Genesis 49:10-11


This passage is for the “last days,” the time we are living in now. So says the prophet of the PCG. At this time, a donkey and an ass’s colt are bound unto the choice vine which is the house of israel, which pictures a family being united or bound(grafted in)  into the tribe of Judah. But what happens to the choice vine? Who is this new family? In Gerald Flurry’s book Isaiah (1999 edition) End-Time Vision, he writes about ‘God’s strange work of a foreign family.’ Later editions remove the whole chapter. Why? How can prophesy be removed? Read why the Gentiles are grafted in and how God raises up a donkey to stop an end-time Balaam type of betrayal in the  PCG.



Genesis 49: 10 - 11

 25th Aug 2005
In Mr. Flurry’s book “ That Prophet”, pg 51, he wrote……
That this entire passage (Chapter Gen 49) is for the “Last days”.  The time we ARE LIVING IN NOW.   This chapter explains that there will be a lawgiver and the scepter will not depart from Judah, or the tribe of Judah.
Pg 54…… Remember, Genesis 49:10 says the scepter and the lawgiver would not depart from Judah in the “Last days”. The context of Genesis 49 shows us that these “last days” refer to the time leading up to Christ’s return---- “Until Shiloh come” Both the kingly line and the lawgivers have descended from Judah physically.
Pg 55….. God hammers Jew Jew Jew throughout scripture ----(Is that really what God says in this chapter? Always  a Jew?)…..
According to Mr. Flurry, it always has to be a physical descendant  of Judah, should be the law giver. ……What does God really say?…….
What follows after v. 10 ?
             Gen 49:11  Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice                                vine;   he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes:
             Gen 49:12  His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.
What does this mean?….           
Binding ….. to fasten, to prepare , or to tie with something.
Foal:…… A young Ass,   bearing a burden.
Vine:…..The vine is the church in the end time, Is 5: 7 (since this is for the last days)
Ass’:…  a female ass, donkey
Colt:…a baby ass
Choice vine:….Is. 5: 2, 7 The choice vine is the church in the end time.
This means Judah,… in these “Last days”,…….. just before Christ comes, ……will unite,…… or bind a female ass with her colt, ( picturing a family and more than one person, ) in to the tribe of Judah……… Can anyone stop God? This prophecy is being fulfilled right now.!!!
But why did God Have to cause Judah to bind an ass and her family to the choice vine?  What happened to the choice vine? . After God planted a choice vine, He expected it to bring forth good fruits. But it brought forth “WILD” grapes. Is:5:2)
Deut 32: 32….. For their vine is the vine of “Sodom.. (Rev 11: 8, the witnesses are witnessing against the Holy city, the church in this end time, which has become “SPIRITUALLY” SODOM”. Physical Israel or the city of Jerusalem cannot become “Spiritual Sodom” .  Only the “spiritual Jerusalem”, which is the church can become “Spiritual Sodom”. It is a “SPIRITUAL” problem. ( Deut 32 is the “Song of Moses”, which he taught for Israel to testify” against” Israel of their unfaithfulness to God. This song is to be sung, in Rev 15: 2-3, by gentiles (Deut 32:43), just before the 7 last plagues. That means, until such time, Israel was unfaithful to God and God’s wrath is on Israel, or the church. Physical Israel did not keep   the covenant of God. Not any other church, but  PCG. She too broke the covenant  when she  invited “strangers” in  to the Altar and the temple. Ez 44: 7 – clearly says to invite unbaptized in to the church break  the covenant.   Rev 14: 19 – 20.. God is angry at the vine of the earth. It is time for the harvest. And the “winepress” is to be trampled underfoot (Rev 11: 2)… Genesis 49: 11-12….he washed his garments in the blood of grapes.(This is not real blood,, for  blood cannot come from grapes), in Rev 14: 19 – 20. Explains how God’s wrath is being poured upon the winepress, which is the choice  vine, (Is 5: 2)  which has become “spiritual SODOM” (Rev 11: 8, Deut 32: 32). God’s tool to trample this winepress is this donkey and family, or “The Assembly” in Lam 1: 15 which God caused the lawgiving tribe of Judah, which has the scepter, to bind to the vine.
Lam 1: 15… The Lord trampled underfoot…… He Has called “an assembly” against me…….”THE LORD TRAMPLED AS IN A “WINEPRESS”. God Has called this assembly to trample the winepress and the winepress is described in Rev 14: 19 – 20 . No prophet, no Israel, but “the assembly”.
