Mysteries pt  14- Mystery of GOD – It is finished –!


If we are to worship the true GOD,  we should  know Him. For this reason, GOD became a Man and came to this world to reveal about Himself. But His own rejected Him. He blinded them. CHRIST  said “An …“hour”…. comes when I will no longer speak to you in allegories, but I will reveal the “Father plainly to you”. This means until that hour comes, He Has not revealed the truth about the Father”. When would that “HOUR’ BE? Did we not know Him all these years? Let GOD’s words speaks to you…


Please remember, when we have written “AS PROVEN”, that means, we have proven before, using the scripture .


When would one can know GOD ????

Psa 9:16  The LORD is known by the judgment which he executes: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands}}}… the LORD, is KNOWN in the ‘JUDGMENT”… the true character of GOD, will be make known when He executes judgment on the wicked, and we can see five  things will be revealed at the same time as we shall see. Until the ‘judgments’, no one could have known GOD.

1.      “TRUE GOD” and His character,

2.    The unsearchable judgments of the LORD, how mercifully He judges all…

3.      the wicked will be known as they are exposed for correction.

4.    And who gets the revelation from GOD to reveal the truth about all these….  As GOD’s witnesses, we are now exposing the wicked and at the same time revealing the truth about GOD… how merciful He is and His grace.

5.     When all of the above is revealed…As CHRIST  said ; He will reveal about the ‘Father ’ plainly when that hour comes…, this is the hour, the judgment which all will come to know the true GOD…


Isa 30:18 --And therefore will the LORD wait, that He may be gracious unto you, and therefore will He be exalted, that He may have mercy upon you: for the LORD is a God of judgment: }}}.. When GOD’s MERCY AND GRACE, is shown, during the judgment, the Gospel of Grace also will be preached. GOD will be exalted. Those who broke the Law, are condemned to death as proven, but because of GOD’s grace, they will have life. When they are pardoned, they will exalt GOD and not themselves. All that happens, in the judgment.


Hos 6:5  So I have hewn them by the prophets; I have slain them by the Words of My mouth; and your …”judgments  as the “light” that goes forth. }}}… during judgments, two prophecies will be fulfilled. GOD Has slain the false prophets by His Word, ( CHRIST  came in revelation with the sword of His mouth as Rev 19: 15, to slay them) And at the same time, the light, or the revelation about the truth, will be made known to all. During judgment they will have light. No one is killed in a lake of fire, but they will have light. We have proven, that it is the Gentiles, who will be judging, and they only will have the light so they can give that light to Israel. ( Isa. 60: 3).


Joh 3:19  And this is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness more than the Light, for their works were evil. }}}… Above, GOD says, that His prophets are the ones who are being slain and now, Apostle John is writing  the fulfillment of the same.  They will have light on judgment… or THEIR JUDGEMNT, IS TO GIVE THEM THE LIGHT, WHICH IS THE TRUTH.  (the overflowing shower of the Word of GOD with the truth so the wicked will be caught in their wickedness and will be ashamed,  that is their judgment . that is the best way GOD works to put them to shame ) and their light is brought from the Gentiles, as proven and this is  being fulfilled now…


Hos 6:6  For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. }}}… GOD does not want leader’s works which brings glory to THEMSELVES … he wants them to have mercy and judge the people mercifully, as He Has mercy on them… and HE WANTS THEM TO HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. Now, this is talking about the time of the judgment, and until that time, they have no knowledge of GOD.


Hos 6:7  But, like Adam, they have broken the covenant; they have acted like traitors against Me there. }}}… This is why, they are being judged. Don’t we say, we witnessed how they broke the covenant ??? once again, they have betrayed CHRIST by breaking the covenant. For details, about Israel’s broken covenant, Please read  : The Bamah matter” in our web site; 


What happens when they break the covenant??? It brings darkness. During the judgment, there is darkness as GOD Has left them. There is no GOD, no light, but the children of Abraham were thrown in to darkness as CHRIST our LORD prophesied. They became blind, deaf and dumb and lame. They cannot see, hear, or speak, or can walk in straight paths, UNTIL THE JUDGMENTS ARE OVER AND THEIR EYES WILL BE OPENED AND THEY ALL WILL HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT GOD AND WILL BE HEALED.  All these prophecies, have to be fulfilled and remember, all things will be fulfilled just as CHRIST our LORD  said in Luke 21: 22… ‘DURING THE TIMES OF VENGEANCE”. They are like lifted up mountains and hills. We have proven all. But, out of darkness, the light will shine. ( Joh 1: 5, ) So the darkness was prophesied to come…. THEN, THE TRUE LIGHT ALSO WILL SHINE… The knowledge of GOD shall be increased. The dead will be raised to life. They all shall glorify GOD in this day of Judgment, after they come to know the true GOD…. One thing we must remember is, if the prophets and leaders are slain, AS GOD SAYS, you cannot learn the truth from them as GOD Has slain… at that time, GOD Has prepared the Vessels of Mercy, to bring light…. The sun, gives light to the new moon, and new moon shines in darkness, which is the night.


The power of darkness came in to the world, in the “HOUR CHRIST  was betrayed”. Once again the darkness came over when they broke the covenant and as a plague in Rev 16. This is the prophesied night, which CHRIST  said He would come as a thief to give light… all are now fulfilled. Please read: CHRIST  comes as a thief in the night…) in this night, they have to come out of spiritual Egypt…  


Luk 22:53  When I was daily with you in the temple, ye stretched forth no hands against me: but this is your hour, and the power of darkness….}}}… When He was betrayed, and killed, how could there be light ??? For three hours, there was darkness when He was killed, and for three years, the church stayed dead in judgment.   Deep darkness came even on the people… Isa. 60: 2 . This hour, is the time the leaders will exalt and worship the beast, and the devil…all proven.

But now…. GOD wants them to return to Him….

Isa 60:1  Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

Isa 60:2  For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

Isa 60:3  And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. }}}… GOD says, these Gentiles, who come to their light, are ‘kings’… they are in the kingdom, with CHRIST , as LORD Has risen upon them… !


Isa 60:4  Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far,…}}}…. GOD Had planned all these, when His people Israel have sinned, the Gentiles to come and help them and give them the light. These prophecies will not fail… we, the Gentiles have heard and have the light shining on us as prophesied. We bring you that light, DIRECTLY FROM CHRIST  so you can rise… lift up… and see…. We all have gathered together… and have come… from a far… As  good news , to a thirsty soul, comes from a far.. Pro 25:25.


Job 28 talks about a time to end darkness… v 3. This is talking about our time, when the mountains to be uprooted. The rivers are cut from the rocks… the life giving water comes from believers, when the mountains or lifted up, proud leaders are being destroyed… this is the last earthquake… the plague , and GOD restrains the floods from overflowing… the overflowing flood which came from Gentiles as Isa. 66: 12 says, will be stopped… ( we have been telling that our work of judgment is coming to an end ).


V 11…. At that time, GOD brings the hidden things to light… ( if the light is needed, then it should be the hour of darkness… , but coming to end ). This is the mystery of GOD, which is to be revealed in the end… when the work comes to and end. v 12… Where would wisdom and understanding found??


V 20… where is the wisdom come from ???

V 21… it is hidden from all of the living…

V 22… the place of ruin, and death…that is Zion, will say that we have heard… finally, they will come to know…THEY HAVE HEARD… SO THE Word HAS GONE TO THEM…


V 24---28… GOD looks to the “ends of the earth… under heavens, and rain, lightening, and thunder…( all about the Gentile work as proven )  this is the time of the seventh angel sounds in Rev 10 and Rev 16…, and at the end of the mission of the two witnesses… in Rev  11: 19…, ( as v 18 says, the destruction of the destroyers )


Job 28:27  then He saw it, and declared it; He prepared it, and He also searched it out.

Job 28:28  And to man He said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom! And to turn from evil is understanding.


GOD Has appointed the rain, the lightning, the thunder and the wind, which is in the end of the earth to declare the secret of how to fear GOD, and to reveal about Himself, in this hour, which is appointed for the revelation of the GODHEAD….


Rev 14:7 ….Fear God, and give glory to Him !!!!


, because the hour of His judgment has come; also, Worship "Him who has made the heaven, and the earth, and the sea," and the springs of waters.  }}}… GOD gets His glory, in the hour of HIS JUDGMENT…. and it is time to ….


                                      Worship the true GOD !!!


The springs of waters, ( from the believer’s hearts as CHRIST  said would come ) coming from the ends of the earth, to declare and end the mystery of GOD… ! GOD saw it, prepared and declared…



2 Cor 4: 6… for God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge off the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. ..}}}… it is the Gentiles, who will have the light out of darkness shining in our hearts before the Jews would. Joh 3: 20 – 21 proves that further.


GOD’s deep things will be revealed out of darkness and the shadow of death, will be brought to light. ( Job 12: 22) . as proven, the dead will be raised to life to bring glory to GOD and THAT IS WHY, THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. People of GOD have been slaves of men, and the beasts as proven.  


light of the knowledge off the glory of GOD….}}}… this is why, CHRIST  came in the first time, to give the knowledge of glory of GOD…. but they killed Him. Now, like Adam, they broke the covenant, and have killed Him once again… therefore, CHRIST  came to Gentiles, as colos 1: 27 says, and now giving the light of the knowledge of the glory of GOD… all to happen in the JUDGMENT !


Isa 29:18  And in that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book; and the eyes of the blind shall see out of their gloom and out of darkness}}}… the darkness has to come, and they have to be made deaf and blind and has to be in darkness, and then will be restored to their sight and hearing and then, they can glorify GOD . remember , the judgments are to bring GOD’s due glory to Him and not on the proud who have exalted them. CHRIST  said, that the exalted will be humbled and the humble will be exalted. The judgments are the time for that prophecy to be fulfilled.  


1Pe 2:9  But you are "an elect race," "a royal priesthood," "a holy nation," "a people for possession," so that "you may openly speak of the virtues" of the One who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light…}}}… the Gentiles, who are called in the ‘LAST TIME”, as 1 Pet 1: 5, 20 says, are a priest hood… and they are chosen, “when”  there is darkness”, to be CALLED “OUT – OF DARKNESS” !

Please read: “House of prayer”…


But, the Gentiles, were delivered out of darkness…as CHRIST  is in them… 

Col 1:13  Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: }}}…. V 27 says, CHRIST  is in us, revealing the mysteries. And when that happens, CHRIST  is already have begun the kingdom. earlier, in Isa. 60, they are called ‘kings’, and now, they are in the kingdom. Another point is they are translated in to the kingdom being delivered from darkness. That further confirms, that the kingdom is now, “WHEN THERE IS DARKNESS, IN Israel…  This is why, these Gentiles are kings and priests, and are in the kingdom….this also means, this is the "Day of Judgment"… , as that is the time of darkness…! 


Luke 21: 22 says, all words of God  will be fulfilled , as these are the days of vengeance. }…. The words of God will be fulfilled during the Lord ’s Day, or the “Day of the Lord”, which is the day of “VENGEANCE”. . That is the “time the gentiles” work as Ez. 30:3 says. So it has to be ‘gentiles’ who will be revealed about God’s Name and everything about the ‘FATHER” . ( Please read: The House of Prayer”  for proof.


This is the time, that God’s DUE glory to Him is given. Is 42: 10, Ez. 39: 21 ,  and at this time God’s hand also will be upon the gentiles.

This is the time God will be exalted ( Is 5:16)

This is the time, that all earth shall be full of knowledge.( Is 11:9). And it is the gentiles who will be full of knowledge with wisdom and revelation  ( Eph 1: 17,  Col 1: 9, 2:2, 3: 10,   )


This is the time that those who had the knowledge of the truth willfully sinned and no more sacrifices to them. if no sacrifices, then, they have to die spiritually for ever, if not they obtain God’s mercy. ( Heb 10: 26 – 30 )

This is the time those who broke the Law will have the knowledge of their sins ( Rom 3: 20) and are being witnessed before the death


This is the time God’s praise is perfected by the babes. ( Ps 8: 2, Mat 21: 16,

this is the time to clean the temple as v 12 says.

This is the time God Has totally rejected the children of Abraham as they never obeyed.

This is the time they are in darkness…  

This is the time God Has grafted in the foolish nation.

This is the time God’s voice is being thundered.

This is the time God fearing men have to flee from Judea. ( in the first century, Christians had to flee from Romans… now, that Spirit is in “Judea”. That is why Christ said to flee from Judea. It is the Jewish leaders who are in Judea as we proved from the Word.

This is the time the clouds have brought CHRIST  , and the children of Israel will mourn.

This is the time the world ( Jews) cannot receive the Spirit of truth because they do not know Him. Joh 14: 17

This is the time those who see will not see John 9: 39 

This is the hour God intervenes to bring the children from Egypt, the second time. 

This is the time to bring the blind by a way they do not know.  Isa. 42

This is the time (In Mal 3,) CHRIST  is coming to purify them.

This is the time the man is made… on the Sabbath…

This is the time, when CHRIST  can say IT IS DONE !!!... or the mystery of GOD is finished…


Until the hour came to be glorified, , Christ was not known. Joh 7: 30.  8: 20,  . He did not want the world to know Him until His death came. after He was resurrected only He gave them the true knowledge.


John 12: 23… the hour to be glorified has come… that is the time for Him to die. In Christ’ death, He glorified  GOD …same will happen at His wife’s death as well. The dead shall hear His voice and will come out of the graves, glorifying GOD…. 


V 31 shows the hour, which He will be glorified… that is the day of Judgment  … and devil is going to be cast out… this happen in Rev 12..

Many did not confess they know Christ, because they did not want to be put out of the synagogue. For they loved the glory of men more than of God. joh 12: 43. Any difference now ?? We who confessed , were spiritually murdered as proven.


Who will be revealed the mystery of GOD…. ?

Our writings clearly prove that all the Jews are being judged. That means they are not “GOD’s” slaves, but the “devils” and the “beast”s.

Since Christ Has bought us, the Gentiles, , we are not  slaves of men. ( 1 Cor 7: 23). The last two leaders put fear in the members and caused every one to look to the HQs, instead of God. As Christ said, they, themselves being blind, and not seeing caused others to err as well.


Gal 3: 5 says, GOD, gave His Spirit to the Gentiles, to work a working of power… since they have the Spirit, it will search for everything. 1 cor 2: 10. Can you find GOD by yourself? Job 11: 7…this is why, we are being revealed these things.


Psa 139:12  Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike }}} … this is the night which CHRIST  came as a thief, as proven, the night, shines like the day, as CHRIST  is giving the light, and all will have knowledge and the light and darkness are both alike. All will have same knowledge… and light…the wicked will fade away as the sun shines in the night as Jam 1: 11 says, and those who are with GOD, will not burn… as Isa. 49: 10. , Rev 7: 16. Now, those who are in darkness need comforting…


Col 2:2  that “their” hearts may be comforted, being joined together in love, and to all riches of the full assurance of the understanding, to the full knowledge of the mystery of God, even of the Father and of Christ,….}}}…. It is the Gentiles, who would have the full knowledge, of the Father , and the Son, and it is a mystery till now.

Col 2:3  in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and of knowledge…. And they are to be light and comfort to Israel…the book of Colossians is to share with the Laodiceans …the Gentiles, were sent with all the knowledge about the mystery of GOD, ABOUT THE “FATHER” AND OF ‘CRHIST”…. These Gentiles, will know, who is the Father and who is CHRIST ….   


Col 3:4  Whenever Christ our life is revealed, then also you will be revealed with Him in glory….}}}… when CHRIST  is revealed, we who are given the knowledge also will be revealed. When CHRIST  is living in us, the knowledge of the mystery of GOD also given, at the same time, we who are being revealed these things also will be known…. CHRIST  said, even as He live in the Father , who are with Him, also we will live through HIM… ( Joh 6: 57).


Col 3:10  and having put on the new, having been renewed in full knowledge according to the image of the One creating him, }}}…they are a ‘NEW” creation… renewed in full knowledge. When the knowledge is given all are created new… isn’t this why the books are opened in judgment ???  It is the Gentiles, who are given all this knowledge…Eph 1: 17  


Eph 3: 8… The unsearchable riches of CHRIST , just as Colossians teaches , that CHRIST  is in the Gentiles, now, v 9… to bring to light, “the fellowship of the mystery’, having been hidden from eternity in GOD, … creating all through JESUS CHRIST, is now revealed to the church, about this wisdom of GOD, v 14…. “ I bow my knees to the Father  of our LORD JESUS CHRIST….”…(  we are required to bow to “JESUS CHRIST ”…( Phi 2: 10, Eph 1: 21,  1: 10,  ) and not to the Father ….why????


 V 16… we are given power to become mighty in our inward man, or our spirits, through ‘HIS Spirit”… ( but it is not GOD’s Spirit, as v 17 says, and  through faith, “CHRIST ” may dwell… in our hearts. So we need CHRIST ’s Spirit, but it is the Holy Spirit, as we shall see . Even though it says, we need the Holy Spirit, we need CHRIST  to dwell in us. That is when the full knowledge of GOD is given. We need Holy Spirit, to reveal things, then why do we now need CHRIST  to dwell in us to reveal things?. but it is CHRIST ’s Spirit, which is Holy Spirit, is teaching us… WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO PROVE IS, Holy Spirit IS ALSO CHRIST ’S Spirit… !


Read vs 17- 19 again… through faith , ‘CHRIST ’ may dwell….in love, that we may be given to grasp, with other saints, ( so that we have to tell other saints) everything about the knowledge and love of CHRIST , and filled with all the fullness of GOD. and v 21… time to give glory to CHRIST ….looks like all should exalt CHRIST , and not God The Father… why ???  


Would CHRIST , who said “My Father  is greater than I”, try to take all the glory to Himself, if there really was a Father  who is greater than Him ????  The Jews are condemned for rejecting “CHRIST ”, as proven … and that is why all the judgments. It is “His” Law, they broke…. It is because of CHRIST , Israel is to stumble. They do not know, that CHRIST  , is the visible GOD, of the invisible Holy Spirit….


Joh 6: 44… Father  draws people… it is the Spirit of GOD, which speaks to our spirits… WE LEARN ABOUT GOD, IN THE Word OF GOD…, IN THE Bible…. THE FAITH COMES BY HEARING THE Word…. CHRIST ’S MIND SPEAKS TO OUR MINDS, THROUGH HIS WORDS…. How do the Gentiles get the full knowledge about the mystery of GOD??? through the Word written in the Bible… the Spirit, which gives us knowledge, is CHRIST ’s own words as we shall see….


Are our spirits different from us? Do we see our spirits ??? same way, CHRIST ’s Spirit, which is called the “Father” , draws people to Him…by speaking to our spirits. Now, we know that CHRIST  is in the Gentiles… can any one see Him ??? The “Spirit of GOD” created everything, in the beginning, ( That is CHRIST , the words which He spoke, brought forth the creation ), and He became a human, and became the ‘Word” in Joh 1. He was with GOD,FOR GOD, IS A Spirit!


As we can see, true GOD will be revealed in ‘JUDGMENT”…and glory will be perfected by the Babes, as proven, who are the Gentiles.  Then, what ever we believed before the judgments are not the whole truth. All believed GOD would throw the sinners  who willfully sin, in to a lake of fire. They caused GOD’s people to have fear and then, the people  will hang on to them. That is being a slave to men as proven. That is the Spirit of antichrist. He died to purchase us and after all what He went through, would He throw them in to a fiery lake ??? They are in error. GOD’s judgments are unsearchable to them and now, the truth will be made known, and all will have true light, during the judgments. The true merciful image of GOD, will be clearly seen and the sinners will repent and will glorify GOD, as they come to know Him. Remember, when  CHRIST  healed, they glorified GOD??


Rev 14:7  Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. }}}…… so the judgments are to worship the true GOD, who created the heaven and earth and that is CHRIST our LORD …. ! and it is to Him, they did not give glory….. all proven. if GOD is  asking for His glory “IN THE JUDGMENT”, until then, His people have not given it to Him..!!! and that is why the judgments are to bring glory and honor to GOD ONLY… we know it is the Jews who did not worship GOD in truth as Jn 4 says, and then, the judgments are to them.


Joh 16:25  I have spoken these things to you in allegories. An …“hour”…. comes when I will no longer speak to you in allegories, but I will reveal the Father plainly to you…. }}}… CHRIST  is saying that He will speak plainly without allegories,  and He is talking about the ‘Father ”…. HE SAYS, HE WILL REVEAL THE “FATHER”….HE WILL, REVEAL THE ‘FATHER’….

This is the ‘HOUR” of darkness as written above…., where the light will shine and the truth will be made known….and “Father”  will be revealed. THIS MEANS, THE Word   “FATHER’,…. IS AN ALLEGORY….. AND IT IS NOT TALKING ABOUT THE TRUE FATHER…. , AND WHAT WE CALLED FATHER, all these years ,   OR GOD THE FATHER,   IS NOT REALLY A  FATHER,  BUT,  IT MEANS SOMETHING,   OR  SOMEONE  , else, but  …. NOT THE FATHER…. We know, all things are revealed when they have light,… in judgment.   that means, what we believed to be the Father , is not the real Father …


V 25…. “The HOUR comes, ( 5610 means day, hour, instant, season,)

Show you plainly…( 3954  means openly, frankly, without concealment, without ambiguity or circumlocution,   without the use of figures and comparisons,  frankness, bluntness, publicity; by implication assurance   etc…)…or the truth about the Father …  


1Sa 3:21  …. For Jehovah revealed Himself to Samuel in Shiloh, by the Word of Jehovah…}}}… this is how GOD reveals Himself… by HIS Word, which is Spirit and life, as we shall see…but first,…  


When is that ‘HOUR”??? As above…

“The LORD is known by the judgment”…..}}}… this is the “HOUR” of judgment,  to know GOD… for the MYSTERY OF GOD TO BE REVEALED…. ( Rev 10:7) Why does Apostle Paul talk about the ‘GODHEAD’  in a mystery, which is not revealed until  CHRIST  comes as colos 1: 27 says ??? all Israel think ; because GOD does not punish them instantly, they can get away from their lies. CHRIST our LORD  said, there is a time for judgment, and that is why He came, and to witness to the truth. Which means, they were not worshiping the true GOD, until the judgment…. this is why, “The LORD is known by the judgment….  this is also the time for the wicked to be caught by their own craftiness. ( 1 Co 3: 19 , Job 5: 13 ). The truth about the GODHEAD will be revealed, so all can know GOD….


Joh 16:26  In that day you will ask in My name, and I do not tell you that I will petition the Father about you. }}}….In that day, when CHRIST  reveals about the Father  plainly, we can ask in ‘CHRIST ’s name. And there is no need to petition the Father  …. Why ??? .  Because, that hour, or in that day, which is now, all will know the truth about God The “Father” and JESUS CHRIST….that is, God The Father, is the “Spirit”, and “CHRIST ”  is the “physical”, and they are ONE GOD.  And as v 27 says, it is revealed to those who loved CHRIST , and believed… they are the Gentiles as proven, the babes .   


Then followed by v 29…

Joh 16:29  His disciples said to Him, Behold, now You speak plainly and You say no allegory…}}}… they thought, they were given the knowledge about the Father , and CHRIST  was speaking plainly without an allegory, to reveal the Father  to “them”….


But, that was not the hour, CHRIST  was referring to.  And this is what they say to CHRIST  …..


V 30 …. “Now we know that You know all things and have no need that anyone question You. By this we believe that You came out from GOD.”.. … They thought they knew … but CHRIST our LORD  said…no… you will be scattered… that means they will leave Him because they do not know the truth…  


v 32…. “Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave Me alone : and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me…}}}… in other words, CHRIST our LORD  said…. “No…. you will not believe Me… but you all will be scattered and will leave Me aloneand that includes Apostle Peter  as well ”…we all know how even Apostle Peter  deserted Him in the ‘Night” He was betrayed… and the same thing has happened this day and it is once again ‘NIGHT” and darkness abounds . In this ‘night’ also, the whole church is doing their own thing and are scattered…. ( Jam 1: 1)… they have it all… they are rich… and they do not need GOD… and they are blind… cannot see their own GOD, who created them. If they will do their own thing and be scattered, we know they did not believe Him and are not worshiping Him.  He was prophesying about our day, the "Day of Judgment".


