle Paul could not talk about it ‘THEN’, but now we know it is fulfilled as The LORD Has come to do that.

Law is an idol; caused all to commit fornication, puffed up in pride. Any one comes under the law HAVE THE “CURSE OF DEATH”. And they cannot receive the TRUTH or the SPIRIT of CHRIST. In order to be married, The LORD wants the wife to die first as she is bound to the law. (Rom 7:1). Since the law is not a being, law was her idol. If not, GOD would not require her to die. This means she has spiritually fornicated. Law gave false knowledge to seek righteousness, life and the righteous character by it. False knowledge, according to Scripture PUFFS UP one and kills. But the Love of GOD or charity gives the truth to save.! That means gives pride, and speak against The LORD and His Word. If you speak against the knowledge of GOD, you exalt yourselves. 2 cor 10:5-6. Such should be avenged by those who obeyed CHRIST THE LORD, by the flaming sword, 2Thes 1:8. Such have the blindness from The LORD to think they are right and to preach falsely. Then false knowledge KILLS and they become blood guilty. Such are murderers. And it causes one to NOT worship THE One and only True GOD, but the law. Therefore, it causes one to commit spiritual fornication. THEY CANNOT RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. Then, they are flesh and blood. Any teaching NOT ACCORDING TO Scripture, come from one’s own mind which is deceitful above all things which kills and causes to puff up. That is why GOD calls the law ‘a serpent’. It blinds one to the truth to know CHRIST THE LORD, and His wrath comes on such to even further blind them. ( Dan 11: 36 Isa 9:19). Therefore, they served the law, they feared and were under bondage of the law and could not serve The LORD. False knowledge will cause one to execute false judgments and such cannot have charity. But Scripture says “though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity,(agape love) I am nothing”. AGAPE LOVE, comes only by The LORD and The LORD would not give to anyone who PUFFS UP in knowledge who teaches falsely.

The fallen cherub Pt 2. This writing proves further about who the fallen cherub is. This fallen witness says, we cannot speak about cherubs now. But she wrote about cherubs in 2009 in many of her writings, even admitting that the two witnesses who work on the Day of The LORD, witnessed the broken covenant as GOD came on cherubs at that time. And now, the Ark of Covenant is seen in heaven after the two witnesses’ work in Rev 11: 19. So SHE KNEW ABOUT IT BACK THEN WHEN SHE WAS WORKING AS A CHERUB WHO IS TO BRING LIGHT, but now she says we cannot speak about it. Below is a writing which was written by the witness 2, in 5/ 8/ 2009 to prove that the two witnesses, are the cherubs. That means she was ONE OF THE CHERUBS and spoke about it, but NOW NOT. To refute our writing about ‘fallen cherub’, she wrote in her writing ‘daily and continual of Gentiles reviewed on the beginning of 8th month”, which was sent to many, “bible says--Heb. 9: 5 -- cherubims -- of which we cannot now speak particularly.—WHEN BIBLE SAYS SO---she speaks of Cherubs!! She speaks her own words, against 2 Pe 1; 20.”….)”. So now she says the Bible says we cannot now speak about it. But in her web site, article no 150 is about GOD’s vehicle and she writes about cherubs. Also, how could she have written about cherubs, in 2009, if WE CANNOT SPEAK ABOUT THEM now? GOD CATCHES THE WICKED FROM THEIR OWN WORDS. That proves she KNEW but not now as she is fallen and is not doing it’s work. Always such fallen ones attack the true followers. They become bitter and unsettled in mind and lies thereafter and does not know until GOD rebukes. So the following is one of her writing and few other quotes from other writings which proves that she wrote about cherubs in 2009, even claiming to be one to witness with GOD and GOD came in the cherub etc. Note the grey highlighted. And comparing her writing and her quotes, all can understand that she SPEAKS HER OWN! All must know NOT TO PLAY WITH THE GOD WHO SPEAKS IN THE Ark of Covenant, on the mercy seat where the cherubs are. As you can understand, this is the war in heaven ! Until such liars are cast down, the salvation cannot come. (Rev 12: 9 – 10)

Fallen Cherub Part 3 This witness finally regrets for her ignorance in “prophecy”, and not knowing the New Testament, as written below. That is because GOD chose her ONLY as a judge from Dan and not to prophesy. So Dan’s trail should end up in the law and being cut off as it is unprofitable and could not make anyone perfect. Anyone who comes under the law, must be destroyed as GOD’s wrath comes on them. BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW IT. This is why GOD Has chosen one of the witnesses also to become under the law. And judgments have an END. Then her work also must end. That is why the two witnesses were killed by the BEAST. (Without understanding).

Glorifying The NAME of The LORD CHRIST THE LORD brought many sons to glory, (Heb 2:10)so they would glorify Him (perfect) Him as the Author of salvation. That means to know and declare the NAME of THE LORD also. These children are HIS OWN HANDS’ WORK. Isa 29:23. That means they are given salvation, and know their FATHER. Scripture says, ‘sons’ glory is the FATHER. If CHRIST THE LORD Has brought these sons to glory, then the sons must glory the FATHER. Then, these children would be glorifying CHRIST THE LORD, because HE IS THE Author and The Finisher of Salvation! “The CREATOR” does all things according to His own purpose and He would not give HIS DUE GLORY TO ANY OTHER! Glorify means to know and understand His character. (Jer 9:24). GOD Has MANY names. He must fulfill each name for us to glorify all His names. For CHRIST THE LORD’s glory, He called out some and gave all knowledge about Him, and fulfilled the character in each name so they can glorify them, including the clear lip to call upon the NAME of THE LORD so all can worship Him with ONE CONSENT. So this writing would prove how we glorify Him.! GOD called Israel out of Egypt to be His people to PLACE HIS NAME on them and on the Tabernacle as well. The temple of The LORD now are the HEARTS (or foreheads) of the believers. This is why the believers (those who preach the Everlasting gospel, about their FATHER,) have their FATHER’s name written on their foreheads. (Rev 14). The HOLY SPIRIT is given to our hearts. LORD’s name has been a secret even to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (Exo. 6:3). But with the knowledge of GOD, the mystery of GOD given at His second coming spiritually, (Isa 11:9-11)He gave the knowledge about His other names also, FULFILLING them, at the turning off the judgments(Zeph 3: 9-15). Unless we BLESS, (Mat. 23:39) praise, thank and call upon that name, no one can see Him, or be His people or the temple. GOD prophesied, when the new covenant is made, they will all KNOW Him. Then, before the new covenant is made, all these things must be fulfilled and made known. Unless we know the NAME of THE LORD, we cannot serve Him with one consent; no one can receive salvation or everlasting life. To know Him means to have everlasting life. Joh 17: 3. This writing proves how GOD fulfills His names, and who would declare His name etc. These ARE THE MYSTERIES OF CHRIST! We must give glory to the ONE and ONLY GOD, our EVERLASTING FATHER ! Who ever glories CHRIST THE LORD, are GOD’s true sons!

Fallen cherub- pt 4- open letter to the accuser. Proud are cast down!According to Scripture, unless ‘the accuser’ is cast down, Salvation cannot come to Zion. And the accuser comes on the scene only in judgment. (At that time, the judgment under the law MUST BE OVER by the two witnesses. (Heb 10:28). Thereafter, JUDGMENT belongs to, The LORD at the White Throne, queen of south ( Gentiles) and the men of Niniveh ( Israel) who are called “CHRIST and His children” as Isa. 8:18, Heb 2: 10-14, 1 Joh 4: 17, who are the works of The LORD’s own hands, WHICH WILL NOT FAIL. When that work is being fulfilled, those who erred IN SPIRIT will come to understand. Isa. 29: 23-24. 1 Pe 2:8 says, it is Israel who stumbled at the word. That means Israel who stumbled will be restored by CHRIST and the children! They are also the BABES, who are called to avenge the enemy. (Psa 8, Luk 10:21,Mat 21:16 The little one, also is the work of The LORD’s hand as Isa. 60:21-22 ) WHILE AVENGING, GOD ACCEPTS Israel AS THE DAYS OF VENGEANCE IS ALSO THE YEAR OF ACCEPTANCE. Isa. 61:2-3.. Since they are GOD ’s own hand’s works, they are sure to be fulfilled. What the two witnesses did was to CAST DOWN ALL THE LEADERS who BROKE THE LAW AND THE COVENANT (Heb 10:28) WHO EXALTED THEMSELVES by false teachings, who did not exalt The LORD, as a part of wrath Dan 11: 36. And they are scattered. So they must be gathered by exalting The LORD. Joh 12:31-32. That is done by this LITTLE ONE in Isa. 60: 21- 22. And this accuser, falsely accuse CHRIST THE LORD and His children who are trying to exalt The LORD and HIS TRUE PEOPLE, PREVENTING THE Salvation and the gathering. So The LORD prophesied satan and this accuser will be cast down, to bring Salvation. The two witnesses, themselves are to be killed by the beast, means without understanding. THEN, ONLY HIS GRACE would save them as well. But this accuser wrote who ever preaches grace is an ‘antichrist’. That insults the SPIRIT of grace. Then, that one becomes bitter and defiled. Heb 12: 15. That is what has happened to her. So since she continues to judge, it becomes FALSE ACCUSING. Her teachings are false, including that she exalts Israel, but The LORD exalts Gentiles, He came to Gentiles and gave the knowledge of GOD , including the clear lip to call upon the NAME OF THE LORD Zeph. 3: 9-10. Isa. 11: 9 – 11, 1 Joh 2:27. The two witnesses are given only 1260 days, and 42 months to end their mission. That means their works have a definite end. Thereafter, The LORD said the queen of south and the Men of Niniveh will arise in judgment to condemn Israel, BECAUSE THEY ARE TO BE WITH GREATER THAN King Solomon, WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD, HIMSELF. So one witness becomes the queen of south, the little one and the other becomes this accuser and the false prophet, and is influenced by the devil. And CHRIST and the children will catch the enemy by the neck, as Judah bound the donkey. Gen 49: 10-12. Understand how The LORD gave a DOUBLE PORTION of the Spiritual inheritance to Ishmael ! Two things are proven in this writing. 1. The LORD does not exalt Israel, but Gentiles, and 2. Gospel of Grace will save all!. GOD gives grace to the humble. So if anyone hates grace as this fallen witness has done, that one is not humble! The LORD will rebuke all the proud, with this accuser.!

Truth shall set you free from SPIRITUAL Egypt ! Passover 2015Revelation 11: 8 says, the last church is in Egypt SPIRITUALLY. GOD says they went to Egypt in their hearts. Then, it is from their HEARTS, they must come out, as Holy SPIRIT is given to our HEARTS (Gal. 4:6), and it cannot live, unless their hearts are purified. When The LORD said “REPENT’ and ‘BELIEVE”, what must we repent of? For our breaking the law? No ! Then, What DID WE NOT BELIEVE? Why did CHRIST THE LORD Have to die, to save us from the law? There is a mystery behind His death. That is because, we have sinned against ‘GOD ’ and no man is found worthy to intercede! (If one man sin against another, the judge shall judge him: but if a man sin against the LORD, who shall intreat for him?). As we have sinned against The LORD, the only way to save us is for The LORD to die for us!. And no high priest is worthy to intercede and GOD Had to die as HE IS WITHOUT SIN and lies! Scripture says ALL HAVE SINNED AGAINST GOD ! GOD, IS A SPIRIT. THEN YOU HAVE SINNED AGAINST THE SPIRIT !! the UN-pardonable sin !!! Then, could any man, even a high priest intreat on behalf of ALL MEN? How about for himself? No. So the JUDGE, HIMSELF HAD TO DIE! THIS IS WHY, He Has to DO THE WORK OF THE ADVOCATE, (1 Jn2:1), THE HIGH PRIEST, AND THE APOSTLE, (Heb 3:1) AND ALSO DO ALL OTHER THINGS, FULFILLED IN HIS MANY NAMES.! HE ALONE COULD BE THE MEDIATOR, AND PRAY ON OUR BEHALF AS THE HIGH PRIEST.! Our UNBELIEF, was the sin which we committed against GOD , making Him a liar ! (as there is no man that has NOT sinned) And the man committed the UN-pardonable sin as proven below. Our sin cannot be pardoned by another “man”s sacrifice as we have sinned against GOD !. So The LORD, Himself must intreat, and PAY THE PENALTY ALSO! The sin is By not believing in His words, we made HIM A LIAR. WE ACCUSED GOD AS A LIAR! How could any man pay that penalty of such a sin? THE ‘UNBELIEF’ caused all to be cut off. Rom. 11: 20. This is why The LORD preached ‘REPENT AND BELIEVE”. (Our UNBELIEF made Him a liar. That is what we must repent and then believe! ACCEPT HIS DEATH as ‘our’ PENALTY.) As The LORD IS NOT A LIAR, we MUST ACCEPT THAT ‘WE’ ARE THE LIARS! That is why HE HAD TO DIE ! The man BECAME A LIAR, A SINNER WHO HAS REJECTED THE WORDS OR THE SPIRIT OF GOD! When we do not believe The LORD, we err and become FLESH. (Gen 6:3). GOD cursed the man to death and to go to dust. Dust means NO TRUTH. (Psa 30:9). So ever since Adam, all had LIES. Simply, The LORD took away the breath of life as the Tree of Life is cut off until it is offered once again, after the judgment, after the penalty is paid and forgiven AND THE TRUTH is given to set free from the guilt. That is why, at the beginning of the new covenant, all will be forgiven, re-breathed, AVENGED, and given life! So The LORD, The JUDGE, Himself, ONLY could save us. That is how HE BECAME The Savior, "The Redeemer"!

What is The Allegory of the word "FATHER" in JOh 16:25What is the Allegory of the word ‘FATHER’ in John 16:25? A questionnaire for all of us. Remember , your answers proves if you know or not and also to find the real FATHER ! Joh 16:25 These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father. }}}..’I shall” show you plainly of the FATHER”. What does this really mean? “The time comes”…, I shall show you the FATHER”??? It means He will reveal who is the FATHER, in another time.!

Fallen Cherub pt 5 Revelation 12: 7 talks about a war in heaven, The serpent’s flood, which are the enemies of The LORD who exalt the law and are blinded. As Moses lifted up the serpent, these leaders continues to look to the law which condemns them and teach GOD ’s people to rest in the law and not in His grace. Laodicean means all are spiritually dead. It is the two witnesses who put them to death as Heb 10:28 says, but to end the serpent’s trail, one of the witnesses also will rest in the law and start to preach against The LORD and His grace. GOD Is not in a fight with a real serpent, but those who exalt the serpent like Moses did, which we have written in previous parts. They ARE THE VIPERS, the hypocrites, Pharisees. The SIN and BREAKING THE LAW are different. Not understanding that, this fallen witness continues to deceive Israel to keep the Law of Moses. The Law of Moses did not perfect, even a high priest. (Heb 7). And Zion is cast down from heaven. Lam 2: 1. Then, GOD brought Gentiles to heaven by HIS GRACE. Once again The LORD Had to shake the heavens as satan came to make war as we all know. After Zion is cast down, the only war could be among the two witnesses, who are to open the way to preach CHRIST THE LORD, the Tree of Life. When all died, including the two witnesses as Revelation 11 says, only The LORD’s grace will resurrect all. That is why HE DIED FOR US, because of HIS GRACE!

Justice to the TRUTH; Be justified or be guilty!The LORD accuses all the leaders to have lied. He wants justice to the truth. Who is the liar? Is it The LORD? Or is it you? The GUILTY PARTY MUST ACCEPT THEIR GUILT! Be judged by the words of JESUS CHRIST THE LORD! Be justified or be guilty! The truth shall make you free. Why did The LORD say, HE WILL NOT EAT PASSOVER, UNTIL THE KINGDOM COMES? This writing is to prove CHRIST’s own wife, and children did not bring justice to Him as a FATHER or a HUSBAND!. A serious accusation; and when you understand this truth, it will cause you to Passover to the Glorious Rest of GOD. He brought Israel out to be HIS OWN. But they denied Him even to the last high priest. Why else Heb 7 says, not a single high priest was made perfect and the first tabernacle must fall, and including a CHANGE OF PRIESTHOOD AS WELL AS THE LAW? THEREFORE WE PRESENT THE CASE WHICH CHRIST THE LORD HAS AGAINST HIS OWN, SO EITHER YOU BE GUILTY OR BE FREE! THE GUILTY PARTY SHOULD ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR GUILT! The law was given to condemn. Then, there is a day to be condemned those who are under the law, which should be after the Laodicean era. AND THE TRUE JUSTICE SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE INNOCENT PARTY IN ORDER TO JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY AND TO GIVE A JUST JUDGMENT! CHRIST THE LORD Is the GOD of TRUTH. He came to witness to the truth the first time, but His own killed Him, let alone believing in His witness to the truth. Laodiceans, also have closed the door to Him. That means they did not believe in His truth and witness either, but became a synagogue of satan. He says to them, HE IS THE FAITHFUL Witness and The Beginning. That witness is in the believing in the SON ! That means none of HIS OWN believed His witness both times. THEY DID NOT GIVE JUST JUDGMENT TO HIS WITNESS! So, He, Himself must do it now by BEING THE JUDGE, HIMSELF.! The TRUE GOD and The TRUTH shall make us free. His words will prove who the guilty party is. MEN MADE GOD A LIAR. But HE PROVES, ALL MEN ARE LIARS! Unless understanding the guilt and repent, no one can Passover, nor can be set free. THE TRUTH WILL SET FREE THE INNOCENT PARTY AND CONVICT THE GUILTY. AND THE Word of GOD IS THE TRUTH WHICH MAKES US ALL FREE! GOD says “let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified: or let them hear, and say, It is truth! What will it be? Be your own judge! If He Is a liar like us, then we must convict Him. Or if He is right, we must believe His witness and be convicted! HIS WORDS WILL JUDGE if HE HAS NOT FULFILLED WHAT HE CLAIMED TO BE! That is; HE IS THE One and only TRUE GOD! But in order to be set free, we must bring forth justice and judgment to the GOD who is the truth !

Justify The LORD to Passover, as David did. part 2; Passover 21 Mar 2015 King David, justified The LORD in Psa 51, by admitting his sin which he was conceived in. But he was not conceived in adultery. Then what is that sin? Unless we admit and repent of that sin, we cannot justify The LORD and unless we justify Him we will never Passover as The LORD would not give the SPIRIT. OUR SINS ARE ALREADY WRITTEN IN THE Scripture. Therefore, no one can escape the damnation unless judged and purified. So we better accept our sin which came from Adam which our mothers conceived us in. NONE HAS HAD THE REAL FATHER EITHER. Why and how CHRIST is the perfect Lamb? Law of Moses will never makes one righteous.? It cannot REDEEM you, but one needs to be redeemed from it! But the BLOOD of THE Lamb will. Remember the TRUTH shall set you free! The law will never give you righteousness, because it CANNOT REDEEM you from your past sin, which YOU WERE BORN WITH, which came from Adam. The law is given to prove and expose THAT SIN. But it could never make anyone perfect, because the law CANNOT PAY for YOUR PAST PENALTY;( it cannot shed blood). Blood guiltiness must be removed by the blood of the Lamb. So The LORD, who is Truth, was offended by us and that caused Him to be guilty. So He should be justified. That is what king David did and we all must do. Unless we admit our sin, HE WILL NOT BE JUSTIFIED. Then He will not make Himself known to us, or give the truth, or become a FATHER to us.! Even king David wanted to JUSTIFY The LORD. “that You might be justified when You speak, and be clear when You judge”. So we must do the same and justify The LORD, when WE ARE JUDGED. That is why Scripture says REPENT and believe. So the unbelief is the sin which all humans inherited. (lied against The LORD and made Him a liar) So king David admitted his guilt and that is why GOD says, he is after Mine own heart. He justified The LORD ! That is why The LORD chose him for the throne, as it requires RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT and justice according to the truth! Psa 51:5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” I am sure, his mother was MARRIED to Jesse, therefore she did not conceive him by adultery! Then, what was the sin?

Be Baptized in the name of The FATHER, The SON and the Holy SPIRIT ! Scripture requires one to be baptised in to the name of the FATHER, The SON, and the Holy SPIRIT. But, Deu 32: 6, 18, Isa. 9:6, mal 1:6, 2 co 6: 17-18 and more says, "The ROCK" , The “LORD of HOSTS” , the “Almighty” is the FATHER. That Is “CHRIST THE LORD”. Then, there is GOD the FATHER whom you worship, but should not. (Joh 8:54 “of whom ye say, that he is your God:”. CHRIST THE LORD said NO ONE WILL HEAR OR SEE THE FATHER, and unless He reveals the FATHER, we cannot know Him. But all worship this GOD the FATHER. How many FATHERs are there? Unless we know the real FATHER, how can we be baptised in to His name? Deu 32: 18 says "The ROCK” BEGETS us. Then, He must be our FATHER! But that is CHRIST THE LORD ! Then in v 6, "The ROCK” says, I AM YOUR FATHER who BOUGHT you. Psa 82: 6 says ‘all of you are children of The MOST HIGH”. That is CHRIST THE LORD also. That is also CHRIST THE LORD! And, then, He Is also the LORD of Hosts; who says to the ministry, that they did not honor Him as a “FATHER”. ( Mal 1: 6). Because, The LORD of HOSTS, should be the FATHER of the kings and priests! (2 sam 7: 14). But do the kings and priests honor ‘The LORD of HOSTS’, who is CHRIST THE LORD as their FATHER? Would "The ROCK” , the Almighty and The LORD of HOSTS lie to us when He says, He Is the FATHER? Then, what is the Holy SPIRIT? GOD Is a SPIRIT. (Joh 4:24). Which GOD is that? It is again, CHRIST THE LORD! (2 Cor 3: 17 “The LORD is that SPIRIT ”). Then, if "The ROCK”, The LORD of HOSTS is the FATHER, and He Is also The SON, and also the SPIRIT, then what is the Holy SPIRIT and who is GOD the FATHER ? Then CHRIST THE LORD says, HIS WORDS are SPIRIT! (Joh 6:63 “the words I SPEAK, are SPIRIT”). Then, The LORD is the SPIRIT , and His words are SPIRIT! Then where is the GOD the FATHER whom we all worshiped? And by the word of the SPIRIT of GOD, all things are created, and all are begotten, including The SON, who is CHRIST THE LORD! (Jam 1:18, 1Pe 1:23). "The ROCK" gave the spiritual drink and now also gives. (1 Co 10:4). Then, if He was the FATHER of Israel, why not now? Who changed "The ROCK’s” FATHERHOOD to a GOD whom none has seen? Did CHRIST revealed this FATHER as He said ? The church of GOD does not teach that "The ROCK” is the FATHER! He Is the FATHER and also The SON, and also the SPIRIT ! Unless you prove that from the Scripture, NO ONE COULD BE BAPTISED IN TO THE FATHER, The SON AND Holy SPIRIT! Neither could you be a real son to the real FATHER ! LOST SONS OF ISRAEL!!!! Understanding the truth, will set all free! So you must KNOW the NAME of The FATHER, The SON and the HOLY SPIRIT, in order to be baptized to Passover! If no one has seen or heard from a FATHER (Joh 5:37), and as only the Son knows Him (Joh 6:46); unless The SON reveals the FATHER ,we would not know. (Joh 16:25). If one has not believed "The ROCK” is the FATHER, nor honored the LORD of Hosts as the FATHER, they have NOT KNOWN the FATHER! And the ministry who DID NOT HONOR Him as a FATHER cannot baptize anyone in to the Name of the FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT ? They, themselves must be baptised in to the FATHER once again, after understanding this! The above Scripture alone proves, CHRIST THE LORD, who is "The ROCK" and The LORD of HOSTS is the FATHER and HE COMMANDS THE SONS TO HONOR HIM AS A FATHER! IF HE WAS NOT A FATHER, THEN THE ABOVE Scripture IS FALSE! But it is the leaders who teach falsely, saying there are two fathers, whom they have not seen nor heard! So they made Him a liar! Prove yourselves with the truth, to be baptised in to the REAL FATHER’s name!