      ( Christ is the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”. We have proved that Srilanka is Tarshish and our race is called “SINHALESE” or Sinhala which means the blood of a lion. We speak “Sinhalese” and our minister is called Wickramasinghe. That means brave lion. In the Bible, we are called “Young Lions of Tarshish”. (Ez 38: 13 ). When Christ was born, one of the three “Eastern” kings who brought gifts to Him, was from Tarshish.( Ps 72: 10 ). Even in this end time, God Has chosen some from Tarshish to do His work.
2 Chro. 9:21….King Solomon brought materials from Tarshish to build the temple. Now God is building the spiritual temple by calling a few from Tarshish, by binding them to the vine. As Mr. Flurry says, Genesis 49 is for the last days, we see that these prophecies are being fulfilled.  Is 60: 9 – 10…. Ships of Tarshish will  be first to bring your sons from a far. This prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.
Is 60: 10……. “Strangers” shall build up your walls…..
                        Their kings shall “Minister” UN to thee…For in My wrath I struck thee
Is 5: 26 – 30… In this chapter, God compares the “House of Israel” to a vine and a winepress and how He is going to punish them. V. 26….. God will whistle and bring a nation form “AFAR”  and v. 29……. They roar like “young lions”. Who else will roar like lions in this end time, other than the lions that were bound to the lion’s tribe of Judah?
Micah 2: 9, The Bride of Christ, risen up  as an “enemy “ of the Lord and cast out some women. But 4: 6 – 7….. God says, “ I will gather the “out casts”…… and make them a strong nation. 5: 8.. This remnant is among the “Gentiles”….. like a “young Lion” …… v. 15… this happens when God is angry and when He executes vengeance….. (The “Winepress”)
2 Kings 17: 25 – 26.
…. God sent lions to kill the sinning people.
During the 2003 ministerial conference, God caused PCG to show HWA’s “Behind the work” video. It was about how HWA went to gentiles….. This video was shown again at the feast that year… God wanted to get PCG’s attention to gentiles……When Jews Jews Jews  refused to hear God’s word, Christ said in Act 22: 21….” Depart…. For I will send you far from here to the “GENTILES”  It is Gentiles, gentiles, gentiles… Not Jews Jews Jews

When the Jews rejected to hear the word of God…….. Act 28: 28…… Apostle Paul said;There fore let it be known to you….. that the salvation of God has been sent to the “GENTILES”  and THEY WILL HEAR IT!!! This book of Acts is to continue to be written.  The first century Jews rejected God, and in the last century Jews too has rejected God.All these things will be written in the book of Acts.    We, the gentiles will help God to do so. Because we heard it!!!!!!  
Jere 18: 13….. God ask from the gentiles….”The virgin of Israel has done a very horrible thing. V. 14  God talks about “strange “ waters…..
Mal 1:11   My name shall be great among the “Gentiles”; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the LORD of hosts.
Mal 1:12  But ye have profaned it,   God never say  Israel’s offerings are pure.
Is 56: 3 – 8….. God Says to “Gentiles”….. “ I will Give in MY house, My walls .. a place and a name….. “BETTER THAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS” …… “I will bring them to MY Holy mountain”……and joyful in MY house of PRAYER.      Their offerings will be accepted on MY ALATR.  God is not confused…  These are His  own words!!!  When Christ came on the donkey to the temple to clean it, He said “you have made My Father’s house a “den of thieves”…       But He accepts the donkey and the family to the vine.
Is it a co-incident that the “True vine”,   (John 15: 1),    and the   “Lion”   of the tribe of Judah,      binds the “young lions of Tarshish”,      to the tribe of Lions?    Gene 49:9 …Judah is a Lion’s whelp.
Balaam prophesied… Num. 23,  24 ).   .that a people rises like a “Lioness” to devour. Num 23: 24……   This is to happen in the “last days”.   ( Num 24: 14.  )  A  “Balaam” type of betrayal has happened in this end time too.
If this was not important to God, He would not have prophesied of a such an event  of binding a donkey to the choice vine, or the Law giving tribe of Judah.  Because Israel never obeyed God, in fury and jealousy, God is causing the young lions of Tarshish , or “The Assembly” as in Lam 1 : 5,….. to tread down the sinning horses in the “winepress”.