This is why, CHRIST  waited to reveal the Father , ‘ IN THAT DAY”…. Which is on the judgment, as the Gentiles, have BELIEVED HIM and are not scattered but CHRIST  is in them, .!!! As GOD said in Eze 34, He, Himself searched the sheep and they heard Him…. ( all proven with scripture previously). This is the time to reveal the Father  as CHRIST  said…. The books are opened… if they knew the Father  and the Son, they would not be scattered….!!! 


This chapter shows, it is the last hour of CHRIST ’s life here on this earth and at that time, when He is about to finish the work as 17: 4 says, He says to the apostles… “IN THAT DAY”…. In that day, I WILL REVEAL THE FATHER, PLAINLY TO YOU….” . Until such time, CHRIST  Has NOT REVEALED  THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FATHER ….  THE “FATHER”  IS HIS “OWN Spirit and His own words ”…. THE ONLY ONE TRUE GOD WHO CAME AS A HUMAN TO THIS WORLD ! The Spirit of GOD  ( the Word ) manifested as a physical body… and that is how ‘CHRIST ’ CAME TO BE.


If the first century apostles were scattered, they really did not believe Him, nor KNOW HIM. ! If they had known Him, they would not have left  Him. Until the time of the judgment, until CHRIST  manifested in the Gentiles as colos 1: 27 says, no one knew the true GOD….!!!...



How could we glorify GOD ???? we will listen to His Word ;…

Jer 9:24  But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am Jehovah, doing kindness, justice and righteousness in the earth; for I delight in these, says Jehovah. }}}….God says, if one wants to glorify Him, then that one should KNOW HIM, and His character, that He loves kindness, justice and righteousness , which none of the leaders in the church have, according to CHRIST . The man of sin, the liar, the antichrist inside the temple, and Joshua being the high priest, having a filthy government, shows that they do not have godly character. How could a GOD who Has an unblemished character marry a harlot ? Yet, because of His love , He did not leave her alone, but planned to bring her back. Because the leaders do not know GOD, they have become wicked. Even then, GOD removes their wickedness , and will save them. This is why, the knowledge about GOD has to be known plainly so they can glorify Him.


If the church knew her Husband well, she would not have gone after other  gods. Because of her unwillingness ( Luke 13: 34, Mat 23: 38 , ) to be gathered, He could not reveal about Himself fully. She killed all the prophets sent to her and finally killed Him as well. There is no difference between then and now. Same way, the last church which GOD was married to , explained in Eze 16: 8- 63, became the worst in the whole world and GOD labeled her as a mysterious , MURDEROUS  harlot. ( Rev 17- 18). Her ruins were prophesied in every book of the Bible, but still she could not understand her Husband.  The final falling away happened as  we witnessed and this time, it is the poor who watched both parties breaking the covenant. ( Zech 11: 10-11).


If we want to define GOD’s character in few words, we could say “GOD IS LOVE”…how could a loving GOD, kill His own wife ??? Yet, the leaders were teaching that GOD will put them in to a lake of fire. But all will be judged, by the Word, as proven.  


1Jn 4:8  The one who does not love has not known God, because God is love…}}}… 1 Jn 4: 16,  the little children, have known GOD, and believed. …as they have the love of GOD, as proven.  Since they have KNOWN GOD, GOD Has revealed to them, through His words, which are Spirit as we will see. The little children, work for GOD, in judgment, as proven…


1 Jn 3: 10… By this the children of God and the children of the devil are revealed: Everyone not practicing righteousness is not of God; also the one not loving his brother}}}… All those who do not live by the Law, are not righteous, and not of GOD. v 12 warns us  ; the little children, that our big brothers will hate and kill us, as our works are righteous. … THAT MEANS, WE PRACTICE RIGHTEOUSNESS  AND THEN, WE ARE OF GOD AND this is why HE HAS  REVEALED  HIMSELF TO US…. and we have the brotherly love ( all proven in previous mystery writings ) .  We have overcome the leaders who became the beast and GOD in us, is GREATER than them ( 1 Jn 4: 4) This is the reason, CHRIST our LORD , live in us , which is a mystery till now. ( Colos 1: 27). Therefore, we glorify GOD, as we know Him and hereby, as we should love our enemies, we declare from this writing, about the ……“ONE TRUE GOD”……!


GOD is love, He is the truth, He is merciful, He Has grace towards us. He is Righteous, He Has compassion; He is slow to be angry. He knows justice and peace. He is not a respecter of a person, Jews, Gentiles, male, female, does not matter to Him… He loves the meek and the poor and the strangers and the widows as well. Also He is ‘Jealous”. JUSTICE” and “RIGHTEOUSNESS” will be the foundations of the kingdom with the ‘TRUTH” and “mercy” and through these, all will know the true GOD…


Psa 102:16  When Jehovah shall build up Zion, He shall be seen in His glory. }}}… when Zion is “being built”,  GOD’s glory will be seen. If the Zion needs to be built, then she cannot be knowing GOD, or glorifying Him.  It is the “Gentiles”, who are already translated in to the kingdom as above, AND ARE BUILDING Zion AS PROVEN AND will be glorifying GOD and declaring the true GOD,  as the mystery of GOD would be revealed to them. According to the Word, who would build Zion?  Is 61: 5,  Zech 6: 15, Act 15 , and our writings prove, it is those who are already in the kingdom, the Gentiles. But when Zion is being built, His glory is seen … then, where is He ??? He cant be in Zion, if she needs to be built… then, He is in Gentiles and colos 1: 27 proves so.


Why was Zion ruined ???

Jer 22:3  So says Jehovah, Do justice and righteousness, and deliver the one robbed from the oppressor's hand. And do not oppress the alien, the widow, or the orphan, and do not do violence nor shed innocent blood in this place….}}}…they failed to execute true justice and righteousness as Apostle James say. The poor were oppressed in the last hour as proven. it was done by PCG. Jam 2: 5.. poor were chosen by GOD… to be in the kingdom…. so they are building Zion.


Jer 22:4  For if you indeed do this thing, then there shall enter in by the gates of this house kings sitting on the throne of David, riding in chariots and on horses, he and his servants and his people. }}}… they failed to do this thing which GOD required and that is why, the Gentiles, were grafted in to the throne of king David  ….


Jer 22:5  But if you will not hear these Words, I swear by Myself, says Jehovah, that this house shall become a ruin.

Jer 22:7  And I will consecrate destroyers against you, each one with his weapons; and they will cut down your choice cedars and make them fall into the fire. ( GOD’s weapons of indignation, came from a far as proven , also they are the lions who are working with The Lion, who is CHRIST …

Jer 22:8  And many nations shall pass by this city, and they shall each say to one another, Why has Jehovah done this to this great city? …}}} it is many nations who will see their judgments as they are spiritual as proven. This is fulfilled in Rev 18…  

Jer 22:9  Then they will answer, Because they have forsaken the covenant of Jehovah their God and worshiped other gods and served them. }}}…Many nations, the Gentiles, saw the broken covenant, as proved…  they all have broken the covenant… Zech 11: 10-11. It all happened in the ‘east gate”, which we are witnesses. We saw GOD and His wife breaking the covenant…. as proven.


That is why there is darkness in Israel…  Zion, has fallen as lamentations says. She sits in darkness having no light, as she has broken the covenant… and she has allowed those whom GOD said not to enter , to enter in to the Sanctuary of GOD… La 1: 10


But, GOD knowing that there would be darkness and night, Had planned to bring them back, so they can KNOW GOD and could glorify Him.


Isa 26:9  With my soul I desire You in the night; yea, with my spirit within me I diligently seek You. For when Your judgments are in the earth, those living in the world learn righteousness}… when “THE JUDGMENTS” are on the earth, as NOW, all will learn RIGHTEOUSNESS … that means, until the judgments, there was no righteousness !!!  How could one learn righteousness, without knowing the RIGHTEOUS GOD ???... the ‘NIGHT”… The prophesied night… which the Gentiles work as proven, is the time for all to learn the righteousness of GOD….


1Jn 5:20  And we know that the Son of God is come,  ( or has come)  and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life. }}}… we have life, in CHRIST … not God The Father…. if we have understanding, and want to know GOD, we should know, that we have life in CHRIST !


1Jn 5:21  Little children, keep yourselves from idols. }}}… Keep yourselves from idols, mean, they do not have idols, and others do.


1Jn 2:13  Fathers, I write to you because you have known Him from the beginning. I write to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. I write to you, little children, because you have known the Father… }}} the little children, who are the Gentiles, as proven, know GOD, and they have overcome the evil one whle Zion failed to overcome… and they know the Father … so they can declare the Father  to Zion…


Zec 12:8-- In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them  !!!!.... }}}… this is the day, the righteous Branch, who are ‘CHRIST ’ and the Gentiles, as proven, who were feeble, helpless sitting on king David ’s fallen tabernacle… in the Philadelphia  era, and CHRIST  Has come , who has the key of  David . The synagogue of satan hated them for CHRIST ’s sake as proven… and now they have Holy Spirit and CHRIST … and they are the house of  David …and as the angel of the LORD…. What ever the angels do, now we are doing to those who are in Jerusalem… all of these are to glorify GOD….


Rom 1:20  For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: }}}… This is why CHRIST  manifested as a human…. To show us the invisible GOD,  INCLUDING THE GODHEAD… how many gods are there etc… are revealed now. CHRIST , came in power  of  His own Spirit, which we call the “Father ”, or “Holy Spirit”…,as we shall see.


Rom 1:21  Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. }}}… when CHRIST  came and  clearly revealed about GOD, ‘( THAT HIS Father  AND Him are ONE )  they did not believe and GOD blinded them till now.  This is no one but the Jews. The GOD, whom  they did not want to believe is “CHRIST our LORD”….


Rom 1:22  Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, }}} CHRIST  condemns the “WISE”… they are the leaders as proven. that is why, in that day, the babes will be revealed the hidden truths as CHRIST  thanked the Father  for doing so as proven.


Rom 1:23  And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things…}}}… ( they worshiped gold and silver, as Act 17: 29 says and lusting after riches when CHRIST , who is the Creator and the Owner of the universe became poor (  2 Cor 8:9 ).  They did not believe or glorify the visible GOD, who is CHRIST …. They could not understand the true character and image of GOD…. This is why, the judgments are unsearchable for them. This is why they are condemned. The knowledge of CHRIST ’s coming as their Savior, and as a physical or as a human, was prophesied to them. But when the true CHRIST  came, they did not want to believe Him, because, He was born as a ‘POOR” and He mixed up with the Gentiles…  as we proved from our writings. (please read: Why did Apostle Peter  denied CHRIST  )  and (Two gospels)  .  Even from the beginning, GOD Had planned to work with the Gentiles, and the poor. He even became poor for poor’s sake.  GOD hates the proud looks and love the poor as they are humble. The Jews did not want a GOD like CHRIST , who was with Samaritans and mixing up with the sinners. They thought they are righteous.


Joh 17 chapter talks about the time  to glorify the Son… and it is ‘judgment’ and it will be the Gentiles, who will do so.


 Joh 17:  V 1… it is time to glorify the Son… ( it is the judgment ) and He will glorify the Father … all will come to understand and know GOD as that is what it means to glorify GOD as written above. It is done now, by those who believed and who have the Spirit of GOD…. as proven, the “Gentiles”…. as we go along, it is important to understand, that we have life, IN CHRIST  and CHRIST  Is our LORD and not God The Father.  


V 2… it is ‘CHRIST our LORD ’ who give eternal life… but Holy Spirit , drew them. The Spirit of CHRIST spoke to the true believers and brought them to Him….

V 3… the ‘eternal life’ is all about knowing GOD… the only true GOD and JESUS CHRIST….( as above )  the physical image whom the Spirit sent…

V 6… He Has manifested GOD’s name to those who are “out of the world”, they are the little children, whom we have proven who are with CHRIST …  and they who kept the Word…. we proved in our mystery writings that it is the Gentiles, who kept the Word ….


V 7… They have known … ..

v 8… ‘CHRIST ” gave …the “words  and they have received and have known surely, that CHRIST  is from the “Father” , …. ( the Word is Spirit and life Joh 6: 63. Then if we have received the words , then we have Spirit and life… this is why, we are resurrected …


V 10… ‘CHRIST ” IS GLORIFIED IN THEM….this is certainly , the Gentiles, as we have been proving…Zion is in darkness. If they are glorifying Him, then they must KNOW THE Word…. and understand.  


V 11… they are kept in GOD’s name… they are the ones who kept the Word and the covenant as we have proven, at the end of the Philadelphia  era, as Rev 3: 12… who has the name of MY GOD ( CHRIST  promised those who kept the Word that they will have GOD’s name … this is New Jerusalem… ( they could really be called ‘CHRISTIANS” … as they follow CHRIST ….and they only could KNOW Him and  glorify GOD, now.


Joh 17:21  That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me…}}}… The ‘world” in the Word, always is the “Jewish” world as proven, and they should know that CHRIST  and Gentiles are one now, as He is in us…Colos 1: 27. when CHRIST  is in these people, it is time to know, that Holy Spirit, ( the Word of CHRIST  ) which is called the Father , Is in CHRIST … why, Is Holy Spirit in CHRIST , and what happened to CHRIST ’s Spirit ???  What is CHRIST ’s Spirit called ???  If so, CHRIST  should have two spirits… but the Holy Spirit, is CHRIST ’s Spirit ( His Word) …. He sent CHRIST  , as a physical being as Rom 1: 20 says… as above.


Joh 17:22  And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:   }}}….Our glory, as we saw earlier, is to “UNDERSTAND AND KNOW” GOD.  Now, we have known Him… The believers, who kept the Word, are one with CHRIST … and God The Father…, that is colos 1: 27 fulfilled… and how does CHRIST  live in us ??? through “His Spirit. Or, His mind, Or HIS Word , as we are the “Body of CHRIST ” . If CHRIST  does not come to His own body, where would He be ???  


Joh 17:23  I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me…}}}The world… the synagogue of satan, will know that CHRIST  is in us, ( as HIS WORDS are in us ) as their eyes will be opened soon… CHRIST  wants them to know that He is in the Gentiles, as the Gentiles are being hated by the Jews as proven, and will further.  The true GOD does not like that attitude as condemned in Jam 2.  The judgments are to bring the scattered Israel… so their blind eyes will have to be opened… and they will see CHRIST  in the Gentiles, and this is why at CHRIST ’s coming, the tribes will mourn, as we have proven. CHRIST  came to Gentiles, to provoke the Jews to jealousy as prophesied. He wants the “world to know”. It will be known to them soon…



We have proven that our LORD should be CHRIST , and not God The Father. This will be proven further in this writing.


Joh 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing…}}}… Without CHRIST , we cannot do anything.   THEN, WHAT IS THE POSITION OF THE FATHER ????..... without CHRIST , they cannot do anything, and this is why, being unable to bear fruits, they died spiritually, and the Gentiles, have CHRIST  in them. They are bearing the fruits being attached to the Vine.


Rom 9:22  But if God, desiring to demonstrate His wrath, and to make His power known, endured in much long-suffering vessels of wrath having been fitted out for destruction, }}}…GOD, will demonstrate His power, by destroying the vessels of wrath, who are the Jews….

Rom 9:23  and that He make known the riches of His glory on vessels of mercy which He before prepared for glory.]….. Now, those who arrogantly rebelled without repenting, and who did not accept and believe “CHIRST”  are having the wrath of GOD. it is ‘CHRIST ’ is the GOD who judges them. But the Vessels of Mercy, who are the Gentiles, as proven, are made known the riches of HIS GLORY.  Then, they only could declare GOD’s glory !!!


When would Israel KNOW GOD ???

Jer 31:33  But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

Jer 31:34  And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more. …}}}… Israel, will KNOW GOD, “AFTER” their sins are removed, and the new covenant is made, and write the laws in their hearts and there won’t be any leaders to teach them about GOD, as they ALL KNOW HIM.  Has that happened yet??? Has GOD removed the sins ??? do Israel know GOD ??? Has He made the new covenant yet ???  Do every man know GOD yet??? Aren’t there so many leaders teaching about GOD the way they know , twisting the Word to their own gain ???... if we see many leaders and groups of GOD’s churches, then, they still do not know GOD !!! So your sins are yet to be forgiven…


Jer 31:35  Thus saith the LORD, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The LORD of hosts is his name }}}….


The ‘SUN” during the day… that has passed now. the ‘Sun’ is likened to ‘GOD’ and now the sun has gone down on prophets as Micah says, as they sinned. The “MOON”??? Moon comes in the ‘NIGHT” and we proved that the new moon is the Gentiles, (whom the woman represents Israel, in Rev 12, tramples…)  The moon comes in the night, But in this night, GOD desires her to turn to Him as written above. The stars, who shine , are the wise, who are the Gentiles, who shines  at night as Dan 12 says. We all know, at night, when the full moon comes, the sea waves roar, and now spiritually, also, the wicked has come to the fullness in their wicked ways as a part of GOD’s wrath, as the moon is shining . ( Dan 11: 36) . The wicked are like the troubled sea, says Isaiah, 57: 20 . and when the moon shines, they are roaring….. But, on this night, THEY ALL WILL KNOW GOD….until such time, they have not known the true GOD… this is why, it is a mystery, as Rev 10 says, and only in the judgment, the mystery of GOD is revealed and be finished… !


Everyone, will finally, in judgment, will give glory to GOD…

Rev 5:13  And every creature which is in Heaven, and in the earth, and underneath the earth, and the things that are on the sea, and the things in all of them, I heard saying: To Him sitting on the throne, and to the Lamb be the blessing and the honor and the glory and the might forever and ever.


Isa 5:16  But Jehovah of Hosts is exalted in judgment, and God the Holy One is proven holy in righteousness…}}}…everyone will exalt GOD, in “judgment”. Until then, they have not done so… during the judgment, the knowledge about GODHEAD shall be make known ….and if GOD is exalted in judgment, then Israel has not exalted Him. and it is ‘CHRIST ’ is the GOD, they did not exalt.  They did not KNOW  the Word… which is the truth…


We will see that ….“CHRIST , does the work of the “Holy Spirit”…whom all calls  God The Father…. and He speaks and sends the messages ( words) to seven gentile churches… and all the judgments are revealed to Gentiles as we have proven…. that includes the last hour mysteries. When Joseph revealed the meaning of the dreams, pharaoh said, he has the “Spirit of GOD”. ( Gen. 41: 38). We have proven, that we too have the “Spirit of GOD”… as CHRIST  is in us giving HIS Word …which is ‘Spirit”….


Rev 2:29  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the “Spirit” saith unto the churches…}}}… ‘Which’ GOD speaks to the churches in revelation ??? it is “CHRIST ” … Rev 1: 1… it is the revelation of JESUS CHRIST, but GOD gave….( His Spirit, which we call Holy Spirit, or the Father, because, in the Old Testament, He was the Father   .)  But it is the testimony of ‘JESUS CHRIST , as v 2 says… we all know, that it is CHRIST , who spoke in the Old Testament, giving all laws, then in the New Testament, He is the GOD who died, and who will marry the church and being the Alpha and Omega, He always existed and will .


Christ said, I AM THE WAY,…..  LIFE…TRUTH….and the DOOR…( Joh 14: 6) v 7… if you had known Me, you have known My Father  also…. And now on, you know Him and have seen Him… }}}…But again CHRIST  said, that no one has seen the Father …. Father  is the “Holy Spirit”… the “words” of CHRIST  is Spirit… And if you have known CHRIST , then you have known the Father … why ???   


Joh 1:18  No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, that One declares…}}} CHRIST , will declare the Father , plainly, as we wrote, in JUDGMENT !!! and now, we have seen Him, as He is in us… but, His Father , is the Holy Spirit, which is CHRIST ’s own “Spirit” ( words)  as we shall see…We do not have two spirits leading us. Apostle Paul clearly preaches, that we have the mind of ‘CHRIST ’ and He is in us and not the Father …  


Mat 12:28  But if …. “I”…. cast out devils by the “Spirit of GOD”, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. }…  Christ comes and cast out the devils,  ( 1 Cor 4: 5) and that happen on the “day of visitation…CHRIST  says, it is “He” who cast out the devil,  by ‘GOD’S Spirit”… ( “CHRIST ”  is “GOD”, and His “words” are “Spirit” ) why does He need  Father’s  Holy Spirit to cast out demons and why cant He do it by Himself???  In Mat 8: 16,  it is “He” (CHRIST )  cast them out by “His” Word… without Holy Spirit, and many other instances, He cast them out without  “Father ’s”  Spirit… “WHO AND WHAT”  is the “Spirit of GOD” and this ‘Father ’ ??? Once He says, ….“He”.. cast out by the Spirit of GOD, and then He does it Himself… it is His own Spirit, the “words” and the mind, which is the “Spirit of GOD”, as “He” is a “Spirit”, and as well as “GOD”… How does He cast out the devil ??? By His “words”… those who worship GOD are judged by the words, then they are slain by the words, and then they are made to live by the Word….


The world exists by His “Word”..

CHRIST  said, the “words”, which “He” speak, are “Spirit and life”. ( Jn 6: 63) and the “words”, will judge all on the last day ( Joh 12: 48). Also, we live by every Word, which comes out of GOD’s mouth….. the demons are cast out by His “Word”… and His ‘words” are Spirit and life… In Mat 8: 16, He cast out the demons by His own words. What ever comes out of “His mouth”, are “Spirit”… therefore, His words are Spirit, and He does not need Father ’s Spirit to cast devils out. That means, “Holy Spirit” or the “Father” , is “His own Spirit, which is the word …!


Joh 6:63-- It is the … “Spirit”…. that quickeneth;: the … “words”…. That… “I”…..speak unto you, they are … “Spirit”…, and they are life…}}}  it is the ‘Word of GOD’ which is ‘Spirit’ and life.  In the beginning, it is the ‘Spirit”  the  spoken words of GOD ( later to be CHRIST , but it was called the “Father” as we shall see ,  )  created all things…. We live by every Word which comes out of CHRIST ’s mouth. That is how the Spirit gives life. We will be judged by the words and will live by it, and the worlds are made by this Word… CHRIST  is also called the ‘Word of GOD”. the ‘breath’ of GOD, is the “Spirit”… we wrote in last writing that everything is created by the Word, which is the breath of Almighty, who is CHRIST our LORD …, the “physical , visible” GOD.

“Spirit” gives life…, (Spirit”…. that quickeneth )…

the ‘words” give life….( We live by every Word), spoken by CHRIST our LORD … (words”…. That… “I”…..speak)…give life .



The ‘Spirit” has many meanings but it does not say, it is a person…strong’s number is 7307 … this is the Spirit in Gen. 1: 2.  that Word does not say it is a person, but ‘ WIND, BREATH, LIFE, EXPRESSION , BLAST, TEMPEST, MIND ETC…


Strong’s has used several numbers for the same Word Spirit.. ,  7307,  178,  5397,  4515 . These have above words used in various places in the Bible. None means a person, or even a “spirit” in the sense of a person… but, it is the breath gives life, which is Spirit.


 Here is one dictionary says about the Spirit…. “The DISPOSITION of the mind or intellect.