Drink from "The ROCK" to come out of spiritual Egypt and sea. GOD prophesied His people will have to be redeemed a SECOND time (Isa. 11: 9 – 11) from SPIRITUAL Egypt and Babylon. (Rev. 11: 8, 17, 17, Mic. 4: 10). That means they must come out of the sea also SPIRITUALLY. (I will bring back AGAIN from the depth of the sea. Psa 68:22). The churches of GOD became the wicked sea as they did not drink from "The ROCK" who gives the water but went after GOD the FATHER to get it, a GOD whom they have not seen nor heard. Spiritual Israel failed to drink from "The ROCK" (as proven in “Be Baptised”) as they did not acknowledge "The ROCK” as their FATHER, because one must ask for the Holy SPIRIT from the FATHER. If two witnesses gives the SPIRIT , then we must go to Him to get it. Besides, He is the FATHER as proven in the above writing. Apostle Paul wrote;“The fathers ate and drank from CHRIST THE LORD, “The ROCK". “they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was CHRIST”. (1 co 10: 1-4) By not going to "The ROCK”, the people have sinned and are like the wicked sea. So from that wicked sea, The LORD must deliver them once again. Wicked means have inherited lies. In order to save from the sea of lies, the TRUTH must be given which is the true knowledge of GOD, as the sea. (Isa. 11: 9 – 11) When the knowledge of GOD is given, with The LORD opening the blinded eyes, they will come out of the wicked sea in to the sea of knowledge of GOD. The lies will be wiped out, the truth will set all free. Then, they must be baptised in to that sea and come out in order for GOD to accept them as sons. Unless you go to the FATHER who gives the Holy SPIRIT, and ask for it, He cannot give it to you. (Luk 11: 13). BUT, THE LEADERS DID NOT KNOW that their FATHER is "The ROCK" ! With that knowledge, which is given as the sea, all can come out PURIFIED as GOD’s people. That is the Glorious Rest, the PROMISED LAND, and WHERE THE PROMISE OF THE FATHER IS GIVEN! The Glorious Rest is where the TRUE FATHER will be! And the FATHER is "The ROCK” who gives us spiritual drink!

Examine yourselves before Passover; Have you followed CHRIST as Paul? (1 co 11). In order for the Passover to be fulfilled SPIRITUALLY, one must examine, to see if they HAVE FOLLOWED CHRIST THE LORD as Apostle Paul did ( 1 cor 11)and also if they have covered the head. According to Scripture, all the ministers have covered their head and have dishonored the head and have not followed the Head, Also the FATHER who begat them! Unless you have drunk from "The ROCK", and eat His flesh, WITH UNDERSTANDING that He Is your FATHER who begat, you are taking the Passover UNWORTHILY. Prove yourself and examine. Have you followed "The ROCK" who begets us and who gives the SPIRITUAL food and drink? Have you believed the HEAD of the man (if you are a man) is CHRIST THE LORD ? Or do you think it is GOD the FATHER, as the high priest has taught? If you agree with the high priest’s teachings, then you are DISAGREEING with "The ROCK", the real FATHER’s word and cannot Passover. Scripture says below, unless you know THE FATHER WHO BEGAT you, you will have no love of GOD, and are not brothers or of one family. Unless you believe in Him, you will not get Holy SPIRIT. If "The ROCK”, is our FATHER who begat us, (Det 32:18), and if He gives the spiritual drink, (1 cor 10:4), unless if we go to Him, would we get the Holy SPIRIT? This is why, only on the last great day He calls all to come and drink from Him. That means ALL HUMANS, as no one went to "The ROCK" to get the SPIRIT , but to GOD the FATHER. ! So He pours out His SPIRIT as promised on all FLESH. The flesh means those who did not go to "The ROCK" to drink it, who failed to receive the SPIRIT! “flesh’ and ‘SPIRIT ’ are opposite of each other. Such could not be born again, as it is the Holy SPIRIT, the words of "The ROCK" , which begets us! If the Word of GOD says, one must drink from "The ROCK", and if they go to GOD the FATHER to get the drink, would they get it? So all the churches went to GOD the FATHER to get the drink. This is why, CHRIST THE LORD said on the last great day, He will give the Holy SPIRIT, BECAUSE NONE BELIEVED IN HIM AND WENT TO HIM, TO ASK FOR IT! He gives the Holy SPIRIT, according to Scripture.

Second Passover for those who did not preach the Everlasting Gospel to worship "The CREATOR" (Revelation 14: 6-7) Have you believed the Everlasting Gospel ; to give GLORY, fear and worship The “CREATOR” or CHRIST THE LORD?(Rev.14: 6-7) If not, the second Passover is for you ! Here’s why; Scripture proves, if you have not worshiped "The CREATOR", you are defiled with dead and scattered and will not be able to take the first Passover. (proven with Scripture below). None of the leaders have preached to fear “The CREATOR” who is CHRIST THE LORD.! None went to "The ROCK" who gives the SPIRITUAL DRINK, but went to GOD the FATHER. It is "The ROCK" who begat and brought Israel OUT OF EGYPT to be His people and to SERVE HIM WITH ALL their HEARTS. He said to NOT TO HAVE ANY OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM. That includes GOD the FATHER as well. Referring to GOD the FATHER, He said that is whom “you” worship. (Joh 8:54). If you have NOT SERVED The CREATOR, YOU HAVE NOT PASSED OVER, nor have you BELIEVED THE Everlasting Gospel.! And you will be judged, and are still in Egypt spiritually. (Rev 11: 8). Remember it is "The ROCK” who said ‘you shall have no other gods before “Me”. That is CHRIST THE LORD! IN OTHER WORDS; YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS , but "The ROCK" ,"The CREATOR", CHRIST THE LORD ! When CHRIST says not to have other gods, and if you go to GOD the FATHER also, you have gone to another god and have not obeyed your HEAD, who is CHRIST! It is His words which are written that one must obey. If you do not obey "The ROCK”, you are considered as a son of rebellion or a son of disobedience! Everlasting Gospel is all about worshiping this one GOD and giving glory due to Him! But if you have not preached this Everlasting Gospel, you have had other gods. And you are defiled with dead gods, because HE alone IS THE Living GOD! GOD gave two reasons to take the second Passover, and to be defiled with dead, is one reason. Then, If you are not gathered to Him, (luk.11:23) then you are scattered abroad or gone to a far country. Jam 1: 1 says ALL 12 TRIBES ARE SCATTERED. That is the other reason which you must take the second Passover. The true church must be ‘CHRIST THE LORD ’S church, as He said ‘ I will build ‘MY’ church. We are being built in to CHRIST THE LORD ’S BODY and not to any other GOD’s! When the Scripture says the CONGREGATION, CHURCH, TEMPLE OF The LORD, it means CHRIST THE LORD ’S. Simply if you have not preached this Everlasting Gospel, you are scattered and defiled and you could not have passed over in the first one. Examine yourselves before the second Passover to understand if you have followed "The ROCK" or not. HE IS OUR Passover and not GOD the FATHER .(1 co 5:7). HE should be your HEAD ! To become a LIVELY stone in the temple, one must be built on the Chief Corner Stone who is the LIVING GOD! He Is the Living GOD and He is the Fountain of the Living waters! Everlasting life comes from Him. Word of GOD comes from His mouth! Everlasting Covenant is made with Him! "The ROCK" gives the spiritual drink! If you have not given Him the glory, you have sought your own glory! Did HWA preach to fear and worship “CHRIST THE LORD” ? No. None of the leaders did. Mal 2:10-11 proves ONE FATHER AND ONE CREATOR! If you have believed this gospel, then you are HIS PEOPLE. If not, you are defiled! The NEW COVENANT WOULD BE MADE WITH THIS GOD and not with GOD the FATHER! One must Passover to be The CREATOR’S people and not GOD the FATHER’s! This Everlasting Gospel is not to worship GOD the FATHER, but CHRIST THE LORD, and HE IS THE HEAD of the body. If you do not have Him as your HEAD, then you have not passed over! "The ROCK" brought Israel out first time, He will bring Israel out second time, and He gave the spiritual meat and drink the first time, and HE WILL DO THE SAME, THE SECOND TIME! If you have not understood that, you are still in Egypt spiritually!

How would GOD bring (Zion) out of dust and make her as the Garden of Eden once again?When Adam and Eve sinned, GOD cursed him to go to dust. He became a liar from the beginning. And the dust is the serpent’s food. Dust means LIES as written below. So the man went to dust, to inherit lies, and where the serpents eat. Because of the lie, no one could be saved. 2 Thes 2. Neither could be free as the truth sets all free. Joh 8:32. As The LORD cursed, ever since then, man was in dust, and also was born by the serpent, the devil as CHRIST THE LORD said to His own in Joh 8. Now, Zion is in dust. Isa. 52 Same way Adam was made naked, Zion too is naked now as the Laodiceans are naked. But then, how would GOD cloth her, the same way He clothed Adam? The LORD will forgive, He will remove this curse with all other curses as Revelation 20 says. And remember to be sent to dust is a part of GOD’s wrath! But When GOD’s mercy comes, all will be once again given the truth and it will be like the Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden, it is "The CREATOR" who was the GOD. That is "The ROCK". By not going to "The ROCK” to drink spiritually, as the spiritual drink comes from "The ROCK" , who is CHRIST THE LORD , all inherited lies. Now the truth is revealed. One must eat and drink from "The ROCK". 1 co 10:4. So they can get rid of lies and be saved or set free by the truth, the Word of GOD!!! Unless you are born of the SPIRIT, you are a son of the devil. So all the churches were sons of the devil and inherited lies as The LORD said! What The LORD Has said, is the truth. So all should admit they are liars but GOD Is true! All these years GOD allowed to man to prove himself and to see if he can raise himself up to have life by himself. But that is impossible according to the Scripture of truth. The LORD Has declared the lie and all must examine to see if they are correct or The LORD is correct. ! When the truth is given, the lies are exposed and destroyed, all will be a new creation and will be like the garden of Eden! The Tree of Life will be offered once again. !

The PROMISE OF THE FATHERPromise of a "FATHER” means a Father's (one who begets)promise to His own sons. The Promise, we know is the Holy Spirit. When would this promise be given? What includes in this promise? Who would be given it first? Our real father should be The Rock who begat us who gives the spiritual drink and meat, who is CHRIST THE LORD. 1 co 10:4. Deut 32:18. From Him, comes the Holy Spirit which are His words. Joh 6:63.He, Is the Spirit as proven below and His words also are Spirit. Then, we must have Him as well as His words as the promise! That is why He said to abide in Me and abide in My words. Then, we must be born of "The CREATOR", the ROCK who must beget us in order to receive this promise! (Deu 32: 18) If "The ROCK” begets us, HE SHOULD BE OUR FATHER WHO gives the SPIRITUAL drink, and we must go to Him to receive it. We become first fruits, by receiving the words. (jam 1: 18, 1 Pet 1:23). Only a FATHER gives food and drink to sons. Also we must understand that ; when Christ said "the Father in Heaven will give Holy Spirit to those who ask Him" in Luk 11:13, we must ask from The Rock, who is our Father for His spirit. Have you gone to "The CREATOR", "The ROCK” who is CHRIST THE LORD to drink from Him, or have you gone after GOD the FATHER who could never give such? All these years, no one went to "The ROCK”, calling Him ‘FATHER’. He Is also the Almighty, THE FATHER(2 Cor 6: 17-18), The MOST HIGH THE FATHER, (Psa 82:6), and THE LORD OF HOSTS, THE FATHER (Mal 1:6), and THE REDEEMER, an everlasting FATHER (Isa 63:16.) So who ever went to drink from "The ROCK”, who begets us, are given the Promise of the FATHER, as HE IS THE FATHER and He Has promised to give the Holy SPIRIT to HIS OWN SONS who goes to Him! He brought sons of Israel out of Egypt to be His sons, but they never called Him the FATHER and made a god whom they have never heard or seen, their father, calling 'god the father' (JOH 8:54). So they failed to receive the promise. But gentiles, who are not HIS PEOPLE believed THE ROCK IS THE FATHER AND THE ROCK GIVES HOLY SPIRIT, SO THEY RECEIVED IT. !(Hos 2:23, Rom 9:25-26, 15:9-11) On The LASTDAY, He will ask all to come and drink the Holy Spirit. (Joh 7:36-39), as He said, “I will pour My Spirit in last days by Joel and Peter. But before the last day, the believers bellies are filled with HOLY SPIRIT. Others must come to their bellies to get it! No one honored The Creator as the Father and an EVERLASTING GOSPEL to fear and worship Him is preached in judgment, by those who already have their Father's NAME ON THEM. Rev 14:1-7. They are the children of THE ROCK who drank from their TRUE FATHER, the ROCK !

Glorifying THE Name of THE LORD OF SABOATHThe LORD of Sabbath is JESUS CHRIST the LORD, who is also The LORD of HOSTS. Glorifying means to know and understand how HE FULFILLS THE MEANING OR THE CHARACTER IN THE NAME INVOLVED. He Has MANY names and each one must be fulfilled in order to glorify that particular name. In the first part, we proved how He fulfilled many other names. For example:- He Is The Saviour. Then He must SAVE. Then only He fulfills that name. And after saving, He becomes the true SAVIOR.! Same way, if HE IS The LORD, (of Sabbath), HE REALLY MUST BE The LORD. And when He becomes The LORD , then Sabbath is fulfilled as written below. No one honored Him as The LORD, as all worshiped GOD the Father. IF HE IS TO BE ‘THE’ LORD, THERE CANT BE OTHERS OVER HIM! And as you will see, when He becomes The LORD, it is the true Sabbath to rest! All works of The LORD would be finished. It is CHRIST, The ROCK who gave the Sabbath as a sign. But all worshiped GOD the Father.(John 8:54). This Sabbath, is not the weekly Sabbath, but it is the Spiritually fulfilled Sabbath, where all would cease their work as The LORD of Sabbath becomes The LORD and the true GOD!. THE TRUE Spiritually FULFILLED Sabbath, is WHERE THE PEOPLE WILL WORSHIP, FEAR AND HONOR ‘JESUS CHRIST the LORD’ AS THE ONLY LORD, AND FATHER, as we shall see! This means only in this Sabbath, HE BECOMES The LORD! If He Is a ‘LORD’, then all must fear and worship and honor Him! But the Levitical ministry (Mal. 1:6)did not do so and could not make Him THE ONLY GOD OR LORD OR THE FATHER!. In this writing, we will prove how HE COULD NOT BE The LORD UNTIL THIS Sabbath. CHRIST the LORD, who is also The ROCK, said HE BEGAT US (Deut.32). That is why He said ‘if I AM A FATHER” in Mal. 1:6, and where is My honor? When the Sabbath is to be Spiritually fulfilled, the hosts of The LORD will believe, sanctify, worship Him as The LORD and the FATHER and fear Him! That is the true Sabbath, which was pictured by the weekly Sabbath! In order to fulfill this Sabbath, CHRIST must become The LORD and His hosts must WORSHIP AND FEAR Him! This writing proves how The LORD of Sabbath became The LORD and who are His hosts.! This writing proves, how none exalted The LORD of HOSTS , give glory, and how once again His glory will fill the earth! The most wonderful story, in the Bible !!! This is the hope of mankind !

Glorifying The Name of The LORD of Sabbath pt 3. In this writing, we will continue to glorify or make known the name of The LORD of Sabbath, to make understand how He fulfills His names. Unless He becomes ‘THE’ LORD, no one could enter in to this Sabbath. This is why, He said, pray that your flight may not be on Sabbath. Because if you have not already believed and entered in to the Sabbath, you have His WRATH. Only on this Sabbath, which is spiritually fulfilled, JESUS CHRIST became THE ONLY LORD. And it is those who believed that HE IS the One and ONLY TRUE GOD the FATHER, and also The Son, who have entered in to His rest. Also proven further, that one should worship CHRIST the LORD, as He was the ONLY GOD, and there are no two gods, (Mal. 2: 10-11) and how CHRIST the LORD fulfilled His name ‘The LORD of Sabbath’ among the hosts whom He predestinated and that they are His weaponry, to tread down the wicked who did not obey, or honor Him or accepted as the only LORD, who are the ministry and His own wife. Those who believed, became the HOSTS and sons of The LORD of Sabbath.! Also, if the scripture says one should bow down to CHRIST the LORD, or The CREATOR, and one should confess that He is The LORD, then we should do so. Have you done so? If you have not, then you have not obeyed the scripture. If you truly have done so, then you must be a HOST of His, and has entered in to HIS REST. If the law is fulfilled, then the Sabbath which is a part of that law also must be fulfilled. In order to fulfill, CHRIST the LORD is prophesied to come again. The rest is where CHRIST the LORD Is and not GOD the Father is. Laodicea era now, the wife of CHRIST The LORD or the ministry has become His enemy. This is why, HE CHOSE these children and predestinated them to believe in Him, and they are sanctified to receive HIS TRUTH AND BE SET FREE, AND are TO BECOME THE CHILDREN OF CHRIST the LORD and to honor, obey Him and to be a sign and a wonder to others. We know, LOVE fulfills the law. But, unless that love is given to us by The LORD, Himself, we cannot have that love of GOD in us. The love of GOD is given, to those who received the Holy Spirit as proven in the first part, and that is how they FULFILLED THE Sabbath Spiritually also and made CHRIST the LORD, The LORD of Sabbath. ! The whole duty of man is to fear The LORD and keep His word! The LORD, in His temptation said ; man should live by every word which comes out of the mouth of The LORD . Also He said, things concerning Him, has an END. This writing continues to prove CHRIST the LORD is the only GOD and who are His hosts!

Free gift of faith of JESUS CHRIST TO LIVE!Scripture prophesies that all will spiritually die in the Laodicea era and will be judged. Then whose faith would cause all to live? It is the faith of CHRIST! Without faith, it is impossible to please GOD. Can we have the Faith of CHRIST THE LORD in us, unless He gives it? This faith also justifies and causes us to live; “Just shall live by his faith’! So could we have faith enough to LIVE BY OURSELVES? Faith, therefore, is a FREE GIFT. Eph. 2:8. then, it must be given freely, by The LORD. But it is given by CHRIST the LORD and not GOD the Father. So one must go to CHRIST to get it and not to GOD the Father. CHRIST the LORD’s body or wife also died, without faith, and without Spirit, as faith WITHOUT WORKS is dead. Jam 2:26. Spirit comes from CHRIST the LORD.(John 6:63, 20:22). Faith also comes from Him. So those who did not go to CHRIST, are dead without the Spirit and has no faith. Those who went to Him, received all these and are made just. So they live by CHRIST’s faith. All had faith in GOD the Father. That is a dead faith as the scripture proves, because He cannot give us life, Spirit, nor faith to live, or can justify us by his blood! CHRIST The LORD Does all that! This is why, all who went to GOD the Father, died Spiritually and the house of GOD is desolated, as CHRIST the LORD, THE HUSBAND left. Neither could the wife of CHRIST The LORD enter in to the REST as Heb.4:6 says, even though it was preached FIRST to them, as they had NO FAITH. Then, The LORD GIVES faith FREELY, justifying us, and to trust in Him to give life as The Saviour. HIS FAITH WHICH THE SCRIPTURE CALLS THE Faith of CHRIST THE LORD, WILL GIVE LIFE TO US.! But no man can have this faith unless The LORD gives it freely. WE CANNOT EARN IT. PROVE it to yourself from the scripture! CHRIST the LORD’s faith will perform what HE HAS SPOKEN! The Laodiceans are so blind as The LORD said, and they would not even know THE KING is not in her and they are all spiritually dead. Jer. 8: 19-20. Judgment is the spiritual death, the Laodicea blindness which will be turned off. Zep 3:15. That is why The LORD allowed them to live physically. The LORD preached the true Everlasting gospel to the poor, Luk. 4:18 justifying them by giving His faith to live when the wisdom of the wise perished. Acts. 13, Hab 1:5, John 9:39. That is the judgment of The LORD, which the rich would not know. Jer. 8:7.! So The LORD chose the poor, as HE PREACHED them the gospel, during the days of vengeance, to accept all and made them rich in faith. Jam 2:5, and to be in the kingdom casting out the rich. 1 sam 2:8. When would The LORD give this faith? To whom would He gives it first? Scripture talks about CHRIST’s faith and our faith. Our faith, cannot have the works which The LORD requires. For example:- the righteous demand of the law, no man can ever have. That is why The LORD comes to fulfill it the second time! When all are dead, His faith gives us to look and hope for His mercy and sacrifice to save us. “The hour is coming, and now is, when the “dead” shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.”! That is the Faith of CHRIST THE LORD! Unless that faith is given to us, we cannot even hear when He calls !

Be RECONCILED to your Husband and not to His FATHER! Israel was married to ONE GOD and not TWO.! The marriage Covenant is broken.Reconciliation is needed when two parties are separated. Both CHRIST the LORD and His wife broke the marriage Covenant as she could not understand that she entered in to the marriage with ONE GOD, but worshiped GOD the Father also. The Covenant was a “MARRIAGE” Covenant, with ONE GOD, THE HUSBAND, CHRIST, The ROCK ! (Ex 20:2-3). A “Marriage” Covenant cannot be made with TWO, but ONE! GOD the Father, did not ENTER IN TO A MARRIAGE Covenant WITH Israel or the church! He too draws one to The Son. John 6;44.The wife did not go to the Husband to get spiritual drink, but went passing Him, to the father arousing the Husband’s jealousy and anger, causing the Covenant to end. Scripture clearly says to wives and to the church, her HEAD is CHRIST. To GO PASS HIM, AND NOT FOCUS ON THE HUSBAND, IS AGAINST THE SCRIPTURE OR HUSBAND’S WORD! A husband and a wife must focus on each other, more than others, and specially not a FATHER. Therefore, the wife of CHRIST DID AGAINST HER HUSBAND! Would not you, husbands be jealous if your wife went to your father instead of you, WHEN YOU HAVE CLEARLY SAID TO HER TO COME TO YOU? When you got married to your wife, did your father also entered in to the marriage Covenant ? This is why your Husband said you worship the FATHER. John 8:54? Then, you have despised, dishonored your HUSBAND and have broken the marriage Covenant, because the Covenant WAS, IS AND WILL BE with CHRIST the LORD! When The ROCK made the Covenant, it was ONLY with Him! He said “I” your LORD, GOD; you shall have NO OTHER GODS, BEFORE ME”. Ex 20:3.Do you ministers teach your wives and the women in the church to go to the husband’s ‘FATHER’ leaving the husband for your food? Did not the high priest teach to go pass the Husband and to go the father? And would not YOU HUSBANDS be mad at your wives, if they go to your “father” instead of coming to you? If it is wrong for you, would it be right for CHRIST’s wife to do so? Jer. 3 says “I AM” and not ‘we are’ married unto you. ‘Could you have TWO husbands? When Israel entered in to the Covenant, was there another GOD called GOD the Father? But, the last ministry preached TWO gods, and broke the Covenant. Mal. 2: 10-11! And He left Zion, and PROVOKING HER ALSO TO JEALOUSY, He showed her sins to gentiles, (Deu 32:21,Jer. 8: 19-20), and cast her down from heaven, lam 2:1, brought gentiles to heaven (Col. 3:1-4, Eph.2:6)and was found by a no people and made them HIS BELOVED and His people.(deu 32:43, Hos. 2:23, Rom. 9:25-26)and left her to be trodden down and be judged by the gentiles Rev. 11:2-3, Eze. 16:40, showed to gentiles, what lies she has (Jer. 16:19), even though she is spiritually blind and cannot know her judgments also. Jer. 8:7. In order to judge, (by His words John 12: 48), The LORD needed to give the truth, the Word of GOD especially the knowledge of GOD, which is about HIM, to gentiles and made them His Royal Priesthood. 1 Pe 2:6-10, and said, Israel will stumble on Him, Isa. 8:14, and stumble at the Word of GOD, 1 Pe 2:6-7, and would not be built on Him, the Chief Corner Stone, and the builders will reject Him. And He came to gentiles, as they are to trust in Him , believe, as they are sanctified to receive the Spirit. Isa. 11: 9-11,2 Thess. 2:13, Col. 1:27 and gave faith and made them to be in the kingdom. Jam 2:5, 1 Sam 2:8 in order to judge the wife. And He reconciled the gentiles to Him, and gave them the ministry of reconciliation! All proven with scripture!