The Laodiceans, when the 7th head of the Rev 17: 10 is officially present,  just before God pour out the wrath, we are being raised by God to remind them the law of God.  God Has rejected them and suddenly the “DAY OF THE LORD” will strike them.
Rev 14: 19-20…Blood  flows up to the horses’ bridles? Is 30: 28….. God’s “breath”… is like an overflowing stream which reaches up to the neck, to sift nations with the sieve of futility:  and a bridle in the jaws of people, causing them to err.
It is GOD”S BREATH, like an over flowing stream, (compared to  blood of grapes) which reaches up to horses’ bridles in Rev 14: 20.  God can slay with His breath, (Is. 11:4.).  God’s breath as FIRE devours you. ( Is 33: 11)  (Vine,  and the winepress  explained in Is 5: 2. is the “House of Israel”. Judgment is on the “House of God” now and the winepress  is being  trampled underfoot, is the church ( The choice vine) Christ said in John 15: 1, “I AM the true vine” and those who do not bear fruits worthy, shall be cut off)
Why a “BRIDLE” in the jaws of the people?  I will put MY (GOD’S)  bridle in your lips ( to punish, at the time of the winepress is being trampled),”I will TURN you back by the way which you came”.( I s. 37: 29)  It is to correct the backsliding “Wife of Christ”. A “Bridle” is used to steer the horses, in this case, the church, is being brought back by God or corrected by Him. The “bridle” is the symbol God uses to explain how He is going to turn back the “House of Israel”, who is compared as horses.  Zech 12: 4 and other scripture shows God compares people to horses. Is 30: 28 proves this fact. God will put a bridle in the jaws of the people. It is God’s breath which comes upto these horses’ (people’s) bridles.
From “Where” Does The Lord come from to tread the winepress? 

Is 30: 27- 28 … “Behold the name of the Lord comes from ‘A FAR’…Burning in anger…… and BURDEN is heavy…. His lips are full of Indignation, and His tongue like a devouring FIRE.  But why?…  Jesus said… believe Me, the hour is coming when you shall neither worship the Father in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem(The hour has now come)
Who carries a burden?…. The  Donkey  and the foolish nation,…… coming from “a far”, because God summoned them to tread down the winepress. This is what we are doing. Rev 11: 2 --…. Treading down the “Holy city”, The “Inner court”, The “spiritual  Sodom”.
The “FIRE” of course is the tribulation. Deut 4: 24… God is a consuming “FIRE”… A jealous God. Church provoked God to anger, (as explained in our “Song  of Moses” letter), and in jealousy, He will provoke the church by using the prophesied “Foolish nation”.
          Deut 4: 30….  When thou art in tribulation, and all these things are come upon thee, even in the latter days, if thou turn to the LORD thy God, and shalt be obedient unto his voice; ……
       Dan 9: 11……
Yea, all Israel has transgressed Your Law, and turned aside, that they might not obey Your voice. Therefore the curse has been poured out on us, and the oath that is written in the Law of Moses the servant of God, because we have sinned against Him.   ALL,…… ALL Israel… Not one left.


God condemns the vinedressers. Jere 2: 21,  Jere 12: 10,   many pastors have destroyed My vineyard…… it is the leaders always caused the people to err. So whom will God hire to keep the vineyard when the vinedressers have failed? Who will be the vinedressers?
Is 61: 5 “STRANGERS” feed your flocks,…. Foreigner shall be your “VINEDRESSERS”  If anyone reject God’s appointed “Strangers and foreigners”, in this last hour, they are “ANTI  CHRISTS.”
Co incidentally, when Judah and Israel were taken captive anciently, ( now too they are in captivity, said Mr. Flurry during FOT in 2004), Jere 52: 16,  some of the poor were not taken captive and they were left as “VINDERESSERS”…..
Jere 50: 45…… The least of the flock shall draw them out….  Of captivity… Is 14: 1 – 2.. The gentiles shall bring them out of captivity. (Mr. Flurry said so  in  the sermon, “Isaiah and the Holy Roman Empire”.
 Lam 1: 15….