(meanings ;  Is 11: 4 ,  (breath) 2 The 2 : 8 , Hos 6: 5 ).  Read Heb 1: 3… “Word OF HIS POWER”… 1 Pet 2: 23 ,  Heb 1: 3…Uphold all things by the Word… that is ‘Spirit’…, Heb 11: 3… the worlds were framed ( means to repair, mend , perfect, restore as now ) by the Word…, 1 Pet 1: 25… the Word , the gospel is preached…, 2 Pet 3: 7…, heaven, earth, kept by Word for judgment to wipe out the ungodly men ,  1 Co 12: 8 different gifts from by the Spirit, the Word of wisdom, knowledge etc… Eph 5: 26 clean with the water of the Word,  Psa 33: 6… By the Word heavens made and all the host.   Job 41: 21… breath kindles fire ,   “Blast of breath  2 Sam 22: 16,   Job 4: 9,   ( “mind” will be explained later ) 2 Ti 3: 16… all scripture is GOD breathed that is what came out of the mouth of GOD, or CHRIST . , Deut 8: 3 , Mat  4: 4… we live by every Word , And by hearing the Word, comes faith Rom 10: 17  etc…etc…)


We have a Spirit. Is that a different person from us ??? When we die, we give out our Spirit… do we see it going out ???  if one wants to enter in to kingdom, they have to be born of water and Spirit. ( Joh 3:6) Water is the Word, and the Spirit is also the words … we, the Gentiles, are already in the kingdom, and they have the kept the Word as proven. We are already born of Spirit…, which is the Word, which CHRIST  speak….  


Beginning from Adam, even the ‘dead’, will come to life, by the “Spirit”, or the “Word”. They come out of CHRIST ’s mouth. When the Word says ‘THE Spirit GIVES LIFE”, we think it is GOD’s Holy Spirit, ( God The Father’s ). But the Spirit, is the Word as we see now, according to CHRIST . That is CHRIST our LORD’s  ! New Jerusalem is being created by the Word of GOD, as we proved in pt 13. The new heaven and earth also.. It is “His” words… Not the Father ’s… Just as ‘CHRIST ’ is called ‘THE Word” in the New Testament, in the Old Testament, HE WAS CALLED “ THE FATHER”….


CHRIST ’s “breath”,  also means the ‘Spirit’…when  CHRIST  breathed on the apostles, they received the Holy Spirit… ( Joh 20: 22) that  means they were given the understanding  and the knowledge, and their eyes were opened. To give the life, CHRIST  Has to send out the Word, by speaking… ( the words which He speak gives life ) .  His voice to give life… when Lazarus was brought to life… He cried with a loud voice… Joh 11: 43, Now, when the hour has come, the dead will hear the voice of CHRIST , ( Joh 5: 28 , 1 The 4: 16 ) through His body and this is why we are sending out the Word with the Gospel of Grace…. Even in the beginning, the Spirit Had to “speak” saying… ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT”… read Gen. 1 and see, each time when He created, He spoke.. or sent out the Word or Spirit…


Gen 1:2  and the earth being without form and empty, and darkness on the face of the deep, and the “Spirit”  (of GOD) moved...}}}....the ‘Spirit’ is the ‘words”… says CHRIST … then, it has to be the words of ‘CHIRST’, was moving to recreate… ( as “He” is the Creator ) CHRIST  would Have sent His words to the earth to recreate….and then He said “Let there be light”, and it came to be and everything else afterwards… all done by His “words”… the life , the breath, is called the Spirit, which is also the words…, and CHRIST  is the ‘Word”, because He created and give life by the Word, and it is ‘HIS’ words which give life. He said “ THE WORDS ….”I”….SPEAK… the “words”, which ‘CHRIST ’ speaks are Spirit and life….. so according to CHRIST , if His words are Spirit and life, then the Spirit of GOD, definitely cannot be another GOD Being… Because,


Spirit + the words which CHRIST  speak…

Of GOD  +  CHRIST , is GOD, He was in the beginning…GOD,

Spirit +  GOD  +  Word  =  Spirit of GOD… , who is CHRIST … He was GOD from the beginning…


Joh 14:10  Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The Words which I speak to you I do not speak from Myself, but the Father who abides in Me, He does the works  }}}… the words are Spirit said CHRIST ….Also, He says that The “Father” , does the works??? But, we know, it is not the Father  who does the works, but “CHRIST ” …as He is the Creator…, Author and the Finisher, the Alpha and Omega…,  He does the works,.  Also we believed that it is through CHRIST , God The Father created everything.  But now, CHRIST  says the Father  does the works.  But it is “HIS OWN WORDS”  ( NOT Word, BUT WORDS   give life , and the words are called the Spirit )  The ‘words” which CHRIST  speak, …. Which COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH TO GIVE LIFE…,  HE CALLS  , ‘THE “Spirit” or “FATHER”… because, in Joh 16: 25…,


CHRIST  said, “I have spoken these things to you in allegories. An hour comes when I will no longer speak to you in allegories, but I will reveal the “Father” plainly to you”….}} ….this means, whom He calls ‘FATHER” is a  parable… or allegory, or proverb, and  it cannot be the real Father of CHRIST  , but it means something else. Do you understand this ? …. THE Word …”FATHER”…., IS AN ALLEGORY.  IT IS NOT A PERSON. When you say ‘the Word’, how can it be CHRIST , or a ‘Peron’???  Can you call a …”GOD”…. ‘THE Word”??? but, CHRIST  is the ‘Word of GOD “…. same way,  the ‘FATHER” means, not really the Father  but “THE Word“S”…of CHRIST     and,   till the hour comes to reveal the truth about the Father , to whom He is calling Father , …is not actually, …His Father , but  it is only a ‘parable’…. ( strong’s 3942 means : a saying out of the usual course or deviating from the usual manner of speaking,  a current or trite saying, a proverb,   any dark saying which shadows forth some didactic truth,   especially a symbolic or figurative saying,  speech or discourse in which a thing is illustrated by the use of similes and comparisons,   extended and elaborate metaphor)


Please read what CHRIST  said  again…. , when the “hour” comes, He will plainly reveal the Father .  and until that particular  hour comes,  the parable or the Word ‘Father ’ , was not revealed ” …(The ‘Father ”, is a figure of speech….).


Look at it in another way…. “words” which “I” ( CHRIST  ) speaks, creates  =  The ‘Father ’  does the works… , who abide in Me”, said CHRIST ( as above).  


What abides in CHRIST , which does the works??? It is His own  WORDS”

The ‘words’….; …  All things are created by the “Word”, speaking “WORDS”…. , now we know. That is the words of CHRIST , or the ‘Word ‘s” and that Word, does the works…. It is no one but CHRIST , who does everything being the,  beginning and the end… It is ‘CHRIST ’ who is the Creator.


Eph 3:9  And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ: }}}…. Fellowship ( means partnership, joint participation, the share one has in anything, etc….)  of the mystery…( Hidden secret till revealed by GOD, in this case ),  kept as a secret, till the "Times of Gentiles", to be revealed to them…. as proven before. This is the hour of judgment, which all will come to KNOW GOD.  as CHRIST  says, it is the ‘Father ’, who does the works… but it is CHRIST ’s own words, which is Spirit, does the works… ( also colos 1; 16, ) And read Rev 4: 11 says…”LORD, You are worthy to receive the glory and honor and power, because You created all things, and through Your will they exist and were created.). This is CHRIST , and no other GOD is pictured in this chapter. In this writing, we have proven, that it is ‘CHRIST ’ who Is sitting on the throne. Anyway, in this writing alone, the fact that it is ‘CHRIST ’ is the GOD who created all will be proven.  


The “Father”  does the works…. Says CHRIST . the “words” of “CHRIST ”  does the works…. So it is the Word of CHRIST , which are called the “Father” … , who “abides” in Him… that means, CHRIST ’s Words , abides in Him, does the works….In Joh 15: 7, CHRIST  said ;….” If ye abide in me, and My words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”…and in v 8…”Herein is my Father glorified”….By glorifying the Father , it is CHRIST  is who is being glorified…, as it is CHRIST ’s words, is the Father … the judgments are to glorify CHRIST , as we will see… so, it is the ‘Father ’ or the ‘words’ which does the works. But it is still CHRIST ….


The “Word” is CHRIST …the Son… .

The “Words”  was  Father …, also the Son, and also to be an everlasting Father …. 

If CHRIST  is called the ‘Word’, cant the Father be the ‘words”??? in the beginning, “words” was, and that is the Father … then He became the ‘Word’., that is the Son… as Isa. 9: 6…, CHRIST , the Son, was the Father , and Is the Father , and everlasting Father , who will ever be the Father … these are the allegories, about the Word and the words…

If the Son, who is to be a Father  as well is called ‘ The Word”, why cant the Father , who is also was CHRIST , called the “Words”?


It is CHRIST ’s words, which is “Spirit”, He is also the GOD and He is Holy. So Holy Spirit, is the words, but CHRIST ’s…. but that includes, His MIND, BREATH, WIND etc…


In Joh 15: 10… CHRIST  says, “My Father ’s commandments…But, we know it is CHRIST  , who gave them..!!!  But, before HE BECAME ‘THE Word’,… HE WAS THE WORDS…. OR THE Father  AS WELL…. 


 The words spoken to give life…. And that comes from the ‘MIND” of CHRIST , and not from anyone else, and it is His Spirit, which is also the breath, the wind , the mind etc…

This is the allegory, which means about the word “Father ”…. !

The Father , does the works,

The words of CHRIST  does the works

The words are ‘Spirit’…( and life)

The words of CHRIST  + Spirit and life , which gives life to all.

CHRIST  is  GOD   ,  CHRIST ’s words  = Spirit

GOD = Spirit = Word = the Spirit of GOD ., or Holy Spirit… does the works…. Of course, CHRIST ’s words, have to abide in Him, and should be from Him… the creating power, the life giving power , is in the words of CHRIST ’s mouth, which comes from His mind… and words, and mind are Spirit of GOD… He said His Father  is the Holy Spirit… this is why everybody thought there are two GODs. As we see now, it is only a “metaphor… CERTAINLY NOT THE REAL Father …


Everything is created by the words… the words does the works… that is the Father. That is why CHRIST  said, “MY Father  does the works , which abide in Him”.  CHRIST   SPEAKS OUT…. THEN ALL THE WORK IS DONE.    DOES CHRIST  NEED SOME ONE TO TELL HIM TO DO THINGS  other than HIS OWN MIND????  If we think He needs a Father  to direct Him, then we are not giving the glory to Him.  This is what the leaders did. They made CHRIST  to look like that He cant do anything without Father ‘s direction.  This is why, now CHRIST  came to get His due glory, and the truth about the GODHEAD  is revealed, so all can KNOW HIM AND WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRT AND TRUTH….


So the Words come from the Holy Spirit…or  the mind of CHRIST  . Is not it same with us ? don’t we think using our minds before we speak and do things?  When we pray to GOD, is it not our minds which speaks with His MIND ???  When Adam was given life, GOD breathed. ( Gen. 2: 7) … when “CHRIST ”  ‘breathed’, the apostles received the Holy Spirit… Joh 20:22. When CHRIST  breathed, wicked will be consumed. 2 Thes 2. That means the Spirit, and the Word. This is why, the Word, or the voice has to go to dead, to give life…


It is by His Spirit or the Word, the world began and also will end. ( breath which is  the fire, is GOD’s Word… ) Rev 18: 9,   Is 9: 18,  Ps 18: 16, 8,  97: 3-5,    Is 66: 15- 17, Is 31: 9,    2 Thes 1: 7- 8, Is 30: 38,   Ps 68: 1-2,   Deut 32: 24,  Is 10: 16 , many more.


Now, CHRIST , is the ‘Word of GOD’…. ( Logos ) but in Heb 4: 12, the same Word “Logos” is used and it says, the word of GOD quick and powerful…. Cuts… etc… certainly, CHRIST  will not cut any one. This is talking about the same CHRIST ’ s words which comes out of His mouth, the two edged sword.  . And the same word which is “logos” is used 325 times in New Testament. Most of the time, it was not referring to CHRIST . All are allegories…



Heb 4:12  For the Word of God is living, and powerfully working,

  soul5590 and2532 spirit,4151…..

Sprit means… 4151… the spiritual nature of CHRIST , the divine nature of CHRISTthe disposition or influence which fills and governs the soul of any one, breath of nostrils or mouth mental

disposition, Christ’s spirit, the Holy spirit: - ghost, life,  sometimes referred to in a way which emphasises his work and power (the Spirit of truth (  when it says the Spirit of truth does that mean a separate person ???  )  the rational spirit, the power by which the human being feels, thinks, decides


Soul, means ;   breath, breath of life, the vital force which animates the body , an essence which differs from the body and is not dissolved by death, distinguished from other parts of the body,

 is the part of us that consists of mind, character, thoughts and feelings, desiring, acting , power of knowing etc… }}}  this is why, CHRIST ’s Spirit, which is Holy Spirit, speaks to our spirits. It is GOD’s Spirit which speaks to our spirits as Rom 8: 16. Even though CHRIST  is in us, He lives in His Spirit and not bodily. When we say, I will be with you in Spirit, that means in “mind”.


Gen 1:1  In the beginning “GOD” created the heavens and the earth;

Gen 1:2  and the earth being without form and empty, and darkness on the face of the deep, and the “Spirit” of God moving gently on the face of the waters,

Gen 1:3  then God said, Let light be! And there was light…}}}….In the beginning, it is the ‘Spirit of GOD” created, which said ‘Let there be light”… , The powerful WORDS, CAME OUT …  So the Spirit of GOD, then, and the Word of GOD in the first century, are the same, “Creators”.  


But in  Joh 1: , he is writing about the time  of  ….“CHRIST ’s …physical coming”,  “when” He came as the ‘Word of GOD”  to give ‘light”…..  Here Apostle John was emphasizing the fact that we have life through “CHRIST ”  and he is exalting CHRIST  and not the Father  . “IN “HIM” WAS LIFE”…  In the Old Testament,  CHRIST  was not  called the ‘Word OF GOD”…. CHRIST  is named ‘the Word of GOD’, only in this letter of John.   This is talking about John the Baptist’s time when CHRIST   came to give light to those who are “in darkness” , as now.


Joh 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was GOD…}}}….. Word was with GOD???  … Word, is the “physical” GOD after He was born as flesh , and was with “GOD” which is a ‘Spirit’ ( or His mind) …and the Word, who is CHRIST , was GOD , Is GOD and Will Be. This same Word, was GOD…( He was Spirit ), not physical… “In the beginning was the Word”… John is writing about CHRIST  first anyway. He was with His Spirit, or He was a Spirit. And it was GOD. But in the beginning He was called the ‘Father ’, but now, He is a Son. The words or Spirit, became the ‘Word of GOD’… This is like saying “ I AM”…


And in Him, life. ( Joh 1: 4)   The “Spirit” gives life, it is CHRIST  who gives life, and the Word gives life. Aren’t they all  about ‘CHRIST ”???   Spirit is the Word…. CHRIST  is the Word… then, Spirit and Word are CHRIST , who gives life. Even if there was a Father , He cant give us life, as CHRIST  Had to die… shedding His blood and buying us and redeeming us and paying the penalty, which the Father  cannot do. To which GOD should we give glory ???


Jn 1: 4- 5… In CHRIST , we have life

Jn 3: 15- 16… all who ‘BELIEVED” in Him, have life…( v 36) . Apostle John was exalting JESUS CHRIST…. in his letter and not the Father.


In Genesis, He did not give light to “men” as v 4 says....these are prophecies for our day,  there is darkness as they failed to see the light, and have not exalted Him. He is trying to show us, that we have life, or those who are sitting in the darkness have life through CHRIST  and not God The Father.  To give us life, the Spirit became flesh.  


V 5… the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overtake, ( comprehended) it… Apostle John, here is not talking about the “original creation”, but the “spiritual” creation…which begins at CHRIST ’s coming.  Or when the Jews have already rejected CHRIST  and sitting in darkness LIKE “NOW” . This is talking about the time they have rejected CHRIST .  Because, it says the darkness did not comprehend…. In the beginning, this did not happen as there was no one to NOT TO COMPREHEND THE LIGHT as Apostle John wrote… Joh 1: 5…


What does it mean the “darkness”????  This is a spiritual darkness, having sinned, the Jews , the people who are in the darkness as Isa. 60: 2 says,.  ….why do we say this is for our time ????  Because, he says, that the man name John came to witness concerning the “Light”. ( v 7) There was no  John, in the beginning, in genesis ,  to’ WITNESS,. There was no need as no one was there. GOD did not renew the face of the earth for angels, but to man. So man was not there in the beginning to not to comprehend the light.


 ( Mat 4: 16… the people who sit in darkness saw a great light… “) V 9… He “ Word” is the ‘TRUE LIGHT”…. Came to lighten the ‘world”… That is the “Jewish” world, who rejected GOD, and is darkened, and needed the light….This applies to our time more than then, as GOD Has declared this is the night and darkness. V 10…. CHRIST , in the world, and the world CAME IN TO BEING THROUGH HIM, yet did not KNOW Him… Because, they did not KNOW Him, CHRIST  came again, as their ‘LIGHT”. V 11 confirms this further, as “He came to HIS OWN AND OWN DID NOT RECEIVE HIM”….have they received Him EVEN  “now” ??? This is why, we ARE WITNESSING ABOUT THE TRUE LIGHT…. Just as Joh the Baptist did.   


The Jews believed there is ONE GOD, but  did not believe ‘CHRIST ’…

V 12… many received Him… they are the Gentiles, as Act 28: 28 says, and as we have proven… and v 15… John   is witnessing about Him. He was writing about the time, “CHRIST “ is made flesh and brought LIGHT. (Please read; True Light)…


 “NOW”  the Word,   ( which are the spoken words of CHRIST , which is Spirit and life )  made flesh to bring light… !  In the beginning also, the Spirit, is the words of GOD who is CHRIST , as He was in the beginning, created that world )   the words of GOD became a living being, to give life. But to whom did He bring light…. “now ??? To Gentiles… Is 42: 6 , Luke 2: 32 when the salvation is about to come.


Luk 2:30  For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,

Luk 2:31  Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;

Luk 2:32  A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel. }}}… CHRIST  brought light to the Gentiles, and it is the day of  salvation for Israel, and at the same time, Israel will have glory… remember, we glorify GOD, when we “understand and KNOW HIM” AS ABOVE ????   Light means revelation, and that light came to Gentiles,  and it is  sent by Gentiles to Israel , Isa. 60: 3, and the full knowledge  is given to Gentiles, … so Apostle John was writing about the time we live in, “WHEN THE SALVATION IS NEAR, AND WHEN THE Gentiles ARE HAVING THE REVEALTION,  AND WHEN Israel IS TO BRING GLORY TO GOD, AS THE EARTH WILL BE FULL OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOD…. !


They have to come to know the true GOD to glorify Him, and that happen in JUDGMENT AS PROVEN… !!! According to the prophecies, if Israel is to glorify GOD, they have to get this light, or the knowledge of GOD, from whom it is given to. And it is given to the Gentiles… ( from the ends of the earth and it is time to Isa. 42 and 43 are to be fulfilled.  43: 6- 7… GOD’s children who come from ends of the earth as Job 28 says above, are created for GOD’s glory… while v 8 says, there are blind. We know who they are.  V 10… the witnesses will declare, as there was no foreign GOD among them as v 12.  and vs 21- 23 clearly shows that the Gentiles, who are witnesses will give water to drink to Israel… ) we proved that the Gentiles are already glorifying GOD, when CHRIST  came in to them in colos 1:27… the riches of CHRIST  is preached to Gentiles, as Apostle Paul says and proven.



In Rev 21: 3- --- now one could say, in these verses, it is God The “Father” and there are two gods … but it is CHRIST , as we will see...  v 5… “He” that sat “upon the throne” said …. “ I “ make all things new…. V 6… “I” am Alpha and Omega,  …”I” will give ….. “I” will be his GOD, and …. “My” son…”. He says, “I” and “My”… and it is ‘ONE” GOD, singular . “The Lamb”, also came later, who is CHRIST , a PHYSICAL  title of CHRIST , as He died as a Lamb  . Who is the CREATOR??? Who will make all things new, and which GOD is “Alpha and Omega” ??? “ It is CHRIST ” . so, it is CHRIST  who is sitting on the throne saying all these.  Also, it is CHRIST  who came in revelation… Rev 1: 8, 11, 22:13


Gen. 1: 1 says “Elohim”  could mean singular or plural.  Strong’s number is 430. Then, in many other places, like when GOD  spoke with Abraham, Moses, Noah etc… only “ONE” GOD came, even though this Word “Elohim” is used. ( two gods did not speak with Moses or Abraham, but it was CHRIST , but this same Elohim is used ) In many instances, H433 which is singular is used. Like Isa. 44: 8… has used 433 and 6697, also is GOD, which means “Rock, Refuge, Stone etc… all these  names are used to CHRIST .  Also Pro 30: 5.. Every “Word of GOD” ( 433 – singular used ) is pure… and Deut 32: 15… GOD 433, and Rock 6697 is used. 6697 is used in 57 times, 433 is used 55 times 430 Elohim is used 2366 times. We know only CHRIST , is the Word of GOD, and when it says, every Word of GOD, it is only One GOD, and it is CHRIST …


“El” … means the strong and Mighty One…

El -  Concise dictionary…; ‘ the strong or mighyt one’…. Is often used of GOD, including Isa. 9: 6 . also it is used for the false gods. These words are also applied to God's representatives, such as angels and judges. #Ex 22:28 Ps 82:6; and also to false gods. #Le 19:4. Elohim (which is plural, called the plural of majesty or excellency) is the word of most frequent occurrence. When it is distinctly used for the one true God the article is often added…….#Isa 44:24 He alone is God; #Isa 45:21,22 Isa 46:9 Isa 47:8 There have never been any Gods before Him nor will there be any after Him. #Isa 43:10 God is God from all eternity. #Ps 90:2 In, #Ex 3:14 God revealed His name to His people… When GOD said who He is… said “ I am” who I am… He did not say, we are who we are….


in Gen. 1: 26 it says as GOD saying Let ‘US”… and in “OUR” image, ( but strong’s has not numbered them ) . We will try to attach a report of this words “Elohim”  separately to shorten this writing. 


But these prove, that it is one GOD who was doing that…

Gen 1:27  And God created the man in… “ His    own image; in the image of God … “He”… created him…. “ He”…  created them male and female…}}}   “His” and “HE” is used to make it singular.


Then in V 29… “And God said, Behold,… “ I”…..Have given you } also singular…. Then again in v 31…


Gen 1:31  And God saw everything that “Hehad made}}…Again singular. Therefore, the word “Elohim”, could be used either plural form or singular as the commentaries say, and when we compare with all other times when GOD spoke , and the Bible clearly reveals that there is only ‘ONE TRUE GOD”, and since the knowledge of the true GOD was not given till the judgments, and it is revealed to babes, and those who love GOD and obeyed and believed, we know, that there is only ONE GOD’.  Until, GOD separated those who “believe” Him and who do not believe etc… in the ‘judgment’, we could not have known the truth about the true GOD, as it is plainly revealed only on ‘that day” … if GOD Has written, that the knowledge of GOD will be revealed only ‘IN THE JUDGMENT’, then we know what we believed before, HAD TO BE WRONG…!!!

Please read Gen. 2: 2… “HIS” ,  “HE”…,  v 3 “ HE” and “HIS”… and continues throughout. Is 6: 8 – 9 the same… even though “US” is used, then again “HE” is used.


As GOD is a Spirit, we cannot see Him unless we turn in to Spirit beings. We can only see CHRIST . But we cannot see CHRIST  ’s  Spirit… neither can we see ours. But we have a Spirit… if we cannot see our spirits, how can we see CHRIST ’s Spirit ??? our spirits talk with GOD’s Spirit to teach us all things. But do we see our spirits talking with GOD’s Spirit ? if we cannot understand the earthly things, how can we understand heavenly things as CHRIST  said??? This is why, CHRIST  came to reveal about the GOD Head. He is the ‘PHYSICAL” image of GOD Head. and His breath, words, mind, etc…, are the Spirit of GOD….


GOD created heaven and earth. But when GOD say about the ‘Creator”,  it is used in singular. ( Ecc 12: 1,  Isa. 40: 28,  43: 15..( Holy ONE, King ) , Rom 1: 25,  1 Pet 4:9.