Trumpets are blown in GOD’s JEALOUSY to EXPOSE the HEARTS causing all to be ONE with CHRIST, the HUSBAND and the FATHER!Zep 1:16 A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers”. The Feast of Trumpets must be Spiritually be fulfilled in order to be ONE WITH GOD, to fulfill the Day of Atonement. It is time to blow trumpets in His anger to pour His wrath, the jealousy. (Zep 1:18).When ‘The ROCK’, who is CHRIST The LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, entered in to the Covenant, giving laws of marriage, He said to LOVE “HIM” with all HEART. THE Covenant WAS NOT MADE WITH TWO GODS! But you had two and even hated the husband and went to the FATHER and BROKE THE Covenant. Mal. 2: 10-11. HAVE YOU LOVED ‘CHRIST your HUSBAND WHO ALONE entered in to the MARRIAGE Covenant? When the scripture says we must be ONE WITH GOD; is it not WITH CHRIST alone? THERE WAS NO OTHER GOD WITH HIM, WHEN The ROCK BROUGHT YOU OUT TO BE ‘HIS PEOPLE’! Deu 32: 12,15,18. THERE WAS NO GOD, called the Father BACK THEN! When you; the husbands married your wives, did you enter in to the Covenant with her FATHER ALSO? How about if your wife goes to your FATHER instead of coming to you? By going to the FATHER, you provoked Him to jealousy. And it is “Husbands and wives” are to be one with each other. Can you be one with ‘two’ gods or with the FATHER of the bride? You have given the husband’s glory to another. And it is CHRIST who GIVES all things to the wife, including SPIRITUAL MEAT AND DRINK, salvation, everlasting life, righteousness, white linen, redemption, forgiveness, sanctification, justification, faith, wisdom, understanding, Righteousness, even HIS OWN MIND, Living Waters, healing, light, and Holy Spirit! HE HAS GIVEN HIS WORD. HE WILL NOT LIE. HE WILL NEVER CHANGE. The Husband accuses the wife of NOT COMING TO HIM TO GET THESE. Do you agree to what He accuses you of? Compare what He Has prophesied about your evilness and see if you have done so or not! DID YOU NOT GO TO GOD the Father TO GET REVELATION, WHEN THE HUSBAND SAYS COME TO ME? HE blows the trumpet to cause you to know His wrath, over your DISOBEDIENCE, SO you CAN REPENT AND COME TO Him. HE IS WAITING TO ENTER IN TO the NEW Covenant. The fact that Heb. 8 says when the new Covenant is made they will all KNOW ME, AND NO NEED any one TO TEACH ABOUT HIM, PROVES, teachers have not taught about the truth about the GOD who entered in to the Covenant. Isa. 11: 9 – 11, Isa. 5: 13 also proves they lacked the knowledge of GOD. Rom.1 and 2 Thess. 2 proves the final falling away happened as they suppressed the truth about GOD, even after GODHEAD was clearly shown. The ministry TAUGHT LIES which STOPPED THEM FROM KNOWING HIM! Husband’s accusations are written in the scripture. That is why, His ‘WORDS’ will judge all, on the last day. John 12: 48. And in the end, HE COMES TO EXPOSE THE HIDDEN COUNSELS OF THE ‘HEARTS’. (1co 4:5). The LORD’s wrath which is poured on the day of THE LORD, is to expose the wickedness of the wife and His children, AND TO GIVE THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE, so they can repent and return to Him and not to destroy anyone in a fire. But HIS WORDS will be as fire, causing all to know that NO ONE HAS LOVED HIM WITH ALL THEIR HEART! Since their backslidings are also written, the end should be in judgment to prove each heart, so each man can look back to what HE HAS DONE ALREADY, compare the scripture and prove OWN HEART to be justified or be guilty! We become ONE WITH Him, from our “hearts” and Holy Spirit lives in our hearts. Gal. 4:6. The CREATOR does not dwell in manmade temples, but in our heart. THEN KNOW THE PLAGUE OF YOUR OWN HEART AND REPENT, so you can be ONE WITH YOUR HUSBAND! THE LORD SPEAKS TO YOUR HEART!!! HAVE YOU TRULY LOVED ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART???

Day of Atonement- The LORD sacrifices Himself once again, at the END OF THE WORLD!Scripture says The LORD will sacrifice Himself at the END OF THE WORLD ONCE AGAIN. That means for the SECOND TIME! That is to be done on the Day of Atonement, when all would be forgiven and reconciled. All the knowledge about His sacrifice and how and when it would be fulfilled is written in this writing. He is the HIGH PRIEST, and HE OFFERS HIMSELF to Himself once again to fulfill this day spiritually. When would this once again be? Before that, there are few things The LORD must do first, what are they? That is the acceptable year, when all humans will be forgiven. In order to accept all, the sin or the offence of The LORD must be revealed and that was done in trumpets in His wrath. We have proven in many writings that CHRIST the LORD is the Everlasting FATHER as well as The Son, the FATHER and the Husband. And this is brought to light, as the time has come to fulfill the Day of Atonement, which is to forgive, annul and repent and to be reconciled and this was the mystery of CHRIST, which is revealed in the very end. (Rev. 10:7), In order to make all things new, which ALL THINGS ARE MADE NEW IN CHRIST the LORD. Remember there is no Jew, nor Greek, but all are new in JESUS CHRIST the LORD and also the new Covenant will be made with Him ALONE! The ROCK, IS the same GOD who entered in to the old Covenant also. Not knowing this, all BROKE THE Covenant and died spiritually. But dead will be raised by the Faith of CHRIST THE LORD! Since we have sinned against a GOD, and there is no other sacrifice to save men, and The LORD, Himself have to die. Just as a day was set to judge, a day is set to establish also, which is the Day of Atonement. The Day of Atonement, is to be Spiritually fulfilled by The LORD ’S OWN SACRIFICE IN THE END OF THE WORLD, MAKING ALL THINGS NEW AND THE NEW COVENANT.! But why could not The LORD forgive all before the end of the world and enter in to the new Covenant???

How to fulfill the Feast of Tabernacles SPIRITUALLY!Do you keep the feast before “The ROCK”, who gave them as ‘HIS’ feasts? Then you have fulfilled the feast Spiritually! IT IS ‘The ROCK’ WHO BROUGHT YOU OUT OF Egypt and gave the feasts and SAID THESE ARE ‘MY’, MY, MY” FEASTS!!! Therefore, have you rejoiced and kept the feast of ‘The ROCK’ who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD? Or have you kept the feast to GOD the Father, or even to TWO gods? Even if there is a GOD the Father, he has never asked anyone to keep feasts for him as none has heard him. According to scripture, If you have kept the feast to “GOD the Father”, you have kept the feast in vain! Did you ever think about that? Are you feasting before ‘TWO’ gods? Then, you have not fulfilled the feasts of The LORD, Spiritually, because the feasts are to be kept to honor ‘The ROCK’; ‘ONE’ GOD who commanded them to be kept in ‘HIS’ name and to honor “HIM”! HE said these are ‘MY’ feasts and not ‘our’!!! Have you kept them as The LORD requires? OR, HAVE YOU KEPT THE FEASTS TO THE SAME GOD WHO COMMANDED TO KEEP THEM? It is same, if you have kept them for ‘TWO’ gods. We must do and obey the Word of GOD, JUST AS IT IS WRITTEN and we cannot add or remove. Prove all things! The feasts of The LORD, are to honor The ROCK, or CHRIST the LORD. YOU MAY BE KEEPING IT YEAR AFTER YEAR, BUT YOU HAVE NOT FULFILLED THEM OR NOT KEPT IT TO THE GOD WHO GAVE THEM. It is “The ROCK”, or CHRIST the LORD, ( 1 cor 10; 3- 4), who brought Israel out of Egypt, ALL BY HIMSELF, AND THERE WAS NO OTHER GOD, called ‘GOD the Father’ with Him, when He brought Israel out of Egypt to be His people. Deut. 32:12. And unless you go to The ROCK’S FEAST where HE GIVES the spiritual drink, you will not get it. This is why, only on the Last Great Day, you are called to drink from Him! This must be proven with scripture, clearly, in order to see if you have fulfilled the Feast Of Tabernacles Spiritually and as GOD COMMANDED. This writing proves from the scripture, THAT NONE HAS KEPT THE Feast of Tabernacles in the name of ‘The ROCK’ TO HONOR HIM! A serious accusation from GOD, to show your error of feasting before other gods and not before Him, ONLY ! Judge your actions by the Word of GOD and be justified or be guilty. The truth will set you free! But, be comforted, now that CHRIST and HIS children in Isa. 8: 18 , 29:23 have kept the feasts and have praised Him, and having believed their bellies are filled with Holy Spirit the spiritual drink, so HE CAN CALL ALL OTHERS TO COME AND DRINK! So the rest also can follow! Honor and feast before ‘The ROCK’, who commanded them to be kept! You have not heard from any other gods to keep feasts to them!!! These are ‘MY’ feasts, says The ROCK, who is CHRIST the LORD who alone begat you! Deu 32: 12-18. !!!

Why did Peter deny Christ And John the Baptist had doubts?We have removed the above writing from our web site, as it talks about HWA’s teachings are to be correct, but are false. You may notice we have removed several writings because of this reason. The LORD Has opened our minds to know that HWA is the first leader who took all to Babylon or religious confusion and caused all to turn away from CHRIST the LORD, One and ONLY TRUE GOD. We proved it is “ONE’ GOD CREATED all things and that is CHRIST the LORD. HWA and GF who follows the same teachings are from Judah who was the last tribe to forsake CHRIST the LORD as proven in many writings. Specially, at the time of the breaking of the Covenant, they taught ‘TWO’ gods created. “Have we not all ONE FATHER? Hath not ONE GOD CREATED us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers? Judah hath dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah hath profaned the holiness of the LORD which he loved, and hath married the daughter of a strange GOD”. Mal 2: 10-11. These verses and as proven in our other writings, it is ONE GOD created us, and that He Is also ‘THE FATHER’. The ROCK, who is CHRIST the LORD, created, made, established, and begat all. Deu 32: 6, 12, 15, 18. “Of THE ROCK that BEGAT thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee”.This is why The LORD of HOSTS , who is also CHRIST the LORD, condemns the Levitical ministry of not honoring Him as the FATHER in Mal. 1: 6. We have proven that The CREATOR is our FATHER. And HWA and GF who are of Judah, teaches ‘TWO’ gods created us and they teach against the scripture. Therefore, as we notice or when someone brings these things to our notice, we remove such writings which we have ignorantly written, in order to teach the truth. Therefore, this is the same writing, but what we have added later, will be in red. And what we remove will be in blue. Why did Peter deny Christ three times? Why did John the Baptist sent his disciples to ask Christ, “Are you the One to come” even after baptizing? What does this have to do with the gentiles?

The King comes to Zion, just, lowly, riding upon an ass and the foal, HAVING SALVATION. !Zech 9:9 When The LORD’s words says; He comes on an ass and a foal to give salvation ‘to’ Zion, she must believe His words and look for Him and the ass and the foal, bringing HIm. THIS MEANS, UNTIL SUCH TIME, THERE IS NO SALVATION TO Zion. So she needs SALVATION! You may be the most exalted high priest, a leader, in Zion or a church, or an evangelist or a minister in same, but YOU NEED SALVATION and must look for the ass. CAN YOU CHANGE the scripture which is ‘WRITTEN”? Then, you must try to understand and act upon it. AFTER ALL, THIS IS THE WAY The LORD BRINGS SALVATION TO YOU! When you do not believe the scripture, you work AGAINST The LORD! And you lie. When The LORD says, He comes on a foolish nation, then look for such one. He will not come in exalted high priest as they are all with sin, (Heb.7) AND NEEDS TO BE CHANGED, nor in any of Judah, as he lost the holiness ( Mal. 2: 10-11), not knowing the ONE TRUE GOD, nor the Levitical ministry who failed to fear and honor the ONLY FATHER AND THE MASTER, (Mal. 1:6) as that priesthood must be changed with the Covenant and the law. The LORD, Himself Is prophesied to come as an APOSTLE, AND THE HIGH PRIEST. (Heb. 3). Then, if you think you are an apostle, or a high priest, or even a minister, your job, you have NOT DONE according to the laws of The LORD and will be NO MORE , until you are purified. That was why The LORD came on the ass the first time and even now. And when that happens, your job is to look for The LORD’s coming on a foolish nation. Your whole duty towards GOD is to fear Him. ONE MUST FEAR The CREATOR AND NOT GOD the Father. (Rev. 14:6-7). Scripture says NONE feared nor honored Him. Mal. 1:6. But, the OX, and the ASS knows it’s OWNER (one owner) and the MASTER’S CRIB. (Isa. 3). YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE SCRIPTURE ! Who could this ass and the foal be, when The LORD brings salvation to Zion? Certainly some who are humble and lowly AND THEY worship and fear and believe, know and understand this ONE TRUE GOD ! After all, it is The LORD’s doing. This writing proves who is this ass and the foal, and why, how and when this prophecy will be fulfilled. One thing is certain; Zion does not have salvation, until she meets The LORD coming on the foolish nation. And she cannot save anyone either! She, herself needs salvation! If you are not the ass and the foal, you needs salvation. Whatever The LORD Has prophesied; HE WILL BRING TO PASS. If not, HE IS A LIAR! GOD cannot lie. So all things will be fulfilled just as it is written.! Prove all things! This prophecy is for the time, when the SALVATION is to come to Zion! And The LORD IS NOT IN Zion!!! Remember, the curse for not believing in The LORD ’s words began in Adam’s time. Tree of Life is cut off means the LIFE WAS CUT OFF until the curse is removed and the sin is paid off, which happens at the beginning of making the new Covenant!

.First letter to Mr Flurry, written in 2003, 12 years ago. This letter was posted in our web site twice. Both times someone has removed the contents. Therefore, we send this to all in our mailing list. This was sent to Gerald Flurry (12 years ago,) regarding the UNBAPTIZED men taken as ministers to PCG by Alex Harrison, which caused The LORD or The Husband to leave the wife, even breaking the Covenant, AND BY STRIKING THE LEADER’S WIFE. She was killed nine months after in sept 5th 2004, on their WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Could not GOD wait just one day after the anniversary to take her life? The same week Gerald Flurry took the decision to disfellowship us and hide the matter , The LORD struck his wife as mentioned in Eze. 24. These are PROPHESIED EVENTS. When the eyes are opened, all will know The LORD did what He did, and WHY HE DID IT. Gerald Flurry caused The LORD ’s wife to keep the Passover with heathen. And caused The LORD ’s wife to Spiritually die. So The LORD also struck his wife and took on the same day on their 40TH ANNIVERSARY! PCG leader did not keep the charge of the Sanctuary as Eze. 44:7 says. He wrote in Ezekiel booklet pg 77, other s invite heathen in to their churches. But under his nose, his regional director, Alex Harrison invited 800 of them and ordained 17 of them as ministers which WERE PUBLISHED IN Philadelphia NEWS magazines which NO ONE CAN DENY. This letter was posted in our web site twice, and we noticed someone, somehow has removed the contents both times. Therefore, we are sending it again after 12 years, to everyone as many has tried to read it. This time, we send this individually to all so all can prove if this could be done by a church leader who believes that we should not take Passover with HEATHEN. To this day, we do not do it. Then, would GOD overlook such a crime which PCG committed again The LORD ? This is the cause which caused The LORD to come as a thief , IN THE NIGHT, the spiritual darkness came over the whole land, as this is the abomination which caused the desolation. Another writing would follow soon.

How the SPIRITUAL darkness came on the last church. CHRIST the LORD said there are 12 hours for the day and 12 for the night. And the darkness to come on all over the earth (to the church) is prophesied. The last era is also prophesied to fall Spiritually. Then, the day of THE LORD, which is the Times of Gentiles should begin. That means the church would be in darkness because the Times of Gentiles means the day of THE LORD. Eze. 30:3. If all things written are to be fulfilled during the days of vengeance, then The LORD must purify the ministry and grant her to wear fine linen and also must forgive her first and give new hearts to enter in to the NEW Covenant, and even offer the Tree of Life! NO more DEATH, NIGHT, OR SEA or curses. But first, the day of THE LORD, Day of Visitation, days of vengeance, or the Times of Gentiles must be fulfilled. According to scripture, The LORD prepared the gentiles even from the beginning, to judge and tread Israel as the blessings and cursing are written in Deuteronomy. The LORD said He will raise up a foolish nation, and they will become your HEAD and will LEND to you. But this is to end Spiritually as you will see. The LORD , Himself came to gentiles giving them the truth, the true knowledge of GOD in order to raise them up. Isa. 11:9-11. They are to trust in Him first, and obey and believe Him. At that time, Israel is blind. “brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.., And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:” This mystery was given to gentiles, which is to know the BLINDNESS OF Israel! Then, while the fulness of the gentiles are being fulfilled, Israel must be BLIND! After the Times of Gentiles is fulfilled, the Deliverer will turn the ungodliness and SAVE Israel. That means gentiles are SAVED first as Apostle Peter too wrote; “That the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the gospel, and believe. But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they.” God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for HIS NAME. After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up”. When The LORD Visits the ‘gentiles’, the Tabernacle is already FALLEN AND IN RUINS! When did Apostle Peter preach to ‘gentiles’ by his mouth? And Apostle Peter says, gentiles will hear the GOSPEL from his mouth and BELIEVE! But, it is by GRACE, even Apostle Peter and all will be saved. But first, the gentiles will be saved as he says ‘even as they’. Then, GOD is to VISIT FIRST, the gentiles to take a people for HIS NAME! And the clear lip to call upon the NAME of THE LORD is given on the day of THE LORD, to gentiles. Zeph. 3:9-10. The gentiles who received the Name of THE LORD, are the ones who BELIEVED, hearing Apostle Peter’s gospel as you will see. Do The LORD comes to build the FALLEN RUINED Tabernacle, with the gentiles. Zech. 6:12-15! “For as ye in times past have not believed God, yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief: Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy”. The gentiles who did not believe, obtained MERCY, through Israel’s UNBELIEF. Rom. 11:20 says, for UNBELIEF, Israel is cut off and gentiles are given faith. This means Israel is cut off for UNBELIEF, failed to receive MERCY ‘first’, and as they did not believe, mercy came to gentiles, but through the mercy shown to ‘gentiles’, Israel also will obtain mercy! Then, when GENTILES HAVE BELIEVED, Israel is still in UNBELIEF! Therefore, when The LORD VISITS the SECOND TIME, He first take gentiles for HIS NAME! That is why, they are given the knowledge of GOD and the clear lip to call upon the NAME of THE LORD !!! So while The LORD Is taking gentiles, all Israel is BLIND and are in DARKNESS.! How it will end?

Glossary pt 2 Introduction :..the Bible is full of symbols and parables. Including the words such as ‘Father’, (John 16:25) and ‘CHRIST’, will be revealed (Col. 3:4) and the mystery of GOD which is revealed in Rev. 10, during the day of THE LORD and in judgment! Scripture says the knowledge of GOD will be given at HIS SECOND COMING, as the sea. Isa. 11;9-11. Truth will be revealed only after the wisdom of the wise has perished. This is the second part; we noticed when reading, that for many biblical topics explained and/or defined in our writings, another glossary seemed like a good idea for a quick and lasting, reference to those concepts, therefore Mr. Fisher prepared this.

Those who did not come to CHRIST, are CONDEMNED by the Queen of South, as THE LORD SAID! “There is NO CONDEMNATION” to those who are in JESUS CHRIST the LORD. (Rom. 8). That means those who did not come to HIM ARE CONDEMNED. the condemnation is NOT COMING TO HIM! And The LORD said, it is the queen of south and the men of Niniveh who will CONDEMN those who did not come to Him, as they came to meet more greater than king Solomon, who is Himself, but in judgment. Such even failed to receive the wisdom of GOD as it comes from HIM! In many of our writings, we have proven according to scripture, that The CREATOR is the One and ONLY TRUE GOD. He Is the FATHER, as well as The Son, The Husband, and all the names of GOD are fulfilled by Him. Scripture proves The ROCK or CHRIST the LORD, The CREATOR was the GOD who gave the law and entered in to the Covenant with Israel. He says there was no other GOD, besides Him. But His wife, forsook Him and went to GOD the Father to get the spiritual drink and meat, when it comes from CHRIST the LORD, The ROCK. 1 cor 10:3-4. ( Deut. 32; 6, 12, 15, 18), This letter proves from the Word of GOD , that one should worship “The CREATOR”, JESUS CHRIST the LORD and not any other! And to condemn those who did not fear and worship ‘The CREATOR’, according to the Everlasting gospel in Rev. 14:6-7. “the everlasting gospel .… Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” This gospel is to fear and worship The CREATOR, who is CHRIST the LORD. That proves, until such time, earth has not done so. This gospel is preached during ‘JUDGMENTS’, to worship The CREATOR or The MAKER. Those who worshiped GOD the Father are condemned. John 8:54. This is why they should be judged and preached this gospel, as they are dead. 1 Pet. 4:6, so they can seek Him. Psa. 78:34-35. These scripture proves if you do not come to CHRIST, you are condemned. And The LORD said the men of Niniveh, (few from Israel who believed and repented) and the queen of south (gentiles) will arise in judgment to condemn those who DID NOT BELIEVE THIS GOSPEL! And condemnation, judgment and preaching of the Everlasting gospel is done at the same time, because the sin is exposed, vengeance is taken and judgments are to give light to accept. (Hos. 6:5). We are to be sons to The Most High. Psa. 82:6. Then, He is the FATHER. we are to be sons to The Almighty, who is CHRIST. 2 cor 6:16-19. Then, He Is the FATHER. We are to honor and fear The LORD of HOSTS as the FATHER Mal. 1:6. Then, The LORD of HOSTS who is CHRIST, is the FATHER. Then, we are to be the offspring of ‘The CREATOR’, (Acts. 17), then He is the FATHER. The ROCK who is CHRIST, begat us. Deut 32:18. Then, He is the FATHER. ! And it is The LORD of HOSTS ’s zeal, which sent all including the Everlasting FATHER as well as The Son. Isa. 9:6-7. That is The LORD of HOSTS , who is CHRIST the LORD.! Then, HE IS THE FATHER, and we must be HIS SONS.! If not, you are condemned. PROVE ALL THINGS!