             The Lord hath trodden under foot all my mighty men in the midst of me: he hath     called “an assembly” against me to crush my young men: the Lord hath trodden the “virgin” , the daughter of Judah, as in a” winepress” .          (This should happen at the time of the “WINEPRESS”  is being trodden down as in Rev 11:2,  and Rev 14: 15 – 20,   or at the time of the judgment.   Who is being used BY GOD  FOR THAT?…….” THE ASSEMBLY”……The presence of this assembly means God Has rejected Israel.  Who is being trodden down?……. “The virgin of Judah”……, the mighty men……. Who is the virgin of Judah who sinned “JUST BEFORE CHRIST ‘S SECOND COMING???…….. “The virgin who became a harlot by inviting strangers, THE PCG, the “Wife of Christ” who turned as an enemy of The Lord in the “latter end” as in …
Micah 2: 8 – 9..…….When she turned as an enemy of God, she cast out the women who were fighting for God. Mrs Wickramasinghe,  her daughter Chloe, and her sister Mrs De Simon, all three women were cast out by Mr. Harrison for standing up for God.   All this happened with the knowledge of Mr. Flurry.   God’s word says in Ez 24:, his wife was stricken because of not judging the sin in Ez 23: 40 – 49. (This is the “Assembly” that God Rasied.)   When Chloe was suspended,  Mr. Flurry had asked Mr. Magruder to not to ask the cause why her mother was cast out. Why did he do that? Mr. Flurry did not want Mr. Magruder to know the real cause.  Can you hide this sin from God?
 (Mr. Flurry’s booklet on Isaiah, 2000 edition, pg 45 to 57 explains this “God’s strange work”.( Pg 54) Is 28…. A residue,…… in the “END TIME”, …Just before Christ returns,…… Had a spirit of “REAL JUDGMENT” and they FOUGHT FOR GOD!!!!
Pg 57 explains…. “God’s STRANGE  work,……STRANGE  act,…. Of another family,… and  FOREIGN.  (later editions removed the whole chapter. Is it possible to remove this PROPHESIED  work of GOD, by removing it from his book?) after riding the donkey, in Math 21; 43, Christ said….. Kingdom will be taken from you and will be given to another nation which bear fruits!… Could we remove God’s appointed, witness work of this assembly?  Believe God and his word. Not any man’s. 

God Has rejected the “Vinedressers “ of Israel and Has caused Judah to bind the donkey nation to the vine in Genesis 49: 11. 

But Why and how Israel failed?
Back to the book……. Pg 55…
He wants each of us to become like Christ. Spiritual Jews, through the “POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”.  God Says He Has called us to follow in Jesus Christ’s foot steps  (I pet 2: 21)….. If we are to follow Christ’s footsteps, we certainly should  not have invited strangers in to the “ALTAR”. Christ never did that and according to God’s words in Ez 44: 7 – 9 and I s 52: 1,  to have done so, would break the “MARRIAGE COVENANT”.  If we are to follow Christ’s own  foot steps, we aught to “obey” Him. Mr. Flurry( the law giver)  not only allowed an evangelist to invite such unbaptized into the Altar and to the temple defiling and breaking the covenant of God ,now wanting  to hide it, allowed the person who brought it to his attention to be disfellowshipped.( the donkey and her colt!!!)  PCG had it all. According to Ez 16: 1-  13……. God bestowed her with all the blessings including His own Spirit. When we break the covenant,  we  deny the Holy Spirit and God and His Son. . PCG denied both God and His Son.
             1Jo 2:4  He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar,   and the truth is not in him.      Mr. Flurry tells the members to walk in Christ’s footsteps, but he caused the whole church to share incense to God on behalf of Sheba. God asks…. For what purpose …… incense from Sheba  ( we proved in our letter “Plain truth about 800 Indians” , according to HWA and the trumpet, that Sheba are “SabeansEz 23: 41 )   comes to Me. Jere 6: 20. If PCG does not repent of her sins, she no longer walks in truth. She does not keep God’s commandments. And therefore, she is a liar, according to God’s own words.
 She despised the “Oath” by breaking the covenant. Ez 16: 38, 59. . All happened in the “Last days” and in the “Last hour”. (Will God keep quiet? He is a Jealous God. Any husband would be  jealous when his wife disobeys )
I john 2: 21- 24…… John tells us because we know the truth,
                                He who is a liar ….. who denies The Father and the Son.
V. 24…. Therefore, let what you “heard form the beginning” abide in you.
In this last hour, this has happened. We did not abide in what we learned from the beginning. PCG has broken the covenant and has denied the Father and the Son.
God warned us about a betrayal like Balaam’s in this last hour.