Joh 1: 1… Word “Logos” is 3056 means : speech, a Word uttered by a living voice, what some one has said, the sayings of GOD, reason, the mental faculty of thinking, meditating, reasoning, calculating, …  something said (including the thought); by implication a topic (subject of discourse), also reasoning (the mental faculty) or motive; by extension a computation; specifically (with the article in John) the Divine Expression (that is, Christ): - account, cause, communication, X concerning, doctrine, fame, X have to do, intent, matter, mouth, preaching, question, reason, + reckon, remove, say (-ing), shew, X speaker, speech, talk, thing, + none of these things move me, tidings, treatise, utterance, word, work. This word is used in New Testament 325 times and it means what ever is “said”. And not a person. 1 Pet 1: 23  says, by the word of GOD, we are made incorruptible… CHRIST ’s word is so powerful… it gives life


GOD’s Spirit, unlike our spirits which needs a body, can work without a body. We can close our eyes and think that we are above the clouds… but our bodies cannot go above the clouds. But CHRIST ’s mind and body, are not limited… they can work separately…. When CHRIST  was born, He still Had to take care of the whole universe. He did it through His “mind” which is the Holy Spirit. If He was totally human, then He would not have transfigured, and did all the miracles He ever did which include resurrecting the dead like lazaruz. ! Once in Mar 4: 39… He said to the sea… “ Silence and Be still … and it obeyed. Ofcourse, this itself is a metaphor of how the troubled sea, the wicked as Isaiah says, is calmed. All His parables mean something else .  He wanted to show that He is GOD in human.


GOD creates from the “words” of His mouth. That is why, the “Word” “WHICH CHRIST  SPEAK” are “Spirit and life”. The words does the works, and that is why CHRIST  said “My Father  does the works”. It is CHRIST ’s words does everything.


GOD is a “Spirit” as Jn 4: 24 says, GOD is invisible… But to bring us to light of the knowledge, and to make us Spirit beings, it was necessary for GOD to come and die to pay the penalty. GOD had to conquer the devil, who accuses us all the time, coming  as a human being. His death freed us from that penalty and shut the devil’s mouth… conquered as we have proven. for that purpose, GOD, who is a ‘Spirit’ Had to manifest as a human, and that is how, the ‘Word’ or CHRIST , or Lamb, came to be. ( many more titles )


Col 1:12  giving thanks to the Father, who has made us fit for a share of the inheritance of the saints in light,

Col 1:13  who delivered us out of the authority of darkness, and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, }}}}… If we are delivered out of darkness, we have light and that is why, we could give light to Israel… and witness against darkness. Which Father , made us to share the “light” ??? Which GOD brought light??? That is CHRIST … His “words” brought us light… that is the Father which is the Word, which are Spirit and life as Joh 6: 63…. And which GOD delivered us out of the authority of darkness??? It is still CHRIST …, the Word…. as Joh 1 says.


Col 1:14  in whom we have redemption through His blood, the remission of sins; }}}… If CHRIST  did not die,  we cannot be redeemed.  It is the Gentiles, who are already redeemed and are working with CHRIST  in revelation, during the judgment.

Col 1:15  who is the image of theinvisible GOD”, the First-born of all creation. }}} CHRIST , is the “image of the invisible GOD”…That is the ‘PHYSICAL” GOD.  so the invisible GOD, is His own mind, which came to the body as a visible Word….

Col 1:16  For all things were created in Him, the things in the heavens, and the things on the earth, the visible and the invisible; whether thrones, or lordships, or rulers, or authorities, all things have been created through Him and for Him. }}}… “CREATED”… He is the only CREATOR. And that identifies it is CHRIST  and His Word which is  the Spirit of GOD which moved in genesis to create, and no other GOD called the Father .


V  15, “image” of the INVISIBLE GOD…  is “CHRIST ” …, so the Son, or CHRIST , or the Word, and with all other names, He is the VISIBLE IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD, who is a ‘SPIRIT”…and then became ‘FLESH”…!   Just as our spirits, as we cannot see, but we see through the  eye, … same way, GOD’s Spirit became human, through CHRIST  so “we” can SEE HIM.  So He could be VISIBLE TO US….   unlike our spirits, GOD’s Spirit is capable of doing anything He wishes… and to act separately, from the body… CHRIST  on earth, but the Spirit could be  everywhere… but for “HUMAN” CHRIST , the “Spirit”, which He calls His Father , is greater.



Isa 9:6  For a Child is born; to us a…. “Son”… is given; and the government is on His shoulder; and His name is called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. }}}… In this verse, it talks about CHRIST , who is the ‘Word’ who became GOD even when He was born as a Son….. even in the beginning, He was the GOD, who spoke….. ( Joh 6: 63…., His words are Spirit ) to create and then, He was the Father …. And now too, He is to be a Father … ( but His new name is the Word of GOD ) . The government is on Him …( THE GOVERNMENT WAS ALWAYS WITH CHRIST , but to us, who are to be rulers with Him, when the judgments are on earth,  a physical kingdom began in judgment, but it is called a ‘heavenly’ kingdom . ) then, the kingdom, is His.  And when did He start the government??? It is now, ‘IN JUDGMENT”. This is when the kingdom is to come, to destroy the works of the devil, expose and judge and declare their spiritual death and then give them the knowledge, and life.  How does He destroy the works of the devil??? By His words !!!!  This is why, as earlier, in Mat 12: 28, CHRIST  said, ‘ If I cast out the demons BY THE Spirit OF GOD”… that is the Father , which is the spoken words of CHRIST , Himself!


All done by the ‘Word’ of His mouth, but those who are ruling with him, who are judging, will send out His voice to bring them to life. ( we know, it is the words which CHRIST  speaks give life. So the Word has to go now , revealing the truth, including the GODHEAD)   This is why, He came as a light  to Gentiles. first time, He was a light to darkness, that is the Jews or the sons of Abraham.  at this time, He gives us everlasting life as He said, to get life giving water freely on the ‘LAST DAY” of the feast… and at that time, He is an EVERLASTING Father …, and His words which He speak which is ‘Spirit’ He said, is never to be a father to any one. It is CHRIST , who is to be an everlasting “Father” ….and to be an ‘EVERLASTING” means, never ending. If He is to be a never ending ….“FATHER”…. What is the position of the real Father , whom we thought existed ????  Are there two fathers???  if there was a Father , then CHRIST  certainly is not giving Him the honor, but He Has taken the title of the Father , to Himself !!!


  The Gospel of Grace, which is the everlasting gospel also being preached as Rev 14: 6 says, as the ‘EVERLASTING Father  NOW HAS COME ! . Now, He Has the government, and He is Wonderful, as He is doing the works of WONDER, and He is being the Counselor, and His might is being seeing …..



Joh 6:65  And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.}}}… Unless CHRIST ’s Word which is life , which is called the ‘Father ’, is given, no one can come to CHRIST … it is CHRIST ’s own words which draws all to Him… , as He said… all who are thirsty , come to Me.., on the last day…. Unless the mind of CHRIST , speaks the everlasting words to our minds, and reveals all things, we cannot come to Him… this is why …. No man can be born of CHRIST  , unless they are born of water and Spirit, which means the Word.



1Jn 1:2  And the Life was revealed, and we have seen, and we bear witness, and we announce to you the everlasting Life which was with the Father, and was revealed to us…}}}… “life”… as JOh 6: 63 says…is given by  the “words” which CHRIST  speak…, if not revealed, we cannot have everlasting life… this is why, CHRIST  came in person as the Word… but now only, HE IS REVEALED… SO now only, the everlasting life is available, as proven. The life, was with the Father … now we know, that is CHRIST ’s own words, (which is life) , and mind is the Father … “ In that day, you shall know that I in My Father  and you in Me and I in you… ( Joh 14: 19-20),  means, now we know that the Father , or the Word is in us… and since we have the words, we are in Him also. Everlasting life which was with the Father … it is CHRIST , who is to be the everlasting Father , as we saw.



Mat 12: 18… My child, whom I chose, My beloved, in whom My soul has delight I will put My Spirit on Him, and He will declare judgments to the Gentiles. }}}… we know, CHRIST , Is the GOD  who said this in Isa. 42… and it is CHRIST , who Is this child also.  In Luke 1: 31 --- the angel was sent with the Word for CHRIST ’s birth. Same way, CHRIST  sends others with the Word to perform things…  and it is the Holy Spirit, ( the words which CHRIST  spoke was sent with the angel ) which came upon Mary to give birth to CHRIST ….the same Spirit of GOD, who is the Creator.  


From following ;…, Please understand ;  When CHRIST  say that the ‘Father ’ would do something, in the end, it is “He” who does it… as we shall see…


Mat 10: 20… for you are not the ones speaking, but the “Spirit of your “Father  who speaks in you…}}}… in this verse, He talks about our time, when we have to “witness”. Even though He says, the ‘Spirit of  your Father ’, it is CHRIST  who is witnessing through us as it is “He” who  is in “ IN WORDS OF HIS “… .   To witness to the truth as proven,  It is ‘CHRIST ’ who said “ I am the  ‘TRUTH” and He came to witness to the truth as Jn 18: 37. , ( it is also CHRIST , who  said, in Mal 3: 5 , that HE be a swift witness, and FOR JUDGMENT –-- both happening now.  ) there is no other GOD, other than CHRIST , who Was, Is and Is to Come. ( Rev 1: 6, 4: 8 ) It is ‘CHRIST ’ who  WAS  the “Father ( Spirit, or words ) who also now a Father , and … it is “HIS” Spirit which works through us…. and when He came to earth as a HUMAN, His Spirit is greater than Him, (as He is human.) And when CHRIST , came as the Word, HE IS STILL THE Father … that is how, He becomes an EVERLASTING FATHER TO US…” the words that “I” speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.….so the Words of CHRIST , are Spirit and life…



Father  = Spirit = word of CHRIST , all same in the beginning.  

CHRIST  or the Word = Father … this is how He is still an everlasting Father  to us, even when He is born as a Son… ( Is 9: 6). CHRIST  was prophesying that He will be a Father  to all… He was the Father , as His words are the ‘Spirit”  or the “Father” , and now also He is being a Father , when He is born as a Son…and now also His words will give us life, so He is our Father …  


We will grow in full, ‘IN CHRIST ” and not any other GOD ( colos 1: 28). And that is possible through CHRIST , in us as v 27…. So when it says ‘Spirit OF YOUR Father ”, it is still CHRIST , but His Spirit, which He calls the Father .  When CHRIST  said, ‘I WILL REVEAL THE “Father”  PLAINLY as above, IT IS ABOUT THIS WORD ‘father” that He was trying to hide. He was trying to hide the truth about the Father … now we know it is His own Spirit. When He was a human, He Had to pray to the Father … who is His own Spirit, which Has powers without a body, which we cannot comprehend.


Act 5: 31… GOD exalted CHRIST … to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness… and at the same time, Holy Spirit to those who OBEY. While Israel need to repent because they did not believe CHRIST , they could be forgiven only through CHRIST  … and at the same time, the Gentiles, who obeyed, gets the Holy Spirit ! This prophecy is fulfilled now… if the Holy Spirit is living in us, then we are glorifying GOD… and GOD is being revealed to us…



CHRIST  says, through Him, we are reconciled to “GOD” ( we  were taught we are reconciled to the “Father”  ) , but … but we are reconciled to “CHRIST  ”…so Father  and Son, are ONE… in that day…

2Co 5:18  And all things are from … “GOD”…, the One having reconciled us to ..“Himself”….. through Jesus Christ, and having given to us the ministry of reconciliation,

2Co 5:19  as, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself,… }}}…these two verses say that GOD, ( supposed to be the Father  ) through JESUS CHRIST, reconciled us to Himself… but, in Colos 1: 20 says,…


Col 1:20  and through Him making peace by the “blood” of “His” cross, to reconcile all things to … “Himself”….; through Him, whether the things on the earth, or the things in the heavens. }}}…. Only ONE GOD shed the blood, and that is “CHRIST ”, and through His blood, reconcile all things to ‘HIMSELF, ( that is to the GOD, who shed His blood ) and not to any other GOD whom called a Father .  … so there is no Father  GOD other than CHRIST …. He was a Spirit, and He gives life… His words are Spirit and life…


Now notice, CHRIST  says, the sheep cannot be taken out of the Father ’s hand, but it is  actually “CHRIST ’s” hands….

Joh 10:29  My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of …..“my Father's”… hand…


Joh 10:28  And “I” give eternal life to them, and they shall not perish to the age, never! And not anyone shall pluck them out of ….”My”… hand…}}}… The sheep cannot be separated from CHRIST  , or the Father ,which is His words and mind… WHO GIVES ETERNAL LIFE TO THEM???  It is CHRIST ’s words, which we should live by…and everything ever created, and exist, by the Word… that is the Father , which is the Word which keeps us. and remember that the Word ‘Father ’ is an allegory. It is the  “Word” who is GOD, and because of HIS WORDS, we exist… and are kept. Those who kept the Word, are saved now, as written in another place in this writing. Those who heard the voice of the Lamb, follows Him… “If you abide in My Word”….   


Joh 10:30  I and my Father are one.}}} … CHRIST , physically, will not hold any one. But through His Spirit, He will. And He says, Father  and Him are one. Compare the following scripture which says, Father  and CHRIST  are ONE… Joh 14: 7,  9, . One thing is clear, that the Father , cannot redeem us, as He could never die, nor shed His blood… but CHRIST  did both…Father  is also the words, CHRIST  is also the Word… so both are One… and we who have the Word also are One with Him as CHRIST  said…   


2Co 3:3  You are demonstrating that you are Christ's letter, produced by our service, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts}}}….we are CHRIST ’s letter, written with the Spirit of the living GOD…. this has to be the “Holy Spirit”… but, it is “CHRIST ” , who is in us, doing the works through “HIS”  Spirit .. , the ‘words”… and mind.  Then, who is the LIVING GOD ??? is it not ‘CHRIST ’???? He is the life giving GOD. it is His Spirit or the words we are to live by as man shall live by every Word….  


Rom 3:22  even the righteousness of God through faith of Jesus Christ toward all and upon all those believing;…. }}}… Righteousness of “GOD”, but it is through the faith of “CHRIST ” … Always, when it says ‘GOD’, it is the ‘Spirit” of CHRIST . “RIGHTEOUSNESS “ is a character of GOD… it comes from the “mind” of CHRIST …and the believers have it…as their minds are one .   


Even though CHRIST  says, He cast out devils by the Spirit of GOD, it is actually, “He” who is casting out… so the Spirit of GOD, and CHRIST  has to be same.

 Mat 12:28  But if   …”I”… cast out the demons by the “Spirit of GOD”.., then the kingdom of God has come on you. }}}…If “I” cast out the demons by the ‘Spirit OF GOD”… even though CHRIST  said that He will cast out demons by the ‘Spirit of GOD’, it is “HIS” Spirit which comes to cast out them on the "Day of Visitation" …( also 1 Cor 4: 5, and when He comes as a thief)  He is doing the actual casting out.  It is CHRIST ’s kingdom which cast out the devil… by exposing and removing the lies and the liars and all DONE BY THE WORD, WHICH BURNS THE WICKED SPIRITS. There is no Father  GOD involved here. The Spirit of GOD is the words of CHRIST who also GOD from the beginning .  


When  Revelation  it says… “what the ‘Spirit’ says to the churches”…it is still CHRIST  speaking.  Which GOD Is in the middle of the lamps speaking ??? All done by CHRIST … “His” Spirit. You cannot separate the Spirit of GOD from the Father ’s Spirit and CHRIST ’s Spirit… because they are ONE… God The Father is spiritual and INvisible, and CHRIST , is physical and VISIBLE . Remember, it is about the Father , that CHRIST  said, He will reveal plainly… so the Father , was supposed to be  a mystery to all. 


Everlasting GOD, and His name known when the “enemies exist” in judgment. And it is the CHRIST  who works in judgment, even though it says everlasting GOD”, picturing God The Father…

Rom 16: 26.. “everlasting GOD is made known for obedience of faith to “Gentiles” as they obeyed … Who is the ‘everlasting GOD’ who came when the “Gentiles obeyed ??? It is CHRIST ,who brought them light …He is the everlasting GOD, who gives everlasting life.  The Gentiles have obeyed. And have faith.  Please read: CHRIST our LORD  in our web site…. This happen when the ‘Gentiles’ have found to be faithful while the Jews have stopped worshiping GOD in Spirit and in truth. and at that time, it is definitely CHRIST  is the GOD who came. Therefore, He is the everlasting GOD.  When CHRIST  came in to the Gentiles, He comes to judge the enemies, who are His own.    


This is also, when GOD’s NAME shall be  known to His enemies… or the church…

Isa 64:2  As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence!... }}}… GOD’s name will be known, when GOD’s anger comes upon the enemies… the fire, is the lake of fire, which is the overflowing Word which comes from the Gentiles… to GIVE THEM THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE TRUE GOD… , as now.  We see that GOD’s name is being made known to adversaries,(His wife )  who are His own people… Have you seen the water boils ??? that is how angry GOD is with His people.  The ox knows it ‘s owner but My people do not know Me says GOD in Isa. 1. would not He be angry at them? This is why, the oxen who knows it’s owner are being sent with the knowledge…. And when the knowledge is given, they will shake at His presence…


Eph 1:17  that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of Him, }}}…. It is the Word, which gives us wisdom. And it comes to those who fear GOD as the Word says.  this happen when the wisdom of the wise has perished as a judgment…. the FULL KNOWLEDGE COMES AT THIS TIME.  GOD or Father  of glory ??? That is CHRIST , who is trying to get His due glory during the judgments. Whether God The Father, or the Son, both are same as we have proven above….  it is the ‘Holy Spirit’, CHRIST ’s mind , which is higher as we saw, which gives us the ‘wisdom’ by speaking to our minds, … it is the ‘Spirit’ which draws us… speaking to our spirits….the ‘Spirit’ is the ‘Word of GOD’ as we saw, ( Joh 6:63) who also is CHRIST  ! This is why, the Spirit is higher than humans.  When we die, the spirits would not die. They go up to GOD. so our spirits, which directs us, greater than our bodies…THE ‘WISDOM’ AND KNOWLEDGE COMES FROM Holy Spirit…( CHRIST )


We should not forget the fact that He was trying to set us an example of how to worship GOD, that is “Him”… It is Him all rejected as proven. He was showing us how to worship the true GOD, and give glory to Him. When all comes to know the true GOD, that there is ONE, they all will glorify Him by understanding and KNOWING HIM through His own words. This is what is the mystery of GOD is about…. To give glory to the Creator. Once it is done, the work is done. Then we all can be one with GOD… that is CHRIST .



 Joh 6:40  And this is the will of the One sending Me, that everyone seeing the Son and believing into Him should have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day…}}}…It is the will of the one who sent CHRIST , to believe in Him ….The Spirit sent CHRIST  and it is His will that we all believe in to Him.  It is CHRIST ’s will that all to be saved… so it has to be His own Spirit, who sent Him…CHRIST  is doing all these to get everyone to believe in Him. And it is CHRIST  who said to “COME TO ME” on the last great day.  


1Ti 2:3  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;

1Ti 2:4  Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. }}}  which GOD is our Savior ?? it is CHRIST . so it is His will that all to be saved. This is Joh 3: 16… this happen in the judgment… the light came to the world as v 19 .


1Ti 2:5  For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; ..}}}… Which GOD is our GOD and Savior…??? that is ‘CHRIST ’… and it is His will that all to be saved.  For “ONE” GOD… One Mediator … He reconcile all to Himself… it is CHRIST , who is the Mediator between GOD and man…. This is what He is doing as the Mediator… making us Spirit beings.  


Col 3:4  Whenever Christ our life is revealed, then also you will be revealed with Him in glory.}}}}…. This applies to us NOW, during the Laodicean era …, but to the “Gentiles” as we are being revealed and   CHRIST  is in us. CHRIST  is being revealed, and we who are getting the revelation also are being known… This did not happen in any other time. The truth about the mystery of GOD is revealed. CHRIST , is our life… … those who Know Him, follow Him… Jn 10: 26-30


Jn 12: 25- 29… who loves his life, will lose it… and who hate his life, has everlasting life. We proved that the Gentiles, did not love their lives and fought for CHRIST ’s rights and, we have life now… this is the ‘hour’ which is to glorify CHRIST . So those who have given their lives only will glorify CHRIST  …as CHRIST  said, when we let our light shine before men, will glorify GOD. Apostle Paul said, ( Rom 15: 6,  9,   ) the Gentiles will glorify the Father … that is when we come to understand and know GOD, as now, the truth about the Father  is being revealed, we glorify Him… in judgment…  Rev 15: 4



Rev 2:7  The one who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies. To the one overcoming, I will give to him to eat of the Tree of Life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. }}}… “Spirit” says to the churches ???  This is ‘CHRIST ’ speaking. So He is also the Spirit… and not the Father …. And He says, “I” will give life…more and more, it is becoming more clear that it is CHRIST  who gives us life, and we should exalt Him ! even though the Spirit is speaking to the churches, they cannot hear as they are made deaf.. neither can see, as they are blind. But during the judgments, the dead will hear and the dumb will speak and blind will see as CHRIST  our LORD Has prophesied…. This happen when the voice is going as now. The Spirit is sending the words which give life to all churches.  


CHRIST  says, He will ask the “Father”  to send the “Comforter”, but it is He, who comes…this shows, the God The Father and CHRIST  are one, and that is Spirit and human of the same GOD… also He says, the comforter will remain with you to the age…, but it is ‘CHRIST ’ who remain with us to the age as we shall see ….


Joh 14:16  And I will petition the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, that He may remain with you to the age,

Joh 14:17  the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive because it does not see Him nor know Him. But you know Him, for He abides with you and shall be in you….   }}}… Another comforter… the Spirit of “truth”… world or the Jews cannot receive, but “YOU” someone calls “you” will know… because HE ABIDES WITH YOU AND SHALL BE IN YOU…. This comforter,  is the “Spirit of truth”. who is the Spirit of truth ??? It is “JESUS CHRIST ”… who came to witness to the truth… ( Joh 18: 37). Besides, He is supposed to be ‘IN” us. the only time He is in somebody is colos 1: 27, and in “Gentiles”… the Jews, did not worship GOD in Spirit and truth ( Jn 4: 20). That is when they are judged as liars. As the light to shine in darkness, the ‘TRUTH’ is needed when there are lies. So it is now, this ‘Spirit of truth”, who is CHRIST  is in us. CHRIST  said v 18… I will not leave you orphans… they are the Gentiles, who did not have the Father  or mother, as they are cast out of the church having no mother…. The rich  failed to practice the undefiled religion before GOD… Jam 1: 27. we, know the Spirit of truth, as He is in us…. and if Holy Spirit teaches us, why did CHRIST  Had to come in the last days to teach??? Did CHRIST  come because Holy Spirit could not do the works??? Or it is CHRIST ’s Spirit or mind as we see come as the Holy Spirit ??? ( Heb 1: 1-3) . Besides, CHRIST , the Father , said, ‘ I WILL VISIT YOUR INIQUITES”…. The "Day of Visitation" …


Then, as He promised that the comforter will remain to the age, it is CHRIST  who will remain as …

Mat 28:20  teaching them to observe all things, whatever… “I”… commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the completion of the age.  }}… so you see, He says the Father  or the comforter will stay… and actually, He, Himself will stay… because, the Father  is His mind, or the Spirit which leads Him as our minds do ours….The Word “Spirit” has many meanings as “breath, mind, blast, etc… but they all refer to CHRIST ’s…  


Joh 14:19  Yet a little while and the world no longer sees Me, but you see Me. Because I live, you also shall live}}}… the world is the Jewish world as proven, and they will not see Him, but He lives in us, so this is why we are made alive as proven…


Joh 14:20  In that day you shall know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you….}}…

“In that day”… , that day has now come and we know, that CHRIST , is in his Father …. The words, or the Word, exists without a beginning or an end….


this is the day, when CHRIST  is “in” us, ( THROUGH HIS Word, AND MIND , AND BREATH, AND WE ARE THE WIND AS PROVEN. )   That we know the truth about the God The Father and CHRIST , that they are ONE… “He is in the Father “, as His words , which is the Father , abide in Him, …. And we are in Him… and He is in us…. BECAUSE His words abide in us. Don’t we “now” KNOW THAT “He is in the Father ”???  This is  IN THAT DAY””.