JESUS CHRIST the LORD exalts gentiles, and Israel are humbled !The CREATOR, blessed Abraham with two sons, who are to be gentiles, and Israel. GOD created enmity between two races until HIS SECOND coming, when “HE” would bring both races to be ONE IN HIM. In the meantime, GOD commanded Israel to kill many nations of the gentiles as they WORSHIP FALSE GODS. On the other hand, when Israel failed to worship GOD, the GENTILES were used to punish Israel. This happened even now, as The LORD raised up foolish nation to provoke Israel to jealousy. GOD gave oracles, Covenants, doctrines, faith, the ministry and all things to Israel, ‘FIRST’. But, Israel failed to keep the true GOD in their knowledge, and inherited lies and the MARRIAGE Covenant also was broken and are to be desolated perpetually. Psa. 74. That is when they all became like heathen to GOD. Amo 9;7, as they are replenished from the east. Isa. 2:6. They are CAST DOWN from HEAVEN, lam 2:1, but gentiles are taken to heaven. Col. 3, Eph. 1,2. Then, The LORD used gentiles (who are far off, or in the east, as Ishmael was sent to the east of Isaac) to come and say to them, that they have inherited lies. Jer. 16:19. Unless the truth is given to gentiles, they cannot discern lies from the truth. Gentiles are to be poor and fatherless. (proven below why it is so). Sarah caused Hagar to be cast out with her son, so that he will NOT INHERIT with her son who is Isaac. But, in the end, all the inheritance, including the Promise of the FATHER, the blessing of Abraham, as well as The LORD, Himself came to gentiles and raised them up to sit on the thrones while casting down the princes of Isaac. 1 sam 2:8. Finally, The priesthood was cast out, Heb. 7 with their law, and faith is given to gentiles and they entered in to the REST of GOD, and The LORD CAST OUT Isaac from heaven, lam 2:1, from the thrones 1 sam 2:8, and STRIPPED OFF EVERYTHING FROM THEM, including the clothes from on High, which is the Spirit. All the inheritance of Isaac which Sarah did not want Ishmael to partake, The LORD gave to Ishmael, fulling His promise to HEAR HIM. As a human, our potential and the MOST GLORIOUS reward is to INHERIT THE LORD, as scripture calls it ‘THE HOPE OF GLORY”, is given to gentiles. The true Everlasting gospel is given to gentiles. This is a wonder and a wonder to all, to learn the truth from the scripture, how CHRIST the LORD brought justice to the truth and justice to gentiles, exalting them at the last hour, while humbling Isaac’s! His children became the enemy of The LORD , while gentiles became His friends, His own and bear fruits including to avenge the enemy, for the last time. By feeding the enemy, we are blessed to give and fulfill the law of love. Be a GOOD SAMARITAN, said The LORD, and not good Israel ! And the Samaritan woman was given Living Waters, which is everlasting life to know the One and ONLY TRUE GOD. Isaac’s children were chosen as the vessels of wrath, while gentiles are chosen as vessels of mercy. Rom.9. they are the blessed that The LORD did not impute sin in them, as there is no law, no transgression. So the Covenant of the law shows the transgression of Isaac’s! That brings wrath. And they died, while gentiles received the Spirit and Truth and came to JESUS CHRIST the LORD and are set free by Him and are given the ministry of GLORY, the ministry of the Spirit, and the ministry of reconciliation and the opportunity to serve The LORD, and are build on Him and come to Jerusalem to build the FALLEN Tabernacle of Isaac! The gentiles will lend to Israel, will provoke them to jealousy, and will teach them the truth and will turn the hearts of the children to their true FATHER ! JESUS CHRIST the LORD is a RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, FATHER of the fatherless! And these are mysteries, which are revealed to gentiles as The LORD IS IN THEM, the hope of glory. The gentiles are created for CHRIST the LORD’s glory. That knowledge was not given to Isaac. Finally, Abraham does not know, Israel does not acknowledge , but we have FOUND OUR Everlasting FATHER. Isa. 63:16. Can the scripture be broken? Prove all things and be humble , as The LORD Has humbled you! GOD allowed you to exalt yourselves, as a part of His WRATH, as you are the vessels of wrath. Daniel 11: 36.

Enemies of GOD- Cedars, oaks and Ships of Tarshish as they are high and lofty. Not only these oaks, cedars and ships of Tarshish, but the whole humanity who have sinned under Adam is guilty of pride, as we prove. But GOD predestinated these THREE GROUPS to show His wrath on them for their pride. GOD says the pride is the condemnation of the devil. GOD’s words says these will fall together for their pride in the last days. That means they have the condemnation of the devil! GOD hates a proud heart and it is an abomination to GOD. So GOD will destroy such abominable ones on the days of vengeance in order to bring salvation to the people from such enemies. Proud heart would not believe GOD’s words. That makes GOD a liar. But GOD cannot lie. Would you believe GOD’s words which says you are high and lofty? If not, you still are making Him a liar. Such lofty ones cannot humble themselves. Rejecting GOD’s words means you are committing the unpardonable sin as proven, because CHRIST the LORD’s words are the Holy Spirit as proven. He said ‘MY WORDS’ are Spirit. John 6:63. Would The Almighty GOD submit to man’s pride and admit that HE IS A LIAR? Then, these oaks and cedars and ships of Tarshish must admit and repent understanding that they have been proud against The LORD , as HE HAS WRITTEN! This writing proves why they are high and lofty. Only GOD can see our pride and hearts. This pride began from Adam as you will see. so no human born to him can say we are not proud. Because that brought the carnal mind to all which cannot be subjected to GOD’s law. It is the law of Moses, these three groups have in common. They do not believe CHRIST the LORD is the only one GOD , as the law is contrary to believe in Him. That means all the law keepers are the enemy of The LORD, because no man can be subjected to it, unless The LORD removes the carnal mind and gives His mind! But these oaks, cedars and ships of Tarshish think they can keep the law and be subjected to GOD, ON THEIR OWN. The law works wrath, Rom. 4, and wrath brings the CURSE OF DEATH. From that, The LORD must redeem them! The law made them serpents as you will see. That is their pride. So all those who say they can keep the law, are proud. That made them to exalt themselves against The LORD and His word, which is the Holy Spirit . that is why the wrath comes on them and exalt them, instead of GOD. Dan 11:36. GOD purposely blinded the wise and called the base, foolish in the world to put the wise to shame. The truth about the LORD of glory was not made known to Israel and they are appointed to stumble on Him as well as to reject Him as the Chief Corner Stone and even to stumble at the Word of GOD , which is Holy Spirit. Isa. 8:14, 1 Pet. 2. And they are chosen to be DISOBEDIENT TO JESUS CHRIST the LORD ! All things written must be fulfill during the days of vengeance. And it is the ones who are called to be humble and fulfilled their obedience to JESUS CHRIST the LORD, are chosen to avenge them. 2 cor 10:5-6.They are the little children , the men of Niniveh and queen of South as you will see. this is why The LORD said to humble as little children, but condemns oaks, cedars and ships of Tarshish as they do not humble and be converted like little children nor gave a cup of water or accepted them as the ones whom GOD sent. In that, they exalted themselves against the knowledge of GOD, The LORD and His words and have been proud ! So the condemnation of the devil is fallen on them and The LORD must destroy their works. !

Accept the blood of the Lamb and Spiritually fulfill Passover by going to The ROCK !Nearly four thousand years, Israel and the wife of CHRIST The LORD have been keeping the Passover. But it was never fulfilled unto this day by them. Why that is so? It is because, they did not keep it for The ROCK, who is CHRIST the LORD who brought Israel out of Egypt to be ‘HIS’ people and who ordained it. ISRAEL SHOULD HAVE PASSED OVER TO Him! All kept the Passover to GOD the Father! Examine yourselves ; have you kept the Passover to honor and come to The ROCK who GAVE THE Passover ORDINANCES and who ALONE led you to come out of Egypt to BE HIS PEOPLE! The ROCK , who is CHRIST the LORD, The Lamb shed His blood to redeem us ‘TO’ HIMSELF and not to be another god’s people. Scripture is His word. His words is Spirit ! John 6;63. So He withheld His word which is Spirit from you as you did not go to Him to get it! You never knew that you must Passover to Him and become HIS people! THAT IS YOUR SIN ! YOU SINNED AGAINST GOD! 1 sam 2:25 says; “If one man sin against another, the judge shall judge him: but if a man sin against the LORD, who shall intreat for him?”. So you sinned against GOD and The ROCK WITHHELD HIS Spirit from you and THAT IS YOUR SIN which caused you to be the sons of the devil, and made you go to Egypt once again as you are in Egypt SPRITUALLY! Rev. 11:8. AND NOW YOU MUST Passover FROM ‘spiritual’ Egypt to HIM, once again! This time, The ROCK Is intreating by OFFERING HIS OWN BLOOD AS THE Lamb! Unless you are a son to The ROCK who begat you, ( Deut. 32:18), who gives you the Spirit and life, you are a son of the devil and are ‘Spiritually’ DEAD! Because the Spirit comes from The ROCK! That is why your FATHER, who is The ROCK became a Lamb and died shedding His blood to forgive. WE SINNED AGAINST GOD! HE ALONE CAN INTREAT as HE ALONE IS GOD! That is why HE, HIMSELF HAD TO DIE to save you from your DEATH! And by understanding and getting the Spirit the truth, you can come out of Egypt spiritually and be HIS PEOPLE! That is the Passover Lamb! THAT IS WHY HE GAVE HIS BLOOD AND BODY! If you want to fulfill the Passover Spiritually, you have no choice but to understand that you must Passover from all other gods to The ROCK who gave His life to redeem you from your own death! HE HAS ALREADY PAID THE PENALTY FOR YOUR SIN! He said you be “MY” PEOPLE. ALSO LEAVING YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, YOU MUST BECOME The ROCK’S SON by drinking Spirit from Him ! But Israel became the people of TWO GODS, Mal. 2: 10-11, and hated CHRIST the LORD, The ROCK The Lamb who BROUGHT YOU OUT OF Egypt to be His people. He alone led you… He alone bought you, … He alone established you and He alone created you. Deut. 32:6, 12, 15, 18. HE ALONE CAN INTREAT for your sin against Him! He is The ROCK from whom one must get SPIRITUAL drink and meat. 1 cor 10: 3- 4. A true FATHER gives drink and meat to sons. Only a true FATHER would try to redeem His sons from false fathers, EVEN IF HE HAS TO LAY DOWN HIS LIFE !

Be free from the old leaven of the oaks, cedars and the ships of tarshish, the pharisees ! GOD’s enemies pt 2 We must know The LORD ’s law about the Unleavened Bread festival, how IT IS FULFILLED Spiritually. CHRIST the LORD gave a DIRECT commandment to keep this festival, written in the New testament. GOD gave the days Unleavened bread to show how important it is to get rid of the leaven which is to get rid off the old leaven of lies of the leaders. Apostle Paul said; “Therefore let us keep the feast, not with oldleaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth”. According to this scripture, old leaven means MALICE and WICKEDNESS which was brought from LIES which caused one to be not sincere. So the LIES of the leaders are the OLD LEAVEN. The lies continued till the Laodicea era. 2 Thess. 2 proves there is a lie which caused all to fall away from the truth, causing them to NOT BE SAVED. If they fell away from truth, how could they be sincere? Remember the Tree of Life is JESUS CHRIST the LORD! He is The ROCK who BEGAT, but none accepted Him as their FATHER! nor obeyed His voice, nor feared HIm. So what truly kept Israel from fearing The LORD?? What caused them to HATE JESUS CHRIST the LORD? Moses caused all to believe in the law to be saved by keeping it.(seek righteousness out of it). So all believed Moses and sought righteousness out of it, and hated The LORD who gives righteousness and truth. Therefore, the law of Moses stopped the people from eating from the Tree of Life as you will see! The law condemns all to death as none could keep it as all are given carnal minds, as the CURSE OF THE LAW and unto death. And all these leaders mentioned in the first part preach to keep the law to live, get righteousness, JUST AS Moses did! And the failure to keep the whole law proved those who are under it also have NOT kept it and are liars and have fallen from the truth. The LORD ’s NEW COMMANDMENT to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, which fulfills the whole law. THE SIN which all humans have is that they are pride and seek their own wisdom, righteousness and did not eat nor drank from The ROCK who is CHRIST the LORD, but worshiped GOD the Father and obeyed Moses instead of obeying CHRIST the LORD, The ROCK and forsaking Him. So these leaders teach lies and the truth will give you sincerity and will get rid of the old leaven. Having lies is the malice and wickedness. Because lies kills, and takes one under bondage, and to be sons of the devil, but CHRIST the truth shall set you free… and cause one to have righteousness and sincerity. He Is our Passover and He unleavened us from lies or old leaven. The LORD said in Mat_16:6, “ Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees”. So the leaven comes to the people from Pharisees and Sadducees. They are the vipers, or the serpents as proven in the first part, who are judges, leaders who teach lies, who are the oaks, cedars and the ships of tarshish who boast in the law, but they, themselves will not keep it! John 7:19. If The LORD says none keep it, then we must believe Him. Therefore, all the oaks, cedars and the ships of tarshish must admit even though they preach it, they have not kept it according to The LORD. if not, they are still exalting themselves and are high and lofty.!

Law of Moses is a curse; God's enemies pt 3 Law, is a curse which takes one under the oath to keep it wholly, If not, it brings death. Here is what the scripture says when you come under the law. “and entered into a curse, and into an oath, to walk in God's law, which was given by Moses”..So when someone enters in to the Covenant of the ‘LAW OF MOSES’, one enters in to the curse! Scripture, itself calls the law of Moses a ‘CURSE’!! Therefore, when one enters in to the law, … they actually enter in to a CURSE because the law is not meant to be kept by anyone which is to justify, but TO DEATH!. That is why they enter in to a CURSE. That is why no one could come to CHRIST the LORD, which means the end of the law is to bring us to Him. and also why Heb. 7 says not even a high priest was made perfect by it and needs to be changed. Unless a change is made in this OATH OF THE LAW, the CURSE which brings death cannot be escaped. So the oaks, cedars and the ships of tarshish who are the enemies of The LORD , never preach that when they preach to keep the law, … they are causing the people to enter in to a CURSE.! They, themselves are cursed but they always judge others and curse others whom The LORD has not cursed or brought under the law ! This is why the scripture says, Israel have partaken DEATH the devil! (Heb. 2:14). which The LORD calls the devil and are under bondage. So Israel’s Covenant takes them to the curse of death. And those who preach to keep it are causing the people to come under the curse of death. They are the sons of the devil, the death. To think even one can keep the law, such ones exalt themselves against The LORD , and His words, the Spirit and sin against the Holy Spirit, as His words are Spirit. Also the truth. So for this reason, they could not receive the Holy Spirit or words of JESUS CHRIST the LORD and lie. Therefore, think before you preach to keep the law! Because of the law, they turned away from the truth which only The LORD can justify us, and started to lie by thinking that they can keep it and be justified. ! So just as Adam was a liar and would not obey The LORD, all Israel too did not obey The LORD but looked for a graven image to give them life! So by trying to keep the law is like trying to live by Spirit as the law is spiritual. The man, the dust, a beast is trying to live by the Spirit. ! Or become Spirit beings by keeping the law! It is impossible according to the Word of GOD ! That is rebellion against GOD! The three lusts prove we are CARNAL! Can a PHYSICAL man live like a SPIRITUAL GOD ?

Keep My Commandments -Enemies pt 4 Rev 22:14- 15 Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” CHRIST the LORD’s commandments are HIS EVERY WORD WHICH COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH.! But at this time, both Covenants are fulfilled. To Israel, the law of Moses which bring wrath and death. Then to gentiles, the PROMISE of the FATHER, by BELIEF AND FAITH.! What commandments would cause you to EAT FROM THE Tree of Life? Where is the Tree of Life now? Scripture says a WHOLESOME tongue, is a Tree of Life. Then are we supposed to eat a wholesome tongue? What and Where is the wholesome tongue? Could either Covenant, the LORD made with Abraham give you a wholesome tongue? Israel is given the law of Moses under their Covenant, and gentiles are given faith under their Covenant, but both Israel and gentiles failed in the law and in faith. Rom.11: 20, 1 Tim. 4:1-5. Even the two witnesses who stood before GOD are to die. Rev. 11:7. That means there will be NO Spirit to anyone and total spiritual darkness came on the world. First understand no one was found to have kept The LORD ’s commandments or the law of Moses! Then, understand the time frame of the Tree of Life is offered. To eat from the Tree of Life, first The LORD must reveal why ALL FAILED TO EAT FROM IT FIRST! If GOD had given just one person His Spirit, and if that person could live by own understanding or own law keeping GOD must give life to that person only. Righteousness or justification cannot come by the law, but by JESUS CHRIST the LORD only. None could become a believer. GOD called Apostle Paul, by grace. Same way GOD prepared His priesthood, calling them OUT OF THIS DARKNESS OF SPIRITUAL DEATH to be His ministry. 1 Pet. 2:1-10. They are not GOD’s people, but gentiles. They are SANCTIFIED to believe the Spirit and Truth. 2 Thess. 2:13. They were prepared for this ministry even before the foundation of the world. Their names are written in heaven, while Zion is cast down. Lam 2:1. But they are hidden from all until the time comes to appear. Col. 3: 1-4. They BELIEVED as The LORD prepared them to believe to save all. They are given a wholesome tongue. Out of their bellies, the Living Waters will flow, giving the Holy Spirit and everlasting life. John 7:36-39, John 4:14. Until such time, no one will know who they are. Therefore, this verse must be fulfilled when the NEW CREATION OR THE NEW COVENANT IS TO BE MADE. And at this time, the commandment for the DEAD, are to REPENT , understanding why THEY DIED! They are to humble before GOD as they are high and lofty, and repent! There are many commandments of The LORD . Then understand ALL are ‘Spiritually’ dead. That is what it means the Laodicea era. But The LORD killed all in order to seek Him. Psa. 78:34-35. Then, understanding they are Spiritually dead, one must go to CHRIST the LORD, to get life. and all must understand that they could not be justified by the law. Act 13: 38-39. BUT BELIEVING IN CHRIST the LORD’S NAME, could be justified. In fact, THAT IS THE ONLY WAY. And then, to DEAD, the commandment of The LORD is to be JUSTIFIED FIRST, By BELIEVING IN HIS NAME! (means much more than believing the name). Then, The LORD will bring you to eat from the Tree of Life! When your sins are forgiven, The LORD will show you how to keep HIS COMMANDMENTS. !

Why can’t we get righteousness by the law??? The SIN came from Adam. And the law was given to condemn that sin. So when the law was given, all humans WERE SINNERS already. And that is the sin which we need justification from! Sinning against the GOD who is the SPIRIT, is the unpardonable sin. And then the law is given to prove one’s unpardonable sin and to condemn to death! So could the law, coming after two thousand years ( at least) give righteousness to ALREADY SINNERS? Unless they are JUSTIFIED FROM THE SIN THEY ALREADY HAVE? That is the whole purpose of the law, to condemn the sinners! ALL ARE CONDEMNED TO DEATH! So can you get righteousness out of the law when you have Adam’s sin and death in you already? Law came to measure that sin, WHICH IS IN MAN, ALREADY! Adam’s SIN WAS UNBELIEF. He did not believe The LORD who is the SPIRIT. That is HOLY SPIRIT! Sinning against HOLY SPIRIT is the unpardonable sin! Just imagine, Adam made THE HOLY SPIRIT, A LIAR!!!! AND WE ARE BORN WITH THAT SIN! Adam DID NOT BELIEVE THE HOLY SPIRIT! That is why Israel is cut off as well. Rom. 11:20. We proved that is the unpardonable sin, Came FROM ADAM. That made him PROUD and EXALT AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD ! “God concluded all in unbelief, that He might have mercy upon all.” The LORD has condemned all as UN- BELIEVERS!!! So the law is given to expose that UNBELIEF! Why did The LORD say ‘repent and believe”? Even the law keepers must BELIEVE to be justified. Acts. 13: 38-39. That proves they are NOT JUSTIFIED, because of the UNBELIEF! Unbelief made GOD A LIAR! THAT IS THE OFFENSE MAN DID AGAINST GOD! Then GOD Had to prove it is HE IS NOT THE LIAR, BUT THE MAN! THEN, WHEN REVEALED, MAN MUST UNDERSTAND HIS ERROR AND THAT HE IS THE LIAR AND NOT GOD! THAT IS TO BELIEVE HIM! since you have NOT BELIEVED HIM ALREADY, REPENT AND BELIEVE! The LORD PROVES Adam did not believe, (ATE FROM THE FORBIDDEN TREE)neither did Israel. (BROKEN LAW AND Covenant AND NOT WORSHIPING THE TRUE GOD). Both rejected The CREATOR’s words! THEN, The LORD APPOINTED THE MAN TO GO ASTRAY TO PROVE HIM, (John 7:51)THAT HE IS THE LIAR, HE IS THE SINNER, HE IS THE MURDERER AND HE IS A BEAST WHICH WILL DIE, WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING. So THE SCRIPTURE PROVES, THE TEACHERS OF THE LAW , ARE THE BEASTS. ! GOD knows the man is a beast. But the man , in his pride did not know. So the law is given to make them understand, they are beasts, without understanding, when they PREACH THE LAW TO GET LIFE OR RIGHTEOUSNESS , when they are already have the unpardonable sin in them. ! “Doth our law judge any man, before it hear him, and know what he doeth?”. So the law is given to HEAR what the man has to say when he is JUDGED and know what HE HAS DONE! “the matter of sons of men, that God might reveal them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts”…For that which happens to the sons of men also happens to beasts, even one thing happens to them. As this one dies, so that one dies; yea, they all have one breath; so that a man has no advantage over a beast; for all is vanity.”. In order to prove that man is a beast, The LORD gave the law as you will see. because, THE MAN WAS A SINNER, A LIAR, A MURDERER ALREADY, WHEN THE LAW IS GIVEN TO PROVE SO. ! And as men are beasts, they looked for righteousness out of what The LORD gave to condemn them as beasts!!!! So now, The LORD, Has proved that man cannot live on HIS OWN. And that he is a beast and are condemned to death! But seek Him to live. Psa. 78:34-35.

PROMISED LAND Pt 2 What is the Promised land ? When would The LORD bring us to the true Promised land where the end of our journey on this earth? Who would enter in to the Promised land first? Why could not Israel enter in to it until now? Why are they once again in the wilderness? And in which sea would they come out now? The promise, is the Holy Spirit. And where the FATHER and The Son are. GOD Is a Spirit, and we must worship Him in Spirit. JESUS CHRIST the LORD said, His own will NOT WORSHIP HIM IN Spirit. ( John 4). Then again, He said TRUE WORSHIPERS WILL WORSHIP HIM IN Spirit AND TRUTH. That means where ever the Spirit and the Truth is, … THE TRUE GOD IS WORSHIPPED WITH Spirit AND TRUTH, by the TRUE WORSHIPERS. That is the Promised land, WHERE THE TRUE GOD AND HIS Spirit are. That means WHERE The LORD WHO IS THE SPIRIT IS, … AND WHERE The LORD WHO IS THE TRUTH IS, and where The Spirit of The LORD Is ! If JESUS CHRIST the LORD is the Spirit (2 Co 3:17), and His words are Spirit ( John 6:63), and HE IS THE TRUTH, and His words are the TRUTH, then where ever HE IS ( JESUS CHRIST the LORD ) and where He offers the Spirit and the truth, … is where the Promised land is. One must be set free from the power of satan , in order to enter in to the Promised land. That is because, satan keeps the people from knowing the truth as he lies. All these years, the devil kept teaching false doctrines about GODHEAD and took all the people under bondage. That is because they trusted in their own righteousness by the law. Law works wrath. Wrath makes one blind. Isa. 9:19. The law could not make anyone righteous, which means no life, but death. BUT WHY CANT THE LAW GIVES YOU RIGHTEOUSNESS? (see below) So those who are under the law, did not have the truth, CHRIST the LORD or His words to live. THAT MEANS THEY FAILED TO RECEIVE THE Holy Spirit or The LORD, or the truth to be set free. So The LORD must give the TRUTH to set all free so all can enter in to it. But the devil is working through the enemies of The LORD , who are the high and lofty ones who will be destroyed. They send a wicked lying sea. But, one must be baptized in to the sea which The ROCK sends. And you will see.. those who entered in to the Promised land first, will destroy the works of the devil, in order set all free. That is why on the Last Great Day, The LORD will call all to drink from the bellies of the BELIEVERS , the Holy Spirit. These believers were set free by The LORD who is the TRUTH and by His words which is the truth also. And Israel must come out of the EVIL, WICKED LYING SEA and must be baptized in to the sea where The ROCK sends the true knowledge of GOD , His words and His truth.! Please read ‘Promise of the FATHER’.