2 pet 2: 15 – 16.. reminds us of a such betrayal. This warning is for PCG, because 2 Peter is  to happen within PCG,  said Mr. Flurry in 2003. Did PCG heed the warning The Apostle Peter gave? Noooooooooo
Jude, which is also Mr. Flurry said  in 2003, for PCG , warned again….
v.11…. have run greedily in the error of “Balaam”….. This warning is for the “Preserved” ones in this last hour. Did PCG heed the warning of Jude? The “Preserved” ones are  Only in the PCG.
Micah, which is for the “Bride of Christ” warned….. Micah 6: 5….Oh  MY people, (Who is Christ’s bride in this end time? Who are God’s people in this end time? Is not PCG?)   what Balaam did…….. Even though Micah wrote it, God is He who warned about this. He said ….. MY people….. Did PCG heed God’s warning?
If there is a Balaam type of betrayal, then God would have raised up a donkey to stop him as well. After all, Peter specifically said that a dumb donkey stopped the madness of the prophet. . God used a donkey then, to talk in a man’s voice and now in this last hour also. . No wonder God caused that donkey and the colt to be bound in to the law giving tribe of Judah!!!
Pg 56…… If we have God’s Spirit and we judge by fruits, we will find the lawgiver through whom God is working. Do you have God’s Spirit?……  After breaking the covenant?…….Do you judge by fruits as you say?….. Or do you lie like the” synagogue of Satan”  who say they are “Jews” but lie?…… as Genesis 49: 11 say, if you can find the ass and the colt, they will be reminding about God’s law…
There aren’t any more law givers.. …Hosea 3:4 – 5..
the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and without teraphim:
Hos 3:5  Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the LORD their God, and David their king; and shall fear the LORD and his goodness in the latter days.       Just before Christ comes, in the “latterdays” no more King to give the law, and no more sacrifice. God says there is no more king or sacrifice, but Mr. Flurry says he is  the lawgiver, in the “last days”. (pg 51). Ps. 74:9….. There is no longer any prophet!!!  The tabernacle of David is fallen says in Amos 9. Whom should we believe?  God or a man??
Genesis 49: 11……. Washed his garments in wine and blood of grapes……. This is to show when this donkey is to be bound or her work is to be done……. When God is angry…… (Rev 14: 18 – 20) and when ... The grapes are fully ripe and …….when “ the great winepress of the wrath of God” is being trampled……. The following chapter shows on whom God is going to pour His wrath…….. and how those who has overcome the beast are singing the “Song of Moses” just before the bowls of God’s wrath is being poured upon. Deut 32, Moses sang this song to testify against Israel, of their unfaithfulness to God and v. 43……    God says to gentiles to rejoice , who are not HIS people.!!! When God rejected Israel, gentiles have become His people. ……
Genesis 49: 12…… His eyes red with wine……. Since this is the time of judgment, (God compares the wine and the winepress to show His anger)…… our eyes become red when we are angry….. White teeth?….. When someone bite their teeth in anger, the teeth could be seen….. This should happen in the very last end, and during the “Times of Gentiles”.
This is what Gill’s commentary say about Gen. 49:11….
            Christ  causing the Gentiles, comparable to an ass's colt, for their impurity,      ignorance of, and sluggishness in spiritual things, to cleave to him the true vine, Joh_15:1 (Christ said I am the true vine) in the exercise of faith, hope, and love, or to join themselves to his church and people. 
In Is. 5, God condemns His vineyard. He says there will be no rain upon it and He will let it be trodden down. This is what is happening now and at this time, God binds the foolish nation or the donkey and the colt to the true vine. 
Genesis 49: 10…… The Scepter…NO MORE 
Ez 21: 10…, 13….., 27….. the scepter is no more in the tribe of Judah, till Christ comes….
End time Judah, despised the scepter of Christ.  V. 13… This is against God’s people…. V. 26   nothing is same till Christ comes.
When God Has taken the scepter of His Son from Judah, and when there are no more lawgiver in Judah, and when the vinedressers have gone in to captivity, Judah binds the donkey and the colt to the vine, at the time of the judgment of the vineyard.
Zech 9: 9 Prophesies about the donkey and the colt:…..
History repeats…… Prophecies are  dual…..
Zec 9:9  Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.


Even though this prophecy was fulfilled in His first coming,  He did   not bring salvation as this verse says. This is a prophecy for His first coming as well as the second, as we will see. The fulfillment of this prophecy is recorded in Math 21…..