“ I IN YOU”… the only time when CHRIST  Is in somebody is colos 1: 27. that is the day, we KNOW THAT THE Father  IS IN CHRIST  AND HE IS IN THE FATHER… How does CHRIST  dwell in us ??? Through HIS “Spirit”…, which is the “Holy Spirit”  which is through the “words “which are “Spirit”. That is the Father …. GOD is a Spirit… that is the Holy Spirit…. That is the Spirit of CHRIST …which spoke in the Old Testament… if He, the GOD who spoke, He is the Word… The Spirit which moved to create, which are the words, became flesh and became ‘The Word”… or CHRIST . Father , Son, and we who are His’, abide in each other, through the Spirit, the words, the mind…


CHRIST  said

Joh 15:3  Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. }}}… it is the ‘Word’ which clean us… this is why the overflowing shower is coming, because the bride of CHRIST  is very dirty having sinned.. And this is the time to purify the ministry. It is CHRIST ’s Word which cleans us. That is the ‘Spirit’ which began the world and even finishes our faith.


Joh 15:4  Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. }}}…. We must abide in CHRIST … , through the Word. This is how, CHRIST  is in us and we are in Him… through the Word… or the Spirit of GOD… , the spoken words of CHRIST …


Joh 15:6  If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.  }}}… Do you see why the ministry is put in this lake of fire, which is the overflowing shower of the Word ??? w


Joh 15:7  If ye abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you..}}}…. How do we abide in Him…? as I wrote… through His “Word”, which is the “Spirit”…


Joh 15:8  In this My Father is glorified, that you should bear much fruit…}}}….If you abide in HIS WORDS, you glorify the Father , as the Father  is the words of CHRIST , and Spirit… if you abide in His words, you glorify the Father … now, we are glorying the Father , as the  truth about the Father  is revealed, in this day…. As one is to glorify GOD, one needs to understand and KNOW  Him,  now as the Word or the Spirit Has revealed the truth about the Word, the Father , and the spirit, we are glorifying Him… CHRIST  said, the kingdom will be given to those who bear fruits.. this is why, we were given the kingdom.


Joh 15:23  The one hating Me also hates My Father. }}}… now we know that to hate the CHRIST is to hate the Father  as well, as they are One…  if you do not keep the Word, as v 20 says,  you hate both of them, as they are the same GOD…


Joh 14:21  He that has My commandments and keeps them, it is that one who loves Me; and the one that loves Me shall be loved by My Father, and I shall love him and will reveal Myself to him. }}}…. we know all throughout the last two thousand years, the church failed and finally became Laodicean and CHRIST  spewed them out. The judgments came, at that time, He came in to Gentiles, as proven, and it is the only time, in the Word it says, that CHRIST  is living in some people. ( Colos 1: 27). They keep the commandments, also the covenant, as proven, and that happens also, ‘IN THAT DAY”… so this could not have happened in the first century, and until the Laodicean era , and until He came to Gentiles. We have proven that we love Him. CHRIST  said, because of “Law LESS NESS, there wont be love in His people. So these Gentiles, also are loved by Holy Spirit, and CHRIST , and to them…. CHRIST  WILL REVEAL…HIMSELF.  What is the revelation ????..... “In that day you shall know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you”….ALL DONE THROUGH THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE Word… As Apostle Paul said, when CHRIST  is revealed, we also will be revealed… we now know, that CHRIST  is in the Father , means it is His own Spirit which is the Father .  Can any of the leaders, any man in the world could prove from the Word, that CHRIST  is in them ????   Only the Gentiles, who have kept the Word and love Him can, and they are the little children, little flock, those who were spiritually murdered by the synagogue of satan, after the Philadelphia  era…. They are the ones who know, that Father  and Son are ONE.

                                IN This  DAY “…..

                I shall love him and will reveal Myself !!!


Well,….. that means,…….. UNTIL “THAT DAY”…, NO ONE REALLY

                                   KNEW HIM !!!


Until, those who “HAVE CHRIST  IN THEM” reveals these, no one has known that the Father  and CHRIST  are ONE GOD BEING , and the Father  is the Holy Spirit, which is CHRIST ’s own Spirit , and what comes out of His mouth, and that is the INVISIBLE GOD,  and CHRIST , the Son, is the VISIBLE GOD. !!!


           In that day you shall know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you”….  The truth about  “CHRIST ’, is in the Father ….  Is known, “IN THAT DAY”…., what we were taught, all these years is different from what CHRIST  says, here, as the meaning of “ I am in My Father ”, is revealed only in that day…. “YOU ARE IN ME”…. and ‘ I AM IN YOU’…. How Is He in us ??? Through, HIS Spirit… that is the ‘Father ’…. CHRIST .  Another proof of that CHRIST  is in us is, He is the  ‘Spirit OF TRUTH’… and we are witnessing to the truth… only those who are led by CHRIST  could witness to the truth… ( v 17) The ‘world’ cannot see Him, nor KNOW Him… But you KNOW HIM, for HE ABIDES WITH YOU AND SHALL BE …”IN”… you. It is the Jews who stopped worshiping GOD in Spirit and truth as Joh 4: 20 say. Then, the Spirit of truth had to come to Gentiles, and that is the day, CHRIST  AND THE Father  WILL BE REVEALED…. That is also the judgment, as written above…. So all things are being fulfilled as CHRIST our LORD  said….


Revealed is strong’s 1718…. Means;… exhibit (in person) or disclose (by words): - appear, declare (plainly), inform, (will) manifest, shew, signify,     to manifest, exhibit to view,     to show one’s self, come to view, appear, be manifest, to indicate, disclose, declare, make known”…..


In that day you shall know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you…}}}… Now, we see clearly, CHRIST  is saying that ‘IN THAT DAY’ only, the truth about the Father  and Son are revealed.  CHRIST  is talking about something different from what we believed all these years. What we were taught was they are two different GOD Beings but in perfect agreement.  If they are actually two beings and perfectly agrees with one another, why does CHRIST  say that He will ask the Father  to do something and in the end He, Himself does that as we have seen earlier ??? does that sounds like agreeing with one another ??? also, CHRIST  is taking all the glory to Himself… AND WE SHOULD GLORIFY HIM… ! He says He is the Author and the Finisher and He gives everlasting life etc…. etc… remember, until this is revealed in our day, CHRIST  hid the real truth about Himself and God The Father…As Joh 16: 25 says.  


Joh 14:24  The one who does not love Me does not keep My Words. And the Word which you hear is not Mine but of the Father who sent Me.

Joh 14:26  but the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things and shall remind you of all things that I said to you. }}}… but as we have written, even though CHRIST  said the Father  will send the Holy Spirit, it is He who breathed on them to give them the Spirit. (Jn 20:22). And it is ‘CHRIST ’ is who is reminding now all things as He is in us…so the Father , and Son, are ONE GOD BEING.   


Jn 17: 1- … The “HOUR” has come… to Father  and Son to be “glorified”… ( glorify mean, we come to “know GOD V 3 also Jer 9: 24 ) we know that it is during the “judgment”, all will glorify GOD, and it is the “babes” who will perfect His praise… and v 3… “And this is everlasting life, that they may “know You”, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.  The everlasting life is to KNOW the Father  ????   Now, this is why, we say, we already have passed from death to life, as CHRIST  and Apostle John said, because, we KNOW GOD…. WE ARE BEING REVEALED ABOUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GOD HEAD…. IT IS ABSOLUTELY  NECESSARY TO KNOW, WHO ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING REVEALED ABOUT THIS TRUTH, AS EVERYONE HAS TO PROVE AND LEARN FROM THEM ABOUT THE GODHEAD…. THIS IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW, WHO ARE THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE GOD ABIDING IN THEM. THAT TOO, ONE MUST BIBLICALLY PROVE….. OTHER THAN Colossians , IN COLOS 1: 27,  NO ONE CAN CLAIM THAT. ( that they may know YOU, the only true GOD ????... the true GOD, is CHRIST , as proven. That includes, His Spirit as well… so CHRIST  commands to know the truth about Him, and His Father. The ‘everlasting life’, is to KNOW GOD…. this is why, we are already saved, as proven, as WE KNOW HIM…. we are working and praying so hard to make Zion also know GOD, so they could have everlasting life…


Joh 14: 23… says, those who “kept the Word”, love GOD, will have GOD living in them… this is why, in Joh 17: 6….

Joh 17:6  I revealed Your name to the men whom You gave to Me out of the world. They were Yours, and You gave them to Me; and they have kept Your Word. }}}…CHRIST  Has revealed, to those who are ‘OUT OF THE WORLD”… remember, CHRIST  and the true GOD is to be revealed, only in the “judgment” and the world means the Jewish world as proven ?.  “You gave them to Me”???   No one had to give anything to CHRIST , as He is the Creator… the Holy Spirit, THE Father , THE WORDS OF CHRIST ,  created and drew all to CHRIST   and they are all CHRIST ’s anyway….


V 7… they have known all things… what ever You gave Me are from You “… }}}… all things are KNOWN, only in judgment, to those who are out of the world…and as Apostle Paul said in Ephesians and Colossians , that all knowledge is given to Gentiles… and we know that Holy Spirit, the Spirit of CHRIST , Has given all to CHRIST , when He became physical to REDEEM ( Act 3: 21) EVERYTHING FROM THE DEVIL  WHO FORCEFULLY CAME TO DESTORY THE WORKS OF CHRIST. CHRIST  Had to stay in heaven till all things are restored… and now, all things are restored as the last mystery is revealed and destroyed .  


V 8… we believe that CHRIST  came forth from the Father , or His Spirit… the Holy Spirit, gave life to Him. Words became the Word…

v 9 CHRIST  said, the believers are Father ‘s… but we are CHRIST ’s. v 10… all things are Father  ‘s, and Son’s… and “ I have been glorified in them…. ( glorify is to KNOW Him as proven, and now, we KNOW Him , as He Has revealed to us ) v 19… they are sanctified by the ‘TRUTH’… that confirms further it is the Gentiles…


Joh 17:21  that all may be one, as You are in Me, Father, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. }}}…since we know who are one with GOD, it is time for the WORLD, OR THE JEWISH WORLD, WHICH IS THE SPIRITUAL Jews WHO ARE GOD’S PEOPLE, MAY BELIEVE… THE TRUTH ABOUT God The Father… NOW, it is the time for them to know as all things are being revealed. Now, the world can believe as all things are made known, including the GODHEAD…



Rev 10:7  but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, whenever he is about to trumpet, was even ended the mystery of God, as He preached to His slaves, the prophets. }}}… Mystery of GOD, which He kept hidden will end when the seventh angel  sounds.  We were not certain which 7th angel this was. But now we see, this has to be the 7th trumpet angel as it is the time, any mystery should be finished as that is the final earthquake which shakes every one. The 7th angles sounds in Rev 16: 17 and after that it is written it says ‘IT IS DONE”…. This is same as “was even “endedthe mystery of GOD”…and it is preached to the ‘SLAVES”…. , ‘IN THAT DAY”, during the ‘JUDGMENT”….  They will come to KNOW GOD… Besides as CHRIST  said, all things will be fulfilled during the days of vengeance, then this has to be fulfilled when the 7th trumpet angel sounds as that is when all mysteries should end….the work of GOD ends by the work of the Gentiles, and the witnesses….


All will come to KNOW GOD in THIS DAY…

Isa 2:11  The lofty eyes of man shall be humbled, and the pride of men shall be bowed down; but Jehovah, He alone, will be exalted in that day. }}}… these are the mountains and hills which were lifted up being destroyed and leveled… the crooked places straightened… 


Isa 2:17  And the pride of man shall be humbled; and the loftiness of men shall be abased; and Jehovah alone will be exalted in that day

Isa 12:4  And in that day you shall say, Praise Jehovah! Call on His name; declare His doings among the peoples; make mention that His name is exalted..}}}…. “Who” believed CHRIST  and will glorify Him, IN THAT DAY ????   All the proud people, who taught lies, will be humbled as their false teachings are exposed and then GOD’s people will exalt GOD and they will come to KNOW THE TRUE GOD… THE ONLY GOD, who Is  CHRIST our LORD … !!!


 2Th 1:10  when He comes to be glorified in His saints, and to be admired in all those who believe in that Day, because our testimony to you was believed }}}… glorified in His saints ????  which GOD is coming to be glorified ????   It is ‘CHRIST ’….. He  is glorifying the saints in Colossae… when the Laodicean era present. These people BELIEVED and that is why they are glorifying CHRIST , and one glorifies when they COME TO KNOW GOD as proven ! …so without  a doubt, it is the Gentiles, who are now glorifying CHRIST … but Israel, will soon… as GOD will open the eyes of the blind to know Him..and brings back the captivity…   


Joh 16:25  I have spoken these things to you in allegories. An “hour” comes when….(.” I”)….. will no longer speak to you in allegories, but I will reveal the Father plainly to you ]}}}…. When is this “hour”?  It Is the ‘hour’ of judgment, when CHRIST  said, all things will be fulfilled  And mystery of GOD would be finished at the sounding of the seventh angel….and at the same time the people who are glorifying CHRIST  also will be revealed .  That is definitely not in the first century but now in our days… That is the hour, as we proved, that God The Father will be revealed and He will be exalted. Please read part 1 of this writing.  It is the “HOUR” which He comes to purify the ministry, who did not know the true God or His image.. Christ thanked the Father for revealing things to babes ( Luk 10: 21).  So the babes, or the little children will be declaring the Father as they are perfecting Him. It is also the ‘day of the Lord”, which God only will be exalted. It is when God’s NAME will be known.  But that “HOUR”, Jews have stopped worshipping God in Spirit and in truth. So they are not the ones who are being revealed, but the gentiles


Here are more quotes to prove God The Father and CHRIST  are One.

Joh 15: 16,  16: 23  CHRIST  says, what ever you should ask the “Father  in My name, “He” may give you”…But, in Jn 14: 14…, He says, “ If you ask anything in My Name, …..‘I’ …..(CHRIST ) will do.  aren’t they Both One GOD ??? and  He says….“In that day”, you will ask in My name, and I do not tell you that I will petition the Father  about you”…?. Earlier He said He will petition the Father , and now He is saying I will not …. Why ???? Because, when “that day comes”, we know , that the Father  and Son are ONE GOD  and no need to ask from the Father , but we can directly ask from the Son… !


Joh 14: 26…  CHRIST  said, the Holy Spirit, will teach us all things, but in the end, it is CHRIST  who will teach us in the last days… Heb 1: 2. … this shows that they both are One, and CHRIST  is visible GOD and Holy Spirit is the invisible GOD…what ever CHRIST  says the Father  will do, He end up doing. And He Has revealed it in the Word but until now, no one  knew it…  


Joh 14: 28 He said His Father  is greater than Him, but then again He said My Father  and I are One… what we can gather from all these is ;… until CHRIST  reveal all these things to those who love and kept the Word and believed Him, all others who taught other ways have to be false and therefore, He wants them to be humble and admit and accept their faults and repent, so ONLY GOD WILL BE EXALTED… In this day. This is to shut the mouths of the false leaders , who exalted themselves. Why would any leader try to interpret the Word to their own gain ???  They do so because they want to exalt themselves and want a following . what could be more disastrous, other than to find out, that the GOD they were teaching, they, themselves did not know???  No matter how much the leaders say they are worshiping GOD, in truth, CHRIST , who is the GOD says, no… they do not worship GOD in Spirit and in truth… how could they worship Him in Spirit and truth, when CHRIST  Has not revealed the truth ‘TILL THE JUDGMENTS”? in that way, they are all liars as CHRIST  says… this is when all the leaders become false as CHRIST  said many false prophets will come in My name…. they did not know His name.


Isa 12: 1-3…when God’s anger is turned away  v 3… “they should draw water out of wells of salvation…” this is why CHRIST  said to everyone who thirst, to come and drink ON THE LAST DAY. ( Joh 7: 37). This is the free gift , and CHRIST  revealed it to the Samaritan woman in Jn 4: 10,  14. CHRIST  is giving this water to Gentiles as they believed , as proved, and CHRIST  said, who ever BELIEVES on Him, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Now, Israel should drink this water as GOD Has commanded. “IN  THAT DAY”…, when the salvation has come, when you drink water from the believers, you should exalt His name… remember, all these new things are revealed in that day, which is judgment and since they are revealed, we know it is the last day, which all Israel will have to come and drink the water from the wells of salvation…. May GOD open their minds to KNOW THE TRUE GOD SO THEY CAN GLORIFY HIM ALONE…


Isa 12:4  And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted. }}}… If GOD says it, it will be done. In that day ONLY they will really Praise GOD… but the praise is now being perfected by the ‘BABES” as Psa 8:2. Also this is the day, THEY WILL CALL UPON HIS NAME…. ( but the Gentiles, already called upon as our writing “house of Prayer” proves). “make mention that his name is exalted”… we are mentioning to others to exalt ONLY HIS NAME… we did not exalt the leaders, but we were judging them all these three and half years as we were appointed.


Isa 12:5  Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth…}}}….Only “IN THAT DAY”, GOD’s name is exalted and known . We know all the leaders are exalting themselves. As Dan 11: 36 says, GOD allowed them to exalt themselves as a part of His wrath. But now, GOD’s wrath is taken away, and salvation is offered, and His name is exalted. And it is the earth, or the world, which have to know this as they did not know these excellent things of GOD till now. Who sings unto the LORD now ??? 


Psa 145 … v 10- 12…. GOD’s works will thank Him, and speak of the glory of the Kingdom, and … and GOD’s might will be made known to the sons of men and that happen in the “kingdom”….the sons of men are the Jews, as we have proven.  Until the kingdom COMES, OR PRESENT, no one can speak about the glory of the kingdom…because they do not know till it comes.  If all things written are to be fulfilled, as CHRIST our LORD  said, the kingdom also has to come before we turn in to Spirit beings.


V 3 says, His greatness is unsearchable… no one could have known about the true GOD till now, until GOD reveals in judgment as they are unsearchable and also the judgments. If they knew about His greatness, they would not be scattered nor, leave Him. The leaders have been teaching about a GOD who would destroy the sinners in a literal fire and allow them to be burned. But the true leaders whom GOD, Himself Has appointed to be kings and priests should declare the true character of GOD… as v 8 says, ..


Psa 145:8  The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.

Psa 145:9  The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.


All Your works shall thank You, O Jehovah; and 

                     Your saints shall bless You  !!!!


GOD’s real character is revealed only now as the Gospel of Grace is being preached. GOD’s true image is made known only in the judgment… or the kingdom. Those who are of the truth, and those who fear Him as v 18-19 says, will be declaring these to Israel, who did not know about the true GOD.  Anyone who wants eternal life, they should KNOW GOD AND ONE TRUE GOD JESUS CHRIST…. !




Joh 17:6  I revealed Your name to the men whom You gave to Me out of the world. They were Yours, and You gave them to Me; and they have kept …”Your “…( fathers ) Word. }}}…He tells us to keep Father  ‘s Word, but then CHRIST  said to keep ‘HIS” Word…BECAUSE THEY ARE ONE. ( Jn 5 : 24 ,  8: 31, 37,  51,  52,  14: 23,  15: 20,   Rev 3: 8 ( remnant of Philadelphia, who were asked to come out of the world… from beast and harlot, who is GOD’s church, when in Babylon   ) .


Apostle Paul knew the truth about the Father  and he wrote to Gentiles, , even though now only it is revealed.

Eph 3:14  For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus CHRIST , v 16… that He may give  you ‘HIS” Spirit, …. He was referring to the Father ’s Spirit… but, then again he wrote in v 17… ‘THAT CHRIST  MAY DWELL IN YOUR HEARTS”… So Holy Spirit, is CHRIST … the visible, and the invisible… this is the time, to reveal all things as v 18 says….


Jud 1:1  Jude, a slave of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to the ones called in God the Father, having been set apart, and having been kept to Jesus Christ:… }}}… the Father , who is the Holy Spirit, ALSO CHRIST , speaks to our minds to call us… then, CHRIST , the visible GOD comes to preserve us…( through His blood) . Followed by v 4…. Apostle Jude talks about the leaders who speak falsely, as they DENY, THE ONLY MASTER, LORD JESUS CHRIST…. !!! v 25… He is the ONLY wise GOD , our savior… All the leaders in every church believes and teaches that God The Father and CHRIST  are two Beings… but as we see, they are One, as CHRIST  said. Actually, the truth was not revealed to anyone till ‘in that day’, which is now, as CHRIST , personally have come to reveal and take His due glory….


Col 2:8  Watch that there not be one robbing you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the elements of the world, and not according to Christ.

Col 2:9  For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily;

Col 2:10  and having been filled, you are in Him, who is the Head of all rule and authority,  }}}}…. “Philosophy and empty deceit”… and the “traditions of men”, all the rich Jews in the church have as proven. This is what CHRIST  think about His own. In these verses, Apostle Paul is saying not to believe what we were hearing before, “ABOUT THE GOD HEAD”… what was being taught before by others, other than what Apostle Paul is saying here is according to  traditions, and empty deceit….  But the Gentiles, believing on Him, know Him…as they are in Him and He is in us, as CHRIST  prayed to GOD to be one with the believers as above…. ( Joh 17: 21) for in ‘CHRIST ’, the fullness of GOD Head is… that is physically, … CHRIST  is the physical image of GOD, we see. And we are in Him, who is the Head of all rule and authority… . if we are in Him, we are ruling with Him….


Colos 2:9… for in ‘HIM’… that is ‘CHRIST “…. Dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily…. Dwell 2730, to house permanently, that is reside… dwell… inhabitant…. Fullness 4138… fulfilling, keeping etc…, GODhead 2320… divinity… , completion, Bodily 4985…physically


Which should read as “in CHRIST , the fullness of the Godhead… and “physical” Head… or Being.  To come to the world He became physical. And Holy Spirit, or the Father , who was  in heaven, is the Spirit of CHRIST . Or, CHRIST , is the physical Head of the spiritual GOD.  The believers , the Gentiles, would have godly nature as well… 2 Pet 1: 4,   Eph 3: 19. They have the Spirit of GOD and they are sons of GOD…. ( Rom 8: 14,  Gal 3: 26,  ).


Earlier we wrote that the Holy Spirit, or the Father  will come to us, but now, in Gal 4: 6… it says, because you are sons, GOD sent the Spirit of “His Son”… now, looking at all these what we have written so far , one GOD says the Father  will come and then again,  other GOD says, I will come OR My father will do etc . If there are two GOD beings, they cannot make up their minds… they are not in agreement. Remember, the Word ‘Father ’ is an allegory till the true meaning is revealed.




Joh 6:44  No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

Joh 6:45  It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me. }}}But as we saw, only CHRIST  comes in the last days to teach us . ( Heb 1: 2) and not God The Father. “The Father  sent Me”… it is the words which spoke gave birth to CHRIST  as proven… The words sent Him…, that is His own words though…. Now, is the LAST DAY” that everyone is being raised up as they KNOW THE TRUE GOD !!!