Temple destroyed as none believed to Exalt JESUS CHRIST the LORD to be gathered! The ROCK, who is CHRIST the LORD gave the LAW OF SABBATH, to worship Him and identify Him as THE LORD OF SABBATH! But none worshiped Him even though they kept Sabbath FOR OVER 4,000 YEARS! NO ONE UNDERSTOOD THAT WE MUST BE GATHERED TO JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The LORD of Sabbath, AND WORSHIP AND FEAR HIM, The CREATOR. (REV 14:6-7). King David built his house to honor The LORD of HOSTS , WHO IS ALSO JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The LORD of Sabbath.! Then, would the temple stand, when they failed to honor CHRIST the LORD? John 3 says we must lift up The Son of GOD, (TO BE GATHERED TO HIM) and not the serpent which Moses lifted up. What is the spiritual fulfillment of Moses lifting up the serpent? What is the connection between Moses’ serpent and not lifting up The LORD ? The LORD says in John 12:32, when HE IS LIFTED UP, ALL WILL BE GATHERED TO HIM and in JUDGMENT! This means no one has lifted up The LORD until the judgment, beginning from Moses lifting up the serpent, because no one is gathered to CHRIST the LORD! Israel’s, harvest failed, not being gathered and THE KING LEFT. Jer. 8:19-20, and the wife is STILL TO BE GRANTED TO WEAR FINE LINEN. That proves, they too have lifted up the serpent of Moses, and not The LORD! That is why the judgment came! After the judgment, the wife of CHRIST The LORD will be granted to wear fine linen or be given righteousness of GOD! She does not have the covering and is naked, as she failed to get the covering from The LORD ’s SPIRIT. (Isa. 30:1). None was saved but are scattered (Jam 1:1). The LORD said “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up”. The fact that CHRIST the LORD was not exalted, means all have been lifting up the serpent! And why did The LORD cut off Israel? For UNBELIEF! Rom 11:20. Then, when they BELIEVE (what it means to believe Him, is explained below) they will be accepted again. And since they did not believe, The LORD’s gospel to Israel is ‘REPENT and BELIEVE”!!! Mar 1:15. This scripture proves, no one was gathered by CHRIST the LORD.”O Jerusalem, Jerusalem,… how often would I HAVE GATHERED thy children together…, ye would not!... your house is left unto you desolate. … I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. “. Who would say this to Jerusalem ‘BLESSED IS HE THAT COMES IN THE Name of THE LORD”? But, some have ALREADY RECEIVED THE CLEAR LIP TO CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD … AND HAVE BLESSED HIM, to turn off the judgments! (Zep 3:9-15). ALSO, THEY HAVE EXALTED OR LIFTED UP CHRIST the LORD! So The LORD could now come to Jerusalem, to gather all ! Prove all things! This month, we fast as The LORD said, the fast of the 5th month about the total destruction of the temple or desolated Jerusalem. Zech. 8:19. When you understand that you are not gathered to ‘The CREATOR’, nor worshiped or feared Him, (Rev. 14:6-7, Mal. 1:6), you are given this truth by The LORD, causing you to repent and believe and call on Him to be gathered. Psa. 78:34-35! Understand the seriousness of not believing The LORD. When we do not believe Him, we make Him a liar. Then, since lies come from the serpent or the devil,…we make HIM A devil or a serpent!

Destruction of the SPIRITUAL temple- caused by the prophet, the fox! - Message from The LORD to that foxJews fast in the 5th month to remember the destruction of BOTH TEMPLES which were destroyed on the SAME DAY. Now, it is the church, which is the Tabernacle of King David, or Zion. But that too is prophesied be destroyed, because of the last prophet who is a fox, would desolate it. A TOTAL DESTRUCTION (Spiritually) is prophesied. THE Tabernacle of David WAS BUILT TO HONOR AND WORSHIP The “LORD of HOSTS” WHO IS JESUS CHRIST the LORD, BUT ALL WORSHIPED GOD the Father. John 8:54. Then, would it stand, when you honor another god, instead of honoring the GOD to whom it was built? The LORD said to ‘go and tell that fox… that He will be perfected”. WHO IS THIS FOX? and said Jerusalem would not be gathered, and the GOD’s house will be desolated, and will not see HIM, until HE IS BLESSED. Luk. 13: 32-35. And Jerusalem or Zion, is a PERPETUAL DESOLATION. Psa. 74. Isa 6 proves “until the cities are desolated”, their eyes were blinded, and GOD DID NOT WANT THEM TO BE CONVERTED, or healed or to know the truth until the Times of Refreshing. So during the Laodicea era, all are already fallen. But The LORD ’s mercy and Truth will build it again. The LORD and king David, prophesied that one day the Tabernacle of David will FALL. Laodicea era means no spiritual revelation. Sun is prophesied to go down on prophets in the last era. (Micah 3:6). That is why the last high priest would not even know The LORD ’s VISITAION. Hos. 9:7, and not even ONE STONE will be left upon another. Luk. 19:44. And when the two witnesses were treading down, they would not know as they are Spiritually blind. The two witnesses condemned all those who broke the law, who are of the Tabernacle of David, to death and they, themselves are to die. Rev.11: 18-19 says, the Ark of the Covenant is seen in HEAVEN, and it is time to JUDGE, the DEAD. Ark is seen in HEAVEN means The LORD will do the works of the mercy seat, to raise the dead up! So all are appointed to die once. Heb. 9:26-28. And then, The LORD will overlook the ignorance in man, and Is prophesied to come on the times of Refreshing, to RE-BREATH or to pour the HOLY SPIRIT on all ‘FLESH’. Luk. 3:6, that means when The LORD comes, ALL ARE FLESH ! And The LORD saves all by HIS MERCY and not because of any one’s works. ! Therefore, we tell the fox, who desolated Zion (Lam 5:18), that The LORD Had said… Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected”. So The LORD must cast out devils , and heal all, so HE COULD BE PERFECTED ! This time, GOD’s enemies, the high and lofty ones, the devil, death, dragon, the accuser, serpent and all evil ones will have their evilness destroyed and salvation will be given from such enemies. Luk. 1: 68-75 ! The Tabernacle fell, because there was no TRUTH, the SPIRIT or knowledge of GOD in it. ( the final falling away). So the PRESENT TEMPLE also is prophesied to fall.

“Wisdom is justified of her children” Luk. 7:35 This prophecy is fulfilled “now” as we shall prove! ‘Justify’ means to prove to be right. How do we prove GOD’s wisdom to be right? Adam, did not believe GOD. Neither did Israel. Rom.11:20. Unbelief means GOD’s words, (wisdom) are proven to be wrong! THAT IS THE OFFENSE Adam and Thereafter all men committed against GOD which needs to be REPENTED of! That is why The LORD said to Israel, ‘REPENT AND BELIEVE”. In that, Adam and all, made GOD a liar and GOD’S WISDOM WAS REJECTED and NOT JUSTIFIED! And justifying HIS WISDOM MEANS EXALTING HIM ONLY and understanding our foolishness. That causes one to repent and WONDER THE MIGHTY POWER OF GOD and FEAR AND WORSHIP HIM and GIVE HIS DUE GLORY to Him, by humbling ourselves! That proves our HUMILITY! GOD loves such character! If they believed, they would have received everlasting life! believe in THE SON is the works of The LORD. THOSE WHO BELIEVED IN THE SON, JUSTIFIED The LORD’S WISDOM, BECAUSE IT SAYS EVERLASTING LIFE IS IN THE SON! And in this scripture, The LORD SAYS, the ‘wisdom is justified of her “CHILDREN”! Who are these ‘CHILDREN”? Then, these children must have believed The Son and also feared ! Scripture says the wisdom of the wise perished in the end. That means they could not have proven the wisdom of GOD to be right. So none of the wise (Levitical ministry) could justify it. How can they justify GOD’s wisdom? The LORD hardened the hearts from His fear also ( Isa. 63: 17) and caused all to ERR. (John 12:40, Isa. 6, Eze. 12, etc). No one believed The LORD. If they had wisdom and knew The LORD of glory, they would not have crucified Him. If the Laodiceans or the wife of CHRIST The LORD who turned as an enemy of The LORD knew Him, they would not be naked, nor be the enemy! If they had known the wisdom, they would know, the Everlasting FATHER is ALSO The Son. (Isa. 9:6-7). And The Husband is also the FATHER. (Jer. 3:19). That means there is ONLY ONE GOD, ONE FATHER, ONE CREATOR. (Mal. 2: 10-11). Rev. 14: 6-7 preaches the Everlasting gospel, to FEAR The CREATOR, who is The Son and CHRIST the LORD! So the wisdom of GOD was not known by any, as no one knew Him. Everlasting life is in the wisdom of GOD. Not believing it means The LORD and His wisdom was made liars, and foolish. That is an offense against The LORD. But The LORD ’s words says man is foolish, and is a beast without understanding, and specially the last high priest is a fool and mad and would not even know The LORD ’s VISITATION. Hos. 9:7. So The LORD, HIMSELF predestinated some from Israel and gentiles, to be with Him, in His SECOND coming, and anointed them to justify Him and His words. (scripture below). So this conflict was going on until these children feared ( Isa. 29:23) believed Him and His words, JUSTIFYING HIM and His wisdom.! That is the work of The LORD ’s own hands! So it must be fulfilled. ! As many RECEIVED HIM, they are the SONS OF GOD! Even the Everlasting gospel is preached by those who have their ‘FATHER’S NAME on them. Rev. 14. So it is The CREATOR’s own children, who received Him and His wisdom, who justify His wisdom or PROVE TO BE RIGHT!

Accept the punishment of your iniquity: (Lev 26:25) The VENGEANCE OF THE COVENANT! 12 years after The LORD stuck the wife! When GOD gave the law of Moses, it came with BLESSINGS and CURSING. The LORD said, if the Covenant is broken, the CHARGE OF THE Sanctuary IS NOT KEPT, the whole land will be desolated, not even one stone will be left upon another, and instead of Life, DEATH. BUT THOSE IN THE Sanctuary, WILL NOT SEE IT IS DESOLATED, AND OTHERS WILL SEE. (if they are Spiritually blind, how could they see their OWN SPIRITUAL DEATH?) In Mat. 24, The LORD prophesied, that NOT EVEN ONE STONE will be left upon another. That means total desolation. Laodicea era means spiritual blindness and death AND THE CURSE HAS COME on the church and the JUDGMENT! And The LORD prophesied, the last high priest will be WITH INIQUITY and satan stands before him and he has FAILED TO KEEP THE CHARGE OF THE Sanctuary. The Sanctuary, is where The LORD dwells. Unless the ‘Sanctuary’ is purified, The LORD would not return! And others who stands before Joshua, WILL SEE HOW Joshua FAILED. Then they are commanded by The LORD to give PURE CLOTHES TO Joshua. So it is they who will see the iniquity of blind high priest and tell him to repent of his sin of NOT KEEPING THE CHARGE OF THE Sanctuary. Then, HE MUST ACCEPT HIS INIQUITY AND REPENT IN ORDER FOR The LORD TO ENTER IN TO THE NEW COVENANT, AS WELL AS TO RETURN to the Sanctuary! IT WILL BE DONE ACCORDING TO THE Word of GOD ! Zion is a perpetual desolation. (Psa. 74). LORD struck Ezekiel’s wife, 12 years ago as he caused The LORD ’s wife to sin and be desolated. The Sanctuary, is The LORD ’s wife as we all know. So by striking the prophet’s wife, The LORD gave the sign of desolation and the death of HIS own WIFE! That is the time, they are to WASTE AWAY. Eze. 24: 1-23. But, The LORD promised to be with them in the midst of these curses and judgments. THAT IS The LORD ’S GRACE AND MERCY , which will remember to keep the Covenant of the fathers, but, AFTER THE SONS ACCEPT THEIR INIQUITY! Or Joshua the last high priest must accept his iniquity as well! The Covenant stands by PROMISE and for The LORD ’s name’s sake ( Eze. 16: 60-63) and not according to anyone’s works. The LORD promises that His wife will be PUT TO SHAME because the Covenant was broken! That is why the last church is Spiritually naked. The LORD will once again enter in to a ‘NEW’ Covenant, with the same wife. But first, they must understand their INIQUITY and repent! It is NONE OTHER THAN Ezekiel, or Joshua the high priest who is Gerald Flurry, whose wife was struck as a SIGN OF THE DESOLATING OF THE Sanctuary, (the wife of CHRIST The LORD) who has iniquity. And The LORD said prophets are FOXES, ( Eze. 13: 4), who DESOLATED Zion. Lam 5: 18. That is why The LORD struck Ezekiel’s wife , giving a physical sign to WASTE AWAY! Then, The LORD said “"Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.", He will not be seen in the Sanctuary ! , But, now that The LORD Has already taken the vengeance of the Covenant , (WHICH IS THE WASTING AWAY TILL DEATH) and the children HAVE BLESSED Him, who comes in THE Name of THE LORD’, He can establish the new Covenant, but the wife of CHRIST The LORD must accept iniquity!

Prince of peace sends peace to His wife: Great the PEACE of ‘thy children”. (Isa. 54:13). Pt 1Do we walk in peace with “The CREATOR” of peace to have peace? All the wars are because, we have not obeyed The CREATOR, beginning from Adam. The church or Jerusalem, is a CURSE to the world. Dan 9: 5-16. Because of the disobedience, The LORD said He would bring sword and divisions, instead of peace. Unless we make peace with GOD first, there will be no peace! What has Jerusalem done according to Dan 9 to bring all these evils on the world? That sin must be repented first, in order for The CREATOR of peace to bring peace to us. We must walk with GOD first and then we can have peace with all men! CHRIST the LORD, is the Prince of peace! HE IS The CREATOR OF PEACE. So He alone can bring peace! WE MUST UNDERSTAND HOW WE LOST PEACE IN THE FIRST PLACE and correct that error! The wife forsook The Husband. The Husband forsook the wife. The Covenant is broken and GOD and the church do not walk in peace and in agreement with each other. But GOD is not at fault. It has to be the wife’s fault. So she must understand her sin which is against The Husband, and repent of it, in order to bring peace to all men ! Since The LORD cannot speak with the wife, as she has FORSAKEN Him, He is sending some children to whom He gave the knowledge and she should receive these children and do as The LORD says. That is why The LORD said “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy CHILDREN.”.Isa 54:13. Well.., if you want peace, you must receive these children, whom The LORD TAUGHT and sends! Who are these children? You must prove from the scripture. The LORD SAYS ‘GREAT SHALL BE THE PEACE OF THY CHILDREN”. And these children come, AFTER THE Covenant IS BROKEN and The LORD also forsook the wife, and when The LORD EXTENDS PEACE AND MERCY AND TRUTH TO HER, in order to be reconciled! Therefore, as The CREATOR promises peace again and His return to Jerusalem, after the wife forsook Him, The LORD works with these children to teach them and then, HE SENDS PEACE to her through them. Therefore, the wife of CHRIST The LORD or Jerusalem, will receive these children as it is The LORD ’s own works. ! Then there will be LIGHT, PEACE, TRUTH AND MERCY to all men!

Peace pt 2- Levi had life and peace having “the law of TRUTH” to fear The LORD and not the law of Moses! Scripture says Levi had peace ‘WITH GOD’, and he had the law of TRUTH, in his lips, as he feared The LORD! and The LORD was not talking about the law of Moses. How did Levi fear GOD? He did not WANT TO BE DEFILED BY OTHER GODS! He feared CHRIST the LORD and not any other gods. He had a Covenant with this ‘ONE’ GOD! When you fear GOD, we get the wisdom, the truth, the SPIRIT! That is how Levi had the law of TRUTH! Levi means “joined, cleave, attached” etc. The inheritance of the Levites is to inherit ‘ CHRIST the LORD’ ! “Levi hath no part nor inheritance with his brethren; the LORD is his inheritance, according as the LORD thy God promised him”. So The LORD promised the Levites, to give HIMSELF! Levites are to be the ministry, the wife of CHRIST The LORD! So THE WIFE MUST INHERIT OR ATTACH, JOIN OR CLEAVE TO The Husband.!The wife’s inheritance should be The Husband! And Malachi, Heb. 7 and many more scripture proves the total failure of the Levitical ministry. The first Tabernacle, is prophesied to fall. They failed to fear as Levi. They failed to be attached or join to ‘The Husband’, who is CHRIST the LORD! Why does The LORD say Levi feared Him? And Levi did not have the law, but he feared The LORD and would not go after other gods as scripture proves. And The LORD says, he had the ‘LAW OF TRUTH’! the Levitical ministry is given the law under it. Heb. 7. But the Levitical ministry must prove they can keep the law and received righteousness nor not, by keeping it. But the law could not be kept by any. So all failed to inherit, or join to The Husband, CHRIST the LORD. understand the difference between the law of TRUTH and the law of Moses! Without understanding, and repenting for the sin of not fearing The LORD as Levi did, and for not keeping the law of TRUTH as he did, the whole ministry lost peace and life with GOD and became THE ENEMY OF The LORD ! Levites were appointed to keep the charge of the Sanctuary, to not to let any strangers come in to it. Num. 1:49-53, 18: 2-6. They are to pitch their tents around the Tabernacle OF TESTIMONY. In other words, to TAKE CARE OF GOD’S TESTIMONY, not allowing any stranger or unholy thing to come in to it. That is what the Levites were called to do, which they failed, and the reward which was promised to them is ‘HIMSELF’. “I AM their inheritance’! The book of Malachi proves, how The LORD blesses those who fear Him, and made them jewels, and sons, and how He purifies those who did not! If the Levites feared The LORD , they would have kept the charge of the Sanctuary. But they did not and that is why The LORD ’s marriage happens or the Levites can JOIN to The LORD, after THE JUDGMENT! So the Levites should get the white linen, or gold from The LORD whom they rejected to fear and obey as The Husband!

Peace pt 3- “MERCY and knowledge of GOD are desired to bring peace, more than offerings”. Lack of knowledge of “JESUS CHRIST the LORD”, caused all the people to go in to captivity and not fear the true GOD. And then all are to die Spiritually , as sinning against The CREATOR means the unpardonable sin as proven in previous writings. Then, by MERCY , The LORD gives the true knowledge of GOD , the law of TRUTH will be magnified, in order to give life! Why did all die? What knowledge did we lack? It is not our offerings or sacrifices which GOD wants, they are a shadow of things to come, but HE WANTS A TRUE, REPENTANT , BROKEN HEART as a sacrifice as king David had in order to become alive once again.! Can our sacrifices give us life? BUT The LORD ’S MERCY WILL! It is The CREATOR, we should worship and fear. He is the Everlasting FATHER as well as The Husband. (Isa. 9:6, Jer. 3:19). We proved Levi feared The LORD of HOSTS, who was known as ‘The ROCK’, when entered in to the Covenant. But when we come for the book of Malachi to be fulfilled, and the Laodicean era, all worship GOD the Father, and two gods. And all sought the law of Moses (graven image) to get life and not the true GOD who gives life, SPIRIT and peace, who is The CREATOR! But Until the judgment, The CREATOR was not worshiped, no knees bow down to Him or confessed, THAT HE IS The LORD! If the peace and life comes from The CREATOR, then we must worship and fear Him, to get them! So this is the knowledge of GOD which they lacked which the teachers did not preach and made The CREATOR angry and He came to the foolish nation, who are the base and weak ones, and the gentiles, to arouse the wife to jealousy, and opening their eyes, while closing the eyes of the wise who saw. John 9:39. The Levitical ministry worked all these years sacrificing to GOD the Father, and served the law ( Rom.7), and did not keep A SINGLE Sabbath IN HONOR OF The LORD of Sabbath. so their sacrifices did not save them, but brought death. So unless The CREATOR’s mercy is given, and unless by mercy the TRUE knowledge of GOD is given, no one will have peace, but a sword and divisions as proven in the first part. The LORD PROPHESIED FROM THE FAILURE TO EAT FROM THE Tree of Life, AND TO OFFERING IT AGAIN, after the judgments! In His mercy, HE GIVES THE TRUTH to save. The Comforter, who is the Spirit and Truth is come, in order to wipe out lies to get rid of the gods who have not created. Jer. 10:11. So this part will continue to prove that one should fear The ROCK, The LORD of HOSTS , who is CHRIST the LORD and honor Him as the FATHER. This writing would prove how Israel died to the law of Moses, and how they will be made alive by the law of TRUTH, giving life and peace! And Israel had the law of Moses, according to their Covenant, but Levi did not have the law of Moses when he destroyed those who worshiped the calf, but he FEARED GOD. So fear of GOD, is the beginning of wisdom. And gentiles, in His second coming given the knowledge of GOD , The law of TRUTH AND THEY BELIEVED. That is how two sons of Abraham fulfilled their roles Spiritually. So we must have a broken SPIRIT, a true humble SPIRIT to come before The LORD to plead for His mercy, than our sacrifices. !

Peace pt 4- Judgments turned off- the law of TRUTH makes us one with The LORD , bringing peace and life ! GOD, created the man knowing that one day all will turn away from Him and would die for ever, as they failed to obtain the HOLY SPIRIT from Him and the Tree of Life was cut off. If He knew all would die, then why did He create man? Just to kill them? The judgment to Adam, is the eternal death. But, in His mercy, HE SAYS THE JUDGMENTS WILL BE TURNED OFF(actually the penalty as HE HAS PAID IT). What does it mean? The man inherited lies. So he must be judged and no one will be found to be alive as none could keep the law of Moses and get righteousness. But from death, The LORD will redeem us by HIS BLOOD and sacrifice at the end of the age ! HE IS The Saviour. If His words resurrected Him, we can be too. His will is not even one to be lost. The judgments are written. Psa. 149:9. So is everlasting life to be given to all. The LORD ’s mercy promises us that HE WILL RAISE ALL UP. The curses of death, devil, sea where the wicked are, and the night where the darkness of the blindness, all will be removed. All ‘FLESH’, (who could not receive the HOLY SPIRIT), will be poured on the HOLY SPIRIT. Luk. 3: 6. And the Son of Man comes to save all ‘FLESH’. The death will be won over. The rebuke of the people will be taken away. And The LORD, Himself enters in to the HOLIES, coming as THE HIGH PRIEST AND THE APOSTLE and do all things to save all men. If not, HE CANNOT BE CALLED ‘The SAVIOUR’, OR The REDEEMER or the Captain of Salvation.! The ministry who has no mercy and do not know The LORD ’s mercy teaches you will be thrown to the lake of fire, sorer punishments will come to you and judgments will be executed etc and put fear in people’s mind. But on the LAST GREAT DAY, The LORD calls all and open their minds to the opened books so they can compare the words (John 12:48) and examine themselves if they have worshiped the true GOD or not! The earth will be FULL OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. A new Heaven and a new earth is prophesied. The LORD will wipe away tears of all. He will lead all in to good pasture. He will OVERLOOK the ignorance in man during the times of Refreshing. The LORD comes to save all! And in this writing, we would prove biblically, how The LORD will turn off the judgments and when. The judgment seat of CHRIST the LORD, the White Throne belongs to Him, to give the light or revelation to our sin, which came from Adam. That is why the books are opened. That is the Word of GOD, which will judge each one, THEIR OWN HEART. It will reveal if you have feared The CREATOR or not, according to the Everlasting gospel preached in judgment. Rev. 14: 6-7. The LORD cannot be wrong. So we must accept our guilt. But the penalty is already paid. Your salvation is certain. HE IS The Saviour! He will save! When your sin is revealed, you must repent. 1 cor 5: 5 says, when one-man sin, give to satan, but on the day of THE LORD, his SPIRIT will be saved. So all the sinners will have their spirits saved! When The LORD removes the death and other curses, and WILL NOT SEND EVIL, there will be no more evil or death! All will worship GOD. No Babylon, no Egypt! No government of GOD, but THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE ON CHRIST the LORD’S SHOULDER! And He will execute RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS that is fair to all! And in His mercy, HE WILL RECEIVE HIS OWN BLOOD AND PARDON ALL! Then the law of TRUTH will be taught to all, so all can BE ONE WITH The LORD as the day of Atonement pictures !