Math 21: 2… Christ told them to go to the village “opposite” . Then Christ said there will be an ass, AND a colt.  Why did He need two donkeys?  Is not one enough? He wanted to picture that He is calling  a family. (A foolish family)  Because Israel has provoked God to anger by going after other gods, God in turn vowed to bring a “Foolish nation” against them. (Deut 32: 21, Rom 10:10 ). (we will write about the foolish nation in another letter). Math 21: 4 – 5, all this happened so that the prophecy would be fulfilled. Christ called for this donkey and the colt.. it did not just happen…… in Zech 9:9 , tell the daughter of Zion….. its PCG.
V. 10…. Christ, riding on the donkey and the colt, came straight to Jerusalem.. The multitude (Not Jews) brought Him singing “Blessed is the”…….. Jews in Jerusalem, asked “WHO IS THIS”  DID NOT THEY KNOW CHRIST, AFTER THREE YEARS? Didn’t PCG know Christ after all these years?  If she knew, she would not  have invited the  strangers in to the ALTAR  to  defile it, and that would “Break the marriage covenant”,  and then hide it from members instead of repenting and getting the members  also to repent .  “She lost her virginity”!!!……  She became “an adulterous harlot!!!
V. 12….. He went straight to the “TEMPLE”, TO CLEAN IT. Even in this end time, just before the second coming, He Has come to the temple sitting on a donkey and a colt to clean the temple.
Mt 21: 13…….  God said “MY house shall be called a “HOUSE OF PRAYER”… They have made it in to a “den of thieves”..( Jere 7: 11)God Has seen!!!  But in Is 56: 7…… God accept the gentiles who hold fast to the covenant, to His “House of Prayer” .
After riding the donkey and cleansing the temple, Christ said in Mt 23: 37… See Your House is left to You desolate…… This is the abomination of desolation which is to occur in the end time. After that He said…… “ You shall see me no more till you say…….. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of The Lord…… This He said after coming on the donkey. This means, He was prophesying that this would happen again. !!! This is it!!!!Same way He cleansed the temple in His first coming, He would do the same just before the second coming also. This is to happen after the desolations. Because of the sin in the East gate (Ez 8 – 11 )  God departed visibly. Ez 24: 21 says at the time of the death of the prophet’s wife, God profaned the “SANCTUARY” OR THE “ALTAR”.
Zech 9: 10…. (Also Micah 5: 10, which is for the bride of Christ)  says…. Coming in the donkey, “I will cut off the chariot of Ephraim… This donkey is being used to cut off the chariot of Ephraim. Who is this chariot?  Horses and chariots are compared to people as we saw earlier. Christ did not come to clean the Ephramites, but the church. Ephraim, is now England… So, there is someone (Chariot) in England (Ephraim), in the church,  that Christ want to cut off……. Donkey was used by God to stop the madness of “Balaam”. Is there a “Balaam” type of a leader in the church in England who caused the whole church to sin? Whom God wants  to cut off?….. Whole Israel sinned  because of Balaam. It happened then, it happened now. God will cut off as He say, if he does not listen to the voice of the donkey God is using.
Rev 11: 4… During the period of the two witnesses, only these two prophets stand beside The Lord. Not one prophet, but two…… v. 5… “FIRE” proceeds from their mouth…. This is not real fire, but God makes His servants a flame of fire… (Ps 104: 4)  The fire coming from the mouths of  these servants of God is the “Word of God’. Jere 23: 29,  5: 14. These two prophets, slay the sinning Inner court or Jerusalem which has become spiritual “SODOM”, by the “WORD OF GOD”. These are gentiles, as in v. 2,  the donkey and the foolish nation, during the “TIMES OF GENTILES”. 
Act 22: 21….” Depart…. For I will send you far from here to the “GENTILES”  It is Gentiles, gentiles, gentiles… Not Jews Jews Jews
There fore let it be known to you….. that the salvation of God has been sent to the “GENTILES”  and THEY WILL HEAR IT!!!
 praise the LORD, all ye “GENTILES” : praise him, all ye people.
         For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD. !!!
        King David said……
Psa 18:43  Thou hast delivered me from the strivings of the people; and thou hast made me the head of the heathen: a people whom I have not known shall serve me.
Psa 18:44  As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me.
PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! For we love your truth!!!!!
The Assembly,
Lam 1: 15,      Ez 16: 40,        Ez 23: 45 - 49