Joh 6:46  Not that any man hath seen the Father, save he which is of God, he hath seen the Father. }}}…CHRIST ’s Spirit who is the Father , who draws us. Does not Holy Spirit reveal things to our mind ? that is our spirit ? Because CHRIST  is the physical Head, His Spirit is called the Father , as when He is alive as a ‘PHYSICAL” body, then He Had to look up to His Spirit, which He calls Father , as He is also the Father .  in Jer 31: 9,   Is 9: 6


Mal 1: 6, Hos 11: 1  ) It says I am a ‘Father’  to Israel etc… it was “CHRIST ”  who spoke. Because,  His Spirit, was higher than Him, AT THE TIME HE WAS BORN AS A HUMAN. THE Spirit IS SUPERIOR AND CHRIST , IS MADE LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS… AT THAT TIME, HE SHOULD LOOK UP TO HIS Spirit, WHOM HE CALLS THE FATHER, which never  could be made lower than angels or anybody.  As CHRIST  said, He was speaking in allegories, about the Father , until the time came to reveal – in that day… to those who love Him…


  2Co 6:17  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, }}}… we did come out as Mal 3: 15- 18 says. This is how CHRIST  could dwell in us… then.., since we have come out,…


2Co 6:18  And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. }}}… Now, Apostle Paul is teaching ( CHRIST  would have instructed him to tell us ) the Gentiles, to come out from among them… and be separate… and as you can see, we have separated and we have not touched unclean and GOD says ‘ I WILL RECEIVE YOU”…. And “I WILL BE A Father  TO YOU… AND YOU SHALL BE MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS… SAYS THE LORD  ALMIGHTY . Why Does GOD write to Gentiles, that they will be sons and daughters…??? He tells us to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM”…


V 16…. These Gentiles, are the ‘TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD…leaders are busy building other buildings to invite the world…  V 15… at this time we are the believers..( THE SPIRITUAL BODY OF CHRIST  )  and v 14 says, do not equally yoke with unbelievers… as we are righteous…  and we have proven that we have  light…. And Israel is in darkness… this is talking about our times, “WHEN Israel IS IN DARKNESS AND WE BEING A LIGHT”… at this time, if we are ‘THE TEMPLE OF GOD, AND WE ARE THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS”, then our Father , the Holy Spirit, living in us. But, it is “CHRIST ” is HE WHO ARE IN US… (Colos 1: 27)… If the Holy Spirit can teach and speak to our minds, then why do we need CHRIST ’s mind? Why do we need ‘CHRIST ” to live in us ???? Because, Holy Spirit and CHRIST , and the Father  are all same. We know definitely, that CHRIST  is in us and the Father  is in us as He Has called, and then, CHRIST  too are in us…. V 17…  This was also to be fulfilled when GOD’s grace, or the Gospel of Grace is being preached as v 1… v 2…. Now, is the salvation…, now is the acceptable time… “Behold, now is the day of salvation!”  …. This was a quote from Isa. 49: 6…


Isa 49:5  And now, says Jehovah who formed Me from the womb to be His servant, to bring Jacob again to Him, Though Israel is not gathered, yet I shall be glorious in the eyes of Jehovah, and My God shall be My strength…}}}… Which GOD, formed the other GOD from the womb???.... It is the Holy Spirit, ( the words of CHRIST , which was sent by angel to Mary as we proven) which caused CHRIST  to be conceived. That is the Spirit of CHRIST … it is ‘CHRIST ’ who spoke… the Word….But He was the ‘WORDS” then, now He is the ‘word”…  He is talking about Himself…. “My GOD shall be My strength” .  To CHRIST , because He is human, Holy Spirit , is a Father  and a strength….He prayed to the Father … to His Spirit. We plan and think from our minds… but our bodies only do the work. He is our strength as well. this chapter also talks about the time of salvation… and it is CHRIST  Who was the Word, who was the Father in Old Testament, who is now CHRIST ….


In Luke 10:, there is a prophecy for our day… v 19.. it is time to tread down the serpents and scorpions, who are Israel, as proven in our many writings… when they are being trodden down, which is done by the witnesses, our names are written in heaven. This is the kingdom also as proven.


Luk 10:21  In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight. }}}… it is CHRIST , who is the Father , who is revealing these things to babes, “WHEN’ THERE ARE WISE,  BEING REJECTED… AND THAT IS WHY THE BABES ARE REVEALED… ALL HAPPEN IN JUDGMENT AS PROVEN…. and it is NOW….” In that hour”. CHRIST  is rejoicing now… in ‘Spirit’… that is His Father , and He is thanking His own Spirit, which is the Father …


Luk 10:22  All things were delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the Father; and who is the Father, except the Son, and he to whom the Son may desire to reveal …}}}….. All things are now CHRIST ’s as the truth about the Father  is revealed and no more need to hide the identity. And that means, there is no more Father , but CHRIST  is the Father  and Son… they both knew each other , and until CHRIST  revealed it to babes, no one knew….


Do you think CHRIST  would reveal about the Father  to Jews who do not worship Him and who rejected Him and did not live and obey , or believe or had no faith in Him ???? or to the wise and the prudent, who are wise in their own eyes and who follows the traditions of the Fathers instead of obeying the truth and turn the truth in to false deceit ??? Who have empty deceit and philosophy ??? So CHRIST  Has chosen to reveal the truth about the Father  and Son to Gentiles, as He is in them…. colos 1: 27.


What does it mean “All things were delivered to Me by My Father”?...when CHRIST  finished His work, (and the last work is to reveal this truth about the Father , ) all things are CHRIST ’s. He will be glorified and all will KNOW Him. That is the end… the everlasting life, is to know Him…


Joh 6:40  And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day. }}}… It was the will of the Father , which brought the Son… the same GOD… the “ words” sent the ‘Word”… and it will be known in the last day, then, CHRIST  will raise them up….


Joh 12:50  And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak…}}}…. “ I speak”… the words… as joh 6; 63, is Spirit and life…. The words give everlasting life…


Luk 10:24  For I say to you that many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, and did not see, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear. }}}…. We understand now, what we see and hear…. Not even the angels of heaven knew what GOD is revealing to those who love and obey and fear and believe in Him….this could happen only in the very end, as GOD Has separated those who love Him, and who love Him NOT…


All glory and honor to you, our Father  who Is in heaven !!!!


Mal 1:6  A son honoureth his father, and a servant his master: if then I be a father, where is mine honour? and if I be a master, where is my fear? saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name….}}}…. Who is the Father  ??? We definitely know as Isa. 9: 6 says, CHRIST  is to be Father …. Then who is the ‘Master”??? and it is CHRIST , whom they rejected… and stumbled, but the Chief Cornerstone, with the other rejected stones which GOD created for Abraham…


Mat 23:8  But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren

Mat 23:10  Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.  }}}… “ONE” GOD is our ‘MASTER”… that is ‘CHRIST ”… , Apostle Jude 4… JESUS CHRIST, is the only Master…He became a ‘Master”, after He purchased us… as proven. So the Father , is not our Master as Holy Spirit cannot die to redeem us… only CHRIST  could do that… as He is a human…  


 Mal 2:10  Have we not all …….. “ONE”…..Father? hath not one God created us?...}}}}…. We should have only ‘ONE’ Father , and that is the ‘Father ‘ Who … “CREATED”….us.!!! He is the Father , and the Son, Master, Teacher, and everything…this is what the failure of the ministry as malachi condemns the ministry… they do not know that only ONE Father  created us …. But now, CHRIST  Has chosen to reveal the truth so all can know and prove and have everlasting life.  


Jas 1:17  every act of good giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, }}}… who gives us ‘LIGHT”??? It is ‘CHRIST ’… He is the FATHER . as Isa. 42 and luke 2: 32… says… . So how could He take the honor of the Father ??? But remember, He is being a light to Gentiles , first and revealing these things to them, so that all the exalted will be humbled and be jealous as proven… .


Joh 10:30  I and the Father are One!

Joh 10:32  Jesus answered them, I showed you many good works from My Father. }}}… why Does CHRIST  need the Father  to do anything ??? He was a GOD… He created… His breath gave life. ? It is because, through the Father , who is His own “Spirit”, which are His own words, through which  He works. Any good work, comes from His words… the words which complete our salvation…


1 Jn 1: - 3… the ‘Word of life’, which is CHRIST , was revealed, and He Has the everlasting life, which was with the Father … when the Word of life is revealed, the everlasting life is also offered… the life began with CHRIST ….



Joh 4:23  But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. For the Father also seeks such, the ones worshiping Him.

Joh 4:24  God is a spirit, and the ones worshiping Him must worship in spirit and truth. ….}}}… CHRIST  said, He is Spirit and truth and way…and life… now, we worship Him in Spirit and in truth, as He Has shown us the truth and revealed the Father  and the Son… as that HOUR has come.  CHRIST , is the Creator, He is now creating a new spiritual kingdom. ( Psa 104: 30). NOW WE ALL CAN WORSHIP HIM IN Spirit AND TRUTH… as we know there is only ONE GOD. now, no one should say, God The Father is the central figure of the gospel… as there is no God The Father…. Besides, one can worship GOD in Spirit and in truth, ONLY THEY ARE MADE KNOWN THS Spirit AND TRUTH and that is now.


Psa 104:30  You send out Your Spirit, and they are created; and You renew the face of the earth  }}}… “You” send out “YOUR” Spirit…. It is “ONE” GOD, WHO SENT OUT “HIS OWN” Spirit…. It is CHRIST ’s Spirit which creates… the only Father  who spoke in Old Testament, is CHRIST … or ……“His”…Spirit.


GOD, or CHRIST our LORD  was there in the beginning… His “Spirit” started to create… but, the humans, our “physical”  first and then the spiritual.

1Co 15:46  But not the spiritual first, but the natural; afterward the spiritual ….}}}…This is how it is with humans. But for GOD, His Spirit Was, then the Word Was, Is and Is to Come….


1Co 15:45  So also it has been written, "The" first "man", Adam, "became a living soul;" the last Adam a life-giving Spirit}}}…. We have life, through CHRIST our LORD  !!! this is not talking about the physical life, but ‘SPIRITUAL”…. so, it is through ‘CHRIST our LORD ”, that we even have the spiritual lives. Holy Spirit will not ( the Father  ) who give us life, but ‘CHRIST our LORD ….it is CHRIST ’s Spirit which gave life to Adam, and it is through Him, we have life.


 Exo 20:11  For in six days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all which is in them, and He rested on the seventh day; on account of this Jehovah blessed the sabbath day and sanctified it. }}}… it is CHRIST our LORD , who made all… and He requires to give Him due glory… and worship Him…He sanctified this Sabbath, which they should have fled before as CHRIST  warned in Mat 24, but failed, to reveal the truth and make the man in to His image. This is what  the mystery of GOD is all about. To give the true knowledge of the true GOD, and by getting that knowledge, we can exalt Him only….


Jer 31:31  Behold, the days come, says Jehovah, that I will cut a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah,


Jer 31:33  But this shall be the covenant that I will cut with the house of Israel: After those days, declares Jehovah, I will put My Law in their inward parts, and I will write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

Jer 31:34  And they shall no longer each man teach his neighbor, and each man his brother, saying, Know Jehovah. For they shall all know Me, from the least of them even to the greatest of them, declares Jehovah. For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sins no more,


Jer 31:35  So says Jehovah, who gives the sun for a light by day, the laws of the moon, and the stars for a light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar, Jehovah of Hosts is His name.}}}…

GOD, or CHRIST our LORD , will make a new covenant with Israel and Judah together… THEY ALL WILL KNOW HIM.  we come to know GOD through His Word, and this is why the Word the TRUE LIGHT  is now going on… so they all could know Him. And the new covenant is made, AFTER THOSE DAYS… AFTER HE REMOVES SINS, FORGIVING  THEM…. has that happened still ??? No… this is why, all the books are opened and the mysteries revealed, so they all could know GOD. as GOD said, “ I MYSELF WILL SEARCH THE SHEEP” in Eze 34, the true sheep will be searched out by GOD, and there wont be a need for any teachers. CHRIST  said, not to call anyone teacher or master ,as He is the only Master and teacher. This is what is happening now. When the truth is revealed and made known, there wont be any need of teachers or false prophets or false apostles any more.


Don’t we see there are so many teachers in Israel now ??? Has GOD forgiven the sins ???... Has GOD written the laws in their hearts yet ??? absolutely no. then, the new covenant with Israel and Judah has not started yet… but it has started with Gentiles as they believed in blood sacrifice and are with CHRIST  now as proven. Besides, Israel and Judah have not come together. Still all are divided. When there are no more divisions and when one church is formed, then we can believe that GOD Has written His laws in their minds and they have no other gods and have made a new covenant with CHRIST our LORD …. Before all that, GOD says, they will ALL KNOW ME… AND MY LAWS… that still has to happen and this is why the Gentiles are given the ministry of reconciliation and a priesthood …. And are made judges… Dan 11: 30- 35,   Isa. 56: 3- 8, Mal 1:11,  Is 56: 3- 8,  Eze 16: 40,   23: 45- 49,  39: 21- 23,  Mic 5: 7- 9,   Lamentations 1: 15 , Zeph 3: 10,   Isa. 61: 5,  Zech 6: 15, and all the books of Apostle Paul, (and malachi shows the failure of Israel and Judah  )   shows that Gentiles are continuing the covenant with CHRIST our LORD …. And not with God The Father…. as there is no Father , besides CHRIST our LORD , and His Spirit which are ONE NOW and who is also to be a Father  when He is born as a human also. ( Is 9: 6).


Jer 9:23  So says Jehovah, Do not let the wise glory in his wisdom, and do not let the mighty glory in his might. Do not let the rich glory in his riches.

Jer 9:24  But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am Jehovah, doing kindness, justice and righteousness in the earth; for I delight in these, says Jehovah}}}… “Wise  and “rich”??? well, we know who they are … but, we, who understand and KNOWS GOD, and His loving m kindness and justice and righteousness, are glorifying Him…


We are chosen from the foundation of the world to be the Vessels of Mercy…. As proven. when GOD’s mercy is shown, GOD will proclaim the name of the LORD… It is CHRIST , the LORD we should exalt…


Exo 33:19  And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy   }}}… it is a time, for GOD’s NAME  “ I AM”  WHAT I AM OR WHAT I WANT TO BE I WILL BE”  to be known , which is known in ‘JUDGMENT” and it will be revealed to babes, and now the babes also are working, and it is the time GOD is having mercy… on the Vessels of Mercy… that is also now… so now is the time for GOD to be revealed… GOD’s goodness is in us, as CHRIST  is living in us. This is the time, to proclaim the name of the LORD… !


Act 3:19  Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; (… times of refreshing is the time to be converted… this is the time the hearts of the children will be turned to father, as they are being converted. For this reason, Christ came as a messenger and to witness and to purify…

Act 3:20  And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you:

Act 3:21  Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution ( means a recovery of breath, revival … which means God is trying to give His Spirit to all and bring all back under the bondage of the covenant, so they will not sin again.  ) … It is CHRIST , is He who Is present during the times of refreshing… to recover the Holy Spirit on those who did not know the true and ONE GOD !!! This is why CHRIST  and Apostle Peter  preached to the Jews saying ‘REPENT”…REPENT…. The kingdom is at hand… now, the kingdom, the judgments, the rule is about to be over.


When Abraham, Jacob and others in the Old Testament prayed to GOD, , did they say our father”S” in heaven??? Almighty GODs??? ( Gen. 20: 17,  25: 21,   Exo 8: 30,   10: 18,   32: 11,   1 Ki 8: 35,  42,   etc…)


It is CHRIST , who gives life… whom they killed Act 3: 14-15 , 4: 12,  3: 22- 23,  Isa. 12: 2


GOD said, that He will visit their sins…. and it is the “Word” , who said that and it is Him who came to visit… He said ‘ I COME AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT”…. that is God The Father, in the Old Testament…. But the Word or CHRIST  in the New Testament… ( please read: "Day of Visitation" )


Psa 149:9  to execute on them the judgment written; this is an honor for all His saints. Praise Jehovah!

 Who are the saints who are executing the WRITTEN judgments ??? Until the time of the judgments, no one would not know who these saints who are executing the judgments and if the judgments are for Israel, and as they are blind to their own judgments, they would not know until all are fulfilled as we have proven. v 8 says, it is the kings and nobles ( who could not be trusted as  Psa 146: 3 says) who are bound with iron bands… and while these saints have the sword, which is the Word of GOD, they are EXALTING GOD. ( V 6). Did we not do that during these last three and half years? The judgments are to glorify GOD and to exalt Him, and to expose those who failed to exalt the Almighty GOD and exalted themselves….


Psa 146… while the kings and nobles who could not be trusted are judged, GOD executes judgments for the oppressed, the strangers, the orphans and the widows. During the judgments only, the blind eyes will be opened as v 8. GOD will be exalted, the truth will be made known, and all wicked will be judged and the Gentiles will be working with GOD during these times.


We should exalt CHRIST  , who is our LORD…. And Rock … the judgments have come because they rejected “CHRIST ” …

 1 Pet 2: 8  ,  Rom 9:33  as it has been written, "Behold, I place in" "Zion a Stone-of-stumbling," "and a Rock-of-offense," "and everyone believing on Him will not be shamed..}}}…knowing the true GOD, who gives us everlasting life is important if we are to exalt Him. This is why, the Gentiles, who are working with CHRIST  , their LORD, are exalting Him. CHRIST  became a Stone of stumbling “TO” Zion. this is why Zion has  stumbled as GOD’s plan…


Isa 17:10  Because you have forgotten the God of your salvation, and you did not remember the Rock of your strength. On account of this you…}}}… Which GOD is the ‘GOD of salvation” and the ‘Rock”??? It is CHRIST our LORD …., not God The Father…. He gives us salvation and He is the Rock… this chapter talks about their adultery… the harlot who sits in many waters…. And how she will be rebuked… until the judgments, until they became a harlot, they FORGOT THE TRUE GOD… they did not honor the ‘GOD OF THEIR SALVATION”… and the ROCK….


 Isa 8:14  And He shall be for a sanctuary, and for a stone of stumbling, and for a rock of falling to the two houses of Israel; for a trap and for a snare to the ones living in Jerusalem.

Isa 8:15  And many among them shall stumble and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

Isa 8:16  Bind up the Testimony, seal the Law among My disciples. }}}…All Israel, both houses, Israel and Judah, and Jerusalem will stumble, ON THIS ROCK…. The Rock, which is the true church is built upon. This is why they could not know the true GOD until the judgments… they did not believe on the Rock of salvation… that is CHRIST our LORD … they tried to believe the Holy Spirit which is in “heaven”, but the GOD whom they could see, ON EARHT they did not believe… but as Apostle Peter  and Apostle Paul says, all those who BELIEVED Him, are not shamed…. This prophecy too is fulfilled now. The true GOD is revealed. And if all Israel have failed to worship GOD, then we know that it is the Gentiles, who will bind up the testimony and sealing the Law, as proven.  “Seal” means to “end” up. All the work which is to fulfill, is given to Gentiles, as they have the ministry of reconciliation, priests etc…. as proven. and since Israel failed, now GOD wants to bring them back. This is why, the books are opened..


CHRIST our LORD , Has been  A ROCK OF OFFENSE AND A STONE OF STUMBLING…. They could not KNOW THE TRUE GOD till the judgments, and if one does NOT KNOW the true GOD, and they are caused to stumble on HIM, then how could they have glorified Him before the judgments ????  ONLY THOSE WHO BELIEVED IN HIM, are glorifying Him on this day, but Israel will come to know the true GOD during our times and will glorify GOD, as we have proven in this writing…. ! it will be done as CHRIST our LORD , is our Rock and will fulfill all His desire, which is to bring His wife back to Him….


Just think…. If , CHRIST our LORD , is a stumbling block to all Israel, “UNTIL” THE JUDGMENTS, how could they have “glorified Him???? GOD kept these secrets hidden till the judgments to reveal them to BABES who BELIEVED Him. Apostle Peter  and Apostle Paul, preached these things to Gentiles…. because they are the ones who believed and will declare the true GOD to Zion… those who bring the covenant of Peace, will announce to Zion, the true GOD…


Isa 35:4  Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you…. }}… Apostle Paul said in colos 2: 1- 2.. , to comfort those in Laodicea… and to give them the understanding of the full knowledge of the mystery of GOD, about the Father  and the Son…


Isa 35:5  Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. …}}}…Israel were blinded till this time…. GOD will come with VENGEANCE???  And “RECOMPENSE” ???...AND AT THE SAME TIME HE WILL SAVE YOU ???? He comes to take vengeance from “Zion”… all Israel… and not only taking revenge, but He comes to SAVE ALL…. THIS IS THE TIME OF SALVATION… Was this taught by the leaders ??? They taught that if you do not obey them, will be thrown in to lake of fire… He comes to SAVE… while judging…. At the same time, the eyes of the blind ( the Laodiceans  ) be opened…. The true character of the true GOD is now revealed… the truth shall set you free… how happy and comforting for the sheep  to learn that they will have MERCY AND GRACE instead of lake of fire… ??? and to learn that the much spoken feared tribulation is to test whether they have other gods ???? and not a physical lake of fire  but spiritual ???


Isa 40:9  Go up for yourself on the high mountain, one bearing good news….” To..  Zion; lift up your voice with strength, one bearing good news to Jerusalem. Lift up, do not fear. Say to the cities of Judah, Behold! Your God!

Isa 40:10  Behold, the Lord Jehovah will come with strength, and His arm rules for Him. Behold, His reward is with Him, and His wage before Him.

Isa 40:11  He shall feed His flock like a shepherd; He shall gather lambs with His arm; and carry them in His bosom; those with young He will lead; …}}}…. The ‘cities of Judah” are the ones in the church … ( Jer 26:2)… and who brings good news to them ??? it is the ‘lions’ who desolated and judged them. at the same time the judgments, it is time to not to fear as we were taught by the leaders who put fear on the sheep teaching about the false image of the true GOD. how could they teach about the true GOD, when, they, themselves did not know ??? GOD, will gather them with HIS ARM… the ‘arm’ is the Gentiles, as we proved. So, we are bringing good news to Zion, and the same time announcing her GOD to her. We only know CHRIST our LORD , whom we have seen and as He is in us… !


“CHRIST ” to be exalted and not God The Father

1Co 2:7  But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, having been hidden, which God predetermined before the ages for our glory, }}}… this mystery was hidden to be revealed now, to bring glory to Gentiles…

1Co 2:8  which none of the rulers of this age has known. For if they had known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory;

1Co 2:9  according as it has been written, "Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard," nor has it risen up into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those that love Him. Isa. 64:4

1Co 2:10  But God revealed them to us by His Spirit, for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.

‘WISDOM OF GOD’, in a mystery… it has to be revealed by GOD, Himself… and revealed to the Gentiles. we have written about the mysteries before… none of the rulers knew….


CHRIST our LORD , came and we have His mind… and the mind, which is the ‘Spirit’ is revealing these things to the body and directs the body to do His work. Even our physical bodies are directed by our minds. Same way, Holy Spirit, which is the  mind of CHRIST , is called the ‘FATHER”… He or IT, directs CHRIST , who is the physical form of GOD Being….Now, CHRIST  Has sent  His Spirit to Gentiles who are His body, to finish up the work, and to bring glory to Him….This is how, the Father  in the Son, and the believes are in CHRIST  and they are all ONE… , as CHRIST our LORD  said in Jn 17.    


1Co 2:11  For who among men knows the things of a man, except the spirit of a man within him? So also no one has known the things of God except the Spirit of God.

1Co 2:12  But we have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit from God, so that we might know the things that are freely given to us by God.

1Co 2:13  Which things we also speak, not in words taught in human wisdom, but in Words taught of the Holy Spirit, comparing spiritual things with spiritual things.

1Co 2:14  But a natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he is not able to know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

1Co 2:15  But the spiritual one discerns all things, but he is discerned by no one.

1Co 2:16  For "who has known the mind of the Lord?" ……But we have the mind of Christ. }}}…the things of a man, is known, by the “spirit of man”. Same way, things of GOD, will be revealed and made known, by the “Spirit of GOD”…. which is called the “Holy Spirit”. ( V 13). We need the mind of the LORD, which is the Holy Spirit, to know things of GOD,, and  they are being revealed to us now, and how ????


Through the mind of “CHRIST ” our LORD …!!!! But we have the mind of Christ.

So Holy Spirit, is the mind of CHRIST  our LORD !!!!



Which means, the Holy Spirit, which reveals secrets of GOD, reveals to Gentiles, through the mind of CHRIST … which is the Holy Spirit !

CHRIST  came to  “Gentiles”, to give this special revelation of the wisdom or the mystery of GOD…!!!  Eph 1: 22- 23… CHRIST  is the Head, of the body… and will fill all things. that is to end all things. To seal up the vision, His disciples are doing.  CHRIST , who is the mind is directing His body, who are the Gentiles….