Lo, “I” come: in the VOLUME OF THE BOOK IT IS WRITTEN OF “ME”. “I” and “ME” proves, it is about ONE GOD! Whole Purpose of this writing is to prove THAT THE WHOLE BIBLE IS WRITTEN BY ONE GOD, AND ABOUT ONE GOD, that is The CREATOR, and HIS WILL.! WHAT IS HIS WILL ???? “In the volume of the book, it is WRITTEN OF “ME”??? “ME” means just ONE person! Which GOD is this who says “ME”? have you ACCEPTED THIS ONE GOD AS YOUR GOD? And it is The CREATOR, who ALONE HAS SPOKEN all the words! “Of which salvation the prophets have enquired …or what manner of time the Spirit of “CHRIST” which was in them did signify,”. So, it is CHRIST the LORD who INSPIRED the words in the volume of the Book. “The LORD said all things concerning ‘ME’ has an end. The law, prophets and psalms talks about Him. “that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning ME” …that this that is written must yet be accomplished in Me, ..for the things concerning ME HAVE AN END.”. Everything written in the law of Moses, prophets and psalms, are about this ONE GOD! He said ‘THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME”. So if you have worshiped this ONE GOD who wrote the law of Moses, and prophets, and psalms, then you know HIM! The scripture testifies OF JESUS CHRIST the LORD! “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of ME” . The CREATOR created, and wrote HIS WILL, HIS MIND, in the volume of the Book. The Bible is a SAD STORY ABOUT The CREATOR, as NONE BELIEVED, WORSHIPED, FEARED, Honored, OR EXALTED HIM but rejected and betrayed, and finally killed. But His death, saves all humans. So He was not exalted UNTIL THE JUDGMENTS. But in judgment, The LORD will be exalted, praised, blessed, thanked, honored, feared, worshiped! He wanted us to love Him with all our hearts, minds, soul and SPIRIT. But no one KNEW HIM. But in His mercy, He Has already spoken how HE WOULD BRING ALL TO LIVE ETERNALLY ONCE AGAIN, by HIMSELF! HE IS KNOWN IN MANY NAMES. AND HE WILL FULFILL ALL OF HIS NAMES, IN ORDER TO BRING US TO SALVATION. And this writing proves further that JESUS CHRIST the LORD , The CREATOR is THE ONLY GOD! Prove all things! Believe the TRUTH! If not The LORD will say ;‘O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken” . So in the volume of the Book, it is written about The CREATOR and HIS WILL, revealed to HIS OWN SONS! He created a garden of delight for His pleasure. But man, polluted His garden and GOD chased the man out of it and cursed. But in His mercy, He will once again make the garden of Eden or Delight. From cutting off the Tree of Life, to offer it again, (which means cutting off the knowledge of GOD or stop the breath, the HOLY SPIRIT, )is written. With the knowledge of GOD and the scripture being opened is the lake of fire where all those DEAD are called (Rev. 20:12, Rev. 11: 18-19), to be judged by the words of JESUS CHRIST the LORD, John 12: 48, which is the White Throne, (means to give light) ! O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken” . The books are opened. ! All things concerning The CREATOR is fulfilled! It is impossible for us to write as a story flow, because all things are written here a little and there a little. !

Lo, I , “The CREATOR” Come in the volume of the Book AS “ONE” GOD!. Volume of the Book part 2 In this writing, we will prove The CREATOR, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD is THE ONLY ONE GOD and there are no others. In the volume of the Book, He comes in many names. In the first part, we gave most of the names HE HOLDS, known in the volume of the Book. If no one has heard or seen another GOD, called GOD the Father; how could one worship such a one? CHRIST the LORD said in John 8:54.”whom “you” say is your GOD”. “it is My Father that honoureth Me; of whom ye say, that he is your God:”. Understand, it is we who say he is our GOD and not CHRIST the LORD! But nowhere in the scripture it says to worship The CREATOR’s FATHER! Besides, there is no other GOD who FATHERED The CREATOR, as HE IS THE BEGINNING AND THE END AND HE HAS NO FATHER OR MOTHER, HE ALONE HAS CREATED! Then, to WHOM OR TO WHAT, DID HE CALL HIS ‘FATHER”? And it is the HOLY SPIRIT, Who begat The SON, but His own words. Therefore, when CHRIST the LORD said My FATHER is greater than I”, it should be the HOLY SPIRIT, who should be greater than Him, because The LORD said ‘words are magnified more than the name”! Psa. 138:2. Remember as the Tree of Life was cut off, The LORD did not want anyone to know the truth about GODHEAD, until HIS SECOND coming! The word “Elohim”, caused the church of GOD to misunderstand and to believe there are two gods. But in the volume of the Book, it is written of The CREATOR, who is also the Everlasting FATHER! This writing will continue to prove there are no other gods, but only The CREATOR and He Does all things as He purposed and there are no greater counselors than Him. “Elohim” occurs many times in the volume of the Book. It refers to false gods as well. The LORD appeared unto men with angels, and As and Angel, but NEVER WITH ANOTHER GOD! Even if there is a GOD the Father, OUR GOD SHOULD BE The CREATOR, who gave life to us, and who SAID HE IS THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH, and also The Husband, who brought Israel out of Egypt to be His people and who entered in to the Marriage Covenant with them! You will be surprised to understand how wonderfully, this mystery was hidden from all eyes, until it is revealed in the very end !Prior to this mystery to be revealed, GOD sent the wife to Babylon for 70 years which means religious confusion. Micah 4:10. And it is revealed when the Spirit and Truth comes; the TRUTH ABOUT GODHEAD will be revealed and CHRIST the LORD will glorify HIMSELF! That is the FATHER who Honors Him! NO ONE GAVE GLORY TO The CREATOR. SO, HE, HIMSELF HAD TO GLORIFY HIMSELF! HE WILL NOT GIVE HIS GLORY TO ANOTHER! HE IS THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, AND EVERY KNEE WILL BOW TO HIM, AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS HE IS THE GOD! And when the Spirit and Truth came, HE GLORIFIED JESUS CHRIST the LORD ! The Spirit or TRUTH, cannot LIE ! IT IS THE TRUTH! And until the Spirit and Truth came, NO ONE COULD have KNOWN THIS TRUTH. And that is at CHRIST the LORD’S SECOND COMING, when HE CAME AS A THIEF, it will be NIGHT to you! And He comes to JUDGMENT, to BLIND THE EYES of the wise, causing their wisdom to be perished, and open the eyes of the blind and foolish base ones, causing them to be wise. (John 9:39). It is necessary for salvation, to understand that ONE GOD IS The CREATOR AND THERE ARE NO OTHER GODS! That knowledge gives you salvation and will set you free from lies to serve ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, The CREATOR , The OWNER !

VOLUME OF THE BOOK pt 3- GLORIFY and be FAITHFUL to The CREATOR and be a ‘CHRISTIAN’! In the whole volume of the Book, it is written of ONE GOD and that is about The CREATOR, “CHRIST the LORD”! If we had followed Him, we must be ‘CHRISTIANS’. But Adam failed to be a ‘CHRISTIAN’ and ever since UNTO THE LAODICEA era, no one followed The CREATOR, or CHRIST The LORD! So none could call themselves ‘Christians’! That means we FAILED TO WORSHIP OR FOLLOW OUR CREATOR! That is the offense Adam and all the rest of mankind committed against The CREATOR, CHRIST the LORD! That is the sin we are guilty of. And since The CREATOR is the SPIRIT, and His words are SPIRIT and life, all committed the unpardonable sin! Do you understand that? GOD is a SPIRIT! That is the HOLY SPIRIT! So sinning against The CREATOR who is the HOLY SPIRIT, is what Adam and all humans are guilty of! Since HOLY SPIRIT or words of The CREATOR gives life ( John 6:63, 1 Pet. 1: 23, Jam 1: 18), none received life. So in the whole volume of the Book, it is written how all failed to worship The CREATOR and could not have life, and become a ‘CHRISTIAN”! Scripture clearly says we must be ‘CHRISTIANS’ and follow CHRIST the LORD! After all, He created us for HIMSELF ! So The CREATOR, Himself died to forgive our unpardonable sin! GOD is a SPIRIT and we must worship Him in SPIRIT. John 4. Since we have sinned against CHRIST the LORD, we must ask for forgiveness from Him. He came the second time to be The Comforter, to give the Spirit and Truth. The Comforter glorifies JESUS CHRIST the LORD, as proven in the first parts and in this also. And unless JESUS CHRIST the LORD is glorified, the HOLY SPIRIT cannot be given to any. John 7: 36-39! That means to know, understand, and believe in Him. (Isa. 43: 10).” that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me no God was formed, nor shall there be after Me.”. That is The Saviour’s words written in the volume of the Book. V 11 “I, I am Jehovah; and there is none to save besides Me”. And that is The CREATOR who says I AM THE ONLY GOD ! v 12 “I have declared, and have saved, and I have shown”.!. Do you understand that The Saviour , or The CREATOR is the ONLY GOD and that knowledge SAVES US from having other gods! The Saviour should be OUR GOD ! That makes one a ‘CHRISTIAN”! so the volume of the Book is written about The CREATOR and how His creation failed to be HIS FOLLOWERS, and sinned against Him , the HOLY SPIRIT, and it is UNPARDONABLE, but HE DIED to SAVE us from this sin, so we COULD BE PARDONED! So The CREATOR comes in MANY names to fulfill what He needs to SAVE us. For example:- The Saviour, He will save. The REDEEMER, He will redeem. The LAMB, He died.! Prove all these scripture and know your sin and acknowledge it and repent to be saved! His plan of redemption is now revealed! Be a ‘CHRISTIAN”!

FASTS OF THE LORD- 10th month The new Covenant ministry is commanded by The LORD to do the fasts of the 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th month, additionally to the Day of Atonement. These fasts are done mainly for the destruction of the temple, which was PHYSICALLY under siege, and now SPIRITUALLY under siege, not having The LORD. Those who are in the DESTROYED temple cannot see they are destroyed, because this is a spiritual destruction, without the revelation from The LORD. so, the leaders prophesy by their own hearts. And The LORD ’s delusion will cause them to believe in their lies. Even Ezekiel himself is under siege. Eze. 12. In his time, THE END WILL COME, also the new beginning. Eze. 7. Eze. 40 onwards. Because the judgments came to ACCEPT all. Days of vengeance is the year of ACCEPTANCE also. Isa. 61. And he was in captivity during his calling, even as Ezekiel wrote, but he does not know he is among the captives, because this is a spiritual captivity. And now during the modern day Ezekiel, once again THE SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, which was the wife of CHRIST The LORD, the church or the churches of GOD ( Eze. 16: 50-63) also are to fall, but NOT HAVING THE TRUTH and are CURSED TO SERVE Babylon or to be confused till they are delivered. When The LORD withheld divination, Micah 3:6, the night came, she became the enemy of The LORD! Remember the final falling away happens as they do not have the TRUTH and lack the knowledge of GOD. Isa. 5:13. Then, they are under captivity of the devil. That means unless one serves The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST the LORD and have the law of TRUTH, as Levi did (Mal. 2:4-6) they are of the devil. Simply, if one has NOT worshiped and feared The CREATOR, according to the Everlasting gospel in Rev. 14: 6-7, they are under bondage of the devil and have lies. Then, that is the destruction of the spiritual temple, as the abomination of desolation is fulfilled as The LORD said. The Laodicea era means they are in this darkness, or have fallen from the truth. No leader in any of the churches will accept they are fallen, as they, themselves ARE Spiritually BLIND! But during the Laodicea era, The LORD opens the eyes of the blind, John 9:39. And OUT OF DARKNESS, The LORD will take HIS Royal Priesthood. 1 Pet. 2: 8 – 10.To whom ever The LORD Has given the truth by opening the eyes, are the new Covenant ministry who would do these fasts and they see the fallen Tabernacle of David. As all things written must be fulfilled during the days of vengeance in order for the opening of the books on the last day, we must write these things, TO PROVE HOW THE WORD of GOD IS FULFILLED. Lake of fire means opening of the WORD of GOD , which is fire. So the FALLEN ministry and the TRUE ministry are divided by the truth and the lies. And this year, the fast of the 10th month falls on the JAN. 8TH 2017. These fasts will bring LOVE, TRUTH AND PEACE! We will prove in this writing, that the fasts in Zech. 8: 19 is for our time and they are done in Babylon, and even now they are to be delivered. Micah 4: 10. So these fasts would bring the light to Jerusalem as The LORD returns to re-build!

VOLUME OF THE BOOK pt 4- Bruising the head of the serpent! In the garden of Eden, man was deceived by the serpent. Ever since, there was ENMITY between The CREATOR and the man. GOD cursed the man, and the man never believed The LORD. Because of this, no one could walk with GOD in peace. He became a SINNER and a liar against The LORD who is a SPIRIT, thus committing the unpardonable sin. The whole mankind was cursed TO DIE and not live! (Heb. 9:27). Both man and woman and the serpent and the ground were cursed by GOD. Now, The LORD must deliver the mankind from these curses, which are removed in Rev. 20-22 as The LORD says and He promises to offer the Tree of Life and to make a new Garden of Eden once again. Even though Adam sinned, and became unrighteous, there was no measure to condemn him to death. And that is why The LORD called Israel, to be the vessels of wrath, even though they thought they are blessed above all other peoples. The LORD gave the law, so man could be condemned of his unrighteousness. While the law was still being given, Israel’s leader Aaron made a calf and sacrificed to it and said “These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt”. Such are the leaders Israel had even to the end of the judgments in the Laodicea era. In Psa. 74, The LORD says the enemy is INSIDE THE Sanctuary and Zion was PERPETUAL DESOLATION. That is why the wife of CHRIST The LORD became the enemy in the last end, when she is being judged. So beginning from Adam, no one truly worshiped The CREATOR and had other gods. That means all exalted themselves and no one could be gathered to Him. But after all are condemned to death WITHOUT MERCY (Heb. 10: 28), The LORD wants the serpent or the liar to be destroyed so all could walk with GOD and with each other in peace and harmony.! The GOD of ‘PEACE’, will bruise the serpent Rom. 16:20-25 and by the TRUE GOSPEL all will be established. Serpent’s curse to go down the belly, to eat dust etc fell on the man. This writing proves who is the serpent and what he did and how it would be destroyed and by whom! And could The LORD bruise the head of a real serpent, or even of a fallen angel, a spirit being or throw in to a lake of fire ? Does The LORD want to correct or purify a serpent? Did The LORD die to save serpents or FALLEN SPIRIT BEINGS ?

Volume of the Book pt 5- The will of GOD establishes the second! Scripture talks about TWO Covenants, two ministries. One serves GOD the Father and the other worship The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The SON. They are ministry of DEATH and the ministry of GLORY. 2 cor 3. One for death, not knowing the everlasting life which is to know the true GOD, John 17: 3, which is to worship JESUS CHRIST the LORD and eat from Him, to glory and the other NOT KNOWING HIM, to death. These two ministries represents the Tree of good and evil, and the Tree of Life. But as the sower and the reaper are to rejoice together, in the end, at the harvest, both sowers who could not reap and failed to receive everlasting life, ( John 4) and the other who received the everlasting life and reaped, will come to know all things are behind, AS THE FIRST WILL BE CAUSED TO VANISH AND THE SECOND WILL BE ESTABLISHED. and The LORD wants us to know that WITHOUT HIM, without believing in HIS NAME, and worshiping Him, there is no life to anyone and it is HE WHO GIVES all the offices to each one according to His purpose and not because of our works. Israel is chosen to be flesh, ( 1 cor 10: 18, Heb. 2:14), to be the vessels of wrath. And at the same time, those who are the vessels of mercy are chosen to have everlasting life to show and prove the world HIS PURPOSE and that it is HE WHO DOES ALL THINGS and raises up all by HIS MERCY AND GRACE ALONE! No man can expect wages for keeping the law, which has become nothing now as it could not make even one perfect. And these two ministries or trees also represent the serpent Moses lifted up ( the ministry of death) and the other lift up The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST the LORD! the ministry of death will serve themselves and their own bellies. And the ministry of glory will have the Living Waters flowing from their bellies. And finally, The LORD ’s purpose is to expose our failures , forgive our sin of offending Him, and will take away the FIRST ( ministry of death) , to make peace between GOD and us, and to establish THE SECOND, which is everlasting! That is the will of GOD. Remember The LORD will be with us for ever. All things written in the volume of the Book about JESUS CHRIST the LORD has an end. So it must be fulfilled. that includes the little children being judges, and are to be with CHRIST the LORD to establish the second. Without understanding and glorifying JESUS CHRIST the LORD , the second will not be established. Therefore, these children have exalted Him, so all could be gathered; blessed Him, so He can come to Jerusalem; praised Him, as He brought salvation to them, and preach the Everlasting gospel to worship and fear Him to establish the second. Remember the first temple also was built in honor of JESUS CHRIST the LORD, who Is The LORD of HOSTS and the new Covenant also will be with Him and He shed His blood for the remission of our sin to redeem and to make the new Covenant. ! So CHRIST the LORD’s will is to establish the SECOND to which is why all these years He was working with all. The LORD prophesied that the first will fall and a second will be established for ever!

“The ROCK” our Passover; will take us from pollutions of the world to be His people!We have been keeping the Passover for so many years. But why is it not fulfilled ? What are the pollutions of the world? HOW CAN YOU COME OUT POLLUTIONS OF THE WORLD? It was The ROCK, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD who brought Israel out of Egypt to be His people. But they never worshiped or became His people, as they worshiped and called GOD the Father, their GOD. John 8:54. And as Pharaoh held up the people, now it is the leaders who taught two gods and are keeping the people from worshiping The ROCK. And they lacked the true knowledge of GOD, (which is about JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The Husband who is also the Everlasting FATHER. Isa. 9;6-7, Jer. 3:19-20) and in captivity under the leaders who teaches lies about GODHEAD. Isa. 5: 13. And to worship GOD the Father is a lie which no one could receive everlasting life. life comes only from JESUS CHRIST the LORD. So The LORD prophesied He would come a second time, and give the true knowledge of GOD. Isa. 11: 9 -11. That is the Glorious Rest, the Promised land. At this time, all are Spiritually blind which means they are Spiritually in Egypt. Rev. 11: 8. And this time, when the same GOD, The ROCK, or JESUS CHRIST the LORD brings them out, they will be offered the Tree of Life, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD , Himself and all will enter in to the Promised land.( where the One and ONLY TRUE GOD who is The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST the LORD is.) We have already proven that it was always The CREATOR who was ONE GOD and all must understand and worship and fear Him, in order to be CREATED IN SPIRIT, to worship GOD in Spirit and Truth. So this writing proves here a little there a little, to CONTINUE to prove that we must be The CREATOR’s people. So instead of lies which brought death, The LORD will give the Spirit and Truth , to which The Comforter came, so all can learn the truth and be set free and live by the word of GOD, which means by the SPIRIT of GOD. And the words of JESUS CHRIST the LORD are SPIRIT and life to us ( John 6:63), and by the word we are created and the SPIRIT is JESUS CHRIST the LORD 2 cor 3: 17, and from His mouth comes the HOLY SPIRIT John 20:22, and as we have been flesh and blood, we could not know The SON. But now, at the end of the age, The LORD will offer His own blood as the LAMB and do the work of the high priest and the apostle as Hebrews says, to save the spirits, on the day of THE LORD. 1 cor 5; 5. So instead of false knowledge of GOD , we need the true knowledge of GOD to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. !

VOB pt 6 Sabbath of The True GODWe all know why GOD gave the sign of Sabbath. But do you know it is The ROCK who gave the sign of Sabbath? HE BROUGHT Israel OUT, BEGAT Deut. 32:18 AND GAVE Sabbath AS A SIGN, AND HE ALONE ENTERED IN TO the “Marriage” Covenant. HE SAID Eze 20:20 And hallow MY SABBATHS; and THEY SHALL BE A SIGN BETWEEN ME AND YOU, THAT YE MAY KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD.” THIS IS ONLY ONE GOD WHO SPOKE AND GAVE Sabbath ! If you had kept the Sabbath for this GOD, then you have entered in to the Promised land and to HIS REST! It is The ROCK who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD gave birth to Israel. Deut. 32:18. HE CREATED ALL TO HIMSELF! But they say, GOD the Father is their GOD. JOh 8:54. Therefore, if you do not honor THE LORD WHO GAVE SABBATH, and honor His father, would you enter in to His rest?

Everlasting gospel to worship THE Everlasting FATHER, who gives everlasting life ! VOB pt 7 For the day of Pentecost to be fulfilled Spiritually, and to receive the HOLY SPIRIT, we must know from which GOD the HOLY SPIRIT comes, and must go to Him to get it! The HOLY SPIRIT comes from The ROCK, 1 cor 10:3-4, “for they drank of that spiritual Rock: and that Rock was CHRIST!” . So Israel drank from CHRIST the LORD and if so, we too must go to HIM TO GET IT. Meat and drink is given causing us to live eternally, thus giving us the everlasting life.! The ROCK, is also the Everlasting FATHER. Isa. 9:6. Then, He is the Heavenly FATHER , from whom we must ask for the HOLY SPIRIT ! By not going to Him, no one received the HOLY SPIRIT. So GOD prophesied in the last days, He will pour His SPIRIT on all FLESH, as no one could be born of SPIRIT! He is The ROCK who BREATHED Adam the HOLY SPIRIT to give life. He is The ROCK who made, or created or BEGAT Israel. Deut. 32: 6,12,15,18. Then, HE IS THE FATHER. v 18 clearly says ‘The ROCK who BEGAT, they forgot”. He should be the Everlasting FATHER of all, from whom comes the HOLY SPIRIT, the spiritual drink to give us everlasting life. He is the Fountain of Living waters. Jer. 2: 13. So Israel forgot The ROCK, and also forsook the Fountain of Living waters. He Is The CREATOR who BREATHED Adam. Gen. 2:7. Apostles were given the HOLY SPIRIT from His mouth. John 20:22 “when He had said this, He breathed on and said to them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost”. Even for the times of Refreshing, which is to RE-BREATH, He comes. And we need the SPIRIT of CHRIST, and The SON’s. Rom. 8:9. Gal. 4:6. So from these scripture, we know, The ROCK gives HOLY SPIRIT, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD, and the fact that scripture says He BEGAT; we know He should be our FATHER as well.! If He CREATED us and BREATHED on us, and gives food and drink, then He should be the FATHER, as The CREATOR also. And many more scripture proves He is the FATHER, as written below. Then, we must go to Him to get the HOLY SPIRIT as He said “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ASK HIM?” Luk. 11:13. WE MUST PROVE, The ROCK IS THE Heavenly FATHER , to ask for the HOLY SPIRIT! And it is the same Rock who comes to re-breath also at the end of the age to pour the SPIRIT on ALL FLESH. The HOLY SPIRIT is given to our HEARTS, when we become SONS. “because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father”. So we need the SPIRIT of The SON, or CHRIST the LORD’s, The ROCK’s SPIRIT. Rom. 8:9 says “you become SPIRIT, when you have the SPIRIT of ‘CHRIST’! This means if there was a GOD the Father, he still wants all to get HOLY SPIRIT from The SON! “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of GOD” Rom. 8:14. Unless you are led by the SPIRIT of GOD, which comes from The ROCK, The SON, or the SPIRIT of CHRIST, which is the only source to get it; you are not a SON TO GOD! Therefore, in order for the day of Pentecost to be fulfilled now, or the times of Refreshing or re-breathing to be fulfilled, or for the HOLY SPIRIT to be poured upon all flesh, one must get the HOLY SPIRIT from the Heavenly FATHER, who is The ROCK as proven below, which will lead us to everlasting life. That is why in judgment, the Everlasting gospel, is being preached to worship and fear the Everlasting FATHER, who gives EVERLASTING LIFE !!! We do not have a choice, but it is JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The LAMB who will feed and give Living Waters. “For the Lamb ... shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. “ Rev. 7:17.! “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.”Rev. 21:6!

Times of Gentiles must be fulfilled for The Deliverer to come to Zion. (Rom. 11: 25-26).Apostle Paul taught a mystery to gentiles, to be fulfilled during the Times of Gentiles, which is on the day of THE LORD. it is about delivering Zion, as she is blind. “lest ye should be ignorant of this mystery, …that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion ((see below for explanation) the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:” .These verses prove, it is Israel, or Jacob who are NOT SAVED as they are UNGODLY and they are BLIND.! Blindness, was a curse. (Deut. 28:28). And gentiles are taught this mystery about Israel’s blindness, BUT TO BE FULFILLED DURING THE Times of Gentiles, which is the DAY OF THE LORD. So the Times of Gentiles must FIRST be fulfilled, in order to deliver Zion! The Times of Gentiles, is the day of THE LORD. Eze. 30:3. Apostle Peter said GOD will Visit gentiles to take some to HIS NAME, and then will return to REBUILD THE FALLEN Tabernacle. Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul prophesied the same event. So for Zion to be delivered, the gentiles whose eyes are opened must declare to Zion these things; how CHRIST the LORD Visited and took a people to His name delivering the clear lip to call upon the NAME of THE LORD, and how they are built on Him, so Zion too could be built on Him and could call upon HIS NAME ! Zeph. 3:9-15 says, the judgments are taken off! That means Israel’s blindness is not for ever. Then, Gentiles will have to tell Zion, how these prophecies were fulfilled among them, so she too can look forward to be delivered. So this writing proves how the Times of Gentiles was fulfilled. and THE DELIVERER is JESUS CHRIST the LORD, who came to gentiles first to take a people out for His name, and by mercy all will be saved. GOD promised to bring all to the Promised land, and to offer us to eat from the Tree of Life, giving everlasting life to all. He paid the penalty for our death. HE HAD SAID HE WILL DELIVER Zion. Then believe ‘HE WILL’ deliver you, and not your leaders, nor your own ability to save yourself. The Saviour, saves. The Deliverer, delivers. The REDEEMER, redeems and not of ourselves. Also in YOUR BLINDNESS, ALL THE PROPHECIES REGARDING THE Laodicean ERA, WERE SHOWN TO GENTILES. In between, He allows us to fail, test us, punish us and deliver us to captivity, to chasten us with the rod of men because of His love, but in the end, HE DELIVERS! He is FAITHFUL TO HIS WORD AND PROMISES MADE TO FATHERS! And we TRUSTED IN HIM as scripture says.! Times of Gentiles must be fulfilled, for The Deliverer to deliver Zion. Until then, she is under captivity and as she is Spiritually blind, she cannot know it! GOD proclaimed CURSES on Israel. And the Times of Gentiles is the last CURSE to come on them as you will see.

Why Aaronic priesthood and The accuser, the LIGHT BRINGERS are thrown out of Heaven!This writing proves, WHY Aaron who is to be a light bringer, with his priesthood and the accuser are THROWN out of HEAVEN. Why did not GOD called Moses’ seed as the priesthood and why Aaron’s? “Aaron’ means ‘lofty, exalted, high mountain, and Thayer defines as the ‘LIGHT BRINGER”. And high and lofty are the TEACHERS OF THE LAW, or the priesthood such as the oaks, cedars and the ships of tarshish (gentiles who are bound) as Isa. 2: 11-20 says. And all these are from the Aaronic priesthood. Aaronic priesthood is given the law of Moses which ends up in DEATH. GOD does not show them mercy. Heb. 10:28. They looked for LIFE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS by the law, when GOD says no one can get righteousness by it, BUT FROM HIM. That is why they are high and lofty. And if you accept yourself as a sinner, then GOD will show mercy, as you are humble. but if you think you are not a sinner, you are high and lofty and GOD’s wrath comes. The law made all to think they can keep it. so GOD’s wrath is always on the law keepers. Rom.4. Law is ‘SPIRITUAL’. Rom. 7:14. That means the carnal man including the Levitical ministry, cannot keep it, because Heb. 7 says, no one was made perfect by the law. That means ALL MUST DIE. (Heb. 9:27). If GOD knew the law is spiritual and no man can keep it, then why DID HE GIVE IT in the first place? It is given to PROVE THAT THE MAN IS FLESH, UNRIGHTEOUS, a BEAST, CARNAL AND WILL NOT BECOME GOD, unless through HIm! From Adam, GOD’s nature and image is taken away. Then, it is GOD only can build the image of GOD in us. Rom. 8. But the oaks, cedars and the ships of tarshish who desires to be teachers of the law, never think they are carnal, flesh or beasts and says I am spiritual, I eat from the Tree of Life etc. So GOD must prove them that they are flesh, beasts and carnal and that GOD’s wrath is on them. Scripture proves Zion, the Levitical ministry is cast out of heaven. lam 2:1. And the accuser is also cast down of heaven. Rev. 12. So THEY MUST HAVE DONE THE SAME REBELLION! So the Levitical ministry begins with Aaron, the light bringers, and they end up being high and lofty, exalted to fulfill his names just as Abram and Abraham means. So Aaronic priesthood ends up in the ships of Tarshish who are the gentiles who also desired to be teachers of the law, as the cherub who was brought to heaven and given the light, as the one final light bringer, but rebelled against The LORD , and His children who are the stars, same way the Levitical ministry rebelled against Him. This is the one last time these light bringers who rebelled against GOD will be cast out of heaven, as the kingdom will be JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s. This writing proves how, from Aaron to the accuser, the light bringers failed and became high and lofty, and exalted, JUST AS Aaron MEANS. Unless the very last teacher of the law is rebuked, The LORD will not take the kingdom in to His hands. Rev. 12. Because the Aaronic priesthood exalts themselves, and not JESUS CHRIST the LORD to be gathered. This writing proves the very last teacher of the law, who is the Wit 2 , the accuser would be cast down because the law made none perfect, but beasts without understanding.

GOD Visited the INIQUITY of Aaron to the last generation as He said by BRINGING EVERLASTING DESTRUCTION. ! In the first part, we proved how Aaron’s calf worshiping is to be avenged on the Day of Visitation. THIS WRITING PROVES ALL THOSE WHO DID NOT WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST the LORD ARE NOW DUST.! GOD Has said, He will avenge the sons for the father’s iniquities to the fourth generation. Then, when it came to the fourth generation, they too did the same sin. Then the avenging continued till the Day of Visitation to the accuser till all are THROWN OUT OF HEAVEN. Zion, is a PERPETUAL DESOLATION. Psa. 74. Because the enemy is INSIDE THE Sanctuary, which means priesthood.! This is why man is once appointed to die. Therefore, until all Spiritually died, this avenging is to continue and that is why the law of Moses was given so GOD can prove by the law how Aaron’s iniquity was avenged till the accuser is cast down.! “I Jehovah your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me,”. In the first part, we proved that GOD said, He will Visit the sin of Aaron, on the ‘Day of Visitation’. Exo 32. And from Aaron, to the last priest under the Aaronic priesthood, (the accuser) was AVENGED. How? “ Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities.”. Lam 5:7. So this means, JUST AS GOD SAID IN Exo 32, THAT HE WILL VISIT THE INIQUITY, WHICH IS WORSHIPING IDOLS, GOD THREW the one last teacher of the law, out of heaven. That is the purpose of the law. All must understand, THE SIN and sins. THE SIN is the INIQUITY of Aaron even to the accuser for not worshiping JESUS CHRIST the LORD but other gods, such as GOD the Father and the law, the graven image, the idol. ! There is JUST ONE SCRIPTURE TO PROVE OURSELVES to see if we are GOD’s or not. JUST ONE !!! That scripture covers the WHOLE Bible. !!! Even though, everlasting destruction is prophesied, The LORD will turn that judgment off

REPLY TO THE ACCUSER’S 669TH WRITINGWe have noticed unless we directly show the truth AND EXPOSE THE LIES, GOD cannot cast the accuser down. The accuser’s work is the last work which The LORD has to do to cast down, to get the kingdom to His hands. Zion was cast out of heaven before that. Lam 2:1. Since the kingdom cannot be taken in to GOD’s hands, until the accuser is cast out, the only ones whom The LORD is working is the little children, as Isa. 29:23-24 says and we must directly write the truth to get rid of lies. The accuser’s false teachings brings all under the law once again to under the curse of death. so we have started to post all of her letters hereafter, , … and to show the errors of her writings , with scripture, so all can prove the scripture is THE TRUTH and be saved. Therefore, as we are in JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s own house as written below, … and that is the PILLAR AND FOUNDATION OF THE TRUTH. We were under the law till JESUS CHRIST the LORD came and now He HAS COME AND GIVEN US UNDERSTANDING, that we must be built in to HIS HOUSE, and that as all are Spiritually dead and blind, … the only way to be justified is BY HIS GRACE AND FAITH AND BELIEF, just as Abraham did. Now the end of the Aaronic priesthood has come and The LORD IS VISITING THE SIN OF Aaron as proven In last two writings. He proves the teachers of the law are WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING , proven in our last two writings in www.gentileassembly.org . And one could be judged only by the law. So the teachers of the law WERE judges. But now, the law is proven to have failed, making NONE righteous, The LORD Has given another way for all to be righteous, by GRACE AND FAITH IN HIM. That faith, must be given by JESUS CHRIST the LORD, to trust in Him to come in to us and cause our faith to begin and end, as HE IS THE AUTHOR and the FINISHER of SALVATION and FAITH ! And as proven in previous writings the war in heaven, with JESUS CHRIST the LORD and His children and the accuser and his angels must also be fulfilled. so we have begun to write the truth, so all can understand the truth and be saved. ! GOD will not kill anyone Spiritually for ever. HIS MERCY is given to all FLESH. Luk. 3:6 and all flesh will be saved. Flesh means all humans, because no one received the SPIRIT, until the sanctified ones are given it first.

Reply to the accuser’s 671st writing proves WHO IS THE TRUE PROPHET ! The following is the 671st writing of the accuser. This writing further proves how others , specially the little children are accused by her. Please see the grey highlighted , are the accusations. Purple color is our comments. This is the war which is prophesied as proven in previous writings, and the accuser must be cast down for The LORD to receive the kingdom. And by accusing the little children, who are the LORD’s own hands, ( Isa. 29: 23, 8: 18 ) she accuses The LORD and not us. This writing proves, who is MIRIAM, Aaron AND Moses types in the end. ! GOD gave clues to find and know the TRUE PROPHET ! also IF HE IS WITH US OR NOT. ! And who has entered in to the true Sabbath and why, how and when! The accuser’s evil works shows how the man’s evil heart works. Always wants to have own way. Always want to exalt SELF, and even above GOD! Adam too did the same and became GOD’s enemy. And we proved how the Aaronic priesthood unto the accuser, were enemies of The LORD. They are high and lofty, the oaks, cedars and the ships of tarshish as The LORD says in Isa. 2, proven previously. She is still accusing others for breaking the Sabbath when the Sabbath is fulfilled already as proven in previous writings. Heb. 4: 5-10 proves, when one believes JESUS CHRIST the LORD, they enter in to the Sabbath and GOD and the believer CEASE their works. That is to enter in to the Sabbath. So we have believed, and JESUS CHRIST the LORD is in us. 1 John 2: 12- 27, 4: 4, 4: 17. And these children are the Isa. 8: 18, 29: 23 ones who are the works of The LORD ’s own hands, who are forgiven first, and taught all things, by GRACE AND MERCY of JESUS CHRIST the LORD. So one can see how JESUS CHRIST the LORD and His children , His own hand’s works are being accused by high and lofty ships of Tarshish. And if you care to read this, you will see how she exalts SELF and condemns the rest, fulfilling the works of the accuser and Isa. 14, who wants to sit on CHRIST the LORD’s seat and above the stars. And this is an ‘OFFERING’ to The LORD , for the 6th month, full of ACCUSATIONS. Just as The LORD heard when Aaron and Miriam accused Moses, the accuser also does the same. And read for yourself to know to see if this could be an OFFERING to The LORD or ACCUSING HIS HAND’S WORKS to sit on His throne, trying to judge CHRIST the LORD, as He Is in the little children. The TITLE, itself is to accuse the other. When GOD anoints someone, we cannot accuse or judge them. If we do so, we judge GOD’s anointed. We know all about what that means. And that is why, Michael the angel said ‘may The LORD rebuke you’, as proven in previous writings. So that is all we also could say, .. ‘may The LORD rebuke this accuser”. Our comments are in purple. Grey high lighted are accusations. THE TRUE PROPHET IS REVEALED WITH THE TRUE GOD AND HIS PEOPLE AND HIS HOUSE!

The TRUE GOD, TRUE HOUSE OF GOD , TRUE people of GOD, and the TRUE prophet ! The true GOD, is JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The CREATOR. And the true house of GOD, is JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s OWN HOUSE. Heb. 3:6. “CHRIST as a son over HIS OWN HOUSE; whose house are we,”. The true people then, should be the ones who are in JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s own house as this Scripture says “are we’. Then, who is the true prophet? It must be someone who preaches that JESUS CHRIST the LORD is the true GOD, and in HIS HOUSE! Moses was faithful in GOD’S HOUSE as written below. So this prophet also must be faithful TO JESUS CHRIST the LORD! It was JESUS CHRIST the LORD, the GOD who spoke with Moses and he was faithful to HIM! The same way, this prophet in JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s house also is faithful, if he is in it! the temporary Tabernacle, and the Tabernacle of David, where the Ark of the Covenant was, which is now NO MORE. (Heb. 7). The priesthood including the laws of the Covenant has changed. CHRIST the LORD said, in the end time, there will be many false prophets. But, at the same time, He Has given us a sign to find the true prophet. So without confusion, we can know where is JESUS CHRIST the LORD’S true prophet is. In Num. 12, GOD gave us a lesson to not to speak against GOD’s servants. And Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses, when he had married an Ethiopian woman. It is true, that according to GOD’s law, for Israel to marry strangers was against GOD’s words. Not only that, they thought The LORD Has spoken through them also. That means they thought they are also prophets. That is a lesson for us now to know how to find the true prophet. And even though GOD spoke through Aaron and Miriam, GOD chose Moses to be His true prophet, as he is faithful to Him , in His house. So what is the sign or the clue to find the true prophet, which GOD gave? We all should know, as there are many false prophets. And this chapter gives us a lesson to not to speak against GOD’s servants as their righteousness is from GOD. Or in other words, GOD MAKES THEM RIGHTEOUS, unless He cannot reveal Himself and His ways. Also, GOD said, where ever the true prophet is, GOD will be with them and could be identified the true GOD and His people. Therefore, we cannot afford not to find GOD and His true prophet, so we can be a part of His people. Then, we belong to GOD and enter in to the Glorious Rest with Him, in HIS OWN HOUSE! THE TRUE GOD IS REVEALED WITH THE TRUE prophet AND HIS PEOPLE AND HIS HOUSE!

The CREATOR Has placed His name on HIS OWN HOUSE ;to call upon His name!The CREATOR Has finally built His house. Heb 3:6 But CHRIST as a son over HIS OWN house; whose house are we,”. And He placed His name, so we can call upon Him, as it was since the beginning of Gen. 4:26! And we are to call upon the name of JESUS CHRIST the LORD !( 1 cor 1: 2). from the beginning, The CREATOR who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD tried to build a house for Himself, to place HIS NAME, so all can come and worship Him and call upon HIS NAME! In the whole volume of the Book, it is spoken of JESUS CHRIST the LORD. Did you ever think that you must be in CHRIST the LORD’s house? “Since the day that I brought forth my people Israel out of Egypt, I chose no city out of all the tribes of Israel to build an house, that MY NAME MIGHT BE THEREIN; but I chose David to be over my people Israel”. Israel was brought by The ROCK, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD ! Then, king David and king Solomon built a house for Him and at that time, He was known as ‘The LORD of HOSTS ’. Then, Mal. 1: 6, 2:2 says the whole ministry did not give glory to His NAME, to The LORD of HOSTS who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD and The LORD left them saying, the gentiles will send pure incense to HIS NAME. Mal. 1: 11. So The LORD came to gentiles. Isa. 11:9-11, gave the knowledge of GOD, and that is the REST, because JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s house is the true rest which one should enter, by BELIEVING. And that is a prophecy for us now. When The LORD came, His own did not receive Him. and He said the temple will be destroyed, desolated until the children say’ blessed is He who comes in the Name of THE LORD”. (Mat. 23). Then finally, those who have BELIEVED in JESUS CHRIST the LORD to BE IN HIS HOUSE, who honor HIS NAME, whom HE BROUGHT to His temple, are in His own house, CALLING ON HIS NAME! . He became the Chief Corner Stone whom the Levitical ministry rejected who are to be builders, and others became pillars in His temple, in the foundation. So The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST the LORD finally found a house to place His name! From that house, He calls all to come and worship Him and be HIS PEOPLE, to be BLESSED AND BE SAVED ! We must thank JESUS CHRIST the LORD for building His temple, so all could be BLESSED by Him. ! Calling upon the Name of THE LORD proves the true GOD Whom we love and worship. It also proves the true people of GOD. And we will be saved, when we call on HIS NAME. “And it shall be that everyone who shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.". Therefore, if one wishes to be SAVED, they should know where The Saviour’s house is, and where He Has placed His name, so we can call on Him to be saved!

Understand the Signs of times “SPIRITUALLY” and not physically to know the coming of The LORD !JESUS CHRIST the LORD, in many Scripture, gave signs of end times. The whole world look at them PHYSICALLY. But JESUS CHRIST the LORD wanted HIS CHURCH to read them Spiritually, so that they might know when HIS COMING would be. For example:- The LORD said, THE TEMPLE WILL FALL not leaving even one stone upon another! Now, is there a PHYSICAL temple to fall? And The LORD talks about ‘SABBATH’, AND “JUDEA”. So this prophecy is a sign for those who are in Judea, and who keep Sabbath! This is about HIS OWN CHURCH, the Tabernacle of King David, where the ministry are the STONES IN THE Sanctuary (lam 4:1) ,which is prophesied to fall. Sun darkened means GOD withheld His light. And when all come to know the temple is fallen, The LORD Is PROPHESIED TO COME TO REBUILD IT. And it is time to pour His mercy and give the SPIRIT to all flesh, giving them salvation. Luk. 3: 6. He comes for the times of Refreshing, (Acts. 3: 19) and times of REFORMATION (Heb. 9:10). GOD judges and take vengeance to ACCEPT. Isa. 61: 2-3. Rom. 1 says, GOD gave PHYSICAL signs to know the SPIRITUAL signs. And the same way these ‘earthquakes, roaring of the sea, signs in the sun, (solar flares , eclipses) moon, stars and all things He said to watch, are SPIRITUAL. For example:- the ‘SUN’ is GOD. Moon is the church which gets the SUN’S light. (from CHRIST the LORD). Stars are the ‘hosts’ of The LORD. And just before He comes, all these what He prophesied, including that not even one stone shall be left upon another happens, because the church was NOT BUILT ON THE Chief Corner Stone, WHO IS JESUS CHRIST the LORD.!! IT IS JESUS CHRIST the LORD’S HOUSE, NOW IS BEING BUILT. Heb. 3:6. In His anger, the sun’s light is given so all can understand these things and be ready to be REBUILT, REFORMED, REFRESHED, PRESERVED IN JESUS CHRIST the LORD ! He is coming to SAVE all and not to destroy any ! If the stars fall in to the earth, would there be any people left for Him to come in to? And these end time signs are NOT TO MAKE US FEAR, BUT TO WAIT FOR HIM AND HIS KINGDOM. That is something we should look forward to, unless ??? “So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand…, ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled”. When these things begin to be fulfilled, the generation which sees all these signs, will not pass away, BUT WILL SEE all things are fulfilled. THE LONG AWAITED KING WILL COME! So beginning from the destruction or the falling of the temple, until the TRUE Tabernacle, WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST the LORD’S OWN HOUSE, these signs will continue to give us hope for HIS COMING. Therefore, AS WE SEE THESE ARE HAPPENING, OUR GENERATION ALSO WILL SEE THE SON OF MAN COMING TO GET HIS KINGDOM! If you have worshiped HIM AS THE KING, THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ASHAMED TO STAND BEFORE HIM! It is CHRIST the LORD who comes. So LOOK FOR HIM, in these signs! So this chapter is all about The LORD ’S COMING AGAIN!

House of GOD part 2: The prayers of King David fulfilled as the house of GOD is built Spiritually! In the first part, we proved that the house of GOD is now have the foundation laid. It is JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s house and it is to HONOR HIM as the GOD of the whole earth as Scripture says. And this writing proves how king Solomon, and king David’s prayers are fulfilled and ended. King David’s throne is prophesied to be given to JESUS CHRIST the LORD. And king David built a house for Him, and He was known as The LORD of HOSTS to them. And Thereafter, till the Laodicea era, all failed to honor The LORD of HOSTS as their ONLY GOD. Mal. 1:6, 2:2, 10-11, and they took His glory forever. Micah 2:9. But now, JESUS CHRIST the LORD, Himself Has founded His own house as proven in the first part in Heb. 3: 6. And HE IS THE ROOT OF JESSE, and the LION OF JUDAH to sit on that throne. All the kingdoms belongs to HIM. Psa 72:20 The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended.”. What is the meaning of this verse? King David prophesied in his LAST prayer before his DEATH, that GOD’s house must be built. He prophesied many things regarding the HOUSE OF GOD. And there is a time to END all that. And that is when the TRUE HOUSE of GOD, which is built for the TRUE GOD, or king David’s GOD would be built. And the true GOD, who wanted a house to dwell is The LORD of HOSTS , who is in the New testament, known as JESUS CHRIST the LORD! He is the ROOT OF JESSE AND THE LION OF Judah WHO IS GIVEN THE SCEPTER FOR EVER. He is the true GOD, He is ‘THE’ KING, and the House of GOD is built to HONOR HIS NAME, as HE IS THE FATHER (2 sam 7:14) AND HE HAS PLACED HIS NAME, so all can call upon HIS NAME and be HIS SONS, as HE PURPOSED! And now, His OWN HOUSE, HE HAS BUILT and HE IS THE Chief Corner Stone which all rejected! Heb. 3:6. So Psa. 72, is a prophecy for the kingdom and when the Name of THE LORD is to be glorified, which ends all the prophecies, because king David prayed about the House of GOD. And it is now Spiritually FULFILLED!

Plague in the heart - AtonementKing Solomon prophesied that his people will have a plague in their hearts and ‘IF’ they come towards the HOUSE of The LORD , and pray, knowing , (which means acknowledging their plague), then for The LORD to forgive. And now this plague in the heart is revealed as the HOUSE OF The LORD IS FOUNDED, and The LORD having come to reveal the hidden counsel of the heart 1 cor 4:5, on the day of THE LORD, the Times of Gentiles. Eze. 30: 3. That house is the house of the Living GOD, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD who is THE JUDGE! “Heb. 3: 6…” But CHRIST as a son over HIS OWN HOUSE; whose house are we,”. CHRIST the LORD, also became a SON to HIS OWN house. And then some others who are “WE”, also are in His house. This is the HOUSE OF GOD as proven in previous writings, which will be placed on top of other mountains, IN THE “LAST DAYS”. And if one is NOT IN CHRIST the LORD’S house, then they have this plague in their heart and needs to repent. But first, they must UNDERSTAND what is this plague which caused them to NOT TO ENTER HIS HOUSE! Do you think you are in ‘ CHRIST the LORD’s house, as you worshiped GOD the Father ? But these ‘WE’, are already in it! So what could this plague in the heart be? It is very easy to find out. And Mr. Gerald Flurry and Dennis Leap has written about having hearts according to GOD’s own. Does the Scripture agree with their teachings on this matter? What does the Scripture truly say about having a good heart, after GOD’s own??? It is very simple to find out who is in CHRIST the LORD’S house, and who are not! And as His house built means HE IS IN IT, THEN AS KING SOLOMON PRAYED , ONE MUST SEE THE PLAGUE IN THEIR HEART AND COME TOWARDS THIS House of GOD TO PRAY , SO THEY COULD BE FORGIVEN, AND BE ONE WITH GOD. ! This is why The LORD ’s heart Had to be pierced, to shed blood to forgive the plague in the heart. But HE, AS A MERCIFUL FATHER, paid for yours and ours sin of the heart and WILL PIERCE it by the WORD of GOD, THE SWORD. Heb. 4: 12 ! “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart”. In order to pierce your hearts to purify it, The LORD came to reveal the hidden counsels. 1 cor 4:5. Unless this plague is repented, The LORD cannot live in our hearts, nor we could be ATONED and be with Him. ! Why did The LORD said to FAST on the atonement? It is because we can repent of the plague in the heart, so we can be one with Him. ! Until he came the second time to judge , we never knew this plague

IF ANY MAN THIRST, LET HIM COME UNTO ME, AND DRINK“In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him COME UNTO “ME”, AND DRINK. Why would the LORD call the people to come and drink the HOLY SPIRIT, on the ‘LAST DAY”? And why NOT BEFORE? And FROM ‘HIM”???? Why not from GOD the Father? And according to Scripture, who are these ‘THIRSTY’ ones? GOD is a SPIRIT and we must worship Him in Spirit and Truth. But could carnal man have the SPIRIT or the truth on his own? If we had the Spirit and Truth, then the new Covenant wife would not be Laodicean or in captivity in Babylon, or in Egypt. Rev. 11: 8, 17 and 18. What is the ‘TRUTH’ and what is the ‘SPIRIT”? Only on the last great day, The LORD calls all to come and drink from Him. JESUS CHRIST the LORD, is The ROCK, who gives spiritual meat and drink. It does not come from GOD the Father. So no one had the Spirit and Truth till the last day as this writing would prove.” And one should BELIEVE CHRIST the LORD, to receive HOLY SPIRIT. “He that BELIEVETH ON ME, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which THEY THAT BELIEVE ON HIM SHOULD RECEIVE: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)”. What do all these means? So the HOLY SPIRIT was not given, until JESUS CHRIST the LORD was GLORIFIED.? And what does the Spirit and Truth have to do with glorifying JESUS CHRIST the LORD? Then, why Does JESUS CHRIST the LORD call all to come and DRINK FROM HIM, the HOLY SPIRIT, on the ‘Last Great Day”?? Did we not drink from Him before this day? No one glorified Him, till the last day? We know, HE IS The ROCK from whom the SPIRITUAL DRINK COMES FROM. Then, did you go to Him to get it? What is the connection between the ATONEMENT and this Last Great Day? How they are Spiritually fulfilled?