Rom 8:9…. Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone has not the Spirit of Christ, this one is not His. }}}…Spirit of GOD… and Spirit of CHRIST …” at least now, people should understand that both Gods are One GOD… why do we need two spirits ???  


Rom 8:16  The Spirit Himself witnesses with our spirit that we are children of God.

Rom 8:17  And if children, also heirs; truly heirs of God, and joint-heirs of Christ, if indeed we suffer together, that we may also be glorified together. }}}… do you see our Spirit ??? then, you cannot see GOD’s Spirit either… but they are talking to each other… and it is the Gentiles, who are to be revealed at the same time as we have written.


Rom 11:36  Because of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen. }}}… we all exist, and will exist , because , through and to CHRIST our LORD …. To whom, we give all glory and honor….


Is 54: 5… For your Maker, or creator, is your Husband… and He is also your Redeemer…. The Holy “ONE “of Israel… He is the GOD of all the earth… … CHRIST our LORD , is the Creator, and also the Husband… and also the Father.  


Rev 4:11  Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created


Col 1:16  For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him:


Col 1:17  And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. }}… It is  CHRIST  WHO CREATED ALL THINGS … and HE IS WORTHY TO RECEIVE GLORY AND HONOR….   


When the LIVING WATERS go to heal…. There shall be “ONE GOD… …”ONE”… “ONE”… God The Father, Son , JESUS CHRIST, is ONE GOD !

Deu 6:4  Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:…}}}… As you can see, the Word does not teach that GOD is two  SEPARATE Beings , but ONE… but many roles, and many names… God The Father, and JESUS CHRIST , our LORD, and Master, and Counselor, and Messiah, and Redeemer, and Prince of Life, and the Lamb, and Savior, and the Son, and Immanuel, and the Holy Spirit, and … and… and… all are but ONE GOD…. !!!


Jud 1:25  to the only wise God, our Savior, be glory and majesty and might and authority, even now and forever. Amen


In Mal  1: 6… GOD asks where is My honor from the priests,… they did not honor CHRIST  and not GOD. They always looked to God The Father… now, we see CHRIST ’s Spirit or His mind


How do we have authority to preach about the Spirit of GOD, or the mind of CHRIST  ???? Because He dwells in us.  1 Cor 3: 16, 

Therefore, we only can say JESUS CHRIST, is our LORD 1 cor 12: 3, The antichrists cannot say ‘CHRIST our LORD ’, because they look up to the God The Father… but those who do not worship CHRIST  are the condemned…

When CHRIST  said, the flesh and blood cannot reveal but His Father  in heaven, it is the Holy Spirit, or the mind of CHRIST  which reveals about the things of GOD ( Mat 16: 17) . And this is why we can speak about things of GOD and prophecy. 2 Pet 1: 21 .


Now we can understand why GOD is continuing the covenant with those who fear Him as we have His mind, Psa 25: 14


This is why, CHRIST  calls us friends, as we proved because all things His Spirit says, are known to us…. Jn 15: 15 and the rulers of this world ( Jewish) will be brought to nothing… 1 cor 2: 6.

When the “Spirit of truth” comes, He will guide you in to all truth, and He will announce the coming things… ( Joh 16: 13, 15: 26 ).  But it is “JESUS CHRIST ”, who came to witness to the truth…Jn 18: 37. This is why, we are witnessing. and that is all done through CHRIST our LORD , having His mind in us…. He is the Spirit of truth.


1 Jn 2: 27…. We, have the anointing from CHRIST our LORD …., and we do not need anyone teaching us, as CHRIST  Has come to teach us in the last days… Heb 1: 2… last days, CHRIST  is teaching, that is the Son, and the heir of all things, and through Him, the ages were made…. And in believing in CHRIST our LORD , the Son of GOD, and believing in HIS NAME we have life… ( Jn 20: 31)


In the same HOUR…, JESUS CHRIST rejoiced, in the Spirit, and praised the Father , the LORD of heaven and earth for hiding the wisdom from the cunning wicked and revealing to babes… Luke 10:21. Which GOD is the “LORD of heaven and earth”???... it is the GOD, who CREATED them… and it is CHRIST our LORD …!!!  The babes are revealed about the wisdom of GOD in the SAME HOUR, the wise have become fools.


Spirit of GOD is freely given to all flesh… ( Rom 8: 16,  26 )  This happen only in the judgment or the last day .


We know from the Word, that the churches of GOD  are not being led by the Holy Spirit, as they are divided. If Holy Spirit is leading, there cannot be any division. 1 Cor 1: 10…


 Judgments are to bring GOD’s people to Him. To that, He must give the true knowledge … that too is being revealed now..SO THERE WONT BE ANY DIVISIONS BUT ALL WILL SPEAK THE SAME…  


Rev 5: 13… every creature, gave honor and glory and power to GOD who sit on the throne… it is CHRIST  who sit on the throne, as He is the King of kings but  He is also the Lamb and as v 5, also the Lion. V 14 ends up the elders worshiping the ‘ONE’ living forever… “the ONE”. We must give glory to CHRIST  who is our LORD !!!


Eph 2:10  for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God before prepared that we should walk in them…}}}… we are created in “JESUS CHRIST ” … it was prepared by GOD, … so we all must worship Him… and exalt Him…  


Rom 9:17-- For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, "For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth."…}}}… by the miracles which GOD did before this Egyptian king and Israel, they came to know the power of the true GOD and now too, we know the judgments are to make GOD and His power known in Israel… for this purpose, Israel is sent “spiritually” to Egypt now as Rev 11: 8 says. This is just before they came out of Egypt in the prophesied ‘night’… or They are in Egypt, when the judgments have come… …. This is why, GOD Has raised a wicked shepherd, as proven ( read: Joshua in  ….),   and through his wickedness, GOD’s glory and His mercy will be shown , when the wicked turns to GOD and come to know Him,  His NAME MAY BE  DECLARED IN ALL THE EARTH… this is why, again they are plagues, but spiritually.


Exo 9:15  For now I have sent forth “My hand” and have stricken you and your people with pestilence, and you have been destroyed from the earth.

Exo 9:16  And for this reason I have made you stand, in order to cause you to see My power, and in order to declare My name in all the land.

Exo 9:17  You still are exalting yourself against My people, so as not to send them away.

Exo 9:18  Behold! I will rain very heavy hail about this time tomorrow, such as has never been in Egypt from the day of its foundation until now.  }}}… GOD’s hand.. ( please read: The Arm of The LORD”) and now too, the spiritual Egypt is being stricken by the hand ( Gentiles ) to bring them out of Egypt. And when the truth is made known when their blinded eyes are opened, they will see GOD’s power, and this is the judgment, which GOD says, when ALL COMES TO KNOW THE TRUE GOD… the voice, comes through the ‘cloud”… and this is also a time, the leaders are EXALTING THEMSELVES AS PROVEN…, AND MAKING THE SHEEP TO FEAR THEM, INSTEAD OF GOD… NOT KNOWIING THE MERCY OF GOD AND TEACHING THAT GOD WILL THROW THEM IN TO A LAKE OF FIRE, WHERE AS GOD SAYS, I WILL HAVE MERCY AND FORGIVE THEIR INIQUITES ETC…..


This is the reason, why the last plague, when the 7th angel sounds, ( Rev 10: 7)  as the mystery of GOD is being revealed, and will be ended the hail will come upon the land… as Rev 16 : 18 ….


Rev 16:17  And the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a great voice came from the throne from the temple of Heaven, saying, It has happened!   }}} ending all things, and the voice from heaven, from clouds coming to make known the true GOD… v 18.. GREAT EARTHQUAKE… such as did not occur since man came in to being … such a huge earthquake… so great…just as above , what happened to Egypt anciently, Exo 9: 18… when the proud who are exalting themselves are being  destroyed, hail like never been . How about to find out what these leaders have been teaching about wrong GOD… and they did not know about GOD ??? would it not be the greatest earthquake, when GOD opens the minds of all to this truth about GODHEAD …???   IT IS CHRIST  WHO SAYS, THAT THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GODHEAD WAS NOT REVEALED TILL OUR DAY AND TO Gentiles…. SO, BELIEVE HIM …. This is also a time, when GOD requires all to give HIS DUE GLORY TO HIM AND TO EXALT HIM ONLY….


GOD will make known His name to all as He says… He will open your eyes to understand Who GOD Is, in the judgment…IT IS DONE!.  


Rev 16: 20.. every island ( all people, who are as proven in the sea, where the wicked are ) and mountain… ( churches, leaders who are exalted will shut up, when the truth is make known, as they were teaching lies. They will never exalt themselves, ever again… NO NEVER…. Isa. 54: 8-10… GOD hides His face just for a moment…, but He will have everlasting kindness and mercy…. He reminds that He will never destroy all… but the mountains and hills which are lifted up proud leaders will be destroyed.. ( their wickedness ) so GOD’S POWER COULD BE KNOWN… CAN WE AFFORD TO LIVE WITH SUCH EVIL WORKERS OF INIQUITY ? CAN GOD DWELL WITH SUCH???  Can GOD come and live in us when we are divided in to many groups ????  If we want to have everlasting life, WE SHOULD KNOW GOD.. Joh 17: 1-2 . v 8 says, the ‘WORDS” will make us KNOW that CHRIST  came from GOD… it is we, who believed Him….


Joh 5:26  For even as the Father has life in Himself, so He gave also to the Son to have life in Himself. }}}… But CHRIST  said, He is the Father  who gives life in Is 9: 6 and Jn 6: 53- 56 .  If the Word, existed from the beginning, why does the Father  have to give the Son to have life in Himself ??? It is Holy Spirit, which always existed, sent a human being to be His Son… the same Spirit of CHRIST … who is the visible image…


Rev 16 V 21… GREAT HAIL…  ( hardened water) just as in the ancient Egypt…. To make GOD’s name known… AND YOU WILL SEE GOD’S GREAT POWER…NOW !!!


GOD is sending hardened water, to purify their HEARTS…So that their heats may be ready to accept the new covenant as proven. GOD says His people need a change of heart…

Exo 9:14  For at this time I am going to send all My plagues to your heart, and on your servants, and on your people, so that you


              may know that none is like Me in all   the land.   !!!!  


This is absolutely, the last plague, which will open the eyes of the blind and the wicked are caught and destroyed, never to open their mouths … the liars will be ashamed…. And will give glory, only to GOD….. GOD sent fire to reveal Himself… now too the plagues and the lake of fire… is to open the eyes of the blind… as all books are opened to give the true knowledge…. When the truth is made known, the lies will sweep away with the wickedness of the leaders.


By sending fire from heaven to consume sacrifices, God often signified his acceptance of them: as in the case of Abel, Ge 4:4; Abraham, Ge 15:17;   Jud 13:19-20; Elijah, 1Ki 18:38; and at the dedication of the tabernacle and the temple, Le 9:24,    2Ch 7:1

Ex 3:2,    19:18      Ps 18:1-50  ( this is a prophecy for our times, as the work ends with the Gentiles vs 43- 49  ,. The second coming of Christ will be "in flaming fire," 2Th 1:8 – 9 .  This is the time all the people will be accepted…


Jud 1:4  For certain men stole in, those of old having been written before to this judgment, ungodly ones perverting the grace of our God into unbridled lust, and denying the only Master, God, even our Lord Jesus CHRIST ..}}}… How could He reveal Himself to such ungodly men , without fire ???...they perverted the ‘GRACE” of GOD… and taught GOD will kill all those who do not obey Him thus perverting His true character…. GOD is slow to anger, He is Just, and full of Righteousness, Mercy etc…. to such, Godliness is a mystery… 1 Ti 3: 16 . So all should be new creation… and one has to be CHRIST ’S to be a new creation, not the Father ‘s. 2Cor 5: 17. We must KNOW THE “ONLY” MASTER…  



And as for GOD’s HAND…

Isa 26:11  Jehovah, Your hand is high; they do not see; they see and are ashamed of the zeal of the people. Yea, the fire of Your foes devours them..}}}… GOD’s hand, will not strike anyone in the cheek to make known GOD’s power. CHRIST  opened the minds of the apostles, AFTER HE WAS RESURRECTED as proven. After the judgments only,  THE SELF - EXALTING leaders, will come to see and KNOW the true GOD… it will be done… as the angel who poured the wrath says… IT IS DONE !!! Psa 28: 5,  Isa. 5: 12…


Isa 19: 22--And the LORD shall smite Egypt: He shall smite and heal it: and they shall return even to the LORD, and He shall be intreated of them, and shall heal them…}}}… this happen when GOD is about to HEAL them…, and at the same time they are smitten… , so they will return to GOD, and when the dead are returned, they glorify GOD. This is the time GOD’s power is known to them….and v 1 says, HE CAME IN A ‘CLOUD’… CHRIST  said, He will come in a cloud with power… and this is it !!!  


Ex 6: 7 And I will take you to Me for a people, and I will be to you a God: and ye shall know that I am the LORD your God, which bringeth you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians…}}} as we have proven, GOD raised a king like pharaoh to test His people. that was the greatest tribulation. The sheep did not know which church is correct. Many false teachers and prophets and apostles deceived them and they wandered form mountain to mountain… most of them feared that if they do not stay in a church they will not be taken to a place of safety… and obeyed the creation than the CREATOR…. All now comes to end…


After in Egypt only they will know who the LORD is…. They are under the burdens of Egypt… the leader as the pharaoh… this is why GOD came down in a cloud over Egypt.


Eze 37:12--- Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, O My people, I will open your graves}}}…Just as lazarus gave glory to GOD in his resurrection from the death, all will glorify GOD, when they are brought back from death. They should get to KNOW the TRUE GOD, if they want to live. This is why, the judgments, the light, the knowledge , the truth are given.  CHRIST  Has the keys to death and hell, so He can shut, and open… (Rev 1: 18). He opened our door, and He shut Israel ‘s.


2Co 3:14  But their thoughts were hardened, for until the present time the same veil remains on the reading of the Old Covenant, not being unveiled, that it is being done away in Christ.

2Co 3:15  But until today, when Moses is being read, a veil lies on their heart.

2Co 3:16  But whenever it turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Ex. 34:34

2Co 3:17  And the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2Co 3:18  But we all with our face having been unveiled, having beheld the glory of the Lord in a mirror, are being changed into the same image from glory to glory, as from the Lord Spirit. }}}…Those who follow Moses…. Are the Jews. It is time for them to remove the veil. Just as pharaoh’s mind was hardened, Israel’s minds also hardened… they still have not known the true GOD… but our minds are opened. Israel still need to turn to GOD, so their minds can be opened. This is why the light , the knowledge is going to them about the true GOD so they can turn to GOD…then the veil is taken away.  this is why, we are made ministers of a new covenant, to give the Word of life, ( 2 Cor 3: 6). We are made a ministry of righteousness and Israel’s ministry is called condemnation. (v 9). CHRIST , is our HEAD… ( Eph 5: 23). Now, the truth about the Father  is revealed, and since all know that there is no Father  but CHRIST , all can worship Him. The veil will be removed when they turn to “CHRIST ”. Now, the Spirit of the LORD, or the ‘words’ are revealed…


Joh 20: 31… these things are written that you may believe that Jesus is the CHRIST , the Son of  GOD and be BELIEVING , you may have life…. It is same as today. We are sending the Word of GOD, which gives life to you… Believe in JESUS CHRIST…. that you may have life from the words “He” spoke…


 CHRIST our LORD  said,  Moses did not give you the bread out of heaven, but My Father  gives you the TRUE BREAD …. That bread would give life…. What is this bread ??? It is  JESUS CHRIST, is the Bread of life… every one believes HIM, has everlasting life… and He will raise them up the last day. This is the last day… the dead will be raised to life. ( Joh 6: 31- 45).  We get life, on the LAST DAY. It was not available before. At that time, GOD will teach them. as we saw, as Heb 12 says, in the last days, JESUS CHRIST is teaching us… so no liars can deceive us…


Heb 1: 1… GOD spoke to fathers… this is the same GOD, who Is to come as ‘JESUS CHRIST’…, who spoke to the prophets in the Old Testament. Now, He speaks ( His words which He speak are Spirit and life as we saw, and that is how the prophets were inspired )  in the last days to those who believed and who are teachable, and who has no traditions of the fathers. The babes, the little children, are teachable. YOU SHOULD RECEIVE THEM AS CHRIST our LORD  COMMANDED…. They do not have traditional beliefs. now JESUS CHRIST is revealing about the Father  plainly as He said to the apostles, as above. We know that the words of CHRIST  are life and Spirit. And He said in Joh 14: 10…as above.  


Heb 1:3  ( Heb 8: 1,   Rom 8: 34) who being the shining splendor of His glory, and the express image of His essence, and upholding all things by the Word of His power, having made purification of our sins through Himself, He sat down on the right of the Majesty on high, }}}…it is CHRIST  who hold everything by His Word…


  Act 2: 34,  The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. }}}… LORD, said unto the other LORD, …. But, at that time, CHRIST  was not born… or the simple letter Lord has not come.  And, ..when the “enemies, exist only they ( enemies)  will be made the footstool. They became enemies of GOD, only now, during the judgments… So it is the Spirit, which says to CHRIST , when there are enemies, and after He becomes a human, who is the physical image of the GODHEAD to sit at His right… or in His authority or power …


“Right” is strong’s 1188 means right, (may be right hand), and a place of honor and authority… and it does not mean the  right ‘HAND”…. But most of the time, it is translated as right hand as the translators were mixed up ) in Mar 14: 62… , Mat 26: 64, it says, “ from this time, you shall see the Son of Man sitting off “RIGHT” of power and coming on the clouds…”. That does not mean, He is coming in the right ‘HAND” of power. It means, it is His right… or honor and authority….


“Hand” in strong’s is 5495… That means if it should say ‘right hand’.., then both 1188  +  5495 should be written.


Hand in Old Testament 3027…, right hand is  3233 + 3027 ( Lev 14: 14),  But right hand of power is 3225 ( Exo 15: 6,  12  ) etc. But 3225 is used to right or right hand…. Therefore, CHRIST  is not sitting in the right hand of another GOD….


1Co 15:27  For "He subjected all things under His feet;" ( Psa 8: 6)  but when He says that all things have been subjected, it is plain that it excepts Him who has subjected all things to Him. }}}…. He… CHRIST our LORD’s mind, or the Spirit  , subjected all things under His feet….. Because, His Spirit, which is called the “Father ”, is His own Spirit… that means all the enemies are caused to come under His subjection.  The enemies  are trodden down  under our feet as Mal 4: 3,  Rom 16: 20.  Also, as explained that should happen when GOD Has condemned the enemies, which is in judgment. In Mar 6: 11.. CHRIST  said to shake the dust of the feet as a testimony to the wicked who do not receive us, and He is talking about the "Day of Judgment"… that is now, and it is Zion who is in dust…


Mal 3:1  Behold, I am sending My messenger, and He will clear the way before Me. And the Lord whom you are seeking shall suddenly come to His temple, even the Angel of the Covenant, in whom you delight. Behold, He comes, says Jehovah of Hosts..}}}…Which GOD said “ I will send My messenger”???... and it is the same GOD, who came as the messenger… it is CHRIST . this is the time, when He came as a thief suddenly, when the covenant is broken…. This chapter is talking about the time of the purification and the witness. In v 7… return to Me… and I will return to you… this is CHRIST , who is the Maker and the Husband.


Mar 2: 7… Only GOD can forgive sins.. the Jews believed GOD, who is in heaven only can forgive sins. V 8… Jesus, perceived this in His Spirit…. Because His Spirit even when He was physical  had powers to do anything He wanted. We have a Spirit, but we cannot know what is on other’s minds. But  CHRIST ’s Spirit can know and work separately. But v 10, CHRIST  said, He too can forgive sins… because, He is the GOD the Father  as well. it is CHRIST  actually forgive sins …as He is the Maker and the Husband who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith…


Isa 43:25  I, even I, am He who blots out your trespasses for My sake; and I will not remember your sins. }}}… this is CHRIST , who is the Husband, who forgives us our sins and wants all to reconcile to Himself….


Is 44: 22… “ I have blotted out your transgressions like a thick cloud; and your sins like a cloud. Return to Me… for I have redeemed you… “… Which GOD did redeem us ??? it is “CHRIST ” , by His blood…. And He said, no man will teach others, and they all will KNOW HIM, when He forgives their sins… Jer 31: 34… this is what is happening now. as they all are coming to KNOW GOD, on this prophesied HOUR, which they will know GOD plainly….


Isa 48:12  Listen to Me, O Jacob, and Israel My called: I am He; I am the First; surely I am the Last…}}… if there was a separate GOD , as the Father , then CHRIST  would not have said this… He says, He is the first and the Last. then there is no other GOD. we must exalt Him !.                                                         122


Is 41: 4… I GOD, the first and the last ; I am He… v 6… the King of Israel and Redeemer, I the First and I the Last… and no GOD except Me…. CHRIST  would have certainly mentioned the Father , if there was one… and He is taking all the glory… if there was another GOD who is superior to Him, He would never try to take that place.


This same CHRIST , came to get His due glory in Rev 1: 11,  17,  2:8,  and when He finished the salvation, in Rev 22: 13… so we should honor and give glory to the GOD WHO IS THE FIRST AND THE LAST…. He was the ‘WORDS”, but now He Is the ‘Word”…and as above, Is 41 is to be fulfilled, IN JUDGMENT, after those who were far away, in EAST , came near to GOD. That has been fulfilled. So, we know now is the end of our salvation….


Isa 48:16  Come ye near unto me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and now the Lord GOD, and his Spirit, hath sent me. }}}…Does this mean there are two different gods ????   GOD, and His “Spirit”…. One GOD, and His Spirit…. “Spirit” is 7307 means “ wind, breath, life, air, anger, blast, MIND, etc….. The Spirit is the mind, and CHRIST  is the visible body… v 17 follows by ‘ I AM YOUR GOD,  THE REDEEMER,, AND Holy ‘ONE”…. ONE GOD…He is the Redeemer… we have only One GOD who redeemed us… that is CHRIST …  v 18.. the commandments are His…


Rev 16: 14… the great day of Judgment  GOD Almighty”…. But it is CHRIST , or the Lamb is fighting,. then HE IS THE GOD Almighty.  Rev 17: 14. and it is the "Day of The Lord" , which is of CHRIST … He is the central figure of the Gospel of Grace… which goes during the judgments in Rev 14: 6


The knowledge of the true GOD is revealed to Gentiles… as CHRIST our LORD  planned it from the beginning. 

Eph 3:8  This grace was given to me, I being less than the least of all the saints, to preach the gospel of the unsearchable riches of Christ among the nations,

Eph 3:9  and to bring to light all, what is the fellowship of the mystery having been hidden from eternity in God, the One creating all things through Jesus Christ,

Eph 3:10  so that now to the rulers and to the authorities in the heavenlies might be made known through the assembly the manifold wisdom of God,

Eph 3:11  according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord,…}}}.. The ‘Unsearchable riches of CHRIST , is being preached among the Gentiles…. to bring ALL to light , about the fellowship of the mystery , but it was hidden till now, until the "Times of Gentiles"…, and they are the ones who are given the wisdom of GOD.


Eph 3:16  that He may give you, according to the riches of His glory, by His power to become mighty in the inward man through His Spirit,

Eph 3:17  that through faith Christ may dwell in your hearts, having been rooted and founded in love, }}}…it says  through His Spirit,…then again it says ,that  “CHRIST ” may dwell in your hearts. So the Holy Spirit is CHRIST .  