Works the Father has given Me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of MeJESUS CHRIST the LORD was given to do some works by His FATHER to finish. And the FINISHED works, will witness about Him, that HE IS THE TRUE GOD, and that HE IS IN THE FATHER, AFTER HE HAS DONE THEM.”Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me: or else believe Me for the very works sake

Pt 2- The WORKS of CHRIST the LORD and His children witnesses!. Part 1 please read (Works the Father has given Me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of Me.!). Everything CHRIST the LORD does after His second coming is SPIRITUAL which means according to His own words which is SPIRIT. John 6:63. All things are done according to the SPIRIT. The SPIRIT is CHRIST the LORD, and His WORDS. 2 cor 3: 17, John 6:63. So just as CHRIST the LORD too fulfilled the written words, the children TO whom He came the second time who are in His midst, who are to be a sign and a wonder ( Isa. 8: 18, 29: 23, Heb. 2: 10-13) also do all things according to the written words which is SPIRIT. Now, it is a SPIRITUAL building which is being built as the TEMPLE of The LORD, and it is made TO JESUS CHRIST the LORD. (.Heb 3:6). So these written words causes all things to be fulfilled, just as it is written. And that glorifies JESUS CHRIST the LORD, who INSPIRED them to be written and these works are a sign and a wonder to Israel. (When CHRIST the LORD’s children are in His midst). This writing proves, how JESUS CHRIST the LORD the Everlasting FATHER works through His own children. And how the LORD and His children witnesses about the truth and the true GOD, so others may be saved.

Pt 3- works of CHRIST The LORD and HIS children ;Light to perfection! “that they should not eat of the most holy things, till there stood up a priest with Urim and with Thummim” ! Urim and Thummim? “Light and perfections” could only come from JESUS CHRIST the LORD! That is why, HE BECOMES THE HIGH PRIEST when all others fail! CHRIST the LORD is THE LIGHT. Light means the truth. Truth is the words of GOD, but JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s. And the TRUTH makes us free and perfect. That is why Urim or Thummim is given to judge and make one perfect. That means JESUS CHRIST the LORD makes us perfect through His word. And He gives light first to those whom He prepared to be HIS SONS as they are to be a sign and a wonder, and are first fruits and are to be sent and they are called luminaries and sons of light! John 17:17-20. And these sons will receive the Light from the FATHER and give to others, making them perfect as they are to be luminaries in darkness. Php 2:15. Urim or Thummim in the breast plate of judgment, judges one to make them know they are in darkness, so they could have light to come out of darkness and become perfect. All lacked the knowledge of GOD to be saved. Isa. 5:13. And Urim or Thummim gives that knowledge to be saved! GOD Has promised to save all. But no one is saved till now, and the harvest in Israel failed. Jer. 8: 19-20. But The LORD will save all by His mercy as HE HAS PAID THE PENALTY for our sin! That knowledge which is to save one, was not known till the Urim or Thummim is to be given or till after the judgment, as the days of vengeance is to ACCEPT ALL. Isa. 61: 1-3! GOD reveals our sin to make us perfect. All things become NEW, IN CHRIST the LORD and until all things are made new, CHRIST the LORD refuses to live among us! Urim or Thummim could come only from JESUS CHRIST the LORD and not from GOD the Father whom you say is your GOD. (John 8:54). Scripture never says GOD the Father is THE LIGHT! He is NOT THE JUDGE, nor The Saviour or The REDEEMER! The Comforter also is JESUS CHRIST the LORD! So what is the knowledge comes to save one? What is Urim or Thummim which is in the breastplate of the high priest? How would it be fulfilled? Has not JESUS CHRIST the LORD, prophesied to come as THE HIGH PRIEST as high priests failed to be perfect? “the Son of God; abideth a Priest continually”. Then, He will bear the Urim or Thummim and the judgement of the breastplate! So the high priest’s breastplate of Urim or Thummim also must be fulfilled in judgment! This writing proves how He gives Urim or Thummim to all as the perfect HIGH PRIEST!

Passover; worship The ‘FATHER’ in Spirit and Truth as He seeks such! Now, Passover means coming out of Egypt ‘SPIRITUALLY’ where we are now as Rev. 11:8 says. In Egypt, the true FATHER is not worshiped! Scripture SAYS, WE HAVE DEAD WORKS and that is why we need the BLOOD OF THE LAMB! What are these dead works? Unless purged these dead works, we cannot serve the Living GOD! by receiving the Spirit and Truth, we can worship GOD in Spirit and Truth as He seeks such worshipers! JESUS CHRIST the LORD said, an “HOUR’ will come, neither in Jerusalem, nor in the Mountain , one will worship the FATHER in Spirit and Truth, which HE SEEKS. Jerusalem and Holy Mountain is Zion, which was cast down to earth in judgment in lam 2:1. If she had the Spirit and Truth, The LORD would have not cast her down. That is the hour when no one worships the FATHER in Spirit and Truth. But, the Spirit and Truth, who is The Comforter, is prophesied to come AGAIN to give the Spirit and Truth, so we can COME OUT OF Egypt SPIRITUALLY, and worship Him in Spirit and Truth! Ancient Israel too were brought out of Egypt before they entered in to the Marriage Covenant. and also now, the wife of CHRIST The LORD must be granted to wear fine linen for the Marriage Covenant.! Jerusalem or the mountain is also known in Scripture as the ‘holy city’. And it is Spiritually in Egypt after she was cast down. Rev. 11:8. Also in Babylon to be delivered. Micah 4:10, and that is why the mysterious harlot is in Babylon, being judged. Rev. 17, 18. Giving the Spirit and Truth also means the ‘baptism by fire’. Passover is a time to be washed by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. Ancient Israel put blood of lambs in order to be saved from the death angel. But now, as they are Spiritually in Egypt, they would not know to put the blood of the LAMB, to come out of Egypt as she is blind Spiritually. Therefore, The LORD Has prophesied that He will come as The Comforter, the Spirit and Truth, ONCE AGAIN to bring Israel or the church of GOD out of Egypt Spiritually. He alone has the Spirit and Truth and no man can have it by self or by any works. Therefore, in order to Passover, The LORD must forgive freely first, AS IT IS WRITTEN in the Scripture, after the judgments. Have YOU worshiped the true FATHER in Spirit and Truth as of now? The Scripture says you do not know the FATHER in the first place to worship Him! One clue is given in Rev. 14:6-7, in the Everlasting gospel, that one should worship ‘The CREATOR’, who is JESUS CHRIST the LORD! Then, Jer. 3: 19-20 says, you have not called Him ‘my FATHER” and have forsaken Him! He is The Husband as well as the FATHER ! When the Spirit and Truth is given, you would call The Husband, your ‘FATHER’! There are no other gods, but The CREATOR who appeared in many names such as The LORD , THE ALMIGHTY, The LORD of HOSTS , The Most High, The ROCK, The REDEEMER, and The Saviour etc. from the CREATION to the end in the book of revelation, it is spoken of ONE GOD, and that is JESUS CHRIST the LORD, in the whole volume of the Book. ! All things written in prophets, psalms and the law of Moses is about Him which must be fulfilled, during the DAYS OF VENGEANCE. And the vengeance is taken from those who did not worship the FATHER in Spirit and Truth! The LORD gives the Spirit and Truth, to save all, to bring them out of Egypt Spiritually, and the confusion they are in , so they CAN WORSHIP HIM IN Spirit and Truth! That is when the Passover is fulfilled Spiritually.

“New stone of destiny”;? “Woe to him that saith; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach”! “I drank much ‘SPIRITUAL’ strength and ‘INSPIRATION at that prayer rock’ ! Has GOD prophesied that in the last days Jacob ’s pillar stone will be replaced by any other rocks? But, The LORD Has prophesied that if a PROPHET has an IDOL, The LORD, HIMSELF WILL DECEIVE THAT PROPHET! Recently, the high priest wrote, that he has a NEW stone of ‘DESTINY’ and he gets much SPIRITUAL drink and inspiration from it! In that, the OLD stone’s destiny was rejected! COULD ANY MAN REPLACE SUCH A STONE WHICH was called the House of GOD, the Gate of HEAVEN ? Just imagine, a prophet says he received MUCH ‘SPIRITUAL’ strength and ‘INSPIRATION’ out of a rock? The ONLY ROCK who gives ‘SPIRITUAL’ meat and drink is JESUS CHRIST the LORD! GOD and Jacob called it THE HOUSE OF GOD “Bethel”, and the GATE OF HEAVEN! Did Jacob have the dream by himself? It was shown by GOD! It is a prophecy for the true House of GOD, the Gate of HEAVEN! UNTIL IT IS FULFILLED, THIS STONE WILL KEEP US REMINDING GOD’S BLESSINGS AND PROMISES! COULD WE CALL HWA’S PRAYER ROCK, THE STONE OF DESTINY, the House of GOD or the gate of Heaven? IF SO, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who lived long ago, has NO DESTINY! What continues in our days, is what The LORD began in their times! Could this rock fulfill any of the promises made to Jacob ? JESUS CHRIST the LORD who blessed the stone, has become the CHIEF CORNER STONE of HIS OWN HOUSE now! THAT IS THE DESTINY ! “Christ as a son over HIS OWN HOUSE; whose house are we,”.CHRIST the LORD, HIMSELF reminded of us about Jacob ’s dream. John 1:49-51.Therefore, when Jacob prophesied about this stone, and made it a PILLAR, he was prophesying about ‘JESUS CHRIST the LORD’s HOUSE and it’s pillars! That stone gives us inspiration to look for the House of GOD and the Gate of HEAVEN! What does it mean many stones becoming one? GOD warns Ezekiel and the people living in his time “For every one of the house of Israel, which SEPARATETH HIMSELF FROM ME, and setteth up his idols in his heart, I the LORD will answer BY MYSELF: And I WILL SET MY FACE AGAINST that man, .. And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet”! So the prophecy of Jacob ’s pillar stone, continued till the SPIRITUAL House of GOD IS BUILT and the Gate of HEAVEN is opened! Now that the House of GOD is built, GOD wants to show who are in it, and who worship idols! And those who have idols, ARE DECEIVED BY GOD, HIMSELF, while those who worship Him, are in His house! And unless the prophet is deceived by GOD, (as GOD sees the idols in the heart which GOD alone can see), no prophet can replace what GOD Has set in place!

Part 2- Covenant which is 3700 years old, broken! The Covenant between GOD and Jacob, which was made about 3700 years ago is broken now as it’s witness is replaced, the stone of destiny, and Jacob ‘s seed failed to live by THE VOW he made with GOD ! Judah has done this and it affects THE WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL! GOD’s part of the promise was to bring him to the House of GOD and till He Has done it, to be with Jacob, and Jacob’s part was to worship THE ALMIGHTY who spoke with him and accept Him as his GOD. As GOD promised Jacob, He took Zion to heaven, till she was cast down for her DISOBEDIENCE. Lam 2:1. Before that, In Bethel, the Ark of the Covenant also was kept, that proves the House of GOD was built there, as GOD PROMISED.

Part 3- New stone: GOD’s own became strangers and strangers became His own! GOD says in the end time; His own wife and children will FORSAKE HIM and will not be born as first fruits to Him. That is because, the first fruits are born by the words of JESUS CHRIST the LORD, and TO HIM! No one called Him, my “FATHER”. (Jam 1:18 “ Of HIS OWN WILL BEGAT HE us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures”). So it is by JESUS CHRIST the LORD’S OWN WILL, HE BEGETS US, as HIS SONS! Then, if He BEGETS us, HE SHOULD BE OUR FATHER! He was The ROCK, who begat Israel as well. But to this day, Israel DO NOT ACCEPT OR BELIEVE HIM, that HE IS THEIR FATHER. Deut.32:18. “Of THE ROCK THAT BEGAT thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee.” But, THEY MUST ACCEPT HIM AS The Husband AS WELL AS THE FATHER ONE DAY, to fulfill the Scripture! He, is THE TRUTH and His words are the truth.(John 17:17, 14:6). But what is the TRUTH which He begets us as first fruits? The stone of destiny witnesses that Israel is the first fruits to GOD. Jacob ’s name was changed to Israel. Israel means ‘he shall rule as GOD’, or Thayer’s; he shall be a prince of GOD”. How would ‘Israel’ ‘Spiritually’ be fulfilled? GOD changed the names of Abram to Abraham, and Jacob to Israel, Sarai to Sarah! How would these names be fulfilled Spiritually in the end time? Israel failed to believe JESUS CHRIST the LORD and are cut off. They forgot their FATHER and GOD and broke the Covenants. Then, GOD turned to gentiles, the second time when He comes. And they believed and received the word of truth and became the first fruits of ‘JESUS CHRIST the LORD’! So His own became strangers and strangers became Israel of GOD! Failure of Israel to be GOD’s own sons; is they failed to know THEIR GOD and FATHER was ‘The ROCK’! it is The ROCK who wants children to Himself. The ROCK begat them. But they had GOD the Father as their GOD, whom no one has seen or heard. The ROCK gives spiritual drink and meat, causing us to live forever. 1 cor 10: 3-4. It was The ROCK who entered in to the Marriage Covenant. Then, it is The ROCK who gave the TEN COMMANDMENTS. The temple was built to Him. king David, on his death bed also said The ROCK is Israel’s GOD as written below. Moses was faithful to The ROCK. Heb. 3. There was no other GOD mentioned in the whole volume of the Book, as it is written, about JESUS CHRIST the LORD ! It is JESUS CHRIST the LORD who said Israel is MY SON, MY FIRST BORN. These things we have been proving for so many years now. So Israel does not know their own FATHER!

True CONVERSION “Conversion’ means (Strong’s) “reversion, that is, moral revolution”. “Moral’ means “standards of behavior; principles of right and wrong”. When Adam chose wrong, he became mortal, a sinful state, opposite of GOD’s image and the enemy of GOD! THEN, The CREATOR MUST CONVERT HIM BACK TO HIS IMAGE! That is conversion! As a result of that disobedience, death and evil came to all humans as The CREATOR CUT HIMSELF OFF FROM ALL MANKIND. And all became GOD’s enemy as none believed Him and made Him a liar. If The CREATOR, created the man in His own image, then he was a SON to The CREATOR. That is JESUS CHRIST the LORD. Adam, was a son to GOD. Luk. 3. Then, Adam’s FATHER is The CREATOR. That relationship between the FATHER and THE SON was lost. This is why Elijah is prophesied to come and turn the hearts of the children to the FATHER. Cutting off the Tree of Life means the knowledge of GOD, the knowledge about The CREATOR and how to be a SON to The CREATOR , the image of GOD, the SPIRIT of GOD, the DIVINE NATURE of GOD was cut off. Therefore, the cause or the sin of man was he sinned against The CREATOR, by his disobedience. Then man cannot CONVERT himself back to being a son to The CREATOR. So The CREATOR, HIMSELF must once again convert the man to be a son to Him, so all can walk in peace, and not being enemies. As we have sinned against The CREATOR, which means HE IS THE GOD WHO IS THE SPIRIT, ( 2 cor 3: 17), he has sinned against the HOLY SPIRIT! That is why The LORD had to CURSE the man by DEATH, as sinning against the GOD who is the SPIRIT is the unpardonable sin. Then, The CREATOR wants all to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. That means HIS SPIRIT must be given to the man, by The CREATOR, Himself so man can worship Him in Spirit and Truth. But the Spirit and Truth is The Comforter, who is The CREATOR, Himself Is prophesied to come IN HIS SECOND coming. The Spirit and Truth was not given at His first coming and His own did not receive Him, which means they failed to be sons of GOD! (John 1:11-12). And, as no man can pay the penalty for the unpardonable sin, which is the SPIRITUAL DEATH, The CREATOR, Himself had to pay. So He came the first time to DIE and then the SECOND time, comes giving salvation(Heb. 9:26-28), but first to those whom HE PREPARED to receive salvation first and making them HIS FIRST FRUITS, so they can declare the GOD of salvation and teach how to receive it. And then, they are made in The CREATOR’s image, and are given The CREATOR’s SPIRIT. Rom. 8:9, 29. So all these things, The CREATOR will do to convert the man to be a son to Him. And the wife of CHRIST The LORD also did not know, The Husband is also the FATHER. Jer. 3: 19-20. But she will know, when she is converted. When Adam sinned he became flesh and blood. And flesh and blood cannot enter in to GOD’s kingdom, nor know the Spirit and Truth about The SON. So The CREATOR must once again remove the flesh and blood in man and give His SPIRIT to man’s heart, so he can call HIM MY FATHER or ABBA. Gal. 4:6. So GOD’s SPIRIT is given to the hearts and the hearts must be purified to receive His SPIRIT. So the CONVERSION means TURNING ONE TO BE AS Adam was, to be SONS OF The CREATOR ! So as these sons are a sign and a wonder, all must know this sign, so they can become as these children and be converted as Adam was! JESUS CHRIST the LORD, The CREATOR takes the Laodiceans back to the beginning. They also are naked as Adam was. So when they are clothed, that means they will become as Adam, a son of GOD !

Preaching JESUS CHRIST and The Heavenly vision converts all to the TRUE FATHER! CONVERSION part 2In the first part, we proved that conversion means reverting the man back to the beginning of the creation, to make the man once again in GOD’s image and as a son to HIm. But the image of GOD as well as that knowledge was cut off as the curse of DEATH came. In this part we prove one is converted IN The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST the LORD! In Him, life and light. But men loved darkness and disobeyed Him. And the knowledge about Him was lost. Then, we need the true knowledge of The CREATOR to receive LIFE AGAIN! We must be born of Him, and HIS SPIRIT! if we are born of Him, then HE SHOULD BE OUR FATHER! And must obey Him as the FATHER! Since this time we will be created Spiritually, we must receive the SPIRIT of The CREATOR! From Adam to Laodiceans, The CREATOR’S SPIRIT was rejected. Both became naked Spiritually. That is the rebellion against GOD which brought SPIRITUAL death to all. GOD calls it Lusts of the eyes, flesh and pride. Therefore, the cause of man must be judged, and the man must be again given the SPIRIT of The LORD, by the SAME GOD, The CREATOR! GOD who creates us physically or Spiritually, should be our FATHER. SPIRIT is given to HEARTS and hearts must be purified first, by faith of The CREATOR. One is JUDGED to ESTABLISH. JESUS CHRIST the LORD, called Apostle Paul and gave him a Heavenly vision, which saves all. If The CREATOR begets us physically and Spiritually, HE WILL BE OUR FATHER FOR EVER. The Old testament ends in prophesying that the ministry did not honor The LORD of HOSTS as the “FATHER”. Mal. 1:6. That is why Elijah is prophesied to come again, to turn the hearts of the children to the FATHER, to his GOD, WHO IS The LORD of HOSTS, The CREATOR! In this part, we further prove, how JESUS CHRIST the LORD is the FATHER and also how “HE” will revert us back to Him, according to the ‘HEAVENLY VISION’. That vision reveals, how one would be converted by JESUS CHRIST the LORD, and TO HIM, and by faith of and IN HIM! He Is The ROCK who BEGAT or FATHERED Israel whom they forgot, which means they forgot THEIR FATHER! When that is understood, they are already returned to their FATHER, and converted! Then, they will call Him, The Husband my FATHER. Jer. 3:19-20. If the first fruits are born by “CHRIST the LORD’s” words, jam 1:18, then they are first fruits ‘to’ CHRIST. Then the other fruits also will be begotten the same way by Him, and TO HIM! NO one believed Him, that HE IS THE FATHER as well as The SON. So the FATHER’s knowledge must be given to be converted to Him and BE BORN OF HIM! How some of Gerald Flurry’s teachings are against the Scripture also is included. Conversion means The LORD will create us as it was in the beginning when Adam was made in HIS IMAGE. If not we have DEATH in us. A SON of GOD, cannot die. When He converts us with His SPIRIT, we also will be like Him, will live for ever. So from PHYSICAL creation of sons to the SPIRITUAL creation as SONS OF GOD is the CONVERSION! We are to be IN HIM, and HE IS to be IN US ! All these must be understood to be converted as sons of GOD ! Have you read the Scripture which says, we must be first fruits unto CHRIST? “firstfruits … unto CHRIST”? Scripture does not lie. If the first fruits are UNTO CHRIST, then the rest also should be! That is what the Bible teaches. JESUS CHRIST the LORD would not come a second time to teach and give the knowledge of GOD as the sea, if we HAD IT. Isa. 11: 9- 11. !

The TRUTH of CHRIST converts us to be a CHASTE VIRGIN to Him! Why did CHRIST the LORD say HE WILL MAKE ALL THINGS NEW? That includes the NEW Covenant as well. What is the sin of Eve? How does it apply to us? Is the wife of CHRIST The LORD a chaste virgin to The Husband? If she was, why does The Husband has to wash her again by water the word? Why Did He tell the last era to buy clothes and gold from Him, The Husband? How could the wife of CHRIST The LORD prepare herself for the marriage? Why does she has to be GRANTED to wear fine linen? Why does the marriage of the LAMB happen ‘after’ the judgments? In this writing, we prove; If the Scripture says we must become NEW IN CHRIST the LORD, then we must become new IN The CREATOR. That is because, The CREATOR Is creating a new garden of Eden and He wants all things to be the same as the first one. He created all things by His SPIRIT, and man brought desolations because of his disobedience to HIS SPIRIT (disobedience to His words which is SPIRIT). It was The CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST the LORD who created all things FOR HIS pleasure and FOR HIMSELF. But man, because of his lusts and pride, failed to fulfill his duty towards The CREATOR and worshiped GOD the Father, whom the man has made up. Adam and Eve’s sin brought us death. if they could be forgiven, The LORD would have forgiven at that time and will not curse them to death. And from them the sin entered in to us and as a result all the seed of Adam and Eve also are cursed to death. they sinned against the GOD, who is the SPIRIT. So they committed the unpardonable sin which is against the HOLY SPIRIT. And now, making all things new, as it was in the beginning, The CREATOR or CHRIST the LORD must create all things new in HIM. Scripture is all about how The CREATOR, was separated from the man and what HE WOULD DO TO SAVE AND REDEEM him from his own rebellion. So the story of ; from the first garden of Eden which failed unto the NEW garden of Eden which will last for ever is written in the Scripture. That is why all things must be made new in CHRIST the LORD, The CREATOR. After converting the wife of CHRIST The LORD, The LORD will be with us for ever, judging righteously. No more curse, death or devil or darkness. How much should we joyfully wait till The LORD makes all things new IN HIM ? from DEATH, The CREATOR once again will redeem the man, purchasing for Himself, by HIS OWN BLOOD and DEATH. Then the man will be HIS ‘PURCHASED’ possession, BORN OF HIS SPIRIT! As you read on, understand, that all men were under the sin of Adam and Eve! Eve’s sin caused her to lose the sincerity in CHRIST, The CREATOR, or the TRUTH OF CHRIST ! What does it mean? That caused the curse of death, which all her seed also inherited. Unless we have that removed, we cannot be ESPOUSED TO The Husband, because the TRUTH OF CHRIST IS NOT IN US, as you will see.!