Joh 7:39  But He said this concerning the Spirit, whom the ones believing into Him were about to receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. }}}…, He was not glorified as He was not known. Until Joh 20: 22, they did not know the scripture.  Jn 20 v 9 says, even after the resurrection, they did not know. The leaders in the church preach about CHRIST , but they did not know the true CHRIST  … this is why GOD is trying to make them know. When they come to Know Him, they will glorify Him.  but to Know Him, they should know where He is and in whom… He is with the Gentiles as they BELIEVED. And now, as CHRIST  prepared Apostle Paul to preach about CHRIST  to GOD, to glorify Him in the Gentiles, now that prophecy is also fulfilled.  ( 1 Pet 2: 12…, and Rom 15: 9)


Rom 15:9  And that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy; as it is written, For this cause I will confess to thee among the Gentiles, and sing unto thy name. }}}… IT ISI WRITTEN, THAT THE Gentiles WILL GLORIFY GOD…. BECAUSE OF GOD’S MERCY…. These are the Vessels of Mercy….



Joh 7:41  Others said, This is the Christ. But others said, No! For does the Christ come out of Galilee?.. }}}  This is the same attitude Israel have even today… can CHRIST  come from the Gentiles ???, He Had a place appointed to meet Him in Galilee after the resurrection. And now, He Has come to Galilee of the Gentiles… all can meet Him here. In the east gate as proven… CHRIST  came to give light to the Gentiles in Galilee… ( Is 9: 1,  Is 42: 6,  Luke 2: 32) Would you believe our report ???  



Col 2:9  For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily;

Col 2:10  and having been filled, you are in Him, who is the Head of all rule and authority,  }}}… when there are Laodiceans  and the Colossians exist, CHRIST  is dwelling in the Colossian Gentiles, so that their (as v 2… means the Laodiceans ) hearts may be comforted…. And to give them the understanding to the full knowledge of the MYSTERY OF GOD, even about the Father , and CHRIST … that in ‘CHRIST ’, dwells the fullness of the GODHEAD , bodily… ( means physically). The Father , is Holy Spirit… the Son, is physical. Therefore, CHRIST ’s Father , when He called out ‘Father ’, is the Holy Spirit… which is the Spirit of CHRIST .


Col 3:10  and having put on the new, having been renewed in full knowledge according to the image of the One creating him

V 11… after this time, there cant be any division… no Jew, no Greek, but we are all one in CHRIST … when everyone comes to know the truth, they can worship CHRIST our LORD , our Father  in heaven wholeheartedly and faithfully. We do not need to be submissive to the wicked shepherds any longer. CHRIST  Has redeemed all….


Col 2:1  For I want you to know how great a struggle I have concerning you, and those in Laodicea, and as many as have not seen my face in the flesh

Col 2:2  that their hearts may be comforted, being joined together in love, and to all riches of the full assurance of the understanding, to the full knowledge of the mystery of God, even of the Father and of Christ,….}}}…”Their hearts” means the Laodicean’s. the Colossians are told to comfort others with these words … they are to give them the knowledge  of the mystery of GOD, even of the Father … and of CHRIST … this is now fulfilled…



In Act 7: 55- 56, Stephen saw the glory of GOD, and JESUS CHRIST… but CHRIST  said, no one has seen the Father , except Him. also, when he was about to die, he gave up his Spirit to “CHRIST ”  

Act 7:59  , calling upon,  and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. }}}… he gave the Spirit to JESUS CHRIST… he knew his LORD, is CHRIST . but CHRIST , when He died, gave the Spirit to the Father … as it is His own Spirit and He cant give it to Himself…Our spirits are to go to GOD, when we die… but he gave his Spirit to JESUS CHRIST… he knew that He is the LORD and also the Spirit of GOD…


 Act 20:28  Then take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the “Holy Spirit placed you as overseers, to shepherd the assembly of God which He purchased through His own blood. }}}….It says  the Holy Spirit, who placed them as overseers, which “HE” purchased through own blood. Holy Spirit, did not purchase any one as it cannot die, and it is a Spirit. But it is ‘CHRIST ’ who died and purchased us to Himself. So, the Holy Spirit, is CHRIST   who died to purchase. So it is the Spirit of CHRIST , is the Holy Spirit, which placed the overseers….


Rom 8:9  But you are not in flesh, but in Spirit, since the Spirit of God dwells in you. But if anyone has not the Spirit of Christ, this one is not His. }}}… We have the Spirit of GOD, and if you do not have the Spirit of CHRIST , we are none of His… this means, we should have the Spirit of CHRIST , which is the Spirit of GOD…


Rom 8:10  But if Christ is in you, the body indeed is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.

Rom 8:11  But if the Spirit of the One having raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, the One having raised the Christ from the dead will also make your mortal bodies live through the indwelling of His Spirit in you. }}}…. Spirit of GOD … Spirit of CHRIST … how does the Spirit live is us ??? v 10… “CHRIST ’ in you…. Spirit gives us life…. The same Spirit of CHRIST , raised Jesus, who was a “physical”  being from dead… that is the same Spirit which dwell in us, and will cause our MORTAL bodies live. That is done by the Holy Spirit… the Spirit whom we call the Father …. Which is Also the Spirit of CHRIST …


Luk 1:35  And answering, the angel said to her, The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you, and for this reason that Holy One being born of you will be called Son of God. }}}}….It is not the Father , who came… it is the Holy Spirit, which is called the Father … because, if CHRIST  is to be a Son, then His Spirit which came upon Mary, should be called the Father …. which existed always, came to a physical body… CHRIST , as a physical being, never existed.. only when Holy Spirit came upon, He came to be as a physical body. And at that time, He became a Son… it is just a temporary body… now, CHRIST  is not a Son… He is the Spirit once again… He is the Father , at the same time…


Joh 14:6  Jesus said to him, I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Joh 14:7  If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you do know Him, and have seen Him}}}..

If we want to talk to someone, we would talk to the person’s face. But if we want to talk to Holy Spirit, whom we have NOT SEEN, and if He Has a body, would we not talk to the body ???  we can see the body, but we cant see one’s Spirit. It is same with CHRIST … if we want to see our spirits, we only can see our bodies… as we are physical. But Holy Spirit, can talk to our spirits and our spirits or minds, can talk and get the knowledge from Holy Spirit… so, if we want to see Holy Spirit, the best we could do is to look at CHRIST , the physical. But one day, when we too become Spirit beings, we can see GOD as GOD… 1 Jn 3: 2… we, the Gentiles, who have GOD’s love, we can stand before Him on the "Day of Judgment"… 1 Jn 4: 16- 17 . if we see CHRIST , we see the Father  as well. if we have CHRIST ’s mind, as we have, then we have Holy Spirit , as well…



GOD in invisible .  Colos 1: 15  visible image is CHRIST …colos!! 1: 12- 17 Son, is the image of the invisible GOD. He is the visible GOD. that means, God The Father is a Spirit and His physical form, which physical people can see is CHRIST .

So GOD is spiritual and CHRIST  is physical. This is why Jn 14: 9 CHRIST  said, if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father  . if they are different, CHRIST  would not say that JESUS CHRIST is a GOD, with us… Mat 1: 23.


Joh 14:10  Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The “Words” which I speak to you I do not speak from Myself, but the Father who abides in Me, He does the works. }}} CHRIST  said, the words are “Spirit and life” in joh 6: 63… so His words abide in Him… and His words which are Spirit gives even life… and all the works… the whole creation was done by His words, which He calls ‘Spirit”…


Joh 14:11  Believe Me that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me; but if not, believe Me because of the works themselves.

Joh 14:12  Indeed, I tell you truly, the one believing into Me, the works which I do, that one shall do also, and greater than these he will do, because I go to My Father…}}}… The Holy Spirit, who is the Father , does the works… if you cannot believe CHRIST , then believe the works of Him, which He does through the Gentiles… this is the short prophesied work of wonder.. as proven… if CHRIST  was not in us, we could not have written all these mysteries… our work is the work which comes when the wise men lost their wisdom , that is now, during the judgments and the Laodicean era … Act 13: 41…, Hab 1:5. Even the wise losing their wisdom is a miracle and then the foolish nation become wise also.



2Co 4:4  in whom the god of this age has blinded the thoughts of the unbelieving, so that the brightness of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God, should not dawn on them…}}}…. When did the devil blind them??? it is Rev 12:…… when satan was cast down, in judgment. This agrees with CHRIST ’s words… He said, they are blinded in judgment. Because of their unbelief… they could not recognize CHRIST . AND THEY ARE BLINDED FOR THE …



They could not give glory to CHRIST …. This is where they were deceived. They thought they are worshiping the true GOD, and God The Father…, if there was a God The Father, then CHRIST  certainly is not exalting Him, and wants all to glorify Him….All authority and rule belongs to CHRIST … Colos 2: 10. and He Has taken the title “Father ” as well in Isa. 9: 6.  Even Apostle John and Apostle Paul were trying exalt CHRIST  our LORD and not God The Father…, but all things were hidden till now as CHRIST  said, to whom He wills , He will reveal….


One could say that it is the God The Father who sits in the white throne judgment… but the judgments are given to CHRIST .. if so, why does another GOD need to come and judge ???  Joh 5: 22…


Joh 5:23  so that all may honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. The one not honoring the Son does not honor the Father who has sent Him. }}}…. CHRIST  judges all, so that all may honor Him… not the Father …if you do not honor the Son, you do not honor the Father . that means, they are both equal and you cant say God The Father Has higher authority…  and at the same time if you cant honor the GOD you see, how could you honor the GOD whom you cannot see??? If you dishonor the visible GOD, then you are dishonoring His Spirit, which is the invisible GOD…


Gal 4:6  And because you are sons, God sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, Abba! Father!

If the Spirit of GOD, leads us, then why do we need the “Spirit of His Son” ???  what is the ‘Spirit of His Son”??? it is the “mind of CHRIST ” , which we have written about in this writing… in the Old Testament, we should honor and have Holy Spirit, who is the Father , and now New Testament times, we must honor the Son, whom we see… and in honoring the Son, you honor the Father  as well, as they both are One… spiritual, and physical GOD Beings…



Joh 8:41  You do the works of your father. They said to Him, We were not born of fornication; we have one father, GOD }}}… Jews knew there is only ONE GOD BEING, OR A FATHER. They did not want to accept JESUS CHRIST… GOD blinded their minds otherwise; they would not crucify the LORD of glory… so it had to happen this way. “CHRIST ” is the LORD of glory”….the Jews failed to give glory to CHRIST …. This is what is now plainly revealed…


Rom 11:8  even as it has been written, "God gave to them a spirit of slumber, eyes not seeing and ears not hearing" until this day. Isa. 29:10…}}}… at the same time, when the Gentiles are given the Spirit of life, the Jews are given a ‘spirit” of slumber. So in the judgment, the Jews could not be revealed about the mystery of GOD … We wrote about how HWA and GF exalted themselves to CHRIST ’s level and called CHRIST  , a Messenger… just like a postman who brings messages from the Father …, where as all the GLORY SHOULD BE TO CHRIST … THIS IS WHERE THE Jews FAILED.


Jn 14: 9 .. if you have seen Me, seen the Father  also.. if they are different, or Father  is GREATER ,  CHRIST  would have said so. JESUS CHRIST is GOD, with us… Mat 1: 23… and Isa. 9: 6.



When CHRIST  was transformed, He became as the sun, and

Mat 17:2  And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light}}}… In Old Testament, the ‘sun’ is likened to GOD…and Rev 1: 16 proves it is the “CHRIST ” … as His countenance as the sun shined in full strength…these are now made known so that we can believe that CHRIST  is the only GOD…   


Luk 9:27  But truly I say to you, There are some of those standing here who in no way shall taste of death until they see the kingdom of God. }}}….Now, those who stood with CHRIST  are dead in the church…. and the kingdom came so they were judged and condemned to death…. Till the appointed to death are given mercy and life… after this incident, the next thing recorded in this chapter is about CHRIST ’s transfiguration…. This is a prophecy for our day….as it is about the kingdom and beyond…


V 28.. they went in to THE MOUNTAIN ...this is probably the mountain He Had appointed to meet them, as proven, even after His resurrection. And that mountain was in Galilee, and in the east… ( Mount of olives also ) . Then He was changed, in to His glorified state… and Moses and Elijah came… What Moses did was to bring the people out of Egypt, which is happening now, and Elijah did was to prove the true GOD, which is also happening now… 


Luk 9:31  Appearing in glory, they spoke of His exodus, which He was about to accomplish in Jerusalem. }}}… Why would CHRIST have to be transfigured to speak about what He is about to accomplish “in Jerusalem”, and MORE THAN THAT, WHY DID MOSES AND ELIJAH HAD TO COME FROM THEIR DEATH??? As you can see, a second EXODUS is about to happen, (just as we wrote a week or so ago, ) , as Isaiah said, GOD is stretching out His HAND, ( Moses was in the first time, but the Gentiles are this time as proven ) for the second time to recover and He is about to accomplish this in Jerusalem. And as we are in the judgment and proving THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, BY THIS FIRE AS IN ELIJAH’S TIME, ELIJAH ALSO WAS SEEN…


At that time, ALSO Apostle Peter  was found to be sleeping… this too is a prophecy now, as the whole church or Apostle Peter ’s followers are sleeping in this night… and then, the voice came out of the cloud…. Don’t we have the spiritual clouds once again judging and awakening the sleeping ones for the second time in Jerusalem…? then, He healed the unclean spirits… even so now…. the unclean spirits are being cleansed… then, in v 46…


They wondered who would be the greatest… and JESUS CHRIST, took a little chilled, and said,… “Whosoever shall receive this child in my name receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me receiveth him that sent me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall be great”””…. ( remember the least of the flock shall draw you out ??? ) Now too, pharaoh type of leaders are being humbled… the mountains and hills will disappear… this is what is happening now… the little ones are being exalted… this is the true nature of GOD… no respecter of persons and He hates the proud who did not give His due glory but took to themselves…in all these, the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD IS BEING REVEALED !



Col 2:10  and having been filled, you are in Him, who is the Head of all rule and authority, … }}}… this is not God The Father, but CHRIST … who is the HEAD of all rule and authority… everything is created for Him and through Him… through His Word, which is life and Spirit…. If He is the Head of ALL RULE AND AUTHORITY, then should not we honor Him as the Ruler ???


Joh 8:47  The one who is of God hears the Words of God; for this reason you do not hear, because you are not of God. }}}…. The Word comes from CHRIST … He is the ‘Word’… and we have life in His words as written in the Word, it is ‘CHRIST ’ whom they did not believe… so they are not of CHRIST … and that is why they do not hear… because they are not of GOD , who is “CHRIST ” …v 51 confirms that… “If anyone keeps ….‘MY”…. Word….


Joh 8:48  Then the Jews answered and said to Him, Do we not say well that You are a Samaritan and have a demon? }}}… always the problem was to Jews, was CHRIST  was mixing up with Gentiles… please read: “Why did  Peter  denied CHRIST ”  , and “last hour church split”…if they were of GOD, then they would have known the Word, which says GOD is not a respecter of persons and He came to die to save the whole world….. they did not know the true GOD, how merciful He Is ….. as CHRIST our LORD  says, when the truth about God The Father or the GODHEAD is revealed, we who are declaring also will be known.  Do not be unbelieving… believe CHRIST … He said He will plainly reveal the Father  on this day…. Give glory to ONLY TRUE GOD …!



Here is what HWA wrote in WWT

Pg;…42….No gentiles nation will be as great as one of the Israelite nations… }…... ( he should learn to be a good Samaritan ) this is why, even in the beginning, the Jews did not accept Christ. They thought that Christ is from Nazareth and a Galilean. But Samaritan, believed Him (Joh4 ) Peter did not want to eat with the gentiles…If HWA thought that Gentiles are not great as they are, why did he go around the world supposedly to be preaching the gospel, which was preached only to Jews to give them???? we proved the gospel which ‘CHRIST our LORD ’ preached to us is the Gospel of Grace, which should be preached in all the world which rejected CHRIST , which will go only in the judgment… Rev 14: 7… these are the proud, whom GOD wants to shut up for ever…. If he knew the true character of GOD, who is JESUS CHRIST, that He goes after even one sheep leaving all other 99 to look for, and after dying shedding His blood, and Who Created all humans, would respect one race over the other ????  Many from east and west came to the kingdom. the whole kingdom and priesthood , the ministry of reconciliation, as proven, are given to Gentiles…. so you think persons who do not understand the true nature of GOD would be great in CHRIST ’s face ??? This is why, GOD raised up the Gentiles to provoke the Jews to jealousy….


GOD is ‘I AM”… He will do what He wants and when He wants… He will be known and revealed to babes. The light and the truth is given in judgments ( Psa 43: 3)


Isa. 11 explains that only in the judgment, and when GOD intervenes to save Israel, the SECOND TIME, the earth shall have knowledge. This has to happen after the scattering happened as Jam 1: 1 says. That is when the earth shall have knowledge… full knowledge is given to Gentiles.. Eph 1: 23,  Colos 1: 9,  26,  v 27… CHRIST  directly in the Gentiles, teaching them. He came to be a light to Gentiles, Isa. 42, Luke 2: 32 ,  Colos 2: 3,   3: 10,  3: 16


Joh 8:49  Jesus answered, I do not have a demon; but I honor My Father, and you dishonor Me. }}}…. “You dishonor Me”… the Jews did not honor “CHRIST “ , but they honored the Father … they even said we have One Father … by not honoring CHRIST , they do not honor the Father  as they are One. … and when ( Mal 1: 6), it is said, that the GOD was not being honored, it was “CHRIST ” , who was not honored or not listened to… They thought CHRIST  have a demon, but it is they who have demons….if HWA comes back to life, at this moment, he too will say to CHRIST … “that you have a demon to be with the Gentiles…”…   


Joh 8:55  And you have not known Him; but I know Him, And if I say that I do not know Him, I shall be like you, a liar. But I know Him, and I keep His Word. }}}…. “I know Him… and I keep His Word”…. the Word, does not come from the Father …  all believe that there is a God The Father… a separate Being, but the ‘Word’ is CHRIST , and it is …”HIS” … Word or what ever comes out of the mouth of CHRIST , that we should keep, that includes as proven, the wicked are slain, and we have life. . They are liars because they say they know GOD, but they do not know the TRUE GOD, WHO IS CHRIST …. That is why they are liars…


Here is one quote from GF to show how he thinks the Father  is greater…. This was taught by HWA first….


Colossians Old book, GF wrote in pg 13 “ The mystery of GOD, and of the Father , and of CHRIST  ( v 2) the mystery is mentioned along with the Father  mentioned first because He is the Head of the family  “…..}}}…. While CHRIST , Has come, appeared in person in Gentiles, … AT THE SAME TIME, this leader is rejecting CHRIST our LORD …. He cannot say, CHRIST , is our LORD . ( as written above ) That is the ANTICHRIST….  At the precise time, CHRIST  comes to reveal the truth about the GODHEAD , the leader in GOD’s church DENIES Him and looking up to a Father , whom he has not seen, nor known…. This is why, only in the ‘judgment’, the FULL KNOWLEDGE about the GODHEAD is given…. Because, as CHRIST  said in the first century, even now, as Joh 8: 55  says, they do not know the Father , nor the Son… CHRIST  Has the full authority… as proven,…


Joh 10:18  No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father. }}}}….Christ Has power to do what ever He wants… He is “I AM”… but earlier He said He obeys the Father … and came from Him to do His will… how could this be??? The Father , is the Spirit and CHRIST  is the physical GOD… and the Spirit , is greater as it does not decay. Even our spirits, will live for ever , but not our bodies… so our spirits are greater ….


Zep 3:9  For then I will give a clear lip to the peoples, to call all of them by the name of Jehovah, to serve Him with one shoulder.

Zep 3:10  From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, My worshipers, the daughter of My scattered ones, shall bring My food offering…}}}…. This is talking about our times now, when all knowledge is given… and all to call by the name of GOD, and to serve Him… at that time, GOD’s offerings come from the daughter of His scattered people… from beyond Ethiopia… that is us, as proven,…. PCG, is who went to Ethiopia to bring UNCONVERTED in to the Sanctuary… at that time, GOD accept offerings from a daughter, who obeyed Him


Wonderful world tomorrow HWA wrote

Pg 45;… when Christ returns to earth in the full supreme power and glory … He is coming this time, to save the world, SPIRITUALLY.}…this is true, as spiritually, they are in Sodom and Egypt


Pg 46;… the pure truth of God will be proclaimed to all people. no one will be deceived any longer. But the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the eternal, as the waters cover the sea. ( Is 11: 9). } ….this means, until Christ comes, there was deception, and the truth was not spoken of… this is why Christ said, His people, the Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth… they are the ones who were deceived and deceived others… and when God’s Spirit abides, then, they will have the truth…


Pg 47;… light will replace darknesstruth will replace error.. true knowledge will replace intellectual ignorance

GOD said in Isaiah that one way to KNOW Him, is what He declares from the beginning, will come to pass.. all the prophecies have to be fulfilled during the days of vengeance… which is now…. but even then, the judgments are to save them by giving them the true knowledge… how unsearchable are His ways???


Col 3:10  and having put on the new, having been renewed in full knowledge according to the image of the One creating him..}}}… we are made new, in full knowledge, and are created in to the image of the Creator… what more do we want ???


King Solomon prayed to GOD, that one day the Gentiles will come to pray towards the temple and to hear them. ( Please read: House of Prayer).


1Ki 8:41  And also, to the alien who is not of Your people Israel, and has come from a land afar off for Your name's sake,

1Ki 8:42  (for they shall hear of Your great name, and of Your strong hand, and of Your stretched out arm, and he shall have come in and prayed toward this house,)

1Ki 8:43  You shall hear in Heaven, Your dwelling place, and shall do according to all that the stranger calls to You for, so that all the peoples of the earth may know Your name, to fear You like Your people Israel, and to know that Your name has been called on this house which I have built. }}}}……. They are to come from a far land, to the temple of GOD… , and at that time, all people will know GOD… this prophecy too is being fulfilled now. and as CHRIST  said in Luke 21: 22, during the times of vengeance, which is now, all things are fulfilled !!!

As you can see, GOD planned to not to reveal Himself till the judgments, and to Gentiles, to shut such mouths who think they are greater than any other race…. In the end, the children failed, the slaves are eating from the table… !!!


If there is a separate GOD called the ‘Father ’, CHRIST  is not giving glory to Him… all the work which the Father  is supposed to do, CHRIST , Himself is doing, including giving the Holy Spirit…. In this, the Jews, stumbled… and the  GODHEAD, only will be revealed in the judgment, to the babes… they will praise and give glory to GOD on this day and not before.  


Mat 10:20  For you are not the ones speaking, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks “in you.}…It is CHRIST , who is the everlasting Father , who live in us and speaking through us… and not God The Father, as the leaders think… so give glory to Him !


Rev 14:7  Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. }}}…… so the judgments are to worship the true GOD, who created the heaven and earth and that is CHRIST our LORD …. ! and it is to Him, they did not give glory….. all proven.


When they heard the word, it cut to their hearts… Act 5: 33,  7: 54

When the apostles’ minds were opened for the scripture after the resurrection of CHRIST , they said, didn’t our hearts burn ??? like wise, we hope the truth will burn the hearts of everyone so they can change and turn to ONE TRUE GOD…and give Glory and Honor to CHRIST our LORD …!!!


Joh 6:44  No one is able to come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up in the last day..}}}  the true Father , who draws people to Himself, is CHRIST … it is the Father , which is the “Spirit” which is life, CHRIST  spoke as we saw earlier, which will draw people…. and now the last day has come, to know the true Father .., the “words”… which will raise everyone… on this last day. The ‘words’ will judge all on the last day… that is the Father …


Rev 21:6  And He said to me, It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending. To the one thirsting, I will freely give of the fountain of the Water of Life.


As proven, the judgments, are not to destroy anyone, but to give the TRUE LIGHT, which is the true knowledge of GOD, and CHRIST ! Until the judgments, CHRIST  did not plainly revealed the truth about the Father … now, since all know about the true GOD, we must give glory to Him, and only to Him !!!


May GOD, grant repentance to everyone and open their eyes to the truth and to the true GOD, so they can have salvation. But first, everyone must “REPENT AND BE WASHED”… for your sins, of not exalting the true GOD… set your pride aside, and be humble and exalt the only true GOD….


Come LORD Jesus !!! 